Тексты песен H.I.M

04-Killing Loneliness327
06- Behind the Crimson Door303
07 Katherine Wheel428
08 In the Arms of Rain328
10 Shatter Me With Hope (The Sword Of Democles)327
10.Shatter Me With Hope (Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice)2010245
12.The Cage (Dark Light)2005234
13. The Foreboding Sense of Impending Happiness330
13.The Foreboding Sense of Impending Happiness (Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice)2010348
16 Bars18
2.Love In Cold Blood (Venus doom)2007264
2.Scared To Death (Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice)333
5. Disarm Me (With Your Loneliness)376
7.Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart (Razorblade Romance) 1999449
7.The Face Of God (Dark Light)2005295
7.This Fortress Of Tears (Love Metal)2003236
8. In The Arms Of Rain (Screamworks Love in Theory and Practice)387
8.Bleed Well (Venus doom)2007378
Acoustic Funeral364
Acoustic Funeral (For Love In Limbo)53
Acoustic Funeral (For Love In Limbo)12
Acoustic Funeral (For Love in Limbo)278
Acoustic Funeral (for Love In Limbo) 258
Acoustic Funeral (for Love in Limbo) (NEW)315
All Lips Go Blue76
All Lips Go Blue14
And Love Said 'No!'670
And Love Said No94
And Love Said No11
And Love Said No (616 version)289
And Love Said No (Но любовь сказала «нет»)308
And Love Said no323
Beautiful (Hollola Tapes)248
Beautiful (Rock Version)412
Beautiful (Third Seal)313
Beautiful (красивые слова)391
Beautiful(перевод песни на стене)452
Behind The Crimson Door318
Behind The Crimson Door (За Розовой Дверью)469
Beyond Redemption287
Beyond Redemption11
Beyond Redemption (Love Metal)2003351
Beyond Redemption [с переводом!]333
Beyong Redemption291
Bleed Well390
Bleed Well35
Bleed Well (Acoustic Version)362
Borellus (Demo Version)275
Borellus (This Is Only Beginning) 1995242
Borellus [Demo]217
Borellus [demo '95]283
Buried Alive By Love57
Buried Alive By Love11
Buried Alive By Love (Demo Version)15
Buried Alive By Love (HELENI Acoustic Cover)297
Buried Alive By Love (LIVE)260
Buried Alive By Love (Tavastia Version)11
Buried Alive By Love (Video)504
Buried Alive by Love403
Burried Alive By Love344
Bury Me Deep Insaid Your Heart (печальные, красивые слова обожаю эту песню!)403
Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart14
Bury Me Deep Inside Your Heart (Live)365
Bury me Deep Inside Your Heart377
Circle Of Fear16
Circle Of Fear (Сфера страха)315
Circle of Fear377
Close To The Flame12
Close To The Flame (Acoustic Version)409
Close To The Flame (Deep Shadows and Brilliant Highlights)296
Close To The Flame (acoustic)295
Close to The Flame427
Close to The Flame (Близко к пламени)562
Close to the Flame (Rappula Tapes)342
Cyanide Sun378
Cyanide Sun12
Dark Light397
Dark Light11
Dark Secret Love397
Dark Secret Love11
Dark Sekret Love358
Darklight(Тёмный свет)417
Dead Lovers' Lane14
Death Is In Love With Us10
Death Is In Love With Us (Смерть любит нас)315
Death Is In Love With Us (воу воу.. воу воу... х))1156
Death Is In Love With Us(RR,1999)278
Death is in Love With us303
Disarm Me431
Disarm Me (With Your Loneliness)382
Disarm Me (With Your Loneliness)51
Disarm Me (With Your Loneliness)15
Disarm Me With Your Loneliness нов ь ом347
Don't Close Your Heart336
Don't Close Your Heart11
Don't Close Your Heart.240
Don't Fear The Reaper12
Dont fear the reaper (акустика)339
Drawn & Quartered86
Drawn & Quartered10
Drunk N Shadows266
Drunk On Shadows338
Drunk On Shadows11
Drunk on shadows(Dark Light,2005)301
Dying Song470
Dying Song65
Dying Song12
Dying Song (Acoustic)224
