Тексты песен Linkin Park

01 - Papercut652
01. The Requiem229
01.Crawling (Album Version) (Crawling Single, 2001)236
01_Under attack320
02 Don`t Stay338
02.A Place For My Head (Live at Docklands Arena, London) (In The End Single CD1, 2001)270
02.In The End (Live on BBC Radio One) (In The End Single CD2, 2001)294
02_Don't say264
03 - And One251
03 - Somewhere I belong521
03 - With You299
03 Somwhere I Belong296
03.Papercut (Live at Docklands Arena, London) (Papercut Single, 2001)275
03.Points Of Authority (Live at Docklands Arena, London) (In The End Single CD2, 2001)187
04 - Lying from you243
04 - Points of Authority365
04 Liyng From You219
04_Liying from you247
05_And one241
06 - Easier to run328
07 - Across The Line (Unreleased 2007 Demo)252
08.P5hng Me A Wy (Live In Texas, 2003)245
08_In the end710
09 - Valentine's Day481
09_Breaking the habit236
09_Shadow Of The Day245
1 Stp Klsr224
10 From the Inside314
10_From th inside297
11. Pushing Me Away [Hybrid Theory]247
11_With you (Charain Hanh feat. Aceyalone)313
12.Pushing Me Away (Hybrid Theory, 2000)254
13 Numb887
13. No Roads Left (Bonus)190
15.The Messenger312
1Fstp Klosr26
1STP KLOSR ( One Step Closer )275
1stp Klosr373
1stp Klosr (Humble Brothers Remix)233
1stp Klosr (One Step Closer Rmx) [Reanimation]325
1stp Klosr (The Humble Brothers feat Jonathan Davis)247
1stp Klosr (The Humble Brothers ft. Jonathan Davis)196
1stp Klosr — The Humble Brothers feat Jonathan D219
26 - Rnw@y (Backyard Bangers feat. Phoenix Orion)230
27 - My{Dcmbr (Mickey P. feat. Kelli Ali)230
27 Lettaz in da Alphabet360
29 - By Myslf (Josh Abraham & Mike Shinoda feat. Stephen Carpenter Of Deftones)270
31 - 1stp Klosr (The Humble Brothers feat. Jonathan Davis Of KORN)281
32 - Krwlng (Mike Shinoda feat. Aaron Lewis Of Staind)317
49 - Faint307
53 - NobodY's Listening289
6.Easier To Run [Meteora - 2003]257
A Light That Never Comes211
A Light That Never Comes (Rick Rubin Reboot)28
A Line In The Sand264
A Line In The Sand140
A Line In The Sand81
A Little Extra Letra98
A Place For My Head100
A Place For My Head ( from "Hybrid Theory" )223
A Place For My Head (Amp Live feat. Zion)342
A Place For My Head (Live In Texas)256
A Place For My Head [Моё место в жизни]273
A Place For My Head(Пристанище для души)297
A Place For my Head296
A Thousand Suns - 15. The Messenger284
A line in the sand35
A place fo my head452
A place for my head37
A place for my head from & Hybrid Theory & 24 ок я ря 2000184
A place for my head(remix)274
A place for my heart381
Across The Line817
Across The Line448
Across The Line (Previously unreleased 2007 Demo)170
Across The Line (Unreleased Demo 2007)387
Across The Line (Unreleased Demo 2007) [LPU9]176
Across The Line [LPU9]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!мега песенка!!!!!!!158
Across The Line [Prime Music]266
Across the Line73
Across the line25
Across the line (Unreleased demo 2007) | факмоймозг!! вот бы так бенассы радовали!221
Afraid This Time350
All For Nothing (feat. Page Hamilton)82
All Of Me119
All for nothing (feat. Page Hamilton)33
And One290
And One (Alter-Native Mastering)201
And One (Outro)234
And One(Один)341
And one29
Anything Anything474
Apaches (Until It Breaks Demo, No. 1)182
Asbestos (Minutes To Midnight Demo)24
BY MYSELF 7 песня274
Behind Your Lies24
Behind Your Lies (Live)331
Believe Me885
Believe Me184
Blackbird (минус)441
Blackbirds (2010)203
Blackbirds (2010) HQ227
Blackbirds (2010)"8-bit Rebellion"234
Blackbirds (8-Bit Rebellion Game Exclusive Track, 2010)269
Blackbirds (good quality)255
Blackbirds [High quality]268
Blackbirds ~ LPR :)319
Blackbirds(новый альбом)264
Blackbirds-Instrumental(rap version)244
Bleed It Out95
Bleed It Out15
Bleed it out30
Blue (1998 Unreleased Hybrid Theory Demo)169
Body Crumbles122
Body Crumbles21
Breakin The Habbit278
Breakin the habit210
Breaking The Habbit (Live)260
Breaking The Habit458
Breaking The Habit23
Breaking The Habit (Instrumental)223
