Тексты и переводы песен Muse

Assassin (Assassin`s Creed Main Theme)
Butterflies And Hurricanes (Бабочки и ураганы)
Can't Take My Eyes Off You (I Love You Baby)
Cant take my eyes of you
Demonocracy (Map of the Problematique)
Feeling Good ("Меня прёт…")
Feeling Good (OST Семь Жизней)
Fight for survive (Knights Of Cydonia)
Host (Звездный свет )
Hysteria ( духи Guerlain - Insolence)
I Love You Baby (Frank Sinatra's cover)
I love u baby
I love you baby!
I love you, baby, And if it’s quite alright, I need you, baby, To warm a lonely night. I love you, baby. Trust in me when I say: Oh, pretty baby, Don’t bring me down, I pray. Oh, pretty baby,
I'm feeling good
Panic Station
Resistance [If we live a life in fear, I'll wait a thousand years Just to see you smile again ]
Space dementia...You make me sick because I adore you so I love all the dirty tricks And twisted games you play on me...
Starlight (OST Турист)
Starlight (Звездный свет)
Take A Bow
The Handler
The Resistance .
Time Is Running Out (Live From Wembley Stadium HAARP 2008)
Unintended. You could be my unintended Choice to live my life extended You could be the one Ill always love. Ill be there as soon as I can But Im busy mending broken pieces of the life I had before.
Uno . This means nothing to me . Cause you are nothing to me.
Uprising (Восстание)
i love you baby
it's a new day it's a new life for me