Тексты песен Disney

A Cut Above The Rest518
A Cut Above The Rest37
A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes2266
A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes46
A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes (Love Hits Version)376
A Gift To You404
A Girl Worth Fighting For416
A Girl Worth Fighting For (Mulan)90
A Guy Like You357
A House At Pooh Corner384
A Little Black Rain Cloud348
A Little Thought37
A Most Befuddling Thing346
A Pirate's Life428
A Pirate's Life For Me (Yo Ho)563
A Pirate's Life For Me (Yo Ho)83
A Star Is Born389
A Star Is Born (German)283
A Star Is Born (Spanish)424
A Step in the Right Direction [From Bedknobs and Broomsticks]15
A True Hero/A Star Is Born (German)281
A Trón Úgy Csábít213
A Trónszirt Királya258
A Whale Of A Tale627
A Whole New World529
A Whole New World (Aladdin)435
A Whole New World (Alladin)265
A Whole New World (Danish)326
A Whole New World (Dutch)285
A Whole New World (Finnish)375
A Whole New World (French)326
A Whole New World (French)37
A Whole New World (German)46
A Whole New World (Icelandic)338
A Whole New World (Italian)463
A Whole New World (Japanese)48
A Whole New World (Portuguese)39
A Whole New World (Spanish)347
A Whole New World (Spanish)69
A Whole New World (aladin)465
A World Of My Own378
A World Without Fences385
A World Without Fences42
Ach Penny, Du Wirst Uns Sehr Fehlen225
Adventures of the Gummi Bears423
Age of Not Believing41
Al Di Fuori Di Me409
Aladdin (1992):A Whole New World333
Aladdin (1992):Arabian Nights394
Aladdin (1992):Een Nieuw Begin360
Alguma Coisa Aconteceu (Something There)386
Alguma Coisa Aconteceu (Something There)41
Alice In Wonderland564
All In A Golden Afternoon414
All In The Golden Afternoon428
All In The Golden Afternoon43
Alla Snubbar Vill Ju Vara Katt298
Alla Snubbar Vill Ju Vara Katt (Aristocats)323
Alladin - Arabian Nights317
Alltid Der373
Always Know Where You Are456
Always There654
Always There41
Amazing Lucky Scarf168
An Ordinary Miracle41
Anastasia - Journey To The Past346
Anastasia - Once Upon a December512
And He Shall Smite The Wicked43
Appreciate The Lady (The Fox And The Hood)317
Arabian Night371
Arabian Nights (Dutch)351
Arabian Nights (Finnish)253
Arabian Nights (Finnish)44
Arabian Nights (French)44
Arabian Nights (German)42
Arabian Nights (Italian)265
Arabian Nights (Italian)37
Arabian Nights (Portuguese)38
Arabian Nights (Spanish)44
Arabian Nights (Swedish)274
Arabian Nights (icelandic)40
Arabische Nächte302
Arabiska Natt356
Are We Dancing295
As Long As There's Christmas355
As Long As There's Christmas (Reprise)46
Askel Edellä337
At The Beginning552
Au Détour De La Rivière432
Au Détour De La Rivière ( Pocahontas)86
Au Son Calme Des Tam-Tams(Pocahontas)132
Au Son Calme Des Tam-tams232
Aucune Issue294
Away in a Manger36
Az élet Az úr (The Circle Of Life - Hungarian)34
Baby Mine319
Baby Mine (Disney's Dumbo)458
Baby Mine [From Dumbo (1941)]10
Baby Mine [From Walt Disney's Dumbo]11
Bajo Del Mar283
Be Our Guest1531
Be Our Guest (Dutch)495
Be Our Guest (French)439
Be Our Guest (beauty And The Beast)461
Be Prepared296
Be Prepared "快準備" (Chinese)293
Be Prepared (Croatian)336
Be Prepared (Danish)300
Be Prepared (Finnish)313
Be Prepared (German)370
Be Prepared (The Lion King)525
Be Prepared [From The Lion King]41
Be Prepared(Dutch)353
Be prepared (Danish - Gør Jer Klar)39
Bear In The Big Blue House Theme502
Beautiful Briny34
Beauty And The Beast960
Beauty And The Beast (Dutch)325
Beauty And The Beast (Finnish)405
Beauty And The Beast (Reprise)326
Beauty And The Beast (Spanish)315
Beauty And The Beast (Swedish)305
Beauty And The Beast (beauty And The Beast)382
Beauty And The Beast(Tale As Old As Time)309
Beauty and the Beast (Swedish)39
Beije A Moça364
Bella Notte775
Bella Notte57
Bella Notte (End Credits)40
Bella Notte [From Lady and the Tramp (1955)]43
Belle (Dutch Version)358
Belle (Dutch)335
Belle (Dutch)38
Belle (Finnish)328
Belle (French)60
Belle (German)431
Belle (German)42
Belle (Reprise)453
Belle (Reprise) (Beauty And The Beast)310
Belle (beauty And The Beast)553
Belle Je Ne Savais Pas282
Belle Je Ne Savais Pas (French)36