Breaking The Habit (Instrumental) Бросаю569
Breaking The Habit (Live at Lisbon)165
Breaking The Habit (Live)265
Breaking The Habit (Meteora 2003)209
Breaking The Habit (live RockAmRing)259
Breaking The Habit (live, Rock Am Ring 2004)211
Breaking The Habit (Дата релиза: 24 марта 2003)191
Breaking The Habit минус350
Breaking a habit tonight345
Breaking the Habit (Завязываю)337
Breaking the Habit(live in Sacramento)283
Breaking the habbit266
Breaking the habit285
Breaking the habit39
Breaking the habit from & Meteora & ре и 24 м р 2003237
Breathe Me92
Breathe Me Love Theme From22
Broken Glass172
Broken Glass23
Bubbles (LPU 8.0)253
Burn It Down2033
Burn It Down56
Burn It Down21
Burn It Down25
Burning In The Skies403
Burning In The Skies45
Burning In The Skies (A Thousand Suns Track #3)454
Burning in the sky36
Buy Myself (Remixed By Marilyn Manson)273
By My Self (Super Xero-Live)400
By Myself451
By Myself ( from & Hybrid Theory & 24 октября 2000 )252
By Myself (Demo 1)250
By Myself (Josh Abraham & Mike Shinoda)226
By Myself (Live In Texas)220
By Myself (Marilyn Manson Remix)221
By Myself (Marylin Manson Rmx)259
By Myself (Reanimation)273
By Myself (Самого себя )310
By Myslf225
By Myslf-Josh Abraham And Mike Shinoda178
By myself33
By myself | обожаю её193
By_Myslf (Josh Abraham & Mike Shinoda)289
Carousel Traduction102
Carousel [Пьяница]344
Castle Of Glass853
Castle Of Glass92
Castle Of Glass99
Castle Of Glass42
Castle Of Glass (M. Shinoda Remix)24
Center Of The Earth97
Change (By Beta State) [Lpu Sessions 2013]420
Crawling (Demo)333
Crawling (Demo)25
Crawling (Instrumental)212
Crawling (Mike Shinoda Feat. Aaron Lewis)240
Crawling (Remix)317
Crawling (Мурашки по коже)474
Crawling In My Skin530
Crawling [Live]232
Cry Over Me88
Cure For The Ich127
Cure For The Itch282
Cure for the itch32
Da Bloos206
Da Bloos23
Da Bloos (Блюз)270
Darker Than Blood168
Dead & Bloated95
Debris (Minutes To Midnight Demo)196
Dedicated (1999 Demo)21
Dedicated (Demo 1999)387
Devil's Drop161
Don t Stay323
Don t Stay (перевод)449
Don"t Stay (Уходи )318
Don't Stay273
Don't Stay316
Don't Stay149
Don't Stay19
Don't Stay (Дата релиза: 24 марта 2003)196
Don't Stay - Meteora (2003)300
Don't Stay(Meteora_2450
Don't say259
Don't stay ( from "Meteora"Дата релиза: 24 марта 2003 )217
Dont Stray303
Don’t Look For Brings99
Drawing (Breaking The Habit Demo 2002)256
Drum Song (Little Things Give You Away 2006 Demo)273
Dust In The Wind109
Easer To Run197
Easier To Run23
Easier to Run403
Easier to Run (Легче убежать)267
Easier to Run - Meteora (2003)211
Easier to Run [Live LP Underground Tour 2003]21
Easier to run28
Enjoy The Silence535
Enjoy The Silence104
Ent E ND213
Enth e nd304
Esaul (A Place For My Head 2)416
Esaul (A Place For My Head Demo)241
Esaul (Place For My Head Demo 2)221
Esaul (Remastered Demo)173
Esaul (a Place For my Head)324
Esaul Lyrics278
Esaúl (Place For My Head Demo)23
FRGT/10 ( Forgotten)338
Face Inside276
Faint (2002 Demo)257
Faint (Album Version)248
Faint (Demo 2002)223
Faint (FinalFantasy7AdventChildren)205
Faint (Rock Am Ring 2007)330
Faint (Дата релиза: 24 марта 2003)215
Faint (Слабый)423
Faint (ай вонт би енот)326
Faint [Live in Texas/Meteora]235
Faint [Live]280
Fear (EXCLUSIVE 2010)252
Fear (Leave Out All The Rest Demo 2006)226
Fear (Leave Out All The Rest Demo 2006) [LPU9]220
Figuire 09248
Figure 09353
Figure 09 (God of war)280
Figure 09 New312
Figure. 0934
Figure. 09 (Demo 2002)256
Figure.09 (2002 Demo)207
Figure.09 (Live)177
Figure.09 (S.W.A.T. OST)547
Final Masquerade352
Final Masquerade191
Final Masquerade166
Final Masquerade20
Fire (feat Dead by Sunrise)276
Foreword + Don't Stay354
Forgotten (Alchemist featuring Chali 2Na)238
Frgt 10137
Frgt/10 (Alchemist ft. Chali 2na)267
Frgt/10 Reanimation Remix Of Forgotten249
Frgt/10 — Alchemist feat Chali 2na382
Frgt/10-Alchemist Feat Chali 2184
Frgt10 (Alchemist Featuring Chali 2Na)243
From The Inside412
From The Inside24
From The Inside (Album Version)226
