Тексты и переводы песен A Masterpiece Of Failure

Angel In Flight
Beauty Never Dies
Blank Paper
Bleeding, Unhealing
Blood Red Grave
Blood Smeared Mirror
Blood Smeared Mirror
Bloodshed Made Us
Bloodshed Made Us The Same
Bullet Envelopes
Bullet Envelopes
Buried My Mistake
Clearer Skies
Closing Curtains
Crisp Nothing
Crystal Clear
Dance Like We Used To
Dance Like We Used To
Deadbolt Dreams
Death In Black Eyes
Demons Hatching From
Dentist Destroying
Don't Let Me Down
Drawing False
Dreams Of Conquering
Drowning In Ankle
Drowning Perfect Wings
Escape The Path Of
Eulogy Lullabies
Everything Is You
Fairy Tale Love Come
Fall Like Snow
Fallen From Broken
Fear Of Dead Love
For You
Forgetting The
Hanging White Flags
Heart Is Everything
Heart To Die
I Cross My Heart
I See You Ahead
I Threw Myself Away
In The Trophy Lies
Inhaling Death
It's Not Ok
Just A Dream
Kill For A Laugh
Kiss The Blade Goodbye
Let's Talk About Love
Life Layes In Our Waste
Lost Meanings
Love Is You (Part 2)
Meaningless Actions
Meant To Be Forever
Midnight Masquerade
Mute Murder
My Blesssing. My
My Heart Beats On
Never So Cryptic
Nightmares In My Wake
No Tears. No
No Tears. No Apologies. Just Love. Just Breakdowns.
No Toleration For
Not Forgotten
Nothing To Me
Of Love And Loss
Path Of Love Lost At
Path Of Love Lost At Sea
Perfect Pulse
Pirates Are Nothing
Rain Down Chaos
Reception Deception
Refuse To Reach
Reminds Me Of You
Romance Is Dead
Shadowed Life
Silhouettes Bleeding
Stabbing At The Mirror
Starless Night Sky
Stories Can End, But
Suffering The Loss
Sugarlips On The
Sugarlips On The Horizon
Sunrise Sunset
The Final Scene
The Last Of Your
This Moving Light
Time In Yur Hands Is
Tore Up A Heart
Tossing A Knife
Trust You?
Walking Away From A
Walking Dead
We Fell Apart
Withered Dove
Words Without
Workday Is Over, Im.
Writing To Erase Me
X Marks Her Eyes
You Gave Up On Me
You Were
You're Not There