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Michael Card - The City of Doom
Michael Card - Could It Be
Michael Card - O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus
Michael Card - On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand
Cardiac - La Fuerza Del Corazon
Captain Murphy - Disciples
Captain Murphy - Gone Fishing
Captain Murphy - Shake Weight
Calimeros - Ich lieb nur dich allein
Calimeros - Arrivederci, ciao Amore
Michael Card - Living Stones
Michael Card - I Left Everything to Follow You
Michael Card - The Way of Wisdom
Captain - Glorious
Captain - Accidie
Captain - Keep an Open Mind
Michael Card - The Stranger
Michael Card - You Walk in Lonely Places
Michael Card - A Violent Grace
Michael Card - Pilgrims To The City of God
Blowsight - I Wish You 666
Blowsight - Wake Up Dead
Blowsight - Things Will Never Change
Blowsight - Miracle
Blowsight - Blue Hair
Blowsight - Days of Rain
Blowsight - Based On a True Story
Blowsight - Compassion For a Dream
Blowsight - Poker Face
Blowsight - Dystopia
Blowsight - If You Were Me
Blowsight - How I Get What I Deserve
Blowsight - It’s Me You’re Looking For
Blowsight - Back Where We Belong
Blowsight - Play Play Play
Blowsight - The Sun Behind the Rain
Blowsight - Through These Eyes
Blowsight - Surprise
Blowsight - They Whisper…
Blowsight - Red Riding Blues
Blowsight - Dystopia II
Blowsight - Bus Girl (Bonus Track)
Calimeros - Sag mir wo du bist
Camille - La Jeune Fille aux cheveux blancs
Camille - Assise
Camille - Vertige
Camille - Au Port
Camille - Elle s’en va
Camille - Home Is Where It Hurts
Camille - She Was
Camille - Mars Is No Fun
Camille - La France
Camille - Pleasure
Camille - Le Banquet
Camille - Babies Know More Than Us
Camille - She Was (À la chapelle)
The Callstore - The Letting Go
Nadine Carina - Crystal Eyes
Camille - Home Is Where It Hurts (remixed by Steve Moore)
Camille - Lumière
Camille - J'ai tort
Camille - Jolie Bruine
Camo & Krooked feat. TC - Get Dirty
Camo & Krooked feat. Shaz Sparks - All Fall Down
Camo & Krooked feat. Ayah Marar - Watch It Burn
Camo & Krooked - Turn Back the Time
Camo & Krooked - Faith
Camo & Krooked - In The Future
Camo & Krooked - Time Is Ticking Away
Camo & Krooked - All Fall Down
Camo & Krooked - Make The Call
Camo & Krooked - If I Could
Nacho Cano - La Codicia Mata El Alma
Capital Cities - Chartreuse
Capital Cities feat. Soseh - Chasing You
Capital Cities - Holiday
Capital Cities - Stayin’ Alive
Charlie Cardona - De Amor Ya No Se Muere (Non Si Puo' Morire Dentro)
Enzo Carella - Malamore
Claudio Capéo - Ça fait tourner le monde
Claudio Capéo - Ça va ça va
Claudio Capéo - Je vous embrasse fort
Claudio Capéo - Ambulance
Claudio Capéo - Fidèle à moi-même
Claudio Capéo - Dis-le moi
Claudio Capéo - Mon pays
Claudio Capéo - Belle France
Claudio Capéo - Enfants sauvages
Claudio Capéo - Riche
Claudio Capéo - Sexy Tropical (version live)
Carlos Puebla y sus tradicionales - Yankee, Go Home
Carlos Puebla y sus tradicionales - Y en eso llego Fidel
Joacim Cans - Annelie
The Calling - Nothing's Changed
The Calling - We're Forgiven
The Calling - Our Lives
The Calling - If Only
The Calling - Dreaming in Red
Carnivore - Carnivore (demo)
Carnivore - Legions of Doom
Brandi Carlile - Have You Ever
Brandi Carlile - What Can I Say
Brandi Carlile - Fall Apart Again
Brandi Carlile - 100
Campeche Show - No Tires la Primera Piedra
Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan - Ramblin' Man
Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan - The Circus Is Leaving Town
Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan - Come Undone
Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan - Time Of The Season
Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan - Sunrise
Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan - The Flame That Burns
Zachary Cale - Wayward Son
Danni Carlos - Ton ton
Danni Carlos - Pisando em Marte
Danni Carlos - Só sucesso
Danni Carlos - Don't Speak
Danni Carlos - Se Essa Rua Fosse Minha
Brandi Carlile - Hiding My Heart
Danni Carlos - Moon River
Brandi Carlile - Creep
Cam’ron - Intro
Cam’ron - Sports, Drugs & Entertainment
Cam’ron - Death
Gianluca Capozzi - Non lasciarmi mai più
Gianluca Capozzi - Ogni giorno di più
Cam'ron feat. Juelz Santana - Oh Boy
Cam’ron - Come Home With Me
Cam’ron - Dead or Alive
Cam’ron - The ROC (Just Fire)
Cam’ron - Spend the Night
Cam’ron - Hot Mess
Cam’ron - Horse & Carriage
Cam’ron - Get 'em Daddy
Cam’ron - Welcom to New York City
Cam’ron - Diamonds & Pearls
Cam’ron - I Hate My Job
Candido - Jingo
Canardo - Mele me
Canardo - Super Hero
Carimi - Carry Me
Carimi - Faram sa Move
Marco Calliari - Bella luna
Marco Calliari - Lacrime
Marco Calliari - Queste parole
Marco Calliari - Chitarra romana
Marco Calliari - We No Speak Americano
Captain Ahab - I Cant Wait for Summer
Captain Ahab - U Want Me
Emmanuel Carella - No Sky Is Blue
Burning Point - Gods of Iron
Burning Point - Heart of Gold
Cabadzi - Cent fois
Cabadzi - Plus sombre
Cabadzi - Cancre ultime
Cabadzi - Avant eux
Burning Point - Incarnation
Burning Point - My Reign, My Fire
Carnal Forge - Breaking Boundaries
Carnal Forge - Slaves
Cannibalistic Infancy - Urethral Dacaying
Cannibalistic Infancy - Outro
Cantinero - It Was Very Hot Today...
Craig Campbell - That Going Away Look (About Her)
Craig Campbell - Outta My Head
Campfire OK - We Lay In Caves
Cangaço - Cantar às Excelências das Armas Brancas
Jerry Cantrell - My Song
Jerry Cantrell - Jesus Hands
Jerry Cantrell - Keep the Light On
Jerry Cantrell - Pig Charmer
Jerry Cantrell - S.O.S.
Ángel Canales - Baby Please Don't Go
Ángel Canales - La vida es una caja de sorpresa
Carole Samaha - Ghali Alayi
Carole Samaha - Habibi Ya
Carole Samaha - Ya Azabi
Jean Carne - Closer Than Close
Ángel Canales - Nostalgia
Ángel Canales - Dos gardenias
Ángel Canales - Perico macoña
Banda Carnaval - Ya Me Sirvíó de Experiencia
The Caravelles - Gonna Get Along Without You Now
Mike Candys & Evelyn feat. Patrick Miller - One Night in Ibiza
Mike Candys feat. Evelyn - Together Again
Aurélie Cabrel - De l'homme à l'animal
Shlomo Carlebach - Esso Einai
Cappuccino - King of the Ring
Cappuccino - Du fehlst mir
Cappuccino - Regenbögen
Cappuccino - Nichts als die Wahrheit
Cappuccino - No Secrets
West Street Mob - Break Dance - Electric Boogie
Las Cafeteras - La Petenera
Luca Carboni - Non è
Luca Carboni - Mare mare
Luca Carboni - Ci vuole un fisico bestiale
Luca Carboni - Farfallina
Luca Carboni - Fragole buone buone
Luca Carboni - Il tempo dell'amore
Luca Carboni - Le storie d’amore
Luca Carboni - Alzando gli occhi al cielo
Luca Carboni - L'amore che cos'è
Shlomo Carlebach - Yisrael B'tach
Luca Carboni - Milano
Luca Carboni - Bologna è una regola
Luca Carboni - Caro Gesù
David Calzado y su Charanga Habanera - Hit parade
David Calzado y su Charanga Habanera - Chica mala
David Calzado y su Charanga Habanera - Que te lleve otro
David Calzado y su Charanga Habanera - La chica mas bella
Luca Carboni - Riccione-Alexander Platz
Luca Carboni - Estranei
Luca Carboni - Canzoni alla radio
Cam Meekins - You
Cam Meekins - Don't Be a Bitch
Cam Meekins - Wiz Khalifa
Cam Meekins - Slow Down
Canopy Climbers - Over
Luca Carboni - Settembre
Calypso Rose - Israel by Bus
Calypso Rose - I Say a Little Prayer
Calypso Rose - Abatina
Calypso Rose - Calypso Queen