Новые тексты и переводы песен - Страница 107

Duck Sauce - Time Waits For No-one
Alle Farben - She Moves
Andrea Nocera - Beggin
Federica Marinari - Knock On Wood
Ellie Goulding - All I Want
How To Dress Well - 2 Years On (Shame Dream)
How To Dress Well - What You Wanted
How To Dress Well - See You Fall
How To Dress Well - Repeat Pleasure
How To Dress Well - Words I Don't Remember
How To Dress Well - Pour Cyril
How To Dress Well - A Power
How To Dress Well - Very Best Friend
Rubén Blades - Paula C
Rubén Blades - Pablo Pueblo
Rubén Blades - Juana Mayo
Rubén Blades - Parao
Los Baron De Apodaca - Los Años Viejos
Nikon - Suena
Alejandro Campos - Globos
Mi Sangre - Quiero Que Bailes Conmigo (Ft. Renzo Jrodan)
La Caja De Al Capone - La Linea Enemiga
Blas Cantó - Hoy Quisiera
Sox - I'm Not Stupid
I Divide - 27 Down
Matthew and the Atlas - Pale Sun Rose
Matthew and the Atlas - To The North
Matthew and the Atlas - Out Of The Darkness
Matthew and the Atlas - Everything That Dies
Matthew and the Atlas - Nowhere Now
Matthew and the Atlas - A Memory Of You
Matthew and the Atlas - Another Way
Auram - Never Again
Patrick Fiori - Elles
Patrick Fiori - Demain
Patrick Fiori - Choisir
Patrick Fiori - Dans Tes Yeux Chaque Jour
Patrick Fiori - La Vie D'Un Homme
Patrick Fiori - Elles Se Disent
Patrick Fiori - Tout Contre Mais Pour
Under We Are - Pirates
Dumè - Maman M'avait Dit
Vidas - La Loma
We Are Monarchy - A Lucky Strike
Under We Are - The South
Under We Are - Ready To Dive
Under We Are - Learning Needs
Under We Are - Superhero
Rodrigo Soler - Cuando Te Vas
Paul Weller - Have You Made Up Your Mind
Paul Weller - Fast Car / Slow Traffic
Jermain Jackman - Wrecking Ball
Alle Farben - Leaves
Alle Farben - Down
Alle Farben - Sometimes
Alle Farben - Because Of You
Alle Farben - Lonely Land
Rodeo - Niña
Rodeo - Padre
Rodeo - Cuando Te Fuiste
Rodeo - Kamaleonika
School Of Language - Between The Suburbs
Franco Ricciardi - Prima
Franco Ricciardi - Treno Luntane
Fonokit - E' Una Sfida
Dinamite - La Mia Eroina
Austin Mahone - Can't Fight This Love
Austin Mahone - Secret
Austin Mahone - Next To You
Le Fraternel - Viens Esprit Saint
Ifi Ude - My Baby Gone
Artifex Pereo - No Stranger To Worry
Artifex Pereo - Annica
Artifex Pereo - The Straight & The Winding Way
Artifex Pereo - Tied To The Sunset
Artifex Pereo - Overview
Candy Hearts - The Dream's Not Dead
Candy Hearts - Michigan
Candy Hearts - Coffee With My Friends
Candy Hearts - Somethings Missing
School Of Seven Bells - Put Your Sad Down
School Of Seven Bells - Secret Days
School Of Seven Bells - Faded Heart
Kellylee Evans - And So We Dance
Phox - Calico Man
Phox - 1936
Phox - In Due Time
JRDN - Can't Choose
7Lions - One Man Symphony
7Lions - One More Time
Plague Vendor - Breakdance On Broken Glass
Stellar Kart - All In (Apologize)
Stellar Kart - My Surrender
Stellar Kart - Hollywood Reality
Stellar Kart - Time's Not Waiting
Stellar Kart - Before And After
Stellar Kart - Nowhere To Go But Up
Stellar Kart - Ones And Zeros
Stellar Kart - Let It Go
Stellar Kart - Do You Want To Build A Snowman?
