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Los Centellas - Se Centella
Cassette Kids - Lying Around
Kurt Carr & The Kurt Carr Singers - Just The Beginning (featuring Kurt Carr & Vonnie Lopez)
David Byrne - Un di Felice, Eterea
David Byrne - Lazy
David Byrne - Crash
David Byrne - You & Eye
Caribbean Dandee - L'arène
David Byrne - U.B. Jesus
Wilf Carter - You'll Always Be Mine in My Dreams
Celestia - Perverted Decadent, Dying, Love
Wilf Carter - (There's A) Bluebird On Your Windowsill
David Byrne - A Million Miles Away
David Byrne - (The Gift of Sound) Where the Sun Never Goes Down
Ana Carolina & Seu Jorge - É Isso Aí (The Blower's Daughter)
Ana Carolina & Seu Jorge - Mais uma Vez (Nós Dois)
David Byrne - God's Child
David Byrne - And She Was
David Byrne - Once in a Lifetime
David Byrne - Road to Nowhere
David Byrne - Loco de Amor
David Byrne - Good and Evil
David Byrne - Desconocido Say
David Byrne - Call Out Hook #2
Nicolò Carnesi - Mr Robinson
Nicolò Carnesi - La grande fuga di Alberto
Johnny Cash - The Legend of John Henry’s Hammer
Johnny Cash - I See a Darkness
Johnny Cash - God's Gonna Cut You Down
Johnny Cash - A Legend in My Time
Johnny Cash - Devil's Right Hand
Johnny Cash - The Man Comes Around (early take)
Johnny Cash - Just as I Am
Johnny Cash - The Man Comes Around
Johnny Cash - We’ll Meet Again
Castro - Automatic
Castro - Diamond Dreams
Cavo - Beautiful
Cavo - California
Cavo - Straight to the Bottom
Cats on Fire - Tears in Your Cup
Cats on Fire - Garden Lights
Cats on Fire - Your Woman
Johnny Cash - The Beast in Me
Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash - Girl From the North Country
Johnny Cash - One Piece at a Time
Johnny Cash - The Wanderer
Johnny Cash - Ain't No Grave
Johnny Cash - Redemption Day
Cella Dwellas - Worries
Cattle & Cane - Skies
Cattle & Cane - Red
CEO - Run Away Love
Carved in Stone - The Lady of the Wood
Johnny Cash - San Quentin
Johnny Cash - Unchained
Johnny Cash - Oney
Johnny Cash - When I'm Gray
Johnny Cash - Forever Young
Johnny Cash - Rock Island Line
Johnny Cash - Born to Lose
Johnny Cash - Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie
Johnny Cash feat. The Carter Family - Keep on the Sunny Side
Bob Dylan - Girl From the North Country
Celestial Season - Solar Child
Mustafa Ceceli - Söz Veremem
Mustafa Ceceli - Hastalıkta Sağlıkta
Mustafa Ceceli - Bekle
Mustafa Ceceli - Dön
Mustafa Ceceli - Tenlerin Seçimi
Mustafa Ceceli - Bana Uyar
Mustafa Ceceli - Kanaryam
Mustafa Ceceli - Kendimce
Mustafa Ceceli - Hüsran
Mustafa Ceceli - Islak İmza
Mustafa Ceceli - Aşkım Benim
Mustafa Ceceli - Kiraz
Mustafa Ceceli - Gül Rengi
Mustafa Ceceli - Ah Yıllar
Mustafa Ceceli - 17 Milyon
Mustafa Ceceli - Kalpten
Mustafa Ceceli - Alem Güzel
Mustafa Ceceli - Aman
Mustafa Ceceli - Rahat Rahat
Mustafa Ceceli - Sevgilim
Mustafa Ceceli - Aşk Döşeği
Mustafa Ceceli - Aşikardır Zat-ı Hak
Mustafa Ceceli - Bir Zamanlar Deli Gönlüm
Mustafa Ceceli - Dünyanın Bütün Sabahları
Mustafa Ceceli - Hata
Mustafa Ceceli - Hastalıkta Sağlıkta (piyano versiyon)
Johnny Cash - The Greatest Cowboy of Them All
Johnny Cash - When He Comes
Johnny Cash - I'm Just an Old Chunk of Coal
Eller van Buuren - Neon Hero
Michelle Branch - You Set Me Free
Michelle Branch - Are You Happy Now?