From The Inside (Дата релиза: 24 марта 2003)212
From The Inside (минус+рояль)264
From The Inside (минусовка)240
From The Inside [Live]355
From th inside204
From the Inside (piano)225
From the Inside - Meteora (2003)645
From the Inside(Road to Revolution Live at Milton Keynes)320
From the Inside(Изнутри)332
From the inside108
From the inside (Instrumental)202
From the inside from & Meteora & ре и 24 м р 2003209
Gettin Heavy209
Girl Better98
Give Me Reason712
Given Up18
Given up79
Giving In246
Giving In (With Adema)252
Giving in (Feat. Adema)701
Grey Daze No Sun Today116
Guilty All The Same147
Guilty All The Same (feat. Rakim)384
Guilty All The Same (feat. Rakim)107
Guilty all the same29
H! Vltg323
Hands held high26
Hardly Breathe336
Hends Held High239
Here, Nearby113
Heroin Song23
High Voltage431
High Voltage23
High Voltage(Высокое напряжение)327
High voltage45
Hit The Floor436
Hit The Floor25
Hit The Floor[There are just too many Times that people Have tried to look inside of me Wondering what I think of you And I protect you out of courtesy Too many times that I’ve Held on when I ne315
Hit the Floor(Падение на пол)286
Hit the flor263
Hold Nothing Back428
Hold Nothing Back75
Holding You196
Home Sweet Home139
Hunger Strike (Live From Projekt Revolution 2008)267
Hunger Strike ft. Chris Cornell256
I Just Want Your Company54
I can die381
I tried so hard760
I wanna heal560
I’ll Be Gone32
I'll Be Gone495
I'll Be Gone113
I'll Be Gone40
I'll be gone70
I'm About To Break234
I'm Breaking The Habit277
I've become so NUMB,I can't feel you there, Become so tired so much more aware, I'm becoming this all, I want to do, Is be more like me and be less like you, Can't you see that383
In Betveen221
In Between347
In Between146
In Between112
In Between25
In Between (2,97 MB)123
In Between (Minutes To Midnight, 2007)258
In Between (Между )306
In Between [Piano Version by ceekay]296
In My Remains544
In My Remains138
In My Remains18
In My Remains33
In Peaces280
In Peases249
In Pices433
In Pieces393
In Pieces86
In Pieces22
In Pieces (Instrumental)216
In Pieces (душевная )238
In Pieces 287
In Pieces [Piano Version by ceekay]207
In Pieces(девушки послушайте и переведите(поучительно289
In The End676
In The End115
In The End (Demo)261
In The End (Demo)25
In The End (Down Mix Instrumental Project)257
In The End (HT)261
In The End (Instrumental edition by Crucian)273
In The End (LPU 11 Demo)259
In The End (Live AOL Music Sessions Performance)210
In The End (Piano Version)293
In The End (Piano)230
In The End (hip Hop Remix Version)244
In The End (remix)291
In The End (В конечном итоге)850
In The End - наше всё196
In The End [2003 - Piano Variation]165
In The End [Live]282
In The End it doesn`t even matter618
In Time307
In beetween253
In between27
In between 2007230
In pieces 2007282
In pieses255
In the end168
In the end30
In the end (перевод)440
In the end - В конце концов687
In this World434
Into You368
Iridescent (A Thousand Suns Track #12)519
Iridescent (Transformers Remix)22
Issho Ni23
It Goes Through121
It s Going Down553
It's Going Dawn110
It's Going Down1127
It's Going Down341
It's Going Down (Feat. Xecutioners)229
It's Going Down (Ft. X-Ecutioners)279
It's Going Down (With Xecutioners)328
It's Going Down (featuring Linkin Park)350
Its Goin Down216
It’s going down (feat. Statik-X)40
Izzo/In The End27
Jornada Del Muerto23
Karma Killer252
Keys To The Kingdom98
Keys To The Kingdom23
Keys to the kingdom25
Krwling (Mike Shinoda feat. Aaron Lewis of Staind)202
Krwlng (Mike Shinoda ft. Aaron Lewis)194
Krwlng [Mike Shinoda / Aaron Lewis]253
Krwlng — Mike Shinoda feat Aaron Lewis of Staind278
Kyur4 TH Ich31
Leav out all the rest( МОЯ ЛЮБИМАЯ ПЕСНЯ!!!!!!!!!!!!)282
Leave Out All The Reast291
Leave Out All The Rest393
Leave Out All The Rest22
Leave Out All The Rest (M.Shinoda Remix)265
Leave Out All The Rest (OST Twilight, Сумерки)651
Leave Out All The Rest (OST Сумерки `Twilight`)268
Leave Out All The Rest (Real One)255