Belle Notte349
Belle Notte40
Belle-Vores By42
Bells Of Notre Dame543
Bells Of Notre Dame (Reprise)298
Best Friends (The Fox And The Hood)319
Best Of Friends342
Best Of Friends48
Better Together (Ari's Theme)17
Between Two Worlds454
Between the Lines (Gabrielle's Theme)11
Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo (Swedish)33
Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo (Cinderella)793
Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo (Swedish)201
Bleibt Nur Eine Hoffnung206
Bluddle-Uddle-Um Dum220
Bluddle-Uddle-Um Dum (The Dwarfs' Washing Song)346
Blue (Da Ba Dee)16
Bonkers Theme Song459
Boo Bop Bopbop Bop (I Love You, Too) (Pete's Dragon)503
Bubbi BjøRnene323
Bumbi Börnarna295
Bárbaros (parte 1)311
Bárbaros (parte 2)293
CHANSON DE VANESSA ( La Petite Sirene )111
Call Me, Beep Me (If You Wanna Reach Me)333
Call Me, Beep Me (If You Wanna Reach Me)40
Cambios Extraños322
Can You Feel The Love Tonight501
Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Arabic)340
Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Danish)390
Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Dutch)290
Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Finnish)253
Can You Feel The Love Tonight (French)301
Can You Feel The Love Tonight (German)518
Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Norwegian)257
Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Spanish)248
Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Swedish)357
Can You Feel The Love Tonight (the Lion King)541
Can You Feel The Love Tonight(Danish)39
Can You Feel The Love Tonight? (Español)37
Candle On The Water (Pete's Dragon)310
Candle On The Water (Pete's Dragon)100
Casey Junior43
Ce Rêve Bleu423
Ce Rêve Bleu (Aladdin)84
Chip 'N Dales's Rescue Rangers286
Chip and Dale479
Circle Of Life357
Circle Of Life (By The Circle Of Stars298
Circle Of Life (Danish)258
Circle Of Life (Dutch)311
Circle Of Life (Espanol)33
Circle Of Life (Hungarian)259
Circle Of Life (Norwegian)294
Circle Of Life (Perf. By Circle Of Stars)213
Circle Of Life (Spanish)298
Circle of Life (the Lion King)360
Colonel Hathi's March (Reprise) (The Jungle Book)302
Colonel Hathi's March (The Jungle Book)330
Colores En El Viento367
Colores En El Viento (créditos Finales)259
Colors Of The Wind366
Colors Of The Wind (Danish)35
Colors Of The Wind (Dutch)45
Colors Of The Wind (Español)318
Colors Of The Wind (Español)34
Colors Of The Wind (Finnish)272
Colors Of The Wind (French)40
Colors Of The Wind (German)36
Colors Of The Wind (Icelandic)331
Colors Of The Wind (Norwegian)300
Colors Of The Wind (Norwegian)35
Colors Of The Wind (Polish)41
Colors Of The Wind (Swedish)44
Colors Of The Wind (in Finnish: Tuulen värit)36
Colors of The Wind (pocahontas)313
Colors of the Wind (Spanish)35
Colours Of The Wind358
Colours Of The Wind (Icelandic)35
Colours Of The Wind (Pocahontas)265
Colours of the Wind (Swedish)41
Comme Un Homme321
Como El Ritmo Del Tambor274
Couleurs Du Vents284
Court Of Miracles365
Creuse Un Tunnel - Roi Lion 386
Cruella De Vil296
Cruella De Vil/fi471
Cruella DeVil343
Daring To Dance348
Darkwing Duck424
Darkwing Duck Theme333
Darkwing Duck Theme (Swedish)295
Das Farbenspiel Des Winds628
Daughters Of Triton299
Daughters Of Triton (Dutch)264
Dave The Barbarian457
Dave The Barbarian35
Dave The Barbarian Theme Song404
Dave The Barbarian Theme Song39
De Gummiberen305
De Virginia Compagnie282
De Virginia Compagnie38
De Zéro En Héros275
Dear Santa440
Deck The Halls45
Del av din värld (Part of... Reprise Swedish)38
Demain, C'est Un Autre Jour337
Des Sauvage (Partie 2)318
Des Sauvages (Partie 1)511
Despues De Hoy (After Today)35
Det Ska Nog Bli Män Av Er Nu230
Det Skall Nog Bli Män Av Er Nu (Mulan)36
Det Är Sanningen III40
Diep In De Zee36
Digital Duck41
Dir Gehört Mein Herz320
Disney's Sing Along Songs Theme488
Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavor (On the Bedpost Overnight)?151
Domani È Un Altro Giorno284
Don Gato42
Don't Even Try It39
Don't Fall In Love46
Down To The Sea469
Down To The Sea55
Dreams To Dream43
Dreams To Dream (Movie Version)279
Dreams to Dreams294
