Тексты и переводы песен Adam Ant

Adam Lambert
All Girl Action
Antmusic [Live]
Ants Invasion
Ants Invasion [Live]
Apollo 9
Apollo 9
Apollo 9 [Acappella Reprise]
B-Side Baby
Call Me Sausage
Can't Set Rules About Love
Car Trouble
Car Trouble [Live]
Cartrouble Parts 1 & 2
Catch A Falling Star
Catholic Day
Cool Zombie
Cool Zombie
Coup d'Etat [Original Album Outtake]
Crackpot History And The Right To Lie
Dandy In The Underworld" [Demo from 1995]
Desperate But Not Serious
Desperate But Not Serious [Live]
Dirty Harry
Dirty Harry [Demo Version]
Dog Eat Dog [Live]
Doggy Style" (Unreleased Demo Track]
Don't Knock It
Fall In [Live]
Feed Me To The Lions
Five Guns West
Friend Or Foe
Friend Or Foe
Friends (Version 1)
Goes Around
Goody Two Shoes
Goody Two Shoes [Live]
Hello, I Love You
Hello, I Love You
Here Comes The Grump
Here Comes the Grump [Original Album Outtake][#][Demo Version]
Horse You Rode In On
Human Bondage Den
Human Bondage Den
Killer In The Home
Killer In The Home [Live]
Kings of the Wild Frontier
Manners & Physique
Miss Thing
Miss Thing [Live]
Mohair Locker Room Pin-Up Boys
Never Trust A Man (With Egg On His Face) [Live]
Night They Vietcong [Unreleased Demo]
No Zap
Out Of Bounds
Paper Moon
Physical (You're So)
Physical (You're So) [Live]
Place In The Country
Prince Charming
Puerto Rican
Puss 'N Boots
Red Scab [Live]
Rip Down
Room At The Top [Live]
Room at the Top [Extended Mix]
Seems To Me
Shake Your Hips
Shakin' All Over [Live]
Something Girls
Stand and Deliver [Live]
Steve McQueen
Try This For Sighs
Try This For Sighs
U.S.S.A. [#][Demo Version]
Vive Le Rock [Live]
Vive le Rock [Rico Conning 12" Mix][#]
What's Going On
Why Do Girls Love Horses
Yin And Yang
Young Parisians
Young, Dumb And Full Of It
Young, Dumb And Full Of It [Live]