Тексты и переводы песен ApologetiX

All ApologetiX
Are You Gonna Be Ike's Girl
Armageddon Valley Someday (Pleasant Valley Sunday)
Baa! We're Lambs
Be Bold Jeremiah
Be Bold, Jeremiah (Jet Airliner)
Bethlehemian Rhapsody (Bohemian Rhapsody)
Bible In Hand
Bone Digger
Called My Wife (All My Life)
Choose Your Daddy (Who's Your Daddy?)
Christians Doin' Music
Crazy Little King God Loves
Crowd Of Foreign Girls
Devil Fell
Don't Fear The People (Don't Fear The Reaper)
Downer Of A Sister (Chop Suey -System Of A Down)
Every Step to Take
Flurry (Blurry)
Fly Away From Hell
Fly Away From Hell
Follow Me
Follow Me
Get A Bite
Go Right Now
Good Guys, Bad Guys (Good Times, Bad Times)
He Really Got Mad (You Really Got Me)
I Found The Answer There
I Love Apostle Paul (I Love Rock'N'Roll)
I Made The Team
I'll Prepare For You
It's Tough
It's Tough (This Love)
La Bible
La Bible (La Bamba)
Lazy Brain (Crazy Train -Ozzy Osbourne)
Lemonade (Renegade -Styx)
Life In The Last Days
Lightning Flashes
Little-Read Bible Book (Li'l Red Riding Hood)
Lost And Found
Micah No.5
Miss Martha
Miss Martha
Mrs. Protestant (Mrs. Robinson)
Naomi Gonna Be With Ruth
Never Been To Spain (Yet)
No Chain
Old Time Romans Road
Play That Funny Music (Play That Funky Music)
Put You Down In My Will
Rocky's Now My Name
Should I Pray Or Should I Go?
Sin Can Be Resistible
Smarten Up
Stay In The Light
The Ballad Of Jesus And Yahweh
The Real Sin Savior (The Real Slim Shady)
The Sounds Of Silas
The Sounds Of Silas (The Sound Of Silence)
The Spittle
Tip From An Angel
Tom Saw Ya
Turning A Little Seasick
Very Nice City (Paradise City)
Wake Up Talitha Cumi
Walk On The Water
Welcome To The Judges
Wherever You Will Sow
Who's There?
Won't Get Born Again
You Ain't Been Nothing Yet
You May Be Bright (You May Be Right)
Young As You Are (Come As You Are)