Duck Tails301
Duck Tales3143
Duck Tales Theme Song382
Ducktales Theme512
Ducktales Theme (Dutch)311
Ducktales Theme (German)318
Ducktales Theme (German)40
Ducktales Theme (Swedish)269
Ducktales Theme (Swedish)42
Easy Street385
Eating The Peach41
Ecoute Ton Coeur (Pocahontas)231
Een Nieuw Begin (Dutch)37
Een Sprong Vooruit324
Een Sprong Vooruit (Dutch) (One jump ahead)35
Eglantine / Don't Let Me Down / Reprise: Eglantine11
Ehre Für Das Haus287
Elimination - Lack Of Education (the Fox And The Hood)117
Embrasse-la - La Petite Sirène127
En Gång I En Dröm396
En Gång I En Dröm (Swedish)39
En Marcha Estoy285
En Mi Corazon Estarás327
En Spegelbild253
En Spegelbild (Mulan)335
En Verden Af Liv405
Endless Night383
Enfant De L'homme282
Entre Deux Mondes297
Entre Deux Mondes (Finale)289
Entre Deux Mondes/Two Worlds239
Er Is Iets292
Er Valt Een Zwarte Schaduw268
Er Valt Een Zwarte Schaduw42
Es La Noche Del Amor401
Esmeraldas Bön341
Español - Bella Y Bestia335
Español - Bella Y Bestia37
Español - Colores En El Viento310
Español - No Importa La Distancia41
Español - Parte De El38
Español - Reflejo301
Español - Sueña37
Español - Un Mundo Ideal39
Ett Steg Före356
Eu no sei se amor (Hercules - Portuguese Version)133
Ev'rybody Wants To Be A Cat (The Aristocats)286
Everybody Wants To Be A Cat840
Fa La La La Fallen In Love41
Far Longer Than Forever765
Farò Di Te Un Uomo423
Father and Son335
Fathoms Below430
First Sign Of Spring484
Foi No Mês De Dezembro38
Following The Leader (Peter Pan)347
For A Moment500
For A Moment100
For LæNge Siden En Vinter.296
For Penny's A Jolly Good Fellow222
Forget About Love219
Fremde Wie Ich303
Friend Like Me (Spanish)39
From All of Us to All of You61
From Pixel Perfect (Touching's Not The Only Way To230
För Det Är Sanningen II35
Gaston (Dutch)562
Gaston (Reprise)503
Gaston (Reprise) (Beauty And The Beast)434
Gaston [Soundtrack] [From Beauty and the Beast]9
Get Real41
Girls on Minnie Street356
Give A Little Love483
Give A Little Whistle271
Give A Little Whistle (Pinocchio)285
Go The Distance342
Go The Distance (Spanish)313
God Heb Genade309
God Help The Outcasts513
God Help The Outcasts35
God Help The Outcasts (Polish)34
Golden Slumbers39
Good Company34
Good Company (Oliver And Company)665
Good News37
Goodbye May Seem Forever350
Goodbye May Seem Forever (The Fox And The Hood)266
Goodbye So Soon (Reprise)40
Goodbye Song573
Goof Troop437
Great Spirits42
Grim Grinning Ghosts369
Gud Se I Nåde369
Gummi Bears (Danish - Bubbi Bjørnene)40
Guy Like You317
H2O, What A Feeling!345
Hakuna Matata3369
Hakuna Matata (Dutch Version)292
Hakuna Matata (Español)46
Hakuna Matata (Finnish)288
Hakuna Matata (French Version)336
Hakuna Matata (German)567
Hakuna Matata (Hungarian Version)301
Hakuna Matata (Hungarian)333
Hakuna Matata (Hungarian)34
Hakuna Matata (Italian)484
Hakuna Matata (Italian)44
Hakuna Matata (Nederlands)38
Hakuna Matata (Norwegian)313
Hakuna Matata (Polish)358
Hakuna Matata (Polish)39
Hakuna Matata (Portuguese)32
Hakuna Matata (Spanish Latin America)395
Hakuna Matata (Spanish Latin America)40
Hakuna Matata (Spanish Version)241
Hakuna Matata (Spanish)300
Hakuna Matata (Swedish)352
Hakuna Matata (the Lion King)325
Hakuna, Matata (for Disney's stage version of The Lion King)12
Hard Knock Life (New Disney Version)250
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing34
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing {family Christmas Disney}346
Havet Er Skønt314
Havet är djupt (Under The Sea - Swedish)43
He Delivers386
He Lives In You350
He Lives In You (Danish)267
He Lives In You (Swedish)240
He Mele No Lilo2257
He's A Friend274
He's A Tramp274
He's A Tramp39
He's A Tramp (Lady & The Tramp)272
Healing Of A Heart267
Heaven's Light37
Heaven's Light/Hellfire510
Heffalumps And Woozles41
Heigh-Ho: Snow White441
Heijastus (Mulan)239
Hela min värld (Part of your world - Swedish)36
Helen Sjoholm - Langesen i December276
Henry Hugglemonster Main Title56
Here On The Land And Sea31
Herkules (Polish) Ani S³Owa37
Herói Frio E Cru-Mulan33
Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee (An Actor's Life for Me)38
High Times, Hard Times34