Stellar Kart - For The First Time In Forever
Tommy Reeve - Reach Out And Grab It
Doyle Airence - We Were Kids
Pains Of Being Pure At Heart (The) - Art Smock
Pains Of Being Pure At Heart (The) - Simple And Sure
Pains Of Being Pure At Heart (The) - Life After Life
Pains Of Being Pure At Heart (The) - Heaven's Gonna Happen Now
Pains Of Being Pure At Heart (The) - Strange
Pains Of Being Pure At Heart (The) - Higher Than The Stars
Goodbye Grey - Victory
Young Chinese Dogs - Please Don't Go
Young Chinese Dogs - Sweet Little Lies
Young Chinese Dogs - This Town Is Killing Me
Young Chinese Dogs - Don't Talk About
Ancient Bards - Gates Of Noland
Ancient Bards - Valiant Ride
Ancient Bards - Through My Veins
Pet The Preacher - The Cave
Pet The Preacher - Kamikaze Knight
Pet The Preacher - Remains
Pet The Preacher - I'm Not Gonna
Jerry Lee Lewis - Roll Over Beethoven
Jerry Lee Lewis - Great Balls Of Fire
Jerry Lee Lewis - No Headstone On My Grave
Brother Firetribe - Love Is Not Enough
Brother Firetribe - For Better Or For Worse
Brother Firetribe - Desperately
Brother Firetribe - Edge Of Forever
Brother Firetribe - Hanging By A Thread
Brother Firetribe - Reality Bites
Brother Firetribe - Close To The Bone
Rainbirds - Jesus First!
Rolf Zuckowski - Zu Viele Bilder
Rolf Zuckowski - Ich Möchte, Dass Du In Dir Ruhst
Rolf Zuckowski - Fahrt Nur Vorbei
Rolf Zuckowski - Wirklich Große Leute
Rolf Zuckowski - Einmal Leben
Rolf Zuckowski - Du Bist Nicht Alles - Aber Alles Ist Nichts Ohne Dich
Rolf Zuckowski - Und Dann Kommt Alles Ganz Anders
Rolf Zuckowski - Wenn Du Gehen Mußt, Dann Geh
Rolf Zuckowski - Wir Optimisten
Rolf Zuckowski - Wunschkind
Rolf Zuckowski - Du Brauchst Ein Lied
Rolf Zuckowski - Kinder Werden Groß
Rolf Zuckowski - Gemeinsam Unterwegs
Iq - From The Outside In
Iq - The Road Of Bones
Iq - Until The End
Iq - Constellations
Iq - Ten Million Demons
Acht - Seid Ihr Dabei
Acht - Du Weißt
Front Line Assembly - Maniacal
Front Line Assembly - Transmitter
Front Line Assembly - Vanished
Front Line Assembly - Fragmented
Front Line Assembly - Dissident
Front Line Assembly - Schickal
Front Line Assembly - Beneath The Rubble
Front Line Assembly - I.E.D.
Front Line Assembly - Angriff
Front Line Assembly - Afterlife
Front Line Assembly - Attack The Masses
Shakra - Yesterday's Gone
Shakra - Life Is Now
Shakra - Save You From Yourself
Shakra - When I See You
Shakra - Playing With Fire
Shakra - Love Will Find A Way
Shakra - The One
Shakra - Chains Of Temptation
Shakra - Take Me Now
Shakra - Nothing To Lose
Shakra - Who's Got The Rhythm
Shakra - I'll Be
Shakra - Brand New Day
Shakra - Stronger Than Ever
Jake Bugg - A Change In The Air
Jake Bugg - Strange Creatures
Being As An Ocean - L'exquisite Douleur
Being As An Ocean - Even The Dead Have Their Tasks
Being As An Ocean - Grace, Teach Us What We Lack
Being As An Ocean - Mothers
Elvenking - King Of The Elves
Elvenking - Elvenlegions
Elvenking - The Druid Ritual Of Oak
Elvenking - Moonbeam Stone Circle
Elvenking - The Solitaire
Elvenking - Towards The Shores
Elvenking - Twilight Of Magic
Elvenking - Black Roses For The Wicked One
Mark Forster - Zu Oft
Mark Forster - Hundert Stunden
Mark Forster - Hallo
Mark Forster - Oh Love
