Тексты и переводы песен A Beautiful Silence

A Car Crash Caused By Karma
A Not So Perfect Prom Night
A Prayer Before Dying
A Walk Alone
All Egos Aside
An Attempt To Say
Another Sleepless Night
Astronomy Can Be Fun
At Least I Forget Dreams When I Wake Up
B.l.i.n.g. (Being Lonely Is Never Good)
Big Booty Bitches
Blame The Doctor Not The Pills
Broken Mirror Dreams
Could You Say
Could You Say
Dance With The Stars
Dance With The Stars
Death Is A Part Of Life
Down To Vegas
Dreaming Of
Eternal Sunshine
Funerals Are Fun When You Can't Feel
Game Over, Finish Him
Going Places
Good Ol Outlaws
Hello Japan
Here Before
Hope Is A Myth
I Have No More Words
I Wish I Could Write Like You
I Won't Let You Go
I Wont Let You Go (Acoustic)
In Orbit
In Your Eyes
It's Not A Side Effect But I Think That We Have Some
Life On The Murder Scene
Make Your Move
Meet You In Memory
Midnight Strolls
Miseries And Miracles
Mistakes And False Forgiveness
Musiq Roboter
My Final Goodbye
My Guardian Angel
My Guardian Angel
My Own Windy City
My Own Windy City
Never Trust A Weatherman
Not Another Corner Store Robbery
Of The Spotless Mind
On A Sunny Day
One Fatal Mistake
People Unite
Road 303
Say Hello To History For Me
Say Hello To History For Me
Stay Gold
Streets Of Monaco
Summers Awakening
Sweet Dreams And Bitter Endings
Ten And Two
The Only Slow Song On The Record
The Sound Of The 80s
There Is No Cure
This Is My Closure
To Sleep And Dream
View Through My Bedroom
Waiting for You To Rip My Heart Out
We Own The Night
We've Got Something Here
We've Got Something Here
When Angels Carry Knives They'll Cut Off Their Wings
When In Doubt
Winter's Touch
You Break Me Down
You Break Me Down
You Can Make This Easier
You're Even Prettier Than An Autumn Night
You're Living A Lie
Your Medal Of Honour