Higitus Figitus Zoomacazam40
Hijo De Hombre314
Histoire Eternelle (La Belle Et La Bête)80
Hoedown at the Robot Farm37
Hoela Hoela322
Hoela Hoela (Dutch)36
Honor To Us All330
Honor To Us All39
Hot Hot Hot15
I Can Go The Distance425
I Can Show You the World3614
I Didn't Know I Could Feel This Way45
I Didn't Know That I Could Feel This Way339
I Just Can't Wait To Be King1242
I Just Can't Wait To Be King (Danish)309
I Just Can't Wait To Be King (Danish)41
I Just Can't Wait To Be King (Finnish)304
I Just Can't Wait To Be King (French)43
I Just Can't Wait To Be King (Hungarian)242
I Just Can't Wait To Be King (Icelandic)335
I Just Can't Wait To Be King (Icelandic)40
I Just Can't Wait To Be King (Norwegian)293
I Just Can't Wait To Be King (Portuguese)267
I Just Can't Wait To Be King (Portuguese)40
I Just Can't Wait To Be King (The Lion King)290
I Just Cant Wait To Be289
I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here34
I Wan'na Be Like You (Smash Mouth Cover)404
I Wan'na Be Like You (The Jungle Book)487
I Wanna Be Like You425
I Will Get There45
I Will Go Sailing No More316
I Will Go Sailing No More46
I Won't Say (Im In Love)370
I Won't Say (i'm In Love)304
I Won't Say I'm In Love99
I Won't Say I'm In Love ( Nederlands)38
I Won't Say I'm In Love (Spanish)380
I Won't Say I'm In Love (Swedish)199
I Wonder37
I Wonder [Sleeping Beauty]43
I'Se The B'Y38
I'd Stick With You456
I'll Make A Man Out Of You343
I'll Make A Man Out Of You (Finnish)357
I'll Make A Man Out Of You (Finnish)36
I'll Make A Man Out Of You (Norwegian Version)40
I'll Try541
I'm Gonna Love You37
I'm Gonna Make You Love Me162
I'm Looking Out For Me249
I'm Not Waiting To Be King333
I'm Odd (Previously Undiscovered Cheshire Cat Song38
I'm Ready300
I'm Still Here36
I'm Wishing/One Song633
I'm Wishing/One Song11
I'm Wishing/One Song (Finnish)333
I'm Wishing/One Song (Swedish)293
I'm in Love With a Big Blue Frog43
I've Got A Lovely Bunch Of Coconuts375
I've Got No Strings471
I've Got No Strings (Pinocchio)1646
I've Got No Strings (Swedish)332
I've Got You Beat375
Ich Werd's Noch Beweisen282
Ich Will Keinen Mann407
If I Can't Love Her14
If I Didn't Have You397
If I Never Knew You397
If You Can Dream411
If You Can Dream86
If You Can Dream (World Premiere Song)309
If Your're Happy And You Know It314
Il En Faut Peu Pour Etre Heureux384
Il En Faut Peu Pour Être Heureux ( Le Livre De La Jungle )170
Il Mondo è Tuo... (A Whole New World)430
Il Mondo è Tuo... (A Whole New World)37
In My Blue Backyard345
In Ons Dorp405
In Ons Dorp (Dutch)40
In Sekunden Auf Hundert480
In The Jungle4985
In Tuo Figlio357
In a World of My Own [From Alice in Wonderland]16
Inga Band Kan Binda Mej37
Inte Jag, Inte Kär340
Isn't She Lovely59
It's A Small World984
It's a Hard Knock Life202
It's a Small World122
Its A Small World After All302
Jag Kan Klara Av Det (I Can Go The Distance) (Stefan Nykvist)34
Jamaican Bobsled Chant406
Jamaican Bobsled Chant34
Jamais Je N'avouerai240
Je Bent Een Vriend Van Mij299
Je M'en Vais497
Je Veux Savoir434
Jedes Wort Ist Wahr - I337
Jedes Wort Ist Wahr - II250
Jedes Wort Ist Wahr - III248
Jemand Wartet Auf Dich381
Jolly Old St. Nicholas39
Journey To The Past355
Jungle Book 2820
Jungle Rhythm800
Jungle Rhythm38
Junkyard Society Rag387
Junkyard Society Rag40
Just Around The River Bend (Pocahontas)296
Just Around The Riverbend377
Just Around The Riverbend (Finnish-Virta Minne Ven192
Just Around The Riverbend (Finnish-Virta Minne Ven36
Just Around The Riverbend (pocahontas)294
Just Can't Wait to be King (the Lion King)322
Just Give Me A Chance330
Just Like Me305
Just Like We Dreamed It89
Kailaman (Forever)339
Kailaman (Forever)35
Kanine Krunchies318
Kanine Krunchies (for the animated film 101 Dalmations)15
Kann Es Wirklich Liebe Sein (Can you feel the love tonight)34
Kickn'it Theme35
Kill The Beast (French)333
Kill The Beast (French)41
King Of New York31
King Of Pride Rock391
Kiss The Girl439
Kiss The Girl (Dutch)283
Kiss The Girl (Portuguese)308
Kiss The Girl (Spanish)275
Kiss The Girl (the Little Mermaid)386
Kiss The Girl [From Disney's The Little Mermaid]101
Kiss the Girl14
