Тексты песен Wade Bowen

'Til It Does10
A Battle Won213
A Battle Won90
A Battle Won13
All That's Left274
All That's Left95
All That's Left12
Beat Me Down14
Before These Walls Were Blue62
Before These Walls Were Blue14
Bottle Into Gold12
Broken Reflection249
Crazy Enough356
Daddy And The Devil261
Doug's Song10
El Dorado10
From Bad To Good239
From Bad To Good13
Get Away275
Get Away11
Ghost In This Town233
God Bless This Town251
Good Luck With That12
Good Time Tonight12
Hangin' Out In Bars12
Honky Tonk Road65
I Had My Hopes Up High13
I Wonder11
I'm Gonna Go121
I'm Gonna Go13
I've Got Standards13
If We Ever Make It Home269
In My Soul11
In The Next Life13
Into The Arms Of You229
It's All Over Town267
It's Been A Great Afternoon13
Just For Fun305
Just For Fun14
Keep Hangin' On240
Keep Hangin' On16
Lady Bug16
Lay It All On You239
Lay It All On You19
Long Enough To Be A Memory117
Long Enough To Be A Memory12
Lost Control Of My Heart282
Lost Hotel248
Lost Hotel11
Man Out Of Myself15
Missing You290
Mood Ring331
Mood Ring16
My California101
My California11
Mystery Of A Woman237
Mystery Of A Woman13
Nobody's Fool263
Nobody's Fool11
Not Finished Yet426
Not Finished Yet10
On My Way To Wonderful211
On My Way To Wonderful114
On My Way To Wonderful17
One Step Closer232
Patch Of Bad Weather95
Patch Of Bad Weather13
Perfect Silence279
Perfect Silence19
Please Come To Boston10
Prove It To You10
Reasons To Quit9
Red Headed Woman16
Saturday Night14
Say Anything279
Say Anything14
Somewhere Beautiful345
Songs About Trucks10
Starting Right Now385
Starting Right Now10
Sun Shines On A Dreamer73
Sun Shines On A Dreamer15
Sweet Leona138
Sweet Leona16
Things I Could Do11
Tired Of Being Alone286
Tired Of Being Alone12
To Live Is To Fly112
To Live Is To Fly11
Try Not To Listen202
Try Not To Listen14
Turn On The Lights295
Walkin' Along The Fenceline317
Walkin' Shoes219
Walkin' Shoes9
Walking Along The Fence Line12
Watch Her Drive143
Watch Her Drive11
Welcome Mat131
Welcome Mat13
West Texas Rain151
West Texas Rain17
When I Woke Up Today125
When I Woke Up Today8
When It's Reckless11
Who I Am233
Why Can't You Love Me266
Why Makes Perfect Sense401
Why Makes Perfect Sense12
You Ain't Got Me217
You Ain't Got Me13
You Had Me At My Best285
You Had Me At My Best12