Тексты песен Pink

05 Dear Mr. President540
18 Wheeler (prod. by Liza Fenty)379
18 wheeler27
3.Most Girl420
5. Oh My God (f. Peaches)472
Are we all we are20
Ave Mari A414
Ave Maria A569
Ave Mary A503
Ave Mary A56
BMF, Sober438
Babe I'm Gonna Leave You (Led Zeppelin cover)794
Bad Influence573
Bad Influence79
Bad bad day24
Beam Me Up561
Blow Me (One Last Kiss)63
Blow me22
Bridge Of Light979
Bridge Of Light96
Bridge Of Light (Übersetzung)76
Catch Me While I365
Catch Me While I'm Sleeping440
Catch Me While I'm Sleeping454
Could’ve had everything21
Crash & Burn53
Crash And Burn402
Crystal Ball503
Crystal Ball67
Crystal Ball (Übersetzung)89
Crystall Ball427
Cuz I can21
Dear Diary685
Dear dear diaryI & ve been a bad, bad girl for so long I don & t know how to change what went wrong. Daddy & s little girl when he went away. What did it teach me That love leaves388
Delirium (Previously Unreleased)398
Do That...399
Do What You do598
Do What u do398
Don't Leave Me536
Don't Let Me Get Me47
F*cking perfect22
Famely portrait476
Family Portrait (instrumental)668
Family Portrat469
Family portait693
Family portrait52
Fcking Perfect271
Feel Good Time516
Fingers (Bonus)408
Fkin Perfect332
Fking Perfect449
Fkin’ Perfect553
Fuckin perfect55
Fun house17
Funhouse (Digital Dog Clean Radio Edit)408
Funhouse Digital Dog Remix420
Get The Party Started Radio Disney Edit454
Get it party started385
Glitter In The Air590
Glitter In The Air48
Glitter in the air27
Goin' to California390
Gone To California382
Good Old Days763
Good Old Days73
Heads Up609
Heartbreak Down417
Here Comes The Weekend (feat. Eminem)54
Here comes the weekend18
Hey you16
How Come You're Not Here530
How It Be367
Humble Neighborhood534
Humble Neighborhoods408
I Don t Believe You328
I Don't Believe You705
I Don't Believe You813
I Dont Believe You285
I Dont Belive You283
I Got Money Now560
I Got Money Now20
I Have Seen The Rain371
I Have Seen The Rain (Hidden Track)384
I Want You460
I am not dead566
I can’t help it20
I do not believe you889
I don & t belive you469
I don't belive you391
I got money now17
I have seen the rain27
I touch myself416
I'm Not Dead692
I'm Not Dead503
I'm So Excited419
Ich Glaube Dir Nicht100
Is This Thing On?447
It's All Your Fault18
It's Over532
It’s all our fault17
I’m safe Up271
Janie's Got A Gun (Mtv Icon Aerosmith)430
Janie's Got A Gun (live, MTVIcon)344
Just Give Me A Reason2499
Just Give Me A Reason (feat. Nate Ruess)468
Just Give Me A Reason (ft. Nate Ruess)164
Just Give Me A Reason ft. Nate Ruess21
Just like a pill28
Just like fire176
Key To My Heart468
Last to know21
Leave me alone22
Leaving For The Last Time372
Let Me Go393
Let me Let You Know356
Life Is Hell530
Like I Love You394
Living In My World397
Lonely Girl384
Lonely Girl (feat. Linda Perry)455
Lonely girl16
Long way to happy23
Love Song766
Love is Such a Crazy Thing390
Misery (f. S R Sambora)336
Most Girl557
Most Girls453
Most Girls21
My Signature Move60
My Vietnam363
No I don't believe you564
Nobody Knows618
Nobody Knows. Джинни Уизли414
Nobody Liver368
Nobody knows23
Oh My God364
Oh My God236
Oh My God (feat. Peaches)573
Oh My God Featuring Peaches546
Oh My God Ft. Peaches352
Oh My God(f. Peaches)285
One Foot Wrong437
One foot wrong21
One that got away17
Party started422
Party started17
Pleas don t leave me458
Please Don & t Leave Me Dogfull Radio Remix517
Please Don't Leave Me508
Please Don't Leave Me596
Please Don't Leave Me94
Please Don't Leave Me54
Please Don't Leave Me (Digital Dog Club Mix)453
Please Don't Leave Me (Digital Dog Radio Remix)357
Please Don't Leave Me (Dogfull Radio Remix) - текст351
Please Don't Leave Me (New albom 2008)462
Please Dont Leave Me (Digital Dog Club Mix)342
Please Dont Leave Me (Main)335
Please Dont Leave Me (Original)349
Please don’t leave me23
Please,Don't Live Me313
Pretty Girl(The Way)461
Private Show399
Private show22
Push You Away502
Raise Your Glass75
Raise your glass16
SOBERI don & t wanna be the girl who has to fill the silence Cryin scares me cause it screams the truth Please don & t tell me that we had that conversation I won & t remember, save your breath315
So What62
So What (Spirt Remix)403
So What(instrumental)БЕЗ СЛОВ!ПОЁМ ГИМН!БИСТРА БЛЯТЬ!!11460
Sober (Album)302
Sober (Bimbo Jones Radio Edit)413
Sober (Live)872
Sober (`bout myself)364
Sober (instrumental)391
Split Personality375
Stop Falling408
Stupid Girls (rmx)455
Tell Me Something Good733
The Great Escape186
The King Is Dead But The Queen Is Alive127
The Monky Song(Remix)387
The One That Got Away324
This Is How It Goes Down35
This is how it goes down23
To Love Me Now361
Today's The Day130
Try Too Hard824
U and ur hand(Bimbo Jones radio mix)668
Waiting For Love469
We Got Scurvy424
We Will Rock You63
What I Need316
When you are through18
Who Knew978
Who Knew (Bimbo Jones Club Mix)452
Who Knew (Bimbo Jones radio edit)401
Who know428
Who new917
Why Did I Ever Like You472
Why Did I Ever Like You55
Why did I ever like you17
Wish You Were Here385
You Make Me Sick43
You and your hand36
i don't believe you (minus)376
please dont live me1840
please, don't leave me (Progressive trance)363