Kiss the girl (Spanish - Besa A La Chica)41
Klara Av Det313
Kommer En Kwel387
Kus Haar Dan340
Kus Haar Dan39
Kärleken är Stark344
Készulj Hát (Be Prepared - Hungarian)38
L'Amour Brille Sous Les étoiles (Can You Feel The34
L'Histoire éternelle (Tale As Old As Time)36
L'air Du Vent (Pocahontas)106
L'air Du Vent (Thème Final)426
L'amour Brille Sous Les Étoiles319
L'esprit Des Ancêtres297
L'histoire De La Vie (Version Radio)279
L'histoire De La Vie - Le Roi Lion84
L'or De Virginie303
La Bella Y La Bestia375
La Chanson De Vanessa (french Canadian)81
La Compañía Virginia292
La Cour Des Miracles287
La La Lu179
La Terre Et L'ocean ( La Petite Sirene )95
Lausche Mit Dem Herz208
Le Gospel Pur - I274
Le Gospel Pur - II269
Le Gospel Pur - III257
Le Jour D'Amour40
Le Lion Est Mort Ce Soir - Le Roi Lion95
Le Monde Qui Est Le Mien320
Le Monde Qui Est Le Mien (Reprise)308
Lea Halalela524
Les Bannis Ont Droit D'amour326
Les Cloches De Notre-Dame (Reprise)354
Les Couleurs Du Vent401
Les Poissons396
Les Poissons (Dutch)311
Les Six Filles Du Roi Triton ( La Petite Sirene )99
Lester's Possum Park356
Lesure D'Amour292
Let It Out (Let It All Hang Out)11
Let Me Be Good To You52
Let's Get Crazy245
Let's Get Together376
Let's Play Princess677
Life Is A Road288
Like Other Girls367
Lion King - The Lion Sleeps Tonight291
Listen With Our Hearts314
Listen With Your Heart297
Listen With Your Heart36
Listen With Your Heart (German - Lausche Mit Dem Herz)35
Little April Showers37
Little Girls.38
Little Wooden Head42
Little mermaid soundtrack266
Lizzie Mcguire Theme225
Loin Du Froid De Décembre - Anastasia102
Long Ago (German)259
Long Ago (Spanish)253
Look Me In The Eye270
Look Out For Mr Stork43
Look Through My Eyes321
Look Through My Eyes36
Looking For Romance (I Bring You A Song)444
Love Is A Song388
Love Will Find A Way414
Love Will Find A Way (Danish)295
Love Will Find A Way (German)285
Mad Madam Mim512
Mad Madam Mim (Swedish)35
Madame Gaston791
Mañana Un Nuevo Día Será360
Meu Destino é Pular (One Jump Ahead) (Portuguese)34
Mi Chica Es La Razón262
Mi Dulce Y Linda Flor315
Mickey Mouse Club Alma Mater368
Mickey Mouse Club Alma Mater40
Mickey Mouse March519
Mickey Mouse March46
Mickey, She's Got a Crush on You36
Mine Mine Mine312
Mine Mine Mine38
Mine, Mine, Mine [From Pocahontas]35
Minnie's Bowtique45
Miracles Happen371
Miracles Happen36
Mirroir Desillusion (mulan)65
Mit Liebe Ändern Wir Die Ganze Welt270
Molto Onore Ci Darai402
Morning Report282
Mulan - Comme Un Homme74
My Funny Friend And Me295
My Lovey Dovey Baby281
My Lullaby (Danish)252
My Lullaby(German)364
My Name Is James334
My Name Is James38
My Own Home390
My Room In The Sea269
Más, Más, Más381
Naked Mole Rap37
Net Als Een Mens290
Never Give Up367
Never Let You Go482
Never Smile At A Crocodile1039
New adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh (Eng)273
No Hablare De Mi Amor330
No Hablare De Mi Amor38
No Hay Salida338
No Importa La Distancia313
No Way Out (Single Version)224
No Way Out (Theme From Brother Bear)39
Noches De Arabia320
Noches De Arabia36
Noite Da Arábia241
Noite Da Arábia (Arabian Nights) (Portuguese)38
Nos Guiará El Amor358
Nos Guiará El Amor39
Nos Vas A Brindar Honor250
Not One Of Us (German)289
Not One Of Us – Hebrew42
Note about the movie Anastasia300
Nothing Like A Friend343
Nothing's Wrong With Me291
Nothing's Wrong With Me37
Notice Me307
Notre Histoire D'amour (Thème Final)201
Nous Sommes Un (le Roi Lion 2)137
Nuits D'Arabie236
Nuits D'Arabie (Canadian French)343
Nuits D'arabie - Aladdin101
Nånnting Som Inte Fanns Förut35
Nånting Händer-Piff Och Puff329
O Rei Leão II - O Amor Vencerá (Em Portugues!)329
Octopus's Garden272
Oh Aaron135
Oh, Sing Sweet Nightengale236
Old Home Guard36
Old Macdonald1306
Om De Kromming Van De Stroom367
Om De Kromming Van De Stroom32
On My Way368
On My Way33
On The Open Road395
Once And For All321
Once And For All41
Once Upon (Another) Dream (Sleeping Beauty)381
Once Upon A December372
Once Upon A December( After-The-Movie Version)266
Once Upon A Dream620
Once Upon A Dream (Sleeping Beauty)336
Once Upon A Time (In New York City)45