Mark Forster - Geisterjäger
Mark Forster - Ich Trink Auf Dich
Mark Forster - Wer Du Bist
Andreas Martin - Doch Irgendwann
Andreas Martin - Weil Ich Dich Liebe
Andreas Martin - Diese Kraft Um Zu Leben
Oliver Koletzki - After All
Oliver Koletzki - Reality
Mateo - Here I Am
Mateo - Isso
Mateo - Irren Ist Männlich
Mateo - Stille Helden
Yann Tiersen - Slippery Stones
Yann Tiersen - Midsummer Evening
Yann Tiersen - Lights
Yann Tiersen - In Our Minds
Grober Knüppel - Deine Rüstung
Bo Saris - She's On Fire
Bo Saris - Can't Force It
Unisonic - Unisonic
Unisonic - Souls Alive
Unisonic - Never Too Late
Unisonic - I've Tried
Unisonic - Star Rider
Unisonic - Renegade
Unisonic - My Sanctuary
Unisonic - King For A Day
Unisonic - We Rise
Unisonic - No One Ever Sees Me
Unisonic - Over The Rainbow
Unisonic - The Morning After
Eyehategod - Agitation! Propaganda!
Gregor Meyle - Nimm Dir Zeit
Gregor Meyle - Schau Mich Nicht So An
Bonez Mc - Leggaschmegga
Marcel Brell - Wo Die Liebe Hinfällt
Marcel Brell - Und Ich Geh
Hercules And Love Affair - I Try To Talk To You
Hercules And Love Affair - Think
Hercules And Love Affair - Do You Feel The Same?
In Hearts Wake - Earthwalker
In Hearts Wake - Divine
In Hearts Wake - Gravity
In Hearts Wake - Afterglow
In Hearts Wake - Wildflower
Structures - The Worst Of Both Worlds
Structures - Follower
Structures - Life Through A Window
Winery Dogs - Elevate
Winery Dogs - Not Hopeless
Winery Dogs - Desire
Winery Dogs - You Saved Me
Winery Dogs - One More Time
Winery Dogs - Damaged
Winery Dogs - Six Feet Deeper
Winery Dogs - The Dying
Unantastbar - Aus Dem Nebel
Unantastbar - Auf Dich, Auf Mich
Unantastbar - Für Immer Mein
Unantastbar - Dein Stein
Unantastbar - Lauf!
Unantastbar - Kein Ende In Sicht
Unantastbar - Für Immer Mein (Ballade)
Unantastbar - Dein Leben!
Unantastbar - Kämpft Mit Uns
Incognito - I Couldn't Love You More
Incognito - Rapture
Incognito - Hats (Make Me Wanna Holler)
Incognito - Silver Shadow
Incognito - Deeper Still
Incognito - Something Bout July
Incognito - Day Or Night
Incognito - I See The Sun
Incognito - Never Known A Love Like This
Incognito - Stop Running Away
Max Giesinger - Kalifornien
Waldgeflüster - Der Nebel
Waldgeflüster - Karhunkierros
Waldgeflüster - Wie Eine Weide Im Wind
Waldgeflüster - Trauerweide Teil II
Muhabbet - Bir Ihtimal
Muhabbet - Kalbimi Kirdin
Muhabbet - Dur
Chayanne - Humanos A Marte
Daniele Coletta - Ora Che Sei Grande
Suor Cristina - Hero
Phillip Phillips - Trigger
Phillip Phillips - Lead On
Phillip Phillips - Alive Again
Phillip Phillips - Open Your Eyes
Phillip Phillips - Fool For You
Phillip Phillips - Thicket
Phillip Phillips - Fly
Phillip Phillips - Unpack Your Heart
Phillip Phillips - Midnight Sun
Phillip Phillips - My Boy
Phillip Phillips - Don't Trust Me
Phillip Phillips - Armless Crawler
Santana - Dar Um Jeito (We Will Find A Way)
Wyclef Jean - Dar Um Jeito (We Will Find A Way)
Sergio Mendes - One Nation
Adelén - Olé
Mika Nakashima - Fighter
La Dama - Sevilla
Violetta - Te Esperaré
Franky Swing - Nada Sin Ti (Merengue)
Rebelution - Count Me In
Rebelution - Lost In Dreams
Rebelution - Hate To Be The One
Rebelution - Notice Me
Rebelution - Counterfeit Love
