Тексты песен Spock

Agent 5438
Alien Attack250
Alien Attack53
Alien Attack11
All Alone236
All E.T's Aren't Nice [A.R.M. Mix]287
All E.t s Aren't Nice274
All E.t:s Aren't Nice233
All The Children Shall Lead259
Android's Dilemma256
Astro Girl278
Astrogirl Strikes Back253
Astrogirl's Dilemma189
Astrogirl's Dilemma10
Beam Me Up349
Beam Me Up7
Black Hole265
Black Hole11
Charlie X12
Charlie x283
Cosmic Boy276
Cosmic Boy11
Dr Mccoy389
Dr Mccoy (Original)394
Dream Within A Dream285
E.T Phone Home12
E.T. Phone Home [Video Track][Multimedia Track]10
E.t. Phone Home324
Edge Of Forever8
Edge of Forever231
Home Planet262
Human Decision Required209
I Am An Android11
I Don't Know What It Is232
Ice Machine240
In Space No One Can Hear You Scream12
In Space no One Can Hear You Scream338
Last Man On Earth9
Last Man on Earth266
Lost In Space9
Lost in Space222
Mirror World439
Mirror World10
Mr Spock's Brain9
Mr Spock's Brain (Unplugged)255
Mr. Spock's Brain489
Neutral Zone254
Neutral Zone11
Never Trust A Klingon12
Not Human281
Not Human46
Out In Space274
Out In Space42
Out There234
Out There9
Planet Earth273
Romulan Ale342
Romulan Ale55
Silicon Dream346
Silicon Dream87
Silicon Dream14
Space Is The Place9
Space Race406
Space Race9
Space Seed336
Space Seed8
Space is The Place577
Speed Of Light330
Speed Of Light9
Star Pilot On Channel K175
Star Pilot On Channel K8
Strange Dimensions262
Strange Dimensions (Energy Version)205
Take Me To The Stars10
Take me to The Stars532
The Androids Are Here229
The Androids Are Here (Mr. Data Version)218
The Ballad Of Bilbo Baggins8
The Fire's on Me271
The Stormtrooper386
They Are Here323
Time Machine282
Trouble With Tribbles288
Trouble With Tribbles12
When We Were Humans247
Where Rockets Fly244
White Christmas230
White Christmas9
Wolf In The Fold258