Once Upon A Time In New York City (Oliver And Company)358
Once Upon a Dream [Sleeping Beauty]37
One Day She'll Love Me44
One Jump Ahead (Aladdin)249
One Jump Ahead (Finnish)37
One Jump Ahead (French)300
One Jump Ahead (French)33
One Jump Ahead (Italian)342
One Jump Ahead (Swedish)336
One Jump Ahead Reprise (French)33
One Jump Ahead/de354
One Last Hope358
One Last Hope40
One Last Hope (Hercules)80
One Last Hope (Spanish)227
One Little Spark115
One Of Us313
One Of Us (Danish)336
One Of Us – Japanese39
Oogie Boogie's Song7
Out Of Thin Air404
Out There370
Out There36
Out There (Swedish - I Solsken)33
Painting The Roses Red508
Painting The Roses Red45
Palabras (Are the Words)11
Parmi Ces Gens (Partir Là-bas Version Québécoise (french Canadian))97
Part Of That World (Danish)262
Part Of Your World535
Part Of Your World (Danish)394
Part Of Your World (End Title) (Swedish)257
Part Of Your World (Icelandic)478
Part Of Your World (Icelandic)36
Part Of Your World (Reprise)392
Part Of Your World (Swedish)278
Parte De El (La Sirenita)318
Parte De El (La Sirenita)35
Parte De Tu Mundo259
Parte Do Seu Mundo329
Parte Do Seu Mundo38
Party With Me325
Penn State Football346
Per Lei Mi Batterò338
Perfect Day352
Perfect Isn't Easy51
Perfect World353
Perfect World (Reprise)36
Phil Of The Future Theme Song41
Picture You38
Piff Och Puff326
Pink Elephants On Parade33
Play My Music316
Play My Music37
Please Don't Wake The Whale367
Pobres Almas En Desgracia36
Pobres Almas En Desgracia (La Sirenita)38
Pocahontas - Colors of the Win307
Pooh Bear459
Poor Unfortunate Souls410
Poor Unfortunate Souls (German)35
Poor Unfortunate Souls/de280
Poot Voor Poot437
Poot Voor Poot39
Por Más Que Para Siempre354
Por Más Que Para Siempre35
Porque La Quiero305
Porque La Quiero34
Portebello Road35
Portobello Road [From Bedknobs and Broomsticks]34
Pour Un Moment (ce Grand Moment Version French Canadian)111
Prayers For Famliy303
Première Leçon-Mulan 2112
Prince Ali442
Prince Ali (Dutch)314
Prince Ali (Dutch)42
Prince Ali (Finnish)344
Prince Ali (Finnish)38
Prince Ali (French)36
Prince Ali (Italian)389
Prince Ali (Jafar's Reprise) (Dutch)36
Prince Ali (Jafar's Reprise) (French)356
Prince Ali (Jafar's Reprise) (French)40
Prince Ali (Jafars' Reprise) (Finnish)38
Prince Ali (Reprise)386
Prince Ali (Spanish)36
Principe Ali272
Prins Ali331
Prins Ali (Reprise)359
Prins Ali Repris305
Przyjdzie Czas332
Przyjdzie Czas (Be Prepared (Polish))38
Quelqu'un Viendra284
Reef With A View277
Reflection (Chinese)522
Reflection (Español)33
Reflection (Finnish)325
Reflection (mulan)519
Reflections (Español - Reflejo)39
Reflections (Norwegian Version)38
Reflejo (Versión Dance)186
Reflejo (Versión Pop)242
Regarde Dans Mes Yeux324
Reprises: Eglantine / Portebello Road15
Rescue Aid Society354
Resonando En Notre Dame286
Rien Qu'un Jour260
Riflesso (Pop Version)206
Rigtig' MæNd345
Rigtig' Mænd (I'll make a man out of you)32
Ringling Jingling Christmas255
Rock-A-Bye Baby64
Räddningspatrullen Lång390
Räddningspatrullen Lång37
Réflexion - Mulan86
S Piervim Luchom Viesni291
Salvamento Eficaz287
Santa Clause Lane278
Santa Fe (Chorale)198
Sante' Fe280
Sante' Fe35
Say The Word279
Saying Goodbye383
Saying Goodbye (Austin & Ally)35
Saying Goodbye-Minh Tri314
Scales And Arpeggios339
Schon Morgen Kommt Ein Neuer Tag332
School's Out43
Se Vuoi278
Sea Floor Strut342
Sea Kingdom359
Sei Dentro Me308
Sei Ein Mann498
Seize The Day303
Seize The Day From Newsies332
Send It On352
Ser Du Stjärnan I Det Blå307
Ser Du Stjärnan I Det Blå (When You Wish..Swedish)293
Ser du stjärnan i det blå (When You Wish..Swedish)34
Sheriff Callie's Wild West Theme Song33
Si No Te Conociera (créditos Finales)297
Siamese Cat Song37
Silence Is Golden274
Silent Night317
Sing A New Song368
Sing A New Song/nl262
Sing Sweet Nightingale423
Sing, Sweet Nightingale47
Skumps (Sleeping Beauty)416
Skönheten Och Odjuret290
Sleigh Ride35
Snart Är Det Jag Som Är Kung321
Snow Ho-Ho311
Snuff Out The Light40
So Ein Mann305
So Much More than a Dream37
So This Is Love558
So This Is Love35
So This Is Love (Cinderella)522
Socially Unacceptable-Celestial Peanuts345
Some Day My Prince Will Come460
