Тексты песен T-Bone Burnett

After All These Years328
Anything I Say Can And Will Be Use10
Baby Don't You Say You Love Me61
Baby Don't You Say You Love Me12
Blinded By The Darkness108
Blinded By The Darkness11
Born In Captivity357
Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend9
Dope Island11
Earlier Baghdad (The Bounce)10
Every Little Thing344
Every Little Thing9
Every Time I Feel The Shift59
Every Time I Feel The Shift11
Fatally Beautiful8
Fear Country63
Fear Country9
Finding North11
Hefner And Disney10
Here Come The Philistines10
Hollywood Mecca Of The Movies60
Hollywood Mecca Of The Movies9
House Of Mirrors296
Hula Hoop430
Hula Hoop10
Humans From Earth280
Humans From Earth10
I Wish You Could Have Seen Her Dance430
I'm Coming Home331
I'm Coming Home7
I'm Going On A Long Journey Never To Return229
I'm Going On A Long Journey Never To Return74
I'm Going On A Long Journey Never To Return11
It's Not Too Late1684
Kill Zone12
Monkey Dance265
Monkey Dance11
Over You299
Palestine Texas53
Poison Love310
Power Of Love259
Purple Heart305
River Of Love306
Seven Times Hotter Than Fire91
Seven Times Hotter Than Fire9
Shake Yourself Loose359
Shaken Rattled And Rolled70
Shaken Rattled And Rolled10
Shut It Tight320
Shut It Tight11
Song To A Dead Man402
Song To A Dead Man10
Strange Combination230
Strange Combination9
Sweet Lullaby10
Swizzle Stick10
Tear This Building Down359
The Bird That I Held In My Hand9
The Killer Moon278
The Long Time Now10
The Murder Weapon9
The Rat Age9
The Slowdown10
The Wild Truth303
There Would Be Hell To Pay58
There Would Be Hell To Pay10
Trap Door314
When The Night Falls12
You Could Look It Up296