Endless Dark293
Endless Dark19
Endless Dark (616 Version)352
Endless Dark [616 Version]13
Enjoy The Silence277
Enjoy The Silence (Depeche Mode cover)332
Enjoy The Silence [Live]300
Enjoy the silence12
Face Of God349
Fade Into You744
Fade Into You(Live)331
For You910
For You11
For You (Acoustic Version)338
For You (Acoustic Version) (Live)366
For You (Acoustic Version) (Для тебя)270
For You [Intro] [Unplugged Radio Live / Acoustic]11
For You(GLS vol.666,1997)317
Fortress Of Tears327
Gone With The Sin757
Gone With The Sin82
Gone With The Sin15
Gone With The Sin (Live In Rock Am Ring 2001)244
Gone With The Sin (Live)459
Gone With The Sin (O.D. Version)356
Gone With The Sin (Old Version)247
Gone With The Sin (Orchestra Version Radiomafias Special With Avanti)198
Gone With The Sin (Razorblade Romance 1999)241
Gone With The Sin I love your skin oh so white354
Gone With The Sin Live Rock Am Ring262
Gone With The Sin Orchest238
Gone With The Sin [Album Version]331
Gone With The Sin [Orchestra Version]254
Gone With The Sin [Radio Edit]304
Gone With The Sin(RR,1999)315
Gone With The Sin(Умерла, потому что грешила)337
Gone With the Sin [Album Version]15
Gone With the Skin295
Gone with the sin147
Hand Of Doom459
Happy? - Intwine12
Heartache Every Moment16
Heartache Every Moment (Сердце болит каждый миг)402
Heartache every moment [Live]371
Heartkiller (2009)305
Heartkiller (Acoustic)346
Heartkiller (Moordeb Vrs)241
Heartkiller (new album 2010)272
Heartkiller (Убийца сердца)339
Heartkiller (новый альбом)319
Heartkiller (первая с нового альбома)295
Heartkiller( Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice)292
Heartkiller(Убийца сердца)Farewell heartless world, I'll send you a postcard burnt, in the flames you tried so hard to extinguish with fear of failing. I'll write down everythin I have learned279
Hearts At War76
Hearts At War13
Heaven Tonight286
Heaven Tonight13
Heaven Tonight (I'm in love with you)286
Heaven Tonight (Razorblade Romance) 1999334
Him - Join me in death418
I Just Died In Your Arms328
I Love You369
I Love You (Prelude To Tradegy)211
I Love You (Prelude To Tragedy)13
I Love You (White House Version)417
I Love You (prelude to Tragedy)423
I Will Be The End Of You93
I Will Be The End Of You12
I've Crossed Oceans Of Wine To Find You11
I've Crossed Oceans Of Wine To Find You (Я переплыл океаны вина, чтобы найти тебя)369
I've Crossed Oceans of Wine to Find You337
I've Crossed Oceans of Wine to Find You375
If You Wanna Be Bad You Gotta Be Good321
Ikkunaprinsessa (Ville Valo And The Agents)801
In Joy And Sorrow421
In Joy And Sorrow14
In Joy And Sorrow (Acoustic Version)516
In Joy And Sorrow (String Version)390
In Joy And Sorrow (В радости и в печали )400
In Joy And Sorrow(DS&BH,2001)320
In Joy and Sorrow25
In Joy and Sorrow [Multimedia Track]8
In Joy and Sorrow [String Version][*]13
In Love And Lonely336
In Love And Lonely11
In Love And Lonely (В любви и одиночестве)314
In The Arms Of Rain70
In The Arms Of Rain14
In The Night-Side Of Eden315
In The Nightside Of Heaven60
In Venere Veritas439
In Venere Veritas61
In Venere Veritas12
In Venere Veritas (NEW)403
In Venere Veritas (новый альбом)288
In the Night Side of Eden357
In the Nightside of Eden15
Into The Night132
Into The Night16
It's All Tears404
It's All Tears451
It's All Tears (Drown In This Love)323
It's All Tears (Drown In This Love)13
It's All Tears (Drown In This Love) (Unplugged Ver329
It's All Tears (Drown In This Love) (Unplugged Version) (Live)345
It's All Tears (Drown In)370
It's All Tears (Unplugged Radio Live)378