Jessie James Decker - Rain On The Roof Of This Car
Jessie James Decker - Coming Home
Jessie James Decker - Diary
Jessie James Decker - Breaking Your Heart
Jessie James Decker - Mama Wrote You A Lullaby
Jessie James Decker - I Do
Chanel West Coast - West Coast (Remix)
Nashville Cast - It's On Tonight
Nashville Cast - If I Didn't Know Better
Nashville Cast - I Ain't Leavin' Without Your Love
Nashville Cast - Nothing In This World Will Ever Break My Heart Again
Nashville Cast - This Town
Nashville Cast - Don't Put Dirt On My Grave Just Yet
Nashville Cast - Black Roses
Nashville Cast - A Life That's Good
Nashville Cast - Tell Me
Nashville Cast - Believing
ZHU - Superfriends
ZHU - Cocaine Model
Tedashii - Perfect
Tedashii - Dark Days, Darker Nights
Tedashii - Nothing I Can't Do
Tedashii - Fire Away
Tedashii - Be With You
Tedashii - My God
Tedashii - Chase
Crownless - Lost Inside
Pablo Banderas - Me Has Ahogado El Corazón
Memo Y La Sensacion Vallenata - Como Papelitos
Nashville Cast - I Will Fall
Nashville Cast - Loving You Is The Only Way To Fly
Nashville Cast - Change Your Mind
Nashville Cast - One Works Better
Nashville Cast - Casino
Nashville Cast - Moon Is High
Kooks (The) - Hooray For Henry
Josh Kaufman - One More Try
Josh Kaufman - Happy
Josh Kaufman - It Will Rain
ICFA - Más Que Un Pintor
Jake Worthington - It Goes Like This
Christina Grimmie - I Won't Give Up
Christina Grimmie - Counting Stars
Christina Grimmie - I Knew You Were Trouble
Nashville Cast - He Ain't Gonna Change
Nashville Cast - Lately
Nashville Cast - Joy Parade
Nashville Cast - Is That Who I Am
Nashville Cast - This Time
Leo Jiménez - Tu Triste Soledad
Leo Jiménez - Qué Tendrás
Leo Jiménez - Vuela Alto
Kfe Marte - Time Over
Nannda - I'm A Warrior
Frank Rojo - Te Pasó El Tiempo
Frank Rojo - Tu Amor
Frank Rojo - Como Voy A Decirte
Frank Rojo - Pensamiento
Marie-Mai - À Bout Portant
Marie-Mai - Tourner
Marie-Mai - Ne M'écoute Pas
Marie-Mai - Indivisible
Marie-Mai - Conscience
Marie-Mai - Jamais Trop Tard
Marie-Mai - On Change
Marie-Mai - Limbo
Alessandro Mannarino - Gente
Alessandro Mannarino - Le Stelle
Priyanka Chopra - I Can't Make You Love Me
OCD: Moosh & Twist - I Got It
OCD: Moosh & Twist - Let Me Down
Ricardo Arjona - Pedigrí
Okta Logue - Bright Lights
Jhomer - Locura De Amor
Jhomer - Explicame
Apolo Criss - Amor A Distancia
Jasmine Thompson - Royals
Jasmine Thompson - Wrecking Ball
Jasmine Thompson - Rather Be
Jasmine Thompson - A Thousand Years
Jasmine Thompson - Breathe Me
Jasmine Thompson - Mad World
Jasmine Thompson - Say Something
Jasmine Thompson - All Of Me
Jasmine Thompson - I See Fire
ASTRA - Mirror Of Your Soul
Blondie - Sunday Girl
Blondie - Call Me
Blondie - Atomic
Blondie - Rip Her To Shreds
Blondie - Sugar On The Side
Blondie - Rave
Blondie - A Rose By Any Name
Blondie - I Want To Drag You Around
Blondie - Take Me In The Night
Blondie - Make A Way
Blondie - Mile High
Blondie - Prism
Thee Oh Sees - The Dream
Thee Oh Sees - Adult Acid
Thee Oh Sees - A Flag In The Court
Thee Oh Sees - I Can't Get No
Thee Oh Sees - Everything Went Black
Thee Oh Sees - I Need Seed
Black Prairie - Kiss Of Fate
Black Prairie - Let Me Know Your Heart
Black Prairie - Trask
Black Prairie - Songs To Be Sung
