Тексты песен Quasi

A Case Of No Way Out303
A Case Of No Way Out73
A Fable With No Moral12
Alice The Goon299
All Bent Out Of Shape226
All The Same10
An Ice Cube In The Sun68
Ballad Of A Mechanical Man282
Better Luck Next Time306
Beyond The Sky328
Black Dogs And Bubbles310
Black Dogs and Bubbles82
Bon Voyage344
Bon Voyage87
Drunken Tears287
Empty Words239
From A Hole In The Ground343
From A Hole In The Ground67
Genetic Science272
Genetic Science47
Ghost Dreaming271
Ghost Vs. Vampire247
Goblins And Trolls291
Good Time Rock 'n' Roll40
Good Time Rock N Roll222
Good Times317
I Don't Know You Anymore326
I Give Up292
I Never Want To See You Again312
I Never Want To See You Again16
In The First Place317
Invisible Star316
It Don't Mean Nothing270
It's Hard To Turn Me On348
It's Hard To Turn Me On9
It's Raining299
It's Raining43
Let's Just Go269
Let's Just Go52
Little Lord Fontleroy245
Little Lord Fontleroy67
Lullaby, Pt. 2285
Mama Tired275
Master & Dog245
Me & My Head308
Me And My Head297
Merry Xmas402
My Coffin258
No One326
No One60
Nothing From Nothing306
Nothing From Nothing9
Nothing, Nowhere307
Nothing, Nowhere62
Our Happiness Is Guaranteed363
Our Happiness Is Guaranteed69
Peace And Love261
Please Do332
Please Do9
Sea Shanty361
Sea Shanty10
Seal The Deal390
Sunshine Sounds223
The Curse Of Having It All226
The Curse Of Having It All61
The Golden Egg363
The Golden Egg53
The Happy Prole290
The Happy Prole57
The Iron Worm379
The Poisoned Well319
The Rhino286
The Skeleton454
The Star You Left Behind245
The Star You Left Behind7
The Sword Of God296
The Sword Of God53
This Isn't Heaven252
Tomorrow You'll Hide314
Two By Two297
Two Faced227
Under A Cloud265
Under A Cloud70
When I'm Dead246
When I'm Dead9
When The Going Gets Dark309