Тексты песен K'naan

15 Minutes23
15 Minutes Away21
70 Excuses375
70 Excuses23
ABC's (feat. Chubb Rock)473
ABC's (ft. Chubb Rock)726
Bang Bang820
Bang Bang795
Be Free324
Binding Testament433
Boxing My Shadow23
Bulletproof Pride380
Bulletproof Pride351
Bulletproof Pride100
Does It Really Matter21
Fifa World Cup Anthem South Africa 2010448
Fifa World Cup Athem South Africa 2010878
Fifa World Cup Athem South Africa 201024
Fire In Freetown563
Fire in Freetown79
Fire in Freetown23
Give me freedom, give me fire, give me reason, take me higher [BEST]675
Gold In Timbuktu357
Gold In Timbuktu276
Hurt Me Tomorrow800
Hurt Me Tomorrow217
Hurt Me Tomorrow20
I Come Prepared505
I Come Prepared132
I Was Stabbed By Satan473
I Was Stabbed By Satan106
I Was Stabbed By Satan24
If Rap Gets Jealous20
Immigrants (We Get the Job Done)31
In The Beginning697
In The Beginning516
In The Beginning23
Is Anybody Out There82
Is Anybody Out There82
Is Anybody Out There ? Ft. Nelly Furtado131
Is Anybody Out There?542
Is Anybody Out There?72
Is Anybody Out There? (feat. Nelly Furtado)663
KNaan - Waving Flag (Celebration_Mix)437
Last Dawn429
More Beautiful Than Silence29
My God (Interlude)316
My God (Interlude)82
My Old Home24
On The Other Side23
One Single Speech357
One Single Speech76
One Single Speech47
People Like Me30
Rain Upon The Battlefield521
Rain Upon The Battlefield40
Scarred Forever367
Shake (Original Song)20
Sleep When We Die460
Sleep When We Die92
Sleep When We Die25
Sunny Days28
Take A Minute70
The 12th Star509
The 12th Star65
The African Way23
The Dusty Foot Philosopher21
The End Of Purity405
The Seed414
The Seed247
The Sound Of My Breaking Heart437
The Sound Of My Breaking Heart22
The Wall22
Til We Get There287
Until The Lion Learns To Speak22
Voices In My Head32
WAVIN FLAG (OST NBA 2k10 and 2010 World Cup Patch for Pes 2010)334
Waiting Is A Drug26
Wash It Down22
Wave Your Flag516
Wavin ' Flag (Coca-Cola Celebration Mix)1219
Wavin ' Flag (Coca-Cola Celebration Mix) Гимн FIFA 2010338
Wavin Flag343
Wavin Flag (Official Song World Cup South Africa 2010)310
Wavin Flag (feat. Will.I.Am & David Guetta)551
Wavin flag (The celebration Mix)1436
Wavin flag (The celebration Mix)438
Wavin' Flag533
Wavin' Flag539
Wavin' Flag523
Wavin' Flag88
Wavin' Flag107
Wavin' Flag73
Wavin' Flag16
Wavin' Flag (2010 FIFA)354
Wavin' Flag (Celebration Remix)545
Wavin' Flag (Coca-Cola Celebration Mix)1225
Wavin' Flag (Coca-Cola Celebration Mix) Ft. David Bisbal22
Wavin' Flag (FIFA - Coca Cola)381
Wavin' Flag (FIFA World Cup 2010 anthem)- Coca-Cola team!!!268
Wavin' Flag (Official Soundtrack of South Africa 2010 FIFA World Cup)208
Wavin' Flag (The Celebration Mix)315
Wavin' Flag (The Celebration Mix) (гимн чемпион. мира по футболу 2010 )300
Wavin' Flag (With Lyrics)399
Wavin' Flag (Young Artists For Haiti)645
Wavin' Flag (celebration 2010 remix)334
Wavin' Flag (celebration mix) - tema del mundial 2010 rmx (РЕКЛАМА Coca-Cola)279
Wavin' Flag (feat Féfé)92
Wavin' Flag (feat. Féfé)99
Wavin' Flag (Гимн Чемпионата Мира По Футболу. Африка)395
Wavin' Flag (Гимн ЮАР 2010)486
Wavin' Flag (гимн Чемпионата мира по Футболу 2010)463
Wavin' Flag (официальная песня Чемпионата Мира по футболу 2010)518
Wavin' Flag (реклама и гимн футбола)340
Wavin' Flag FIFA World Cup 2010 Anthem (The Celebration Mix)292
Wavin' flag (FIFA 2010)428
Wavin' flag (celebration mix)347
Waving Flag1872
Waving Flag81
Waving Flag "South Africa 2010"269
Waving Flag (Celebration Mix) (official song of FIFA 2010 World Cup in South Africa)265
Waving Flag (Coca Cola FIFA World Cup)737
Waving Flag (FIFA 2010 World Cup South Africa)359
Waving Flag (FIFA World Cup 2010 Anthem)332
Waving Flag (Официальный гимн чемпионата мира по футболу 2010)307
Waving Flag (оригинал)384
Waving Flag FIFA373
Waving Flag Feat Nancy Ajram105
Waving Flag(официальный гимн ЧМ по футболу 2010)393
Waving Flags123
Waving' Flag465
Waving' Flag (Coca-Cola Celebration Mix Official Song World Cup South Africa 2010)232
Waving' Flag (celebration mix)290
Waving' Flag (Официальный Гимн FIFA Кубок Мира 2010)347
Waving' Flag [Гимн Чемпионата Мира по Футболу 2010 в ЮАР]964
Wawing Flag327
What's Hardcore?24
With God On Our Side375
With God On Our Side81
wavin flag (Gimn FIFA SOUTH Africa 2010)349
wavin' flag (FIFA world cup 2010 anthem)237
Гимн ЮАР 2010 ФИФА714
Гимн чемпионата мира по футболу 2010 Wavin ' Flag (Coca-Cola Celebration Mix)2418
Ни шагу назад438