Тексты и переводы песен Art Paul Schlosser

13 Reasons
3 Note Song
A Day In Life
A Dream Come True
A Dream Come True
A Few Words About Jesus
A Hole In The Bottom Of My Shoe
About Things
Adam On The Juice Harp
Ain't It Great
Amazing Grace
Are You A Tree Killer?
Are You A Werewolf?
Are You Dumb Enough(To Be Her Man)
Are You Over Me?
Bass Song
Beach Old Lady
Blowing In The Wind & Going Down The Road Feeling Good
Blue Grass
Brainwashed !
Brett Favre
Bye Bye Ba-Baby(Ukulele Style)
Car Won't Start (Regular Phone)
Car Won't Start (Speaker Phone)
Christine - Kristine
Confession Of A Pinball Addict/non Alcoholic Dance Floor
Disco Cleopatra (and Robert W. Monthey)
Do You Want To Walk On Water?
Do You Wonder
Donald Driver
Drink Milk Rap (Live At The Club De Wash) (and Art Paul Schlosser And Friends)
Either Night Before Xmas Or Day After I Got Paid Still Getting Drunk
Elvis Burger Joke
European Girls
Funky Funky
Garbage Rap
Generic Dedication Song
Generic Sports Team Song
Go ! Badgers Go !
Go Tell It On The Swingset
Good Morning Good Morning
Hand Hand Shake Shake Shake
Have A Better Day
Health News
Heavy Metal Ukelele
Help Me Have More Compassion Lord
Help Me Help Me Jesus
Hey Let's Talk
Hey-Bob A He-Bob A Be-Bob A Bo-Bob
Hi, How Are You
Hi, How Are You (Live At The Club De Wash) (and Art Paul Schlosser And Friends)
Human Guinea Pig
I Bet You've Got A Smile
I Can't Breath No More
I Don't Care
I Don't Like To Argue
I Don't Want To Buy
I Got Dumped
I Hate Doing Dishes
I Hate Waiting In Line
I Like My Mother
I Like Peace
I Like Them All
I Like Your Dress
I Like Your Hat
I Love U (Version X)
I Need You & You Need Me
I Want To See Your Tattoo
I Want You To Marry Me
I Will Come To The Wedding
I'm A Cheese Head
I'm A Chicken
I'm Glad It Was You
I'm Gonna Love You Forever
I'm Not Begging
I'm On Your Radio
I'm Text Messaging
I've Been Working On The Railroad
I've Got A Reason To Live
I've Got A Superman T-Shirt
I've Got The Blues
I've Got The Blues/then You've Got The Blues/more Of I've Got The Blue
In Her Name With Love
Intro: Warning
Is He For Real
It's Hell
It's Spring Time In Antarctica
Jesus Is My Savior
Kazoo Boy
Kiss Me Darling (I've Got Aids)
Kum Ba Ya
Larry Lightning
Leftovers (Can't Eat It)
Let's Eat Cheese Mama
Let's Go Throw The Frisbee
Let's Make Up Some Words
Lier, Lier
Life Is Grand
Love Me Do (With Kazoo) & You Are My Sunshine
Love, Love, Love
Mamas Don't Let Yourbabies Grow Up To Be Star Trek-Kiesorscifi Fanboys
Martin Luther King
Maybe You Think I'm Weird
Maybe You Think We're Weird (and Art Paul Schlosser And Friends)
Merry Christmas Ya Ya Ya
Monument To Nothing
More Than You Know
My Mom Is A Giraffe (and Robert W. Monthey)
My Pit Bull
Neither Either, Or Nor
Never Grow Up
No Beer At The Bar
Oh Mac Donald (With A Talking Dog)
Oh Susanna
One Song Jesus
Our Roof Leaks
Plaid Christmas
Play Something Special
Please Mr Policeman
Police Rap
Politics Sucks Blues
Red Hat Blues
Reinventing Myself
Rn't You Glad
Santa Claus Twist
Scary Techno Song #5006
Scott Walker Loves You
Send Me A Kiss
She Is Talking On The Phone
She Is Talking On The Phone Live On The Snake Wsum
She's A Slow Walker
She's So Cute
Simon Peter Simon Peter
Sing Us A Song You're The Guitar Dude
Smile Be Happy
Smokin' Blues
Sprinkles On My Donut
Tail Tale
The Airplane Story
The Bob Song
The Computer Is Thinking
The Cooking Song
The Daddy Song
The End Is The Beginning
The Filler Song
The Playground Of The King
The Times They Are Changing Back
The Traffic's Really Bad Here
The Turtle Rabbit Dilemma
The Whispering Song
This Brain I've Got
This Is The Buddy Song
Tiger Woods
Time Goes So Fast
Tom Petty
Train Ure The Best Version
Vitamin C
Wait Patiently
Walmart Sellout Song
Waltz With Me Wanda
Want To Be A Librarian?
We Say I Love You
We Will Still Be Friends
White Shirt
X-Mas Morgue
You Draw Snakes Your Way, And I'll Draw Them My Way
You Never Call Me Up
You're Gonna Die
You've Got To Have A Koke
You've Got To Have Some Butter
Your Life Is A Circle