Leave Out All The Rest (Road To Revolution: Live at Milton Keynes)223
Leave Out All The Rest (Twilight)242
Leave Out All The Rest (Вычеркни из памяти всё плохое)383
Leave Out All The Rest (Сamden 2008)217
Leave Out All The Rest (к/ф Сумерки)193
Leave Out All The Rest (саундтрек к фильму "Сумерки")287
Leave Out All The Rest - Minutes To Midnight (2007)258
Leave Out All The Rest I dreamed I was missing You were so scared But no one would listen Cause no one else cares After my dreaming I woke with this fear What am I leaving When I & m done here So if360
Leave Out All The Rest [Piano Version by ceekay]206
Leave Out All The Rest в титрах295
Leave Out All The Rest(Вычеркни из памяти всё пл264
Leave Out All The Rest(из к/ф Сумерки)777
Leave Out All The Rest(перевод)528
Leave Out All the Rest136
Leave Out All the Rest (ОСТ к ф. & Сумерки & )223
Leave Out All the Rest (Саундтрек из фильма273
Leave Out All the Rest (Сумерки)253
Leave Out All the Rest OST Twilight279
Leave Out All the Rest(из фильма)218
Leave Out Of The Rest277
Leave Out Of The Rest (OST Twilight)251
Leave Out Of The Rest (Twilight Soundtrack)162
Leave out all the rest39
Leave out all the rest (OST "Сумерки")238
Leave out all the rest (Twilight soundtrack)198
Leave out all the rest (из кф195
Leave out all the rest (минус)244
Leave out all the rest (с унд рек к и ьму & Сумерки & )248
Leave out all the rest (хф & Сумерки & )200
Leave out all the rest(Twilight OST)232
Leave out all the rest(саундтрек"Сумерки")224
Leave out all the restOST Twilights191
Leave out on the rest228
Let Down326
Let Down22
Let Down (Разочарованный)397
Lies Greed Misery89
Lies Greed Misery30
Lies, Greed, Misery316
Lies, Greed, Misery50
Lincin Park - Papercut192
Linkin Park451
Linkin Park - Numb300
Linkin Park - What I've Done246
Linkin Park / Easier To Run232
Linkin Park / Figure.09222
Linkin Park / Lying From You282
Linkin Park/What I’ve Done343
Little Boxes248
Little Boxes (OST Weeds)242
Little Boxes (Weeds Theme)310
Little Boxes (Weeds)244
Live out all the rest821
Live out of the rest376
Living From You239
Liying from you175
Liyng from you223
Lost In The Echo1120
Lost In The Echo63
Lost In The Echo68
Love U!136
Lying For You230
Lying Form You182
Lying From U234
Lying From You435
Lying From You24
Lying From You / Road To Revolution. Live At Milton Keynes (2008)267
Lying From You [Live]319
Lying from You - Meteora (2003)262
Lying from you26
Lying from you ( from "Meteora")281
Mall Theme37
Mark The Graves247
Mark The Graves100
Mark The Graves57
Mark the graves27
Meteora - Somewhere I Belong269
More Dysters Casanova840
Morei Sky249
Morei Sky149
Morei Sky20
Morning After306
Morning After Lyrics215
My Car100
My December340
My December89
My December (Alter-Native Mast240
My December (Instrumental)226
My December (Live 21.02.2008)188
My December (Live)261
My December (Mickey P. feat. Kelli Ali)253
My December (Mickey p. featuring kelli ali)242
My December (Piano version)237
My December (Piano)229
My December (Single Edit)267
My December (Symphony)280
My December (single)255
My December (текст, перевод)351
My December - European Tour (Live in Frankfurt) 01.20.08170
My December - Это мой декабрь, это моё время года.423
My December 2005257
My December KROQ Live210
My December [Reanimation]249
My December-Mickey P. Featurin278
My Decemder193
My Desember249
My Desember (Piano Instrumental)224
My Reason347
My Reason25
My december32
My december (piano solo)207
My life324
My way403
My{Dsmbr [Kelli Ali]212
My{Dsmbr — Mickey P. feat Kelli Ali244
Never Gonna Happen291
New Devide281
New Devide (OST Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen)312
New Devide (Трансформеры 2)210
New Devine321
New Divide398
New Divide103
New Divide84
New Divide34
New Divide (18.05.2009)228
New Divide (2009)302
New Divide (A Capella)299
New Divide (Acapella)285
New Divide (Lukas Termena Chill Mix)228
New Divide (Main Theme Transformers-2)219
New Divide (My Drum'n'Bass Funny Mix)294