It's All Tears (Unplugged Version) (Live)237
It's All Tears (drown in This Love)216
It's All Tears (live `08 D.V.D.)345
It's All Tears [Drown In Love]372
Its All Tears (Drown In)321
Its All Tears (Drown In)(Всё это слёзы (утонем в351
Join Me746
Join Me89
Join Me14
Join Me (D-Mad Remix)298
Join Me (Iiosaarirock'98)277
Join Me (In Death)115
Join Me (In Death)17
Join Me (Ларионова Мария)300
Join Me In Death (Acoustic Instrumental)513
Join Me In Death (Razorblade Mix)331
Join Me In Death (Давай умрём вместе)324
Join Me In Death (минус)346
Join Me In Death We are so young Our lives have just begun But already we are considering Escape from this world And we've waited for so long For this moment to come We are so anxious to be toge381
Join Me In Death(ost обитель зла 2)335
Join Me In Death(Давай Умрем Вместе)610
Join Me In Deаth (OST Обитель зла-2: Апокалипсис)416
Join Me __We are so young Our lifes have just begun But already we are considering Escape from this world And we've waited for so long For this moment to come We are so anxious to be together Tog276
Join Me in Death (Acoustic) (L372
Join Me(Digital Versatile Doom)282
Join me finnish version433
Join me in Death471
Just For Tonight427
Just for tonight13
Jykeva On Rakkaus / Love Is Strong324
Jykevä On Rakkaus338
Jykevää On Rakkaus / Love Is Strong360
Jykevää on rakkaus99
Katherine Wheel417
Katherine Wheel93
Katherine Wheel10
Katherine Wheel (Acoustic)296
Katherine Wheel (NEW)267
Katherine Wheel (Screamworks: Love In Theory And Practice)350
Killing Lonelines281
Killing Loneliness423
Killing Loneliness302
Killing Loneliness244
Killing Loneliness85
Killing Loneliness25
Killing Loneliness( Побеждаю Одиночество)425
Killing Loneliness(Dark Light,2005)262
Killing Lonelliness320
Killing Lonliness291
Kiss Of Dawn399
Kiss Of Dawn70
Kiss The Void69
Kiss The Void12
Kiss of Dawn(Поцелуй рассвета)397
Large than life (Backstreet Boys Cover)366
Larger Than Life412
Larger Than Life12
Larger Than Life (Live)384
Like St. Valentine15
Lonely Road22
Loose You Tonight284
Loose You Tonight (Caravan Version)412
Lose You Tonight431
Lose You Tonight12
Lose You Tonight(Haggard the movie)305
Love In Cold Blood352
Love In Cold Blood (Special K Rmx)234
Love In Cold Blood [Special K Remix]279
Love Without Tears133
Love Without Tears13
Love You Like I Do11
Love You Like I Do(DS&BH,2001)279
Love You Like i do617
Love in Cold Blood13
Love s Requiem99
Love's Requiem383
Love's Requiem355
Love's Requiem15
Love's Requiem (Реквием любви)253
Love, The Hardest Way785
Love, The Hardest Way67
Love, The Hardest Way12
Love, the Hardest Way (NEW)271
Love, the Hardest Way (новый альбом)255
Memories sharp as daggers Pierce into the flesh of today The suicide of love took away all that matters And buried the remains in an unmarked grave in your heart With the venomous kiss you gave me, I417
Moment Of My Love383
Moment Of My Love(Отрицательный Момент Нашей Люб369
No Love60
No Love14
Ode To Solitude510
Ode To Solitude88
Ode To Solitude12
Ode To Solitude [Acoustic version]338
Ode to Solitude (NEW)536
Ode to Solitude нов ь ом289
One Last Time409
One Last Time19
One Last Time (Последний раз)355
One last time (Razorblade Romance) 1999319
Our Diabolical Rapture298
Our Diabolical Rapture (Наш Диявольський Екстаз)569
Our Diabolikal Rapture324
Our Diabolikal Rapture13
Our Diabolikal Rapture (Live)285
Paratiisi (Ville Valo And The Agents)475
Passion's Killing Floor16
Passion's Killing Floor (Transformers saundtrek)308
Passions Killing Floor(Наша убийственная страсть400
Play Dead450
