Тексты песен Red

Already Ove268
Already Over1164
Already Over19
Already Over (Part 2)383
Already Over 1272
Already Over, Pt 215
Already Over, Pt. 2478
Already now134
Already over(Все кончено)357
Alredy Over429
As You Go602
As You Go75
As You Go (Recalibrated)183
Best Is Yet To Come548
Best Is Yet To Come11
Bird On The Wire222
Break Me343
Break Me Down651
Break Me Down14
Breath In To Me (Devil May Cry 4)726
Breath into me864
Breath into me(Любители качественной альтернативы должны заценить)356
Breathe Into Me568
Breathe Into Me230
Breathe Into Me23
Breathe Into Me (Radio Edit)425
Breathe Into Me (Remix Acústica)96
Breathe Into Me (охренительный текст)272
Buried Beneath410
Buried Beneath18
Can we start again502
Confession (What & s Inside My Head)337
Confession (What's Inside My Head)342
Confession (What's Inside My Head)276
Confession (What's Inside My Head)14
Damage (Recalibrated)158
Darkest Part251
Dead of me308
Death Of Me14
Death Of Me (Guillotine Remix)100
Death of me599
Die For You333
Die For You16
Falling Sky33
Feed The Machine33
Feed the Machine525
Fight Inside58
Fight Inside18
Fight Intro (Canto III)355
Fight To Forget169
Fight inside1095
Fight to Forget178
Forever (Bonus Track)303
Gave It All Away526
Gave It All Away17
Glass House482
Glass House145
Glass House163
Glass House24
Gravity Lies237
Hold Me Now631
Hold Me Now (Recalibrated)17
Hymn For The Missing693
Hymn For The Missing25
Hymn For The Missing (Guillotine Remix)110
If We Only421
If We Only120
If We Only16
Intro (Canto III)102
Let Go613
Let Go19
Let It Burn763
Let It Burn113
Let go(Preview Version)275
Lie To Me (Denial)579
Lie To Me (Denial)13
Lost (Acoustic)387
Lost Soul291
Lost in you466
Love Will Leave A Mark502
Love Will Leave A Mark120
Love Will Leave A Mark22
Mistery of you288
Mystery Of You403
Mystery Of You14
Mystery of You [+ перевод]483
Never Be The Same99
Never Be The Same12
Never be the same691
Never by the same397
Not Alone668
Not Alone59
Nothing And Everything89
Nothing And Everything(Acoustic version of "Fight Inside")299
Nothing and Everything (Acoustic Fight Inside)431
Nothing and everything1079
Of These Chains205
Ordinary World497
Ordinary World93
Ordinary World17
Ordinary World [Duran Duran cover]400
Ordinary world742
Out from Under14
Out from under422
Overtake You129
Overtake You (Bonus Track)283
Overtake you494
Part That's Holding On419
Perfect Life431
Perfect Life176
Perfect Life20
Pieces (Кусочки)414
Pieces Слова песни только для тебя, милый487
Release The Panic461
Release The Panic33
Release The Pressure (Tiger Stripes Remix)326
Run And Escape182
Same Disease465
Same Disease87
Same Disease13
Shadow And Soul111
Shadow and Soul481
So Far Away727
So Far Away16
So Far Away (Recalibrated)209
Start Again667
Start Again15
Take It All Away46
Take Me Over270
Take it all away667
The Best Is Yet To Come392
The Ever156
The Moment We Come Alive653
The Moment We Come Alive121
The Moment We Come Alive15
The Outside377
The Outside15
Wasting Time447
Wasting Time20
Watch You Crawl432
Watch You Crawl29
What You Keep Alive118
Who We Are356
Who We Are19
Yours Again169
Yours Again187
it`s already over315
И нету слов353
Ни о чем303