New Divide (N'Leran Remix)261
New Divide (OST - TRANSFORMER'S 2)274
New Divide (OST Transformers 2)235
New Divide (OST Transformers 2, 2009)202
New Divide (OST Transformers 2Rise of fallen)242
New Divide (OST Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen)243
New Divide (Solar Mix)170
New Divide (Transformers 2 - Без Revenge of The Fallen Soundtrack)211
New Divide (Transformers 2 OST)187
New Divide (Transformers 2 Revenge of The Fallen Soundtrack)234
New Divide (Transformers 2 Soundtrack)249
New Divide (Transformers 2 official soundtrack)216
New Divide (Transformers 2 theme)219
New Divide (Transformers' OST)209
New Divide (from «Transformers II»)220
New Divide (webrip)(Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen Soundtrack)292
New Divide (Новая Граница)375
New Divide (Саундтрек (OST) к фильму "Трансформеры: Месть Падших")319
New Divide (Трансформеры 2)1272
New Divide (Трансформеры: Месть Падших)258
New Divide (акапелла rip by Yan)250
New Divide (минусовка)326
New Divide (на русском)5962
New Divide (русская версия)698
New Divide (саундтрек Трансформеров 2)239
New Divide (саундтрэк к фильму "Трансформеры 2"334
New Divide (сольное а капелла)213
New Divide (текст оригинал и перевод)292
New Divide - все на Трансформеры 2!!235
New Divide New Devide- Single ре и 18 м я 2009209
New Divide OST Тр нс ормер 2 Мес ь П д и240
New Divide OST Трансформеры: Месть падших283
New Divide Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Main Score302
New Divide [OST Transformers Revange of the Fallen]197
New Divide [So give me reason to prove me wrong , to wash this memory clean]377
New Divide Главный саундтрек к фильму «Трансформеры: месть падших»202
New Divide(DJ Solovey remix)(Radio edit)260
New Divide(OST Трансформеры 2:Месть Падших)232
New Divide/Новая бездна193
New Divided205
New devine (Soundtrack Transformers 2:Revenge of the Fallen)316
New divide40
New divide - OST Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen315
New divine487
No Laundry22
No Laundry("Нет" стирке )236
No More Sorrow1207
No More Sorrow334
No More Sorrow21
No More Sorrow (Live at Milton Keynes)320
No More Sorrow (Live)268
No More Sorrow (Конец печали )715
No More Sorrow [Piano Version ]296
No More Sorrow from & Minutes to Midnight & ре и 14 м я 2007201
No More Sorrow(перевод)362
No Roads Left271
No Roads Left (Bonus Track)281
No Roads Left (Больше некуда бежать)257
No Roads Left [Minutes to Midnight B-Side]200
No more sorrow37
No roads left28
Nobdy's listen221
Nobody & s listing252
Nobody s Listening246
Nobody's Listen288
Nobody's Listening305
Nobody's Listening302
Nobody's Listening39
Nobody's Listening Lyrics243
Nobody's Listing370
Nobodys listening169
Nobody’s listening31
Not Alone359
Not Alone99
Not Alone25
Not Alone (2010)214
Not Alone (New Song!)256
Not Alone (for Haiti)242
Not alone (новая песня Linkin Park в поддержку невероятно пострадавшей после землетрясения Гаити)254
Now I See323
Now More Sorrow260
Numb ( from "Meteora"Дата релиза: 24 марта 2003 )208
Numb ( Русская версия (cover352
Numb (Acoustic)236
Numb (Karaoke)524
Numb (Live 2008)240
Numb (Piano Cover)315
Numb (Piano)845
Numb (Piano,Rus)200
Numb (Russian version)284
Numb (Russian version) - Я хочу быть другим449
Numb (Techno Remix)197
Numb (piano version) на русском языке278
Numb (russia cover) Слабость586
Numb (russian cover)291
Numb (Übersetzung)93
Numb (Перевод на русский язык)924
Numb (Ты улетаешь вновь, разбивая мечты )303
Numb (дословный перевод)1839
Numb (на русском языке)406
Numb (на русском языке) вариант23401
Numb (оцепенелый)353
Numb (пианино,рус.версия)257
Numb (по-русски)372
Numb (р)273
Numb (с переводом)355
Numb - Meteora (2003)299
Numb 284
Numb ?Piano? чарующее пиано236
Numb @на русском@485
Numb Instrumental (Alios mix)230
Numb Piano (На русском)1208
Numb Russian322
Numb [русская версия] (дуэт)326
Numb _ ru285
Numb rus262
Numb на русском. ОЛОЛО429
Numb перевод н русски263
