Тексты и переводы песен Cowboy Junkies

'cause Cheap Is How I Feel
200 More miles
A Few Simple Words
A Horse in the Country
A common disaster
Angel mine
Angels In The Wilderness
Anniversary song
At the End of the Rainbow
Baby please don't go
Bad Boy
Bea's Song (River Song Trilogy: Part Ii)
Bea's song
Beneath The Gate
Betty Lonely
Blue Eyed Savior
Blue Guitar
Blue Moon Revisited
Blue Moon Revisited (Song For Elvis)
Brand New World
Brand New World
Bread And Wine
Close My Eyes
Come Calling (Her Song)
Come Calling (His Song)
Come calling
Cowboy Junkies Lament
Crescent Moon
Dark Hole Again
Darkness, Darkness
December Skies
December Skies
Dragging Hooks
Escape Is So Simple
Five room love story
Flirted With You All My Life
Floorboard Blues
Follower 2
Fuck, I Hate the Cold
Good Friday
Good Friday
Handouts In The Rain
Hard To Explain
He Will Call You Baby
Hold On To Me
Hollow as a Bone
Horse in the Country
Hunted (Live)
Hunting Ground
I Did It All for You
I Let Him In
I Let Him In
I Saw Your Shoes
I'll Never Get Out Of These Blues Alive
I'll never get out of these blues alive
Idle Tales
If you gotta go, go now
In the long run
It Doesn't Really Matter Anyway
Just Want To See
Lay it down
Let Me Call You Sweetheart
License To Kill
Mariner’s Song
Me and the devil
Mining For Gold
Misguided Angel
Misguided Angel [Multimedia Track]
Murder Tonight in the Trailer Park
Musical key
My Fall
My Little Basquiat
My Little Basquiat
My Wild Child
No Birds Today
No Long Journey Home
No More
Notes Falling Slow
Notes Falling Snow
Now I Know
Now I know
One Soul Now
Pale sun
River Waltz
Seven Years
Seventeen Seconds
Shining moon
Simon Keeper
Sing In My Meadow
Sir Francis Bacon at the Net
Speaking confidentially
Spiral Down
Staring Man
Staring Man
State trooper
Still Lost
Sun Comes Up It's Tuesday Morning
Sun Comes Up, It's Tuesday Morning
Sweet Jane
Sweet Jane
Sweet Jane ("Natural Born Killers" OST)
Sweet Jane (Live)
The Slide
The Slide
The water is wide
There's A House In The Forest
There's a house in the forest
This Street, That Man, This Life
This Street, That Man, This Life
Those Final Feet
Those Final Feet / [At the End of the Rainbow]
Tired eyes
To Live Is To Fly
To Love Is to Bury [Multimedia Track]
To Love is To Bury
To lay me down
Unanswered Letter
We Are The Selfish Ones
Where Are You Tonight ?
Where Are You Tonight?
Why This One
Working on a Building
You're Missing
’Cause Cheap Is How I Feel