Play Dead11
Play Dead (Live)328
Please Don't Let It Go17
Poison Girl381
Poison Girl11
Poison Girl (Live Provinssirock Festival 17.06.2000)291
Poison Girl (Моя отравленная девочка)322
Poison Girl(RR,1999)256
Poison Girl(Ядовитая Девушка)536
Poison GirlDigital Versatile Doom305
Poison Heart (Cover Of Ramones)18
Poison girl196
Pretending (Acoustic Version)334
Pretending (The Cosmic Pope Jam Version)343
Pretending (acoustic)234
Pretending [Album Version]326
Pretending [Multimedia Track]12
Razorblade Kiss383
Razorblade Kiss13
Razorblade Kiss (Early Version)332
Razorblade Kiss (Live Provinssirock Festival 17.06.2000)373
Razorblade Kiss (Поцелуй лезвия)347
Razorblade kiss (IlosaariRock 1998)203
Rebel Yell449
Rebel Yell12
Rebel Yell (Live Version)270
Rebel Yell (Rock Am Ring 2008)366
Rebel Yell (live in German)381
Rebel Yell [Live]313
Rebel yell (Recorded in Berlin 29. 02. 2000)310
Rebell Yell (Live, Billy Idol cover)262
Rendezvous With Anus23
Ressurection [You smiled like an angel .We've been slaves to this love from the moment we touched. And keep begging for more of this resurrection382
Right Here In My Arms66
Right Here In My Arms13
Right Here In My Arms (минус)370
Right Here In My Arms(RR,1999)316
Right Here In My Arms(Здесь, В Моих Объятиях)307
Right Here in my Arms359
Rip Out The Wings Of A Butterfly12
Rip Out The Wings Of A Butterfly (Live Digital Versatile Doom Orpheum Theatre)397
Rip Out The Wings Of The Butterfly(Вырви Крылья470
Rip Out The Wings of a Butterfly1364
Rip out wings of a butterfly294
Sail On437
Sailin' On317
Salt In Our Wounds10
Salt In Our Wounds (Acoustic Version)320
Salt In Our Wounds (Thulsa Doom Version)278
Salt In Our Wounds( Соль В Наших Ранах)416
Salt In Our Wounds(2001)288
Salt In Our Wounds[Thulsa Doom Version] - Uneasy Listening Vol.1373
Salt in Our Wounds337
Scared To Death467
Scared To Death195
Scared To Death116
Scared To Death (2010)306
Scared To Death (to fall in love with you )277
Scared To Death (новый альбом)519
Scared To Death [Acoustic version]369
Scared To Death(I'm not afraid to say 'I love you' any more than I used to be, babe I am scared to death, I am scared to death to fall in370
Scared to Death (Screamworks: Love In Theory And Practice)320
Scared to Death( С нового альбома)254
Scared to Death(Alternative Rock / Gothic Rock / Love Metal)457
Serpent Ride289
Serpent Ride15
Serpent ride [Demo]319
Shatter Me With Hope435
Shatter Me With Hope40
Shatter Me With Hope (Acoustic)285
Shatter Me With Hope (The Sword Of Democles)326
Shatter Me With Hope (новый альбом)284
She will be right here in my arms322
Shooting Star11
Sigilium Diablo286
Sigillum Diaboli432
Sigillum Diaboli12
Singillum Diaboli329
Sleepwalking Past Hope11
Solitary Man396
Solitary Man12
Solitary Man (Одинокий человек)556
Song Or Suicide408
Song Or Suicide (Песня или самоубийство)418
Song or Suicide13
Songs Or Suicide311
Soul Of Fire352
Soul On Fire17
Soul On Fire (Erich Zann's Supernatural Rem.)342
Soul On Fire [Erich Zann's Supernatural Rmx]303
Soul on Fire364
Soul on Fire (Erich Zann's Supernatural remix)360
Soul on fire (Душа в огне)282
Stigmata Diaboli386
Stigmata Diaboli (demo 1995)311
Strange World108
Strange World14
Summer Wine (Featuring Natalie Avalon)304
Sweet 666476
Sweet Pandemonium511
Sweet Pandemonium10
Sweet Pandemonium(Love Metal,2003)279
Take My Breath Away341
Take My Breath Away13
Tear Off The Wings Of A Butterfly293
Tears On Tape90
Tears On Tape12
Temple Of Love345
The 9th Circle357
The 9th Circle (OLT)13
The 9th Circle (olt)543
The 9th Circle (ost)321