Black Prairie - Animals Inside
Black Prairie - The White Tundra
Heathen Foray (Austria) - Illusion
Heathen Foray (Austria) - Glut Zu Flamme
Heathen Foray (Austria) - Ragnaröck
Heathen Foray (Austria) - The Wizard's Life
Heathen Foray (Austria) - No Mercy
Kitten And The Hip - By My Side
Kismet - Clarity
Kismet - Happy Road
Kismet - Time
Kismet - Lonely Place
Kismet - Fill The Vacuum
Kismet - Holy Words & Pain
Klangkarussell - Netzwerk
David Byrne & Fatboy Slim - Here Lies Love
David Byrne & Fatboy Slim - Child Of The Philippines
David Byrne & Fatboy Slim - Eleven Days
David Byrne & Fatboy Slim - Walk Like A Woman
David Byrne & Fatboy Slim - Dancing Together
David Byrne & Fatboy Slim - Solano Avenue
David Byrne & Fatboy Slim - Seven Years
Apache Relay (The) - Don't Leave Me Now
Apache Relay (The) - Can't Wake Up
Apache Relay (The) - Sets Me Free
Apache Relay (The) - State Trooper
Apache Relay (The) - Lost Kid
Apache Relay (The) - Some People Change
Daughter - Tomorrow
Daughter - Still
Daughter - Amsterdam
Daughter - Shallows
Beyonce Knowles - Dreams
Lax'n'Busto - La Meva Terra És El Mar
Lax'n'Busto - Més Que La Meva Sang
Lax'n'Busto - Tornarem
Lax'n'Busto - No Sé Pas Com
Andreu Rifé - M'agrada El Ping Pong
Andreu Rifé - La Moda Que Ha Arribat
Krista Siegfrids - Cinderella
Bakermat - One Day
Nuria Fergo - Castigo Divino
Fellowship Creative - Glory In The Highest
Fellowship Creative - God Of The Rescue
Fellowship Creative - In You
Fellowship Creative - Finish What You Started
Fellowship Creative - I Will Follow
Fellowship Creative - Just One Touch
Fellowship Creative - Light It Up
Antonella Anastasi - When You Believe
Austin Mahone - The One I've Waited For
Austin Mahone - Shadow
Ramona Lisa - Arcadia
Gabrielle Aplin - A Case Of You
Dj Cassidy - Make The World Go Round
5 Seconds Of Summer - Pizza
Afghan Whigs - Lovecrimes
Portugal. The Man - Sumatran Tiger
Arafel - Sword's Hymn
Arafel - Kurgan
Arafel - 1380 - The Confrontation
Equilibrium - Karawane
Antonio Maggio - Lo Sai Che Lo So
Antonio Maggio - Santo Lunedì
Antonio Maggio - La Donna Riccia
La Terapia El Rey Del Callejon - El Tiempo No Se Detiene
La Raíz - A La Sombra De La Sierra
La Raíz - Nuestra Nación
La Raíz - Llueve En Semana Santa
Öröm - Hangok
OK Kid - Unterwasserliebe
OK Kid - Grundlos
OK Kid - Zuerst War Da Ein Beat
Rival Sons - Electric Man
Rival Sons - Good Things
Rival Sons - Open My Eyes
Rival Sons - Rich And The Poor
Rival Sons - Destination On Course
Dunkelschön - Morgenland
Dunkelschön - Maienzeit
Dunkelschön - Übers Meer
Dunkelschön - Das Stille Tal
Dunkelschön - Das Gläserne Gedicht
B. Smyth - Vibe
Yannick Noah - On Court
Niños Mutantes - Todo Va A Cambiar
Fito & Fitipaldis - Me Equivocaría Otra Vez
Fito & Fitipaldis - Como Pollo Sin Cabeza
Fito & Fitipaldis - Que Me Arrastre El Viento
Fito & Fitipaldis - A Mil Kilómetros
Fito & Fitipaldis - Acabo De Llegar
Niña Pastori - Amor De San Juan
Rozalén - 80 Veces
Rozalén - Las Hadas Existen
Rozalén - Bajar Del Mundo
Rozalén - Levántate
Bea Miller - Fire N Gold
Meaghan Smith - Mirror
Meaghan Smith - Get You Back
Meaghan Smith - Cans Of Worms
City Calm Down - Pavement
Gehenna - Lead To The Pyre
Gehenna - Death Enters
David Rudder - Ay Haiti!
