Тексты и переводы песен 30 Seconds to Mars

100 Suns
3 The Kill
30STM/04- Oblivion
30STM/10- 93 Million Miles
93 Million Miles
93 Миллиона миль (93 Million Miles)
A Beatiful Lie (Красивая Ложь)
A Beautiful Lie
A Beautiful Lie
A Beautiful Lie (Acoustic)
A Beautiful Lie (Live Acoustic Version)
A Beautiful Lie (NRJ Radio)
A Beautiful Lie - Behind the Scenes
A Beautiful Lie - Revolve.mp3
A Beautiful Lie ? ? lll ·o.
A Beautiful Lie Remix
A Call To Arms
A Modern Myth
A Modern Myth (2006 - A Beautiful Lie (Deluxe Edition
A Modern Myth (ends at 2:59, hidden track "Praying for a Riot" begins at 12:25)
A Modern Myth[To buy the truth And sell a lie The last mistake before you die So don't forget to breathe tonight Tonight's the last so
A beautiful lie (Acoustic version)
Alibi [For truth and love and myself]
Anarchy In Tokyo
Anarchy In Tokyo (Bonus Track)
Anarchy in Tokyo (Hidden Track)
Attack (+текст)
Attack (Album Version)
Attack (Live at CBGB)
Attack (Video Version)
Attack (минусовка)
Bad Romance
Bad Romance
Bad Romance (Lady Gaga & s Cover) on BBC Radio
Bad Romance [Cover, Live Lounge BBC Radio 1]
Battle Of One
Beatiful Lie
Beautifful Life
Beautiful Lie (Instrumental)
Beautifull lie
Blues Old Song (Live in Milan)
Bright Lights
Bright Lights
Buddha For Mary
Buddha for Mary (demo)
Bury me, bury me!!!!!
Capricorn (A Brand New Name)
Capricorn (A Brand New Name) безумно нравиться классная музыка!!ох просто башку мою сносит хочу чтоб тоже послушали
Capricorn (acoustic)
Capricorn (Аккорды by KostaPro)
Capricorn( Acoustic 2002)
Christmas Song
City Of Angels
City Of Angels
City Of Angels
City of Angels
Closer To The Edge
Closer To The Edge
Closer To The Edge (2009)
Closer to the Edge
Closer to the edge (acoustic)
Dangerous night
Do Or Die
Do or Die
Don't Save Me (Savior)
Echelon (acoustic)
Edge Of The Earth
Edge Of The Earth
Edge Of The Earth (Album Version)
Edge of the Earth
Edge of the Earth(Need For Speed.Hot Pursuit.Limited Edition.)
End Of All Days
End Of All Days
End Of All Days
End Of The Beginning
End Of The Beginning
End of All Days
Escape (обрезка)
Escape| This is War
From Yesterday
From Yesterday
From Yesterday (LYRICS)
Good bye
Hidden To Label
Hunter (Bjork Cover)
Hurricane (Featuring Kanye West)
Hurricane (The Best)
Hurricane (album version, without K.W.)
Hurricane feat. Kanye West
Hurricane feat. Kanye West NEW
Hurricane(Without Kanye West)
I Will Attack
I'll Attack
I'll Attack (Acoustic)
I`ll Attack (Acoustic)
Its a beautiful lie
Kings & Queens ( из мф НОЧНЫЕ СТРАЖИ )
Kings & Queens (with the Church of Mars)
Kings And Queens
Kings And Queens (2009_This Is War)
Kings And Queens (Acapella)
Kings And Queens (Album Version New Song)
Kings And Queens (new single)
Kings and Qeens
Kings and Queens l
Kings and Qweens
Lie awake in bed at nightAnd think about your life, do you want to be differentTry to let go of the truth, the battles of your youth, Cause this is just a gameIt & s a beautiful lie
Look in my eyes, You're killing me, killing me, All I wanted was you
MTV2 $2Bill Presents... Welcome To The Universe Feat. 30 Seconds To Mars
Message In A Bottle (The Police Cover)
Message in a Bottle
Message in a Bottle(Послание в бутылке)
Modern Myth
New Song (Live@Brixton 14th September 2007)
Night Of The Hunter (обрезка)
Night of the Hunter
Northern Lights
Northern Lights
Northern Lights
Not Like a Queen
Oblivion (2002 - 30 Seconds To Mars)
Phase 1: Fortification
Phase 1: Fortification
Praying For A Riot
Praying For a Riot
Praying for a Riot
Rescue Me
Rescue Me
Revenge Acoustic for BBC Radio 1
Revolution(запрещенный в Америке трек)
Run Away
Santa Through The Back Door (Merry Christmas From 30 Seconds To Mars)
Santa Through The Back Door!!!
Savior(Don't save me, don't save me, cuz I don't care Don't save me, don't save me, cuz I don't care )
Savior[+ текст]
Search and Destroy
Sisters of Heresy
Stay (Originally by Rihanna)
Stranger in a Strange Land
Stronger [originally by Kanye West]
The Believer
The Believer (Acoustic Version)
The Fantasy
The Fantasy
The Fantasy (+ текст)
The Fantasy (Acoustic)
The Fantasy (перевод)
The Kill
The Kill
The Kill (Acoustic Live)
The Kill (Acoustic, Live On VH-1) (с текстом песни)
The Kill (Bury Me)
The Kill (Bury Me)
The Kill (Endymion Rework)
The Kill (Full Version)
The Kill (Jared Leto acoustic 2009)
The Kill (Live Acoustic)
The Kill (Rebirth)
The Kill (минус)
The Kill (рингтон)
The Making of the Kill
The Mission
The Mission
The Only One
The Race
The Race
The Reckoning
The Story
The Story
The Story (Acoustic)
The Story (Instrumental)
The Story(та песня, что ассоциируется со свободой!)
The Struggle
The Struggle (hidden Track)
This Is War
This Is War
This Is War "a part of the song"
This Is War (2009_This Is War)
This Is War (Radio Edit)
This Is War (Это война)
This Is War (отрывок) ABSOLUTExclusive from Dragon Age Origins
This is War (BBC Radio 1 Live acoustic version)
This is War&100 Suns
This is the story of my life
Under Pressure
Under Pressure (Подредактированная запись)
Up In The Air
Up in the air
Vox Populi
Vox Populi
Vox Populi (This Is War 08.12.2009)
Walk On Water
Walk On Water
Was It A Dream...Was it a dream? Was it a dream? Is this the only evidence that proves A photograph of you and I... Your reflection I've erased L
Was It A Dream?
Where The Streets Have No Name
Where the Streets Have
Where the Streets Have No Name (unplugged)
Year Zero
You Spin Me Around (Like A Record) (Feat. Blind Passengers)
attack acoustic live at 99x 18-05-05.mp3
beautiful life
beutiful lie
capricorn (акустика)
oblivion (live acoustic)
old blues song (live in milan)
Будда для Мери (Buddha for Mary)
Ешелон (Echelon)
История (Story)
Козерог (Новое имя на чистом листе) (Capricorn (
Конец начала (End of the Beginning)
Край земли (Edge of the Earth)
Красивая ложь (A Beautiful Lie)
Обернись (Revolve)
Санта Клаус войдёт через заднюю дверь (Santa thr
Спаситель (Savior)
Убийство (The Kill)