Тексты песен U. D. O.

Animal House760
Animal Instinct421
Back In Pain413
Backstreet Loner313
Black Heart351
Black Widow501
Blind Eyes1932
Blitz Of Lightning330
Born To Run350
Braindead Hero292
Break The Rules809
Can't Get Enough304
Catch My Fall326
Coming Home425
Crash Bang Crash420
Cry Soldier Cry944
Cry Soldier Cry (Russian Version)1565
Cut Me Out1191
Dancing With An Angel526
Dead Man's Eyes289
Desperate Balls332
Devil's Dice379
Don't Look Back386
Eye Of The Eagle688
Faceless World490
Freelance Man380
Friends Will Be Friends270
Future Land483
Go Back To Hell960
Hate Stinger328
Heart Of Gold1091
Hell Bites Back334
I'm A Rebel398
In The Darkness641
Independence Day585
Kick In The Face463
Like A Lion503
Living On A Frontline397
Lost Passion303
Mad For Crazy458
Man And Machine764
Mean Machine428
Metal Eater302
Metal Maniac Mastermind278
Mission No. X317
Network Nightmare325
No Limits363
Number For A Number275
One Lone Voice1047
One Step To Fate259
Pray For The Hunted333
Preachers Of The Night309
Primecrime On Primetime342
Private Eye504
Pull The Trigger324
Raiders Of Beyond286
Raise The Crown282
Rated X347
Restricted Area361
Ride The Storm294
Run For Cover424
Scream Killers622
Screaming Eagles599
Silent Cry559
Soldiers Of Darkness277
Sweet Little Child549
System Of Life459
Tears Of A Clown1006
The Bullet And The Bomb441
The Devil Walks Alone313
The Healer336
The Instigator314
The Land Of The Midnight Sun370
The Magic Mirror539
The Punisher374
The Wrong Side Of Midnight686
They Want War4065
Tough Luck II265
Trip To Nowhere375
Two Faced Woman486
Unknown Traveler629
Unspoken Words1699
Way Of Life552
We're History327
Плачет Солдат [Cry Soldier Cry]817