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Charlie Byrd - Homage A Villa-Lobos
Chris de Burgh - Bethlehem
Chris de Burgh - The Open Door
Chris de Burgh - Heart and Soul
Chris de Burgh - Chain of Command
Chris de Burgh - Confession
Chris de Burgh - Homeland
Chris de Burgh - Cry No More
Chris de Burgh - Falling Rain
Chris de Burgh - All for Love
Chris de Burgh - Hold On (I'm on My Way)
Chris de Burgh - The Land of the Free
Chris de Burgh - The Soldier
Charlie Byrd - The Way We Were
Buddy - Ab in den Süden 2004
Buddy - Itsy Bitsy Strandbikini
Chris de Burgh - Once Upon A Time
Chris de Burgh - Read My Name
Chris de Burgh - Making the Perfect Man
Cali Agents - Neva forget
Cali Agents - The Good Life
Cali Agents - Talking Smack
Cajun Dance Party - Runaway
Chris de Burgh - Big City Sundays
Chris de Burgh - Where Would I Be?
Chris de Burgh - Carry On / The Traveller
Burning Rain - When Can I Believe in Love
Burning Rain - Can't Cure The Fire
Francesco Buttazzo - Ci inviti alla tua festa
Francesco Buttazzo - Sono il tuo Dio
Chris de Burgh - You Are the Reason
Chris de Burgh - I'm Going Home
Chris de Burgh - The Tower
Chris de Burgh - Liberty
Francesco Buttazzo - Frutto della nostra terra
Burhan G - Jeg Vil Ha' Dig For Mig Selv
Burhan G - Tænk på mig
Los Cafres - Advance
Burhan G - Jeg vil ha dig for mig selv
Jay Brannan - Goddamned
Jay Brannan - Ever After Happily
Jay Brannan - Say It’s Possible
Jay Brannan - All I Want
Jay Brannan - Zombie
Chris de Burgh - Seven Bridges
Chris de Burgh - The Connemara Coast
Cabas - Adentro
Cabas - No dejo de pensar en ti
Cabas - He pecado
Adriana Calcanhotto - Maresia
C2C - Down the Road
C2C - Happy
Sir Henry Rowley Bishop - Home Sweet Home
J.J. Cale - Ride Me High
J.J. Cale - Hold On
J.J. Cale - Super Blue
J.J. Cale - You Got Me On So Bad
J.J. Cale - Sensitive Kind
J.J. Cale - Carry On
J.J. Cale - Devil In Disguise
J.J. Cale - Boilin' Pot
J.J. Cale - Friday
J.J. Cale - Homeless
J.J. Cale - Rio
Da Buzz - Stronger Than Words Can Say
Da Buzz - Sorry Baby
Da Buzz - This Night I'm in Love
Da Buzz - Together as One
Da Buzz - I Wanna Be Free
Da Buzz - Tonight Is The Night
Da Buzz - Can You Feel The Same Way Too
Da Buzz - Cause I Need Your Love
Da Buzz - Heaven
Da Buzz - I'll Give You All The Love
Da Buzz - Fantasy
Da Buzz - Don't Ever Say Goodbye
Da Buzz - The Echo
J.J. Cale - Crying
J.J. Cale - A Thing Going On
Da Buzz - Take All My Love
Da Buzz - Dangerous
Da Buzz - Baby Listen to Me
Da Buzz - Da Buzz
Adriana Calcanhotto - As borboletas
Adriana Calcanhotto - Salada russa
Adriana Calcanhotto - Por que os peixes falam francês?