Numb русск я версияТ м где ес ь ме - м друг я и нь о янись с м , к не у прикоснись, Помоги поня ь, помоги ь, Прос о пус о о к дос о ь.264
Numb(I've become so numb,I can't feel you there.Become so tired so much more aware.I'm becoming this all,I want to do.Is be more like me and be less like you )249
Numb(Мечта) перевод № 1337
Numb(Оцепеневший )497
Numb(в русском переводе)281
Numb(на руском)900
Numb(по русский)394
One Night245
One Step At A Time239
One Step Closer390
One Step Closer23
One Step Closer (Featuring Jonathan Davis) (Live)230
One Step Closer (Humble Brothers Remix)296
One Step Closer (Live Version)251
One Step Closer (Live)249
One Step Closer (Reanimation)295
One Step Closer (Remix)213
One Step Closer (unedited)255
One Step Closer(live In Texas)304
One Thing (Remix By Bryan Aimetti)170
One step closer28
One step closer ( from "Hybrid Theory"24 октября 2000 )230
One step closer (На один шаг ближе)301
One step closer | ааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааааа я зла нахбл215
Open Your Eyes25
Over The Top444
P5Hng Me A wy (Ft Mike Shinoda, Stephen Richards)202
P5hng Me A way324
P5hng Me A wy [Live In Texas]240
P5hng Me A wy-Mike Shinoda Fea191
P5hng Me A'Wy (Live In Texas)268
P5hng Me A*wy21
P5hng Me A`wy (Live)777
P5hng Me Away(Live in Texas)217
P5hng Me Axwy213
P5hng Me Axwy (любимая с Reanimation)213
P5hng me Awy371
PB 'N' Jellyfish255
PB 'n Jellyfish252
PB N' Jellyfish228
PB n" Jellyfish227
PLC. 4 Mie H d241
PPr:Kut — Cheapshot and Jubacca feat Rasco and P239
PTS.OF.ATHRTY (Crystal Method Remix)230
Paper Cut316
Paper cut (Mb OST New Moon)221
Papercut ( from "Hybrid Theory"24 октября 2000 )263
Papercut (Live in Texas)217
Papercut (OST Twilight/ Сумерки)260
Papercut (Бумажный человечек)238
Papercut [Hybrid Theory]276
Papercut [Promotional Vide]21
Papercut from & Hybrid Theory & 24 ок я ря 2000232
Part Of Me29
Part Of Me (Demo)221
Part Of Me(Часть меня )328
Part of me348
Passion's Killing Floor301
Pb N" Jellyfish(Арахисовое масло и медуза )299
Piercing The Skin258
Place For My Head264
Place For My Head (Live In Texas)172
Plc.4 haed232
Point Of Authority (Jay Gordon)240
Points Of Authority21
Points Of Authority (Demo)21
Points Of Authority (Jay Gordon mix)241
Points Of Authority (Second Mi238
Points Of Authority 2299
Points Of Authority Demo 1224
Points Of Authority Demo 2260
Points Of Autority219
Points Pf Authority240
Points and Authority253
Points of Authority298
Points of Authority (crystal Method Remix)248
Points of Authority(Вопрос силы )261
Points of authority28
Points of authority (A-one)227
Pretend To Be268
Pretend To Be (2008 Demo)225
Pretend To Be (Unreleased Demo - 2008)227
Pshng me a'wy (Mike Shinolda feat. Sthepen richards)282
Pts of athry217
Pts. Of Athrty - Jay Gordon268
Pts.Of.Athrty ( Point Of Authority)231
Pts.Of.Athrty — Jay Gordon of Orgy257
Pts.Of.Athry (Jay Gordon Of Orgy)191
Public Service Announcement (Intro)299
Push Me Away346
Push me away(remix)285
Pushes Me Away320
Pushin me away (alt version)234
Pushing Me Away89
Pushing Me Away21
Pushing Me Away (Live At Summer Sonic'06)237
Pushing Me Away (Live Piano Version)244
Pushing Me Away (Live Project Revolution 11-08-07)199
Pushing Me Away (Live Version)231
Pushing Me Away (Live acoustic)252
Pushing Me Away (Live in Toronto, ON, 12.07.2008)224
Pushing Me Away (Live)259
Pushing Me Away (Live) - Underground 6.0237
Pushing Me Away (Mike Shinoda feat. Stephen Richards)216
Pushing Me Away (Piano LiVe)231
Pushing Me Away (Piano Version)209
Pushing Me Away (Piano)273
Pushing Me Away (Road To Revolution: Live at Milton Keynes, 2008)285
Pushing Me Away [Piano Live at Summer Sonic 2006]206
Pushing Me Away [Reanimation rmx]320
Pushing Me Away(Отталкиваешь меня )257
Pushing Me Away(в живую)225
Pushing me Away232
Pushing me away124
Pushing me away29
Pushing me away (Live in Texas)215
Pushing me away (Live, Piano Solo)253
Pushing me away (P5HNG ME A WAY)207
Pushing me away from & Hybrid Theory & 24 ок я ря 2000222
QWERTY 8 bit200