Some Day My Prince Will Come [Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs]36
Someone Like You291
Someone's Waiting For You312
Someone's Waiting For You35
Something There384
Something There (Brasilian)287
Something There (Dutch)309
Something There (Finnish)283
Something There (Finnish)37
Something There (French)324
Something There (French)29
Something There (beauty And The Beast)338
Something Was Missing35
Something Was Missing (From Annie)282
Somewhere Out There786
Somewhere Out There42
Son Of Man34
Son Of Man (Spanish)393
Son Of Man (finnish)35
Song of the Roustabouts39
Sous L'Océan (La Petite Sirène)358
Sous L'Océan (La Petite Sirène)37
Sous L'océan406
Sous L'océan (La Petite Sirène)323
Sous L'océan - La Petite Sirène86
Soyez Prêtes456
Sta Paraat349
Stand By Me-Timon And Pumba1091
Stand Out360
Stand Out (A Goofy Movie)525
Stay Awake41
Stay Awake (Mary Poppins)570
Steady As The Beating Drum319
Steven My Love Is Gone408
Strange Things925
Strangers Like Me38
Streets Of Gold39
Substitutiary Locomotion36
Suite Life of Zack and Cody Theme245
Sun [Дюймовочка]911
Super Nova Girl (Zenon, Girl Of The 21st Century)320
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (Disney's Great367
Sur Le Rocher Des Lions268
Suspicious Minds267
Sweet Potato Pie352
Switch Back375
Såna som jag (Strangers like me - Swedish)38
Ta En Kyss328
Ta En Kyss33
Take Me Away280
Take Your Sweet, Sweet Time9
Tale Spin Theme411
Talespin (Swedish)36
Talespin Theme Song307
Teardrops And The Rain (From Pixel Perfect)349
Ten Minutes Ago374
That's So Raven345
That's The Life (Reprise)37
That's What Friends Are For388
That's What Friends Are For (The Jungle Book)349
That's What Makes The World Go Round340
The Age Of Not Believing325
The Aristocats411
The Aristocats37
The Bells Of Notre Dame42
The Bells Of Notre Dame (Reprise)328
The Bells Of Notre Dame Reprise (Spanish)37
The Circle Of Life (Finnish)310
The Circle Of Life (German)304
The Circle Of Life (Performed By Carmen Twillie)559
The Circle of Life9
The Edge Of The Edge Of The Sea350
The Elegant Captain Hook506
The Gospel Truth (Part I)292
The Gospel Truth (Part Ii)241
The Gospel Truth (Part Iii)267
The Gospel Truth I362
The Gospel Truth I (Spanish)238
The Gospel Truth II240
The Gospel Truth II (Spanish)313
The Gospel Truth III254
The Gospel Truth III (Spanish)354
The Gummi Bears Theme (Dutch)301
The Gummi Bears Theme (German)306
The Gummi Bears Theme (Swedish)282
The Huber Song370
The Hugglemonster Way33
The Journey31
The Jungle Book - Bare Necessities349
The Jungle Book - I Wanna Be Like You529
The Lion King379
The Lion Sleeps Tonight377
The Little Mermaid (Danish)44
The Little Old Lady From Pasadena36
The Lobster Mobster's Mob293
The Love Has Gone262
The Mob Song (Dutch)350
The Monkey's Uncle (1965)431
The Monkey's Uncle (1965)35
The New Adventure Of Winnie The Pooh(Theme)350
The Original Chip 'N' Dale Song466
The Rain Rain Rain Came Down Down Down (Winnie The Pooh And The Blustery Day)484
The Roses Of Success433
The Scuttle Strut375
The Second Star To The Right339
The Siamese Cat Song (Lady And The Tramp)342
The Silly Song294
The Song Timon And Pumbaa Use When They Try To Dis298
The Spectrum Song10
The Steven Huber Song261
The Tiki Room-From Walt Disney Land459
The Unbirthday Song830
The Virginia Company388
The Virginia Company (Reprise)37
The Walrus And The Carpenter356
The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers260
The Work Song37
The Work Song (Cinderella)435
The World Will Know221
The World Will Know36
The World's Greatest Criminal Mind514
The World's Greatest Criminal Mind32
The twelve days of Christmas1094
The twelve days of Christmas (my true love)275
There Can Be Miricles(Jewsih Part)218
There Is Life430
There's A Party Here In Agrabah, Part II240
There's Only One Ariel361
They Live in You, song (for Disney's stage version of The Lion King)11
Thin Air306
Thin Air38
This Is Me (Danish - Den Jeg Er)309
This Is My Idea406
This Is My Idea39
Thomas O'Malley (Swedish)462
Thomas O'Malley Cat265
Thomas O'Mally258
Through Your Eyes273
Tiki Tiki Room765
Tip And Dash303
Tip Et Flash ( La Petite Sirene )111