J.J. Cale - Love Has Been Gone
J.J. Cale - Hard Times
J.J. Cale - Old Blue
J.J. Cale - Nobody Knows
J.J. Cale - River Boat Song
John Cale - Gun
John Cale - You Know More Than I Know
John Cale - Scotland Yard
John Cale - December Rains
John Cale - Changes Made
John Cale - Damn Life
J.J. Cale - People Lie
J.J. Cale - Lonesome Train
Boss Hogg Outlawz - I'm a Hogg
Boss Hogg Outlawz - I'm Fresh
Boss Hogg Outlawz - Heat on My Side
Chris de Burgh - The Traveler
Chris de Burgh - Riding on a Rainbow
Chris de Burgh - A Spaceman Come Travelling
Chris de Burgh - Brasil
John Cale - Dirty-Ass Rock 'n' Roll
Busy Signal - Tic Toc
Busy Signal - Royal Night
Busy Signal - Kingston Town
Busy Signal - Dream Dream
Busy Signal - Sweet Love (Night Shift)
Busy Signal - Do the Maths
Busy Signal - Badman Place
Busby Marou - Dancing on the Moon
J.J. Cale - Digital Blues
Buxton - Oh My Boy
Buxton - Body Count
The Modern Lovers - Pablo Picasso
Cairokee - Ghareeb
Cairokee - Marboot B Astek
Cairokee - El Shams
Cairokee - Ya Tara Faker
Busy Signal - Professionally
Busy Signal - Dreams of Brighter Days
J.J. Cale - Don’t Go to Strangers
David Bustamante - Hoy tengo ganas de ti
David Bustamante - Dime
David Bustamante - A contracorriente
David Bustamante - No debió pasar
David Bustamante - Qué pasó
David Bustamante - Mìo
C Note - I Like
David Bustamante - Cuando hacemos el amor
David Bustamante - Ni una lágrima más
David Bustamante - Historia de un amor
David Bustamante - Sombras
David Bustamante - Como yo te amé
David Bustamante - Cuanto te ame
David Bustamante - Cómo poder decir adiós
Cage9 - Hearts and Stars
Cage9 - Further from the Truth
Cage9 - Octopussy
Cage9 - Breaking Me Down
Cage9 - Comatose
Cage9 - We Sleep With Skeletons Tonight
Cage9 - Nine Oh Nine
Cage9 - Eye on the Television Sky
Cachinus - If You Want Me To
Brodie Stewart Band - Fine Lookin' Country Girl
John Cale - Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night
John Cale - Hallelujah
Button Pusher - Beggars
John Cale - Things
John Cale - Archimedes
The Cairo Gang - Be What You Are
Byrta - Eydnan
Byrta - Loyndarmál
Byrta - Hjartasorg
Bushman - Bush Doctor
Bushman - Legalize It
John Cale - Faces and Names
John Cale - Sanctus (Sanities):
C‐Murder - Do You Wanna Ride
C‐Murder - Where the Party At?
C‐Murder - Ghetto Millionaire
C‐Murder - Lil Nigga
C‐Murder - Can’t Hold Me Back
C‐Murder - Ride on Dem Bustas
C‐Murder - Soldiers
C‐Murder - Posted on tha Block
C‐Murder - On da Block
C‐Murder - Street Thugs
Kutt Calhoun - Bunk Rock Bitch
Kutt Calhoun - Colors
Kutt Calhoun - Walk With a Limp
Kutt Calhoun - Real Sex
Kutt Calhoun - That's Kutt Calhoun
Kutt Calhoun - Calling My Name
Kutt Calhoun - It’s Goin’ Down
Kutt Calhoun - Hello and Goodbye
Busdriver - Scoliosis Jones
Kutt Calhoun - Hit Me Back
Kutt Calhoun - Strange $
Kutt Calhoun - State Ov Emerge N See
Kutt Calhoun - Handz Up (Shut Sh*t Down)
Busdriver - Ass to Mouth
Los Calchakis - Papel de Plata
Busdriver - Me-Time (With the Pulmonary Palimpset)
Busdriver - Party Pooper
Busdriver - Bottom Bitch
Busdriver - Take This Step with Me and Never Come Back
Eric Burdon & War - Spill the Wine
Calibre 50 - Qué tiene de malo
Calibre 50 - Corrido de Feliciano
Bus Stop - Up & Down
Bus Stop - Jump
The Burning Hotels - Beard
The Burning Hotels - Allison
The Burning Hotels - Lovely Lovely Lady