QWERTY [Demo, Studio Version]200
QWERTY [Demo]203
Qwerty (Live In Japan 2006) HQ268
Qwerty (Live Somer Sonic '06) (bonus track)202
Qwerty (Live)293
Qwerty (Studio Demo Version)220
Qwerty (Studio Version)205
RUNAWAY (11-09 Version)312
Rebellion (feat. Daron Malakian)172
Rebellion (feat. Daron Malakian)142
Rebellion (feat. Daron Malakian)33
Rhinestone (Forgotten Demo)30
Riff Raff236
Rnw@y — Backyard Bangers feat Phoenix Orion229
RnwY (Backyard Bangers ft. Phoenix Orion)230
Roads Untraveled1023
Roads Untraveled182
Roads Untraveled63
Roads Untraveled21
Roads Untraveled33
Robot Boy326
Robot Boy19
Robot Boy (Test Mix, Optional Vocal Take)248
Robot Boy (Test Mix, Optional Vocal Take)21
Robot boy29
Rolling In The Deep104
Rolling In The Deep22
Rolling in the deep28
Run Away135
RunAway (Минус!)287
Runaway (Live in Texas)266
Runaway [Live]284
Runaway(Бежать прочь)218
Screaming At Space (Bonus Track)303
Shadie Fan114
Shadow Of The Day759
Shadow Of The Day19
Shadow Of The Day31
Shadow Of The Day (Blake Jarrell Remix)130
Shadow Of The Day (Live version)186
Shadow Of The Day - Minutes To Midnight (2007)235
Shadow Of The Day [Piano Version by ceekay]248
Shadow Of The Day [Piano Version]239
Shadow Of The Day [Road To Revolution]310
Shadow Of The Day(перевод)604
Shadow Of the Day (Дневной сумрак )212
Shadow of the Day45
Shadow of the Day (Abbott & Chambers Remix)192
She Couldn't279
She Couldn't227
She Couldn't27
She Couldn't (1998 Demo)319
She Couldn't (Demo 1998)270
She Shines508
Shouting Out121
Skin To Bone578
Skin To Bone155
Skin To Bone63
Skin To Bone24
Skin To Bone34
Sleep Slim106
Slip (1998 Unreleased Hybrid Theory Demo)282
Slip (1998 Unreleased Hybrid Theory Demo)22
Slip Out The Back391
So Far Away (Unreleased 1998)140
So give me reason1301
Sold my Soul to yo Mama258
Sold my soul to your mama33
Sometimes (Underground V 3.0 - 2004)216
Somewere I Belong211
Somewhere I Belong71
Somewhere I Belong138
Somewhere I Belong22
Somewhere I Belong (Live In Texas)212
Somewhere I Belong (Radio Version)228
Somewhere I Belong (Там, где моё место)284
Somewhere I Belong (минус)251
Somewhere I Belong [Live]270
Somewhere I Belong [Там, где я должен быть]271
Somewhere I Belong/ Там, где я рождён203
Somewhere I belong36
Somewhere I belong ( from "Meteora"Дата релиза: 24 марта 2003 )199
Somewhere i Belong758
Somewhere i Belong (Shroud's Soul Theme)225
Somewrhere I Belong200
Somwere I belong233
Somwhere I Belong225
Soul Song424
Starting To Fly410
State Of Art Ft. DJ Lethal173
State Of The Art306
State of Art ft. DJ Lethal22
Stay Alive25
Step Up78
Step Up [1999 Demo]19
Super Xero257
Super Xero (By Myself Demo)203
Super Xero (By Myself Demo)21
Super Xero (By Myself) Lyrics208
Super Xero (by Myself)193
Swat Theme23
System (Chester & Jon Davis)22
System Lyrics40
The Catalyst371
The Catalyst167
The Catalyst30
The Catalyst (A Thousand Suns 2010)236
The Catalyst (Medal of Honor 2010 OST - remix from the trailer)319
The Catalyst (Medal of Honor OST)308
The Catalyst (NoBraiN Remix)221
The Catalyst (Official Single 2010)233
The Catalyst (demo,from new album "A Thousand Suns" )239
The Catalyst (fan remix)165
The Down Syndrom222
The Down Syndrome443
The Hard Way (Feat. Kenna)199
The Last Line171
The Little Thing Give You Away199
The Little Things Give You Away421
The Little Things Give You Away40
The Little Things Give You Away20
The Little Things Give You Away (LIVE)248
The Little Things Give You Away (Live In Atlanta, GA)181
The Little Things Give You Away (Minutes To Midnight, 2007)272
The Little Things Give You Away(Ты прокалываешьс283
The Messenge32
The Messenger372
The Messenger24
The Messenger (Album 2010)206
The Morning After524
The Morning After25
The Radiance288
The Radiance22
The Requiem317
The Requiem19
The Untitled376
The Wizard Song342
The little things you give away29
The shadow of the day208
The сatalyst30
This is my december (рус)337
This sun will set for U (Blake Jarrell Remix)234
Three Band Terror (Until It Breaks Demo, No. 3)29
