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Blood Ceremony - Half Moon Street
Blood Ceremony - The Weird of Finistère
Blood Ceremony - Witchwood
Blood Ceremony - Goodbye Gemini
Blood Ceremony - Lord Summerisle
Blood Ceremony - The Rogue's Lot
Karl Blau - Let The World Go By
Karl Blau - That's How I Got To Memphis
Bloodjinn - Break the Silence
Amanda Blank - Gimme What You Got
Amanda Blank - Might Like You Better
Blood Youth - Dead Space
Blood Youth - Failure
Blood Youth - Big Smoke
Blood Youth - Closure
Blood Youth - Mood Swing
Tommy Bolin - Post Toastee
Tommy Bolin - Gypsy Soul
Tommy Bolin - Hello, Again
Blue States - Sad Song
Blac Monks - Buddah Nature
Blackbear - 4U
Blackbear - I Needed You
Blackbear - Ain't Trippin
Blackbear - Ain't Love
Blackbear - Idfc
Blackbear - Dirty Laundry
Blackbear - Don't Stop
Blackbear - Slide Thru
Blackbear - Paragraphs
Blackbear - Where Was U?
Blackbear - Verbatim
Blackbear - Hustler
Blackbear - Valley Girls
Blackbear - Grey L.A
Blackbear - N.Y.E
Blackbear - Hotel Andrea
Blackbear - Califormula
Blackbear - Laid Out
Blackbear - N Y L A
Blackbear - rly real
Blackbear - sometimes i want 2 die
Blaq Poet - Ain't Nuttin Changed
Blaq Poet - Voices
Blaq Poet - Bloody Mess
Blaq Poet - Message From Poet
Blaq Poet - Bushmaster Music
Blaq Poet - Hood Talk
Bless - Seize the Day
Blaspheme - Sanctuaire
Birdy Nam Nam - The Parachute Ending
Birdy Nam Nam - Goin' In
Birdy Nam Nam feat. Elliphant - Lazers from My Heart
Birdy Nam Nam - Shut Up...!
Birdy Nam Nam - Body Mind Spirit
Bobbysocks - Let It Swing (La det swinge)
Boilermaker - Slingshot
Boilermaker - Alone
Bishop T.D. Jakes - High In All The Earth
Bobaflex - Sellout
Bobaflex - Six Feet Underground
Bobaflex - Bright Red Violent Sex
Bobaflex - Got You Trapped
Bobaflex - School for Young Ladies
Bobaflex - Strangle You
Beats International feat. Lindy Layton - Dub Be Good to Me
Bo Flower - Alles ist grau
Bloodbound - Metal Monster
Bloodbound - Moria
Bloodbound - Drop the Bomb
Bloodbound - The Ones We Left Behind
Bloodbound - Reflections of Evil
Bloodbound - Together We Fight
Bloodbound - Brothers of War
Bloodbound - Unholy Cross
Carsie Blanton - Baby Can Dance
Bobaflex - Dry Your Eyes
Bobaflex - A Spider in the Dark
Bobaflex - Turn Me On
Bloodbound - In the Name of Metal
Bloodbound - Bounded by Blood
Bloodbound - Satanic Panic
Bloodbound - Iron Throne
Bloodbound - Nightmares From the Grave
Bloodbound - Stormborn
Bloodbound - We Raise the Dead
Bloodbound - Made of Steel
Bloodbound - When the Kingdom Will Fall
Bloodbound - When All Lights Fail
Jello Biafra With NoMeansNo - Chew
Jello Biafra With NoMeansNo - The Myth Is Real - Let's Eat
Bodies of Water - Open Rhythms
Bodies of Water - Like a Stranger
Bodies of Water - Lights Out Forever
Blind Pigs - Rotten Generation
Blind Pigs - Teenage Crime Wave
The Bollox - Mary Riley
The Bluesbones - Find Me a Woman
The Bluesbones - I Try
The Bluesbones - Wrong
Blue Flannel - Havin' a Bad Day
Bölzer - Hero
Bölzer - The Great Unifier
The Bluetones - The Notes Between The Notes Between The Notes
Bloc Party - Helicopter
Bloc Party - This Modern Love
Bloc Party - The Prayer
Bloc Party - Uniform
Bloc Party - Different Drugs
Bloc Party - My True Name
Bloc Party - Paraíso
Blowbeat - The Beach
The Bluetones feat. Matt Lucas - Armageddon (Outta Here)
The Bluetones - Vostok of Love
The Bluetones - Zero Tolerance
Bloc Party - SRXT
Bloc Party - We Are Not Good People
The Bluetones - Please Stop Talking
Bloc Party - Hero
Bloc Party - Version 2.0
Bloc Party - Idea for a Story
Bloc Party - Leaf Skeleton
Bloc Party - Black Crown
Bloc Party - Ratchet
Bloc Party - Obscene
Bloc Party - Stunt Queen
THE BLUE HEARTS - Mirai Wa Bokura No Te No Naka
Blue Sky Black Death & Nacho Picasso - Swap 'em Out
Black Lilys - Dust Of You
Bola de Nieve - Babalú
Big Grams - Lights On
Big Grams - Goldmine Junkie
Big Grams - Run for Your Life
Big Grams - Fell in the Sun
Big Grams - Drum Machine (feat. Skrillex) [Fareoh Remix]
Perry Blake - The Road to Hollywood
Perry Blake - How Can the Knower Be Known ?