Ciro Y Los Persas - Caminando
Ciro Y Los Persas - Me Gusta
Ciro Y Los Persas - Héroes De Malvinas
Ciro Y Los Persas - Mi Sol
Ciro Y Los Persas - Aantes Y Despues
Ciro Y Los Persas - Banda De Garage
Ciro Y Los Persas - Rockabil Y Para Siempre
Ciro Y Los Persas - Blues De La Ventana
Ciro Y Los Persas - Malambo Para Luca
Ciro Y Los Persas - Blues Del Gato Sarnoso
Ferdy Y Los Sin Nombre - La Loka
Barry Manilow - You're Getting To Be A Habit With Me
Barry Manilow - You Don't Know What Love Is
Mike Boyd - I Get Around
Gisela - Vol Volar
Simian Ghost - Echoes Of Songs (For Trish Keenan)
Simian Ghost - Fight Even
Simian Ghost - Hidden In Your Leaves
Simian Ghost - Never Really Knew
Simian Ghost - Endless Chord
Simian Ghost - Summer Triptych
Valentin Marceau - Défendre Alice
Claire - You Walk In Beauty
Jennifer Lopez - First Love
Magic Man - Texas
Magic Man - Every Day
Magic Man - Nova Scotia
Rush Smith - Chocolate
Rush Smith - Monsters
Rush Smith - Gala
Common Linnets (The) - Broken But Home
Common Linnets (The) - Where Do I Go With Me
Common Linnets (The) - When Love Was King
Anathema - The Lost Song, Part 2
Anathema - Dusk (Dark Is Descending)
Anathema - Ariel
Anathema - The Lost Song, Part 3
Anathema - Anathema
Anathema - Take Shelter
Unzucht - Am Ende Der Farben
Pancho Picadiente - Punto Y Aparte
Michel (el Buenon) - Mi Todo
Omega El Fuerte - El Escudo De Dios
Bief - Miénteme
Robyn - Do It Again
Justin Bieber - Hard 2 Face Reality
Roland Kaiser - Sag Bloß Nicht Hello
Roland Kaiser - Seelenbahnen
Roland Kaiser - All Die Jahre
Roland Kaiser - Ich Weiß Alles
Roland Kaiser - Du Bist Ein Engel
Roland Kaiser - Warum Hast Du Nicht Nein Gesagt
Roland Kaiser - Nie Wieder Vielleicht
Lee Ryan - Fall From The Sky
Eno & Hyde - Witness
Kasabian - Eez-eh
Glass Animals - Black Mambo
Glass Animals - JDNT
Twin Atlantic - Hold On
Twin Atlantic - Oceans
Twin Atlantic - I Am An Animal
Twin Atlantic - Cell Mate
Twin Atlantic - Why Won't We Change?
