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Jack Carty - Hey, You!
Jack Carty - What Am I Gonna Do With All of My Love Now?
Ceumar - Dindinha
Ceumar - Silencia
Ceumar - Cantiga
Loane - Mais, aime la
Étienne Charry - The rest of my life
The Chase - I Created a Monster
Edie Carey - Come Close
Charity Children - Little Sparrow (Für Die Kinder)
Charity Children - Elizabeth
Josie Charlwood - Diamond Eyes
Josie Charlwood - Electric Feel
The Carbonfools - Birthday
The Carbonfools - Clublights
The Carbonfools - Closer
The Carbonfools - Easter Song (Dreamin')
The Carbonfools - Czechoslovakian Disco
The Carbonfools - Killing Time
The Carbonfools - Freckles
The Carbonfools - But She
The Carbonfools - Mountains
Chaos Divine - Landmines
CHAGE and ASKA - On Your Mark
CHAGE and ASKA - Something There
CHAGE and ASKA - I'm a singer
CHAGE and ASKA - Tasogare wo Matazuni
CHAGE and ASKA - Key Word
Chapeau Claque - So'n Scheiss
Chapeau Claque - Milchschaum der Musik
Chapeau Claque - Last Dance
Chapeau Claque - Froschtod
The Cave Singers - Beach House
The Cave Singers - Have to Pretend
The Cave Singers - Evergreens
Che’Nelle - Hurry Up
Che’Nelle - When We Will Meet Again
Che’Nelle - Don't Know Why You Love Me
Che’Nelle - Fall in Love
Che’Nelle - Believe
Che’Nelle - Rain
Che’Nelle - Tear Jerker
El Chapo de Sinaloa - Porque Eres Mi Reina
El Chapo de Sinaloa - Apartame Esta Noche
El Chapo de Sinaloa - Cuando Era Niño
El Chapo de Sinaloa - La Noche Perfecta
El Chapo de Sinaloa - La Verdad
El Chapo de Sinaloa - Tú Vas a Llorar
Che’Nelle - Baby I Love U
Che’Nelle - Sunshine Girl
Che’Nelle - For You
Che’Nelle - SAKURA
Che’Nelle - I'm With U
Che’Nelle - Change Your World
Catamenia - Perintö Pohjolan
Catamenia - Kuolon tanssi
Catamenia - One With Sorrow
El Chapo de Sinaloa - Corazón de mi amor
El Chapo de Sinaloa - Le Hace Falta Un Beso
Catamenia - Tuhon oma
Catamenia - Dominion
Catamenia - The Time Unchained
Catamenia - Fallen
Catamenia - The Last Day Before...
Martin Carthy & Dave Swarbrick - Poor Murdered Woman
The Chalets - Love Punch
La Caravane Passe - T'as la touche manouche
La Caravane Passe - Salade, tomate, oignon
La Caravane Passe - Zinzin Moretto
Nick Carter - My Confession
Nick Carter - Love Can't Wait
Nick Carter - Nothing Left to Lose
Nick Carter - 19 in 99
Nick Carter - Second Wind
Nick Carter - Swet
Nick Carter - Payback
Nick Carter - Remember
Nick Carter - Get Over Me f. Avril Lavigne
La Caravane Passe - Paint Him Black
Chasing Shadows - Ill
Ray Charles - 5-Night Time is the Right Time (studio)
Ray Charles - Greenbacks
Ray Charles - Ray's Blues
Ray Charles - Mess Around
Ray Charles - Come Back Baby
Chaplain - J'en ai fait des tonnes
Les Chaussettes Noires - Tu parles trop
Les Chaussettes Noires - Trop jaloux
Les Chaussettes Noires - Quand je te vois (Pretty Little Angel Eyes)
Les Chaussettes Noires - Non ne lui dis pas
Cecil Otter - Rebel Yellow
Ray Charles and His Orchestra - Hit The Road, Jack
Cecil Jonni Lauro - Buckle Up 'n' Chuggeluck
Cecil Jonni Lauro - Baby Be Nice to Me
Cecil Jonni Lauro - Everybody Cha Cha
Chavez - New Room
Chavez - Our Boys Will Shine Tonight
Chavez - Cold Joys
Cavalo de Pau - Bichinho de Estimação - O Nosso Caso de Amor
Charlie Straight - Something New
The Chantels - Sure of Love
The Chantels - If You Try
Ingrid Caven - Die großen weißen Vögel
Capercaillie - To the Moon
Capercaillie - Claire in Heaven
Capercaillie - Rann Na Mona
Capercaillie - Servant to the Slave
Capercaillie - Dèan Cadalan Sàmhach
Ceui - Qualia
Ceui - Last Inferno
Isaac Carree - Isaac & Alaina (interlude)
Capercaillie - Coisich a Ruin
Capercaillie - Crime of Passion
Capercaillie - An Eala Bhàn (The White Swan)
Casuarina - É isso aí (Isso é problema dela)
Casuarina - Chiclete com banana
Casuarina - Rosa morena
Charlie Parker - Bebop
Charlie Brown Jr. - Não é Sério
Charlie Brown Jr. - Lutar pelo que é meu
Charlie Brown Jr. - Aquela paz
Charlie Brown Jr. - O que é da casa é da casa
Capercaillie - Skye Waulking Song
Capercaillie - Lain Ghlinn' Cuaich - John of Glen Cuaich
Carlos & The Bandidos - Atom Bomb Baby
Charlie Brown Jr. - Be Myself
Charlie Brown Jr. - Skateboard amor eterno
Charlie Brown Jr. - Paranormal
Charlie Brown Jr. - Do jeito que eu gosto, do jeito que eu quero
Charlie Brown Jr. - A mais linda do bar
Chanel West Coast - Karl
Chanel West Coast - Alcoholic
Real Life Charm - Desire
Chanel West Coast - Punch Drunk Love
Charlie Brown Jr. - O Que É da Casa É da Casa - Papo Reto (Prazer é Sexo o Resto é Negócio)
Roger Chapman - Slap Bang in the Middle
Cepillín - La feria de Cepillín
Cepillín - Habia una Vez un Barco Chiquito
Cepillín - La Gallinita CO CO UA
Roger Chapman - I'm a Good Boy Now
Roger Chapman - Slap Bang in the Middle (demo)
Champagne - Oh Me, Oh My, Goodbye
Castevet - Beating High Schoolers at Arcade Games
Castevet - Model Trains
JoeyStarr - Gaz-L
Frédéric Chateau - Le Malheur des uns et le Bonheur des autres
Chastain - Share Yourself With Me
Charanga Cubana - Popurrí de cha cha cha
Chastain - New Beginnings
Chastain - Save Me Tonight
Chastain - It’s Too Late for Yesterday
Carbon/Silicon - Really the Blues
Joe Cassano - Giorno e notte
Chelo - Yummy
Chelo - Las cuentas claras
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Anytime Anyplace Anywhere
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - The Wrong Place at the Wrong Time
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine - Let's Get Tattoos
Charge - Comfortably Numb
El Charro Avitia - El Aguijon
Danny Cavanagh - Smile Like You Mean It
Danny Cavanagh - Wasted Years
Captain Gumbo - Allons à Lafayette
Chamillionaire feat. Krayzie Bone - Ridin' (Main)
Bunkier - Pan Heniek
Michael Chacón - La banana
Charice feat. Iyaz - Pyramid
Charice feat. Drew Ryan Scott - Did It for You
Charice - Never Always
Charice - Everything I Do, I Do It for You
Charice - How Could An Angel Break My Heart
Charice - Do You Know Where You're Going To
Charice - You Raise Me Up