Too Late370
Too Late21
Two Worlds180
Two worlds34
Until It Breaks217
Until It Breaks92
Until It Breaks53
Until It Breaks23
Until It's Gone453
Until It's Gone159
Until It's Gone107
Until It's Gone42
Until it’s gone41
Valentin's Day278
Valentince day228
Valentine s Day212
Valentine"s Day(День Святого Валентина)653
Valentine's Day607
Valentine's Day330
Valentine's Day46
Valentine's Day24
Valentine's Day (Live in Nottingham, 24.01.2008)231
Valentine's Day (Piano Version)273
Valentine's Day [Piano Version by ceekay]261
Valentine`s Day (Instrumental)206
Valentines Day (LIVE at Metz)217
Valentines Day (piano)233
Valentine´s Day104
Valentine’s Day28
Valentins Day218
Vertical Limit290
Vertical Limit (Points Of Authority Demo)220
Vertical Limit (Points of Authority Demo)22
Vertical Limit Lyrics221
W[th You194
Waithing For The End281
Waiting For The End292
Waiting For The End (Apaches Intro)242
Waiting For The End (Instrumental)218
Waiting for the end51
Wake Me224
Wake me up inside (feat. Evanescence)42
Walking Dead1568
Walking Dead22
Walking Dead (Chester Bennington ft. DJ Z-TRIP)214
Walking Dead(Полуживая )369
Walking In Circles261
We Made It(Мы сделали это!)321
What I & ve Done (Instrumental)225
What I & ve Done (OST Трансформеры)256
What I have Done831
What I have done28
What I ve Done347
What I ve Done (перевод)1665
What I"ve Done(То, что я сделал)389
What I've Done421
What I've Done496
What I've Done21
What I've Done (Distorted Remix)318
What I've Done (Instrumental)226
What I've Done (Live In Hartford, CT)258
What I've Done (Mike Shinoda Remix)227
What I've Done (OST "Трансформеры")284
What I've Done (Качественная, Оригинал)274
What I've Done (саундтрек к "Трансформеры")545
What I've Done + слова408
What I've Done /Ost Transformers/218
What I've Done [Piano Version by ceekay]278
What I've Done [Piano Version]295
What I've Done [minus]367
What I've Done(оригинально:Tribal Ink-Refugee)283
What I've Done.mp3165
What I've Gone232
What I've done ( from "'Minutes to Midnight" Дата релиза: 14 мая 2007 )244
What I've done (что я сделал)455
What I've done с концерта Live At milton Keynes 2008258
What I`ve Done ( OST Transformers )233
What Ive Done233
What Ive done (минус)394
What I´ve done116
What We Don't Know287
What We Don't Know (2007 Demo)204
What We Don't Know (2007 Demo) - Linkin Park Underground X (2010)283
What have i done262
What s in The Eye235
What you were changing me into Just give me myself back and Don't Stay !!260
What's In The Eye234
When They Come For Me95
When They Come For Me23
When my time comes311
When they come for me29
Whin You118
White Noise120
White Noise (ft. Alec Puro)78
Who do you think you are (Numb reverse)264
Who do you think you are (numb rückwärts abgespielt)111
Wisdom Justice And Love375
Wisdom Justice and Love26
Wisdom, Justice, And Love42
Wisdom, Justice, And Love22
With You226
With You29
With You (Reanimation Edition)532
With You (Reanimation)349
With You Live227
With You Lyrics286
With You(Рядом с тобой )467
With you28
With you (Charain Hanh feat. Aceyalone)328
Without You331
Without You32
Wrath Of Me221
Wrectches And Kings259
Wretches and kings32
X-Ecutioner Style (Black Thought)216
X-ecution stile185
X-ecutioner Style245
You Ain't Gotsa Gotsa436
a thousand suns213
across the line (instrumental)206
enjoy the sience(vs depeche mode)270
from the insaid299
in beetwen179
leave out all the rest (piano instrumental by McLoud)253
leave out all the rest.mp3273
my december rmx223
p5ing me away183
shadow of the day (pianino)249
somewhere i belong (минусовка)192
with you [ live maza]205
witn you (rmx) n1ce191
Без названия251
Бросаю бухать281
Дорожка 08200
Легче бежать273
Ломая привычку263
Музыка Numb, стихи неизвестного378
Оne Step Сloser263
Отталкиваешь меня319
Оцепеневший (Numb Cover 2)314
Прости за грубость!!!278
Ты прокалываешься в мелочах251
Ты улетаешь вновь, разбивая мечты..1253
Что я делал (из фильма трансформеры)419
Я прошу вернись383