Together We Can34
Tomorrow Is Another Day352
Tomorrow Is Another Day39
Topsy Turvy583
Topsy Turvy37
Toujours Dans Mon Coeur571
Trashin' The Camp36
True To Your Heart (Stevie Wonder)455
Trust In Me220
Trust in Me [From The Jungle Book]56
Tu Corazón299
Tuulen Värit308
Two Worlds400
Two Worlds (Finale)39
Two Worlds (Finnish)327
Two Worlds (German)283
Two Worlds (German)38
Two Worlds (Spanish)267
Two Worlds (Swedish)297
Two Worlds (in Finnish: Kaksi maailmaa)34
Two worlds (Spanish - Dos Mundos)39
Työlaulu (the work song) (Finnish)35
TÄHti Toiveen Toteuttaa (Finnish)348
Ugly Bug Ball (From Summer Magic)426
Ultimate (Freaky Friday Soundtrack)336
Un Cariño Llegará307
Un Jour259
Un Nouveau Monde283
Un Nouveau Monde (ce Rêve Bleu Version French Canadian)114
Un Vrai Héros/Une Étoile Est Née386
Una Vez En Diciembre289
Una Vez En Diciembre36
Under The Sea509
Under The Sea (the Little Mermaid)350
Une Belle Fille À Aimer355
Une Étoile Est Née427
Unter Dem Meer (Under the sea) (German)53
Up,Down,Touch The Ground440
Upendi (Danish)380
Upendi (German)299
Upendi (Swedish)281
Var Beredd231
Var Nöjd Med Allt Som Livet Ger (Swedish)334
Very Good Advice375
Very Merry Christmas394
Vi Er Ett256
Vi Finns På Samma Jord (Tarzan) (Swedish Lyr285
Vi Finns På Samma Jord (Tarzan) (Swedish Lyrics)32
Vi Är En (Swedish Lionking2)299
Vi Är En (Swedish)258
Virginia Compagnie251
Vlieg Met Me Mee397
Vlieg Met Me Mee36
Voglio Diventar Presto Un Re! (Oh I Just Can't Wai351
Vor Langer, Langer Zeit325
Voy A Hacer Todo Un Hombre De Ti430
Wacht Maar Tot Ik Koning Ben(paul van gorcum/Piet Hein Snijders/Dewi D40
Wake Me Up338
Walk The Llama Llama45
Was Das Nächste Ufer Bringt279
We Are One327
We Are One (Danish)348
We Are One (Swedish)371
We Are, We Are W.I.T.C.H.310
We Share The Earth267
We Wish You A Merry Christmas211
Weekenders Theme253
Weekenders Theme40
Welcome Home37
Welcome Home (Prologue)364
Wer Bin Ich?319
What Child Is This?34
What Dreams Are Made Of301
What Is A Baby36
What Made The Red Man Red42
What's It Like To Be A Mermaid?502
When I See An Elephant Fly366
When I See An Elephant Fly40
When She Loved Me458
When She Loved Me58
When She Loved Me (Spanish)248
When The Rain Falls40
When You Believe1397
When You Wish Upon A Star513
Whenever, Whereever288
Where Do I Go From Here313
Where Do I Go From Here38
Where Dreams Begin48
Where Ever You Are Winnie The Pooh374
Where Mermaids Dwell356
Wherever The Trail May Lead358
Wherever You Are288
Whistle While You Work304
Whistle While You Work (Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs)374
Whole New World305
Why Don't You Do Right380
Why Not306
Why Not35
Why Should I Worry37
Why Should I Worry ( Oliver And Company)463
Why Should I Worry (Oliver & Company)343
Why Should I Worry?372
Winnie The Pooh56
Winnie The Pooh (минус)538
Winnie the Pooh [From Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree]15
Winnie-The-Pooh (Винни-Пух)1751
Winter Wonderland38
Wishes (Fireworks Exit Music)377
Wishes (Fireworks Exit Music)84
Witchmas Carole357
With A Smile And A Song464
With a Flair12
Wo Führt Mein Weg Mich In?360
Wonderful Journey419
Wonderful Tigger324
Woody's Roundup382
Ya Tiene Papá Y Mamá268
Yer Beautiful, Baby459
Yo Ho- A Pirate's Life For Me297
You Are My Sunshine327
You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly!1084
You Can Fly! You Can Fly! You Can Fly! (Peter Pan)368
You Make Me Feel Like Dancing267
You People315
You Ve Got A Friend In Me1329
You Wish By Lalaine286
You Wouldn't Want To Mess With Me258
You'll Be In My Heart463
You'll Be In My Heart32
You've Got A Friend In Me419
You've Got A Friend In Me Duet277
Your Heart Will Lead You Home304
Your Mother And Mine35
Your Mother And Mine (Peter Pan)560
Zero Till Hero35
Zwei Welten273
Zwei Welten - Finale276
Zéro à Héro (de Zéro En Héro French Canadian)111
ÉRzed Már A Szív Szavát (Can You Feel The Love Ton30
Акуна Матата5446
В Новом Орлеане518
Вини Пух )827
Мишки гамми(песня про друлек)389
Тема из Аладина381
Утиные истории790
Утиные истории (англ. версия)424
Черный плащ2315
Чип и Деил505
Чип и Дейл1191
Чип и деил (англ.)364
Чёрный плащ346
мультик Чип и Дейл860