The Beginning Of The End11
The Beginning of The End323
The Cage363
The Cage11
The Cage (2005)263
The Cage (Клетка)273
The Face of God283
The Foreboding Sense Of Impending Happiness45
The Foreboding Sense Of Impending Happiness14
The Foreboding Sense of Impending Happiness482
The Foreboding Sense of Impending Happiness (2010)291
The Funeral Of Hearts95
The Funeral Of Hearts15
The Funeral Of Hearts (2003)363
The Funeral Of Hearts (Acoustic Version)305
The Funeral Of Hearts (Radio Edit)309
The Funeral Of Hearts (похороны сердец)668
The Funeral of Hearts430
The Funeral of Hearts114
The Funeral of Hearts (Accoustic Version)272
The Funeral of Hurts350
The Heartless382
The Heartless13
The Heartless (Club Remix)271
The Heartless (demo 1995)351
The Heartless EP Version278
The Kiss Of Dawn429
The Kiss Of Dawn103
The Kiss Of Dawn15
The Kiss Of Dawn (Venus doom)2007271
The Kiss Of Dawn (piano)347
The Kiss of Dawn [Demo]270
The Pantom Gate11
The Pass389
The Path438
The Path164
The Path14
The Path (P.S. Version)345
The Path (P.S. Version)11
The Path(Love Metal,2003)293
The Phantom Gate485
The Phantom Gate (Призрачные врата)248
The Reaper305
The Sacrament584
The Sacrament122
The Sacrament97
The Sacrament11
The Sacrament (Acoustic)268
The Sacrament (Disrhythm Remix)276
The Sacrament (instrumental)283
The Sacrament (Сапожникова Наташа)275
The Sacrament (Священное)313
The Sacrament (минус)317
The Sacrament (моя любимая)235
The Sacrament(Disrhythm Remix) - Uneasy Listening Vol.1279
The Sacrament(Love Metal,2003)311
The Sacrement274
The Vampire400
The Wings Of A Butterfly291
The funeral of Hearts (Игорь Стефанчиков, Белоусов Дмитрий)276
The funeral of harts354
The funeral of hearts [Dr. Dragon & s Dub]279
The phantom gate [Demo]258
This Fortress Of Tears10
This Fortress of Tears334
This Fortress of Tears18
This Fortress of Tears (Крепость слез)309
This Fortress of Tears(Love Metal,2003)239
Too Happy To Be Alive586
Too Happy To Be Alive13
Too Long To Love256
Under The Rose344
Under The Rose (Под Розой)372
Under the Rose16
Unleash The Red12
Valo Yossa (Ville Valo And The Agents)1154
Valo Yössä336
Valo Yössä43
Vampire Heart11
Vampire Heart (Live At Donnington)291
Vampire Heart (Total Guitar Magazine)247
Vampire Heart (Сердце вампира )407
Vapire Heart268
Venus (In Our Blood)343
Venus (In Our Blood)12
Venus (In Our Blood) [bonus Track]the Cage [bonus281
Venus (In Our Blood) [bonus Track]the Cage [bonus Track]other Songs:244
Venus Doom453
Venus Doom12
Venus Doom (Перевод)679
When Love And Dead Embrace277
When Love And Death Embrace419
When Love And Death Embrace21
When Love And Death Embrace (Original Single Edit)388
When Love And Death Embrace (Когда любовь и смер430
When love and Death embrase267
Wicked Game121
Wicked Game19
Wicked Game (666 Remix)401
Wicked Game (666 Ways To Love Version)340
Wicked Game (666 Ways Version)348
Wicked Game (caver Chris Isaak)372
Wicked Game 1996245
Wicked Game Chris Isaak cover348
Wicked Games396
Window Princess (English translation of Ikkunapr..10
Wings Of A Butterfly911
Wings Of A Butterfly91
Wings of Butterfly (Tony .allways in my mind )223
With Armes Wide Open304
You Are The One603
You Are The One15
Your Sweet 666398
Your Sweet 666112
Your Sweet 66613
Your Sweet 666 (Razorblade Mix) (Razorblade Romance 1999)221
Your Sweet 666 (перевод)901
Your Sweet Six Six Six357
Your Sweet Six Six Six9
Your Sweet Six Six Six (Razorblade Mix)407
Your Sweet Six Six Six(just exactly right words )286
Your sweet six six six (vollständige Version)53
killing loneless353
the beggining of the end251