Manic Street Preachers - Walk Me To The Bridge
George Ezra - Blame It On Me
George Ezra - Drawing Board (Bossa Nova)
George Ezra - Stand By Your Gun
George Ezra - It's Just My Skin
George Ezra - Da Vinci Riot Police
Kooks (The) - Around Town
Kooks (The) - Forgive & Forget
Kooks (The) - Westside
Cygnus Rock Band - Es el momento
Goy Karamelo - La Trampa
Ledian - Es Tiempo De Empezar
Alex Saidac - We Shine
Goy Karamelo - Amaranta
Virjinia Glück - Balada Triste De Johnny Rocket Jr Y Su Guitarra
Fran Alcázar - Me Adelanto A Tus Verdades
Fran Alcázar - Pa Vestir Santos
Fran Alcázar - Mi Razón De Vivir
Jose Cantoral - Llevame
Darkor - Despierta
Django Django - Surf's Up
Natives - Stand For Something
R5 - Counting Stars
Ted Zed - Souls
Malacates Trebol Shop - El Regalito
Malacates Trebol Shop - Tere
Hardwell - Three Triangles (Losing My Religion)
Mon Laferte - Soy
Royal Blood - Hole
Amber Run - Chamber
Amber Run - Hide & Seek
ΦΡΑΞΙΑ - 6-12-2008
Yani Como - Furia Desatada
Yani Como - Sugus De Limón
Siver - Falling Down
Siver - You Are My Star
Ok7 - Donde Estás
Javi - A Escondidas
Slim Burna - Oh Na Na Na
Lizzo - Make Way
Lizzo - Go
Lizzo - Bloodlines
Kasabian - Bumblebeee
Kasabian - Stevie
Kasabian - Explodes
Kasabian - Levitation
Justin Bieber - We Were Born For This
Carlos Vives - Cuando Nos Volvamos A Encontrar
David Bisbal - Hoy
Röyksopp & Robyn - Say It
Passion - Don't Ever Stop
Passion - Never Gonna Let Me Go
Passion - Let It Be Jesus
Passion - At The Cross (Love Ran Red)
Passion - I Am
Passion - My Heart Is Yours
Passion - You Came To My Rescue
Passion - Mercy
Passion - Come As You Are
Passion - Worthy
Passion - This Grace
Passion - Sing And Shout
Crowder - My Beloved
Crowder - Lift Your Head Weary Sinner (Chains)
Crowder - Come As You Are
Crowder - Hands Of Love
Crowder - Jesus Is Calling
Crowder - My Sweet Lord
Crowder - This I Know
Crowder - Ain't No Grave
Crowder - Here's My Heart
G-Eazy - Endless Summer
Banks - This Is What It Feels Like
Banks - You Should Know Where I'm Coming From
Banks - Stick
Banks - Drowning
Banks - Beggin' For Thread
Banks - Change
Banks - Warm Water
Banks - Under The Table
Banks - And I Drove You Crazy
Banks - Before I Ever Met You
Michael W. Smith - Heaven Come Down
Michael W. Smith - Miracle
Michael W. Smith - Sky Spills Over
Michael W. Smith - All Arise
Michael W. Smith - You Are The Fire
Michael W. Smith - Christ Be All Around Me
Michael W. Smith - Sovereign Over Us
Michael W. Smith - Hide Myself
Michael W. Smith - The Same Power
Michael W. Smith - I Lay Me Down
Michael W. Smith - The One That Really Matters
Bizzy Bone - The Weed Song
Bizzy Bone - Good One
Carlos Vives - Un Pobre Loco
Carlos Vives - Ella Es Mi Fiesta
Carlos Vives - El Sueño
Carlos Vives - Las Cosas De La Vida
Carlos Vives - La Cumbia De Todos
Carlos Vives - Sueños Rotos
Carlos Vives - Volví A Nacer (Extended Version)
Carlos Vives - La Foto De Los Dos
Alexandra Stan - Thanks For Leaving
Roots (The) - Tomorrow
Mordant In Flesh - Rest In Peace Mordant In Flesh
Spiral - Cloud Kingdoms
Tribal Monterrey - La Mejor Del Mundo
Mastodon - The Motherload
Mastodon - High Road
Mastodon - Chimes At Midnight
Mastodon - Asleep In The Deep
Mastodon - Feast Your Eyes
Mastodon - Ember City
Mastodon - Halloween
Mastodon - Diamond In The Witch House
Nerak - Dime Mami
Boris Ulloa - Donde Estaras
Arden Park Roots - When The Bulls Come Runnin
Seven Lions - Don't Leave
Seven Lions - Worlds Apart
Seven Lions - Strangers
Carlos Urribarri - Endulzate