Michelle Branch - I Want Tears
Carlos & Alejandra - Quizás
Carlos & Alejandra - Ella y él
Liz Carroll - Letter to Peter Pan
Jason Castro - Starting Line
Jason Castro - Enough
Jason Castro - What If I Fall
Johnny Cash feat. Hank Williams, Jr. - That Old Wheel
Cayucas - Will “The Thrill”
Cayucas - East Coast Girl
Cayucas - Bigfoot
Cayucas - Moony Eyed Walrus
Peter Case - Million Dollars Bail
Peter Case - Dig What You're Puttin' Down
Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash - No Need to Worry
Johnny Cash & June Carter Cash - I Got a Woman
Johnny Cash - Let Him Roll
Johnny Cash - The Hobo Song
Johnny Cash - Harley
Johnny Cash - I Love You, Love You
Johnny Cash - Monteagle Mountain
Johnny Cash - Ballad of the Harp Weaver
Catching Flies - Grey Skies
Catching Flies - The Stars
June Carter Cash - I Wish I Had Never Met Sunshine
Nathalie Cardone - Antonio
Nathalie Cardone - G. Stories
Nathalie Cardone - Les hommes de ma vie
Nathalie Cardone - Yo soy rebelde
Nathalie Cardone - Le Temps des fleurs
Cat5 - Dansa Comigo
Johnny Cash - Ringing the Bells for Jim
Johnny Cash - Farther Along
Phoebe Cates - Theme From 'Paradise'
Cazwell Feat. Amanda Lepore - Get Into It
Cazwell - Get My Money Back
Cazwell - The Sex That I Need
Cazwell - Unzip Me
Cazwell - Downtown
Cazwell - Guess What?
Cazwell - Get Into It
Cazwell - Helen Keller
Cazwell - Get My Money Back (Music video)
Cazwell - Tonight (Music Video)
Jorge Celedón - Oye tú
Karen Ramirez - Troubled Girl
Jorge Celedón - Me importa un carajo
Jorge Celedón - Todo de mi todo
Jorge Celedón - Horas Felices
Jorge Celedón - Sí pero no
Jorge Celedón - El amor es así
Johnny Cash - Chain Gang
Johnny Cash - Cotton Pickin' Hands
Johnny Cash - A Letter From Home
Johnny Cash - Sam Hall
Johnny Cash - After the Ball
Jean-Michel Caradec - Elle a peur de prendre l'avion
Jean-Michel Caradec - La Liberté
Jean-Michel Caradec - Elle m'a dit non
Jean-Michel Caradec - Dans la mer
Jean-Michel Caradec - Ell m'a dit non
Johnny Cash - Down the Road I Go
Johnny Cash - The Last Gunfighter Ballad
Johnny Cash - I Would Like to See You Again
Johnny Cash - Highwayman
Christian Brøns - Venter
Johnny Cash - Girl From the North Country
Capybara - Soft
Cats Never Die - After Death We Have Our Own World
Cats Never Die - Before I Died
Cats Never Die - In The Sky We Have No Mercy
Cats Never Die - Seventeen
Johnny Cash - Little Man
Century - Oak God
Johnny Cash - Heavy Metal (Don't Mean Rock & Roll to Me)
Johnny Cash - Farmer’s Almanac
Miguel Caló - Trasnochando
Miguel Caló - Cada dia te extraño mas
Miguel Caló - Yo soy el tango
Miguel Caló - Bajo un cielo de estrellas
Miguel Caló - Percal
Cemeteries - Summer Smoke
Cemeteries - Brighter Colors
Cemeteries - Empty Camps
Cemeteries - Sodus
Ceremony - Repeating the Circle
Ceremony - Hibernation
Ceremony - Your Life in America
Ceremony - The Pattern
David Campbell - Goodbye (Catch Me If You Can)
David Campbell - It Will Always Be You
Johnny Cash - If We Never Meet Again
Johnny Cash - Rock of Ages
Ángela Carrasco - No me puedo quejar
Calling All Cars - Worlds Collide
Alfredo Catalani - La Wally
Carpenter Brut - Anarchy Road
Carpenter Brut - The Good Old Call
Johnny Cash - Belshazar
George Jones - Just One More
Can 7 - Eternally
Johnny Cash - Good Morning Friend
Magnus Carlsson - Andetag
Magnus Carlsson - Då talar kärleken sitt språk
Magnus Carlsson - Lev livet!
Joe Bushkin - Oh! Look at Me Now
Charlotte Campbell - Blue Eyes, Green Eyes
Charlotte Campbell - Streets of London
Charlotte Campbell - Tell Me I'm Right
Larry Carlton - Chicks With Kickstands
Larry Carlton - It Was Only Yesterday
Cerrone - I Want
Cex - Kill Me
Cex - You Kiss Like You're Dead
Carousel Vertigo - Help Me Through The Day
Cerrone - Angelina
Carmel - Circle Line
Carmel - Good News
CAKE - Mexico
Cerrone - Supernature '86
Cause for Effect - Max Acceleration