Тексты и переводы песен dc Talk

Alas My Love
Alas, My Love
Angel With No Wings
Be (Kmax)
Between You And me
Can i Get a Witness
Colored People
Consume Me
Consume me
Day by Day
Day by Day
Do You Know
Don't Bring Me Down
Duel Madness
Extreme Days
Extreme Days
Final Days
Free at Last
Gah Ta Be
Get This Party Started
He Knows My Name
He Loves me
He Works
I Luv Rap Music
I Wish We'd All Been Ready
I Wish We'd All Been Ready
I wanna be in the light
In The Air
In The Light
In the Light
Into Jesus
It's Killing Me
It's Killing Me
It's Killing me
It's The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)
It's the End of the World (as We Know It)
Jesus Freak
Jesus Freak
Jesus Freak (Gotee Brothers' Freaked Out Remix)
Jesus Freak [reprise]
Jesus Freak[reprise]
Jesus Is Just Alright (Retro Mix)
Jesus is Just Alright
Just Between You And Me
Lean on Me
Let's Roll
Like It, Love It, Need it
Luv Is A Verb (Gotee Mix)
Luv Is a Verb
Luv is a Verb
Mind's Eye
Mr. Morgan (Act I)
Mrs. Morgan
My Friend
My Friend (So Long)
My Friend (So Long)
My Will
No More
No More
Nu Thang
Reason For The Season
Red Letters
Since I meet you
So Help me God
Socially Acceptable
Somebody's Watching (tobyMac)
Spinin' Round
Spinnin' Round
Spirit in the Sky
Sugar Coat It
Talk About Jesus
Talk it Out
Tell Me Why
That Kinda Girl
The Secret Circle
The Truth
The Truth
Things of This World
Time Is...
Time ta Jam
Union Of The Soul
Voices Praise Him
What Have We Become
What Have We Become?
What Have we Become?
What if I stumble
What if i Stumble?
What's Goin' Down
When dc Talks
Wonderin' Why
Word 2 The Father
Word 2 the Father
Yo! Ho! Ho!
Yo! Ho! Ho!