Perry Blake - Naked Man
Tyler Bates - Returns a King
Boisson Divine - Vendanges
Blood Tsunami - Evil Unleashed
Blood Tsunami - The Rape of Nanking
Blood Tsunami - Krokodil
The Boat People - Under the Ocean
Blut aus Nord - Epitome XVII
Blut aus Nord - My Prayer Beyond Ginnungagap
Blue Rodeo - Outskirts
Blue Rodeo - Mystic River
Tsar - Calling All Destroyers
Tyler Bates - Two Perfect Moments
Blue Rodeo - One More Night
Blue Rodeo - Always getting Better
Bom Bom Chip! - Corazón de tiza
bloodsimple - Red Harvest
bloodsimple - Dark Helmet
Blondie - Maria
Blümchen - Boomerang
Blümchen - Schmetterlinge
Blümchen - Eisblumen
Blümchen - Ich bin wieder hier
Blümchen - Nur geträumt
Blondie - Denis
Blondie - For Your Eyes Only
Blondie - Shayla
Blümchen - Sesam Jam (Der, Die, Das)
Marc Bolan - Main Man
Blossom - Boomerang
Blossom - Just a Dream
Bokka - Places I've Never Been to
Black Messiah - Gullveig
Black Messiah - The Battle of Asgaard
Black Messiah - Die Quelle der Weisheit
Bob Moses - Far From the Tree
Bob Moses - Winter's Song
Bob Moses - Too Close for Comfort
Bob Moses - Val
Bob Moses - Grace
Bob Moses - Like It or Not
Bob Moses - Talk
Bob Moses - Before I Fall
Bob Moses - Too Much Is Never Enough
Bob Moses - Keeping Me Alive
Bob Moses - Nothing at All
Bob Moses - Days Gone By
Bob Moses - Writing on the Wall
Bob Moses - Touch and Go
Timothy Bloom - 'til the End of Time
The Black Queen - Ice to Never
The Black Queen - The End Where We Start
The Black Queen - Secret Scream
The Black Queen - Distanced
The Black Queen - Taman Shud
The Black Queen - Apocalypse Morning
Blondie - Last One in the World
Bob the Builder - Can We Fix It?
Bob the Builder - Mambo No 5
Blero - Can't You See
Blondie - Love at the Pier
Blondie - No Imagination
Blondie - Scenery
Birdman feat. Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, Dre, DJ Khaled & Rick Ross - 100 Million
Birdman - Grind
Birdman - Head Busta
Birdman - Been About Money
Birdman feat. Drake & Lil Wayne - 4 My Town (Play Ball)
Birdman feat. Lil Wayne - Neck of the Woods
Birdman - Hug da Block
Birdman - 100 Million
Birdman - Money & Power
Birdman - Fire Flame
Bligg - Rosalie
Bligg - Signal
Bligg - Legändä & Heldä
Bligg feat. Emel - Alles scho mal ghört
Bligg - En einsame Wolf
Bligg - Entertainer
Bligg - Lieblings Song
Blessthefall - Could Tell a Love
Blessthefall - Black Rose Dying
Blessthefall - Hey Baby, Here's That Song You Wanted
Blessthefall - Awakening
Blessthefall - 40 Days...
Blessthefall - Exodus
Blessthefall - You Wear a Crown but You're No King
Blessthefall - Déjà Vu
Blessthefall - See You on the Outside
Blessthefall feat. Jesse Barnett - Youngbloods
Blessthefall feat. Jake Luhrs - Carry On
Blessthefall feat. Lights - Open Water
Blondie - Winter
Blondie - Relax
Blondie - Take It Back
Blondie - Backroom
Blessthefall - Decayer
Blessthefall - Take Me Now
Blondie - Mother
Bligg - Miss Trau
Blondie - Mirame
Blondie - Kung Fu Girl
Blondie - I Screwed Up
Bligg - Kein Grund
Bligg - I'd Kill For You
Bitter Sweet Agony - Sweet Venom for Eve (re-recorded)
Bôa - Duvet
Bôa - Anna Maria
Bôa - Courage
Birdman feat. Rick Ross - Born Stunna
Blue Lagoon - Call From Babylon
Blue Lagoon - Break My Stride (a cappella reprise)
Blind Guardian - Spread Your Wings
Blind Guardian - Trial by Fire
Blind Guardian - Precious Jerusalem
Blind Guardian - Battlefield
Blind Guardian - The Maiden and the Minstrel Knight
Blind Guardian - Mordred’s Song
Blind Guardian - Bright Eyes
Blind Guardian - And the Story Ends
Blind Guardian - Lord of the Rings