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Chiara - Due respiri
Chiara - The Final Countdown
Chiara - Mille passi
Alex Chilton - Just to See You
Alex Chilton - All I Really Want Is Money
DBN - Jack Is Back
Fake Blood - I Think I Like It
Spencer & Hill - Cool
Pan-Pot - Confronted
Chuckie - Who Is Ready to Jump
Alex Chilton - Little GTO
Clairity - Exorcism
Clairity - DNA
Clairity - Velcro
Cider Sky - Love Is a Drum
Cider Sky - Glowing in the Dark
Cider Sky - Pieces
Cider Sky - A Minute or Two
Cider Sky - Fall
Cider Sky - We Are in Love
Gene Clark - The Radio Song
Gene Clark - Something's Wrong
Gene Clark - In The Pines
Cirith Ungol - Fire (Arthur Brown cover)
Petula Clark - With All My Heart
Petula Clark - The Song of My Life
Petula Clark - Chariot
Petula Clark - Les incorruptibles
Steven A. Clark - Time Machine
Steven A. Clark - She's In Love
Cheat Codes & Dante Klein - Let Me Hold You
Gene Clark - Mississippi Detention Camp
Gene Clark - Love Wins Again
Gene Clark - Gypsy Rider
Petula Clark - Next to You
Petula Clark - Je me sens bien auprès de toi
Petula Clark - Aide toi, le ciel t'aidera
The Cinematics - All These Things
The Cinematics - You Can Dance
The Cinematics - Devil In My Soul
Petula Clark - It’s a Sign of the Times
Petula Clark - Don’t Sleep in the Subway Darling
El Chivi - Te llevaré
El Chivi - Sácala
El Chivi - Antes
El Chivi - Que tiempos aquellos
Circa Waves - Lost It
Circa Waves - Young Chasers
Circa Waves - Good for Me
Circa Waves - 100 Strangers
Circa Waves - Shoot the Sky
El Chivi - La novia
Cinnamon Chasers - One Million Balloons
Kelly Clarkson - Winter Dreams (Brandon's Song)
Kelly Clarkson - Catch My Breath
Cinnamon Chasers - Great Escape
Cinnamon Chasers - Like a TV Show
Cinnamon Chasers - Changes
Cinnamon Chasers - Hurts Too Much
Cinnamon Chasers - Alive
Petula Clark - Thirty First of June
Petula Clark - The Last Waltz
Petula Clark - I Never Do Anything Twice
Kelly Clarkson - Take You High
Kelly Clarkson - Dance With Me
Kelly Clarkson - Addicted
Kelly Clarkson - Can I Have a Kiss
Kelly Clarkson - Respect (From American Idol)
Kelly Clarkson - Because of You (Napster live)
Kelly Clarkson - Don’t Be a Girl About It
Petula Clark - Bang, Bang
Christafari - Whosoever
Christafari - Christafari
Christafari - Sitting and Watching (Fly Away)
The Clan Destined - I Am Because We Are!
The Clan Destined - T.C. Lethbridge
Petula Clark - Prends mon cœur
Christafari - Lion of Zion
Christafari - Best Friend
Christafari - Beloved
Christafari - Psalm 136
Eric Church - Creepin’
Eric Church - Jack Daniels
Eric Church - How ’Bout You
Eric Church - What I Almost Was
Eric Church - Lightning
Eric Church - That’s Damn Rock & Roll
Christafari - Preach the Gospel
Eric Church - His Kind of Money (My Kind of Love)
Eric Church - Smoke a Little Smoke (Contains elements of
Claire Voyant - Majesty
Chingón - El rey de los chingones
Chingón - Cielito lindo
Chingón - Siente mi amor
Chingón - Malagueña salerosa (La malagueña)
Chingón - Bajo sexto (Six Below)
Chingón - Cascabel (Bonus Track)
Classic - Jolka Jolka
Citizen - Figure You Out
Citizen - Heaviside
Citizen - Weave Me (Into Yr Sin)
Citizen - Yellow Love
Citizen - I'm Sick of Waiting
Citizen - Silo
Claire Voyant - Her
Petula Clark - La nuit n’en finit plus
Claptone feat. Nathan Nicholson - In the Beginning
Claptone feat. Jaw - Dear Life
Claptone feat. Peter Bjorn and John - Puppet Theatre
Claptone - The Music Got Me
Claptone feat. Jaw - No Eyes
Claptone feat. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Ghost
Claptone - Heartbeat
Claptone - Before I Lose My Mind
Chiara Civello - Isola
Chiara Civello - Al posto del mondo
Chiara Civello - A me non devi dire mai
Chiara Civello - Via con me
Chiara Civello - Con una rosa
Chiara Civello - Io che amo solo te
Chiara Civello - Il mondo
Chiara Civello - I mulini dei ricordi
Chiara Civello - 8 storie
Chiara Civello - My Somewhere to Go
Chiara Civello - I Didn't Want
Petula Clark - The Windmills of Your Mind
Clarence Clarity - Buck-Toothed Particle Smashers
Clarence Clarity - One Hand Washes the Other
Diego Clare and Limetree Warehouse - On the Line
Los Chunguitos - La paya
Dzintars Čīča - Tu esi vasarā
Los Chunguitos - De puede morir de amor
Jimmy Clanton - Go, Jimmy, Go
Christ on Parade - Dead Meat
Christ on Parade - Lifesucker
Los Chunguitos - Pa ti pa tu primo
CHEMISTRY - Long Long Way
CHEMISTRY - for...
CHEMISTRY - Motherland (1st LIVE TOUR 2002 CHEMISTRY Intro-lude Tour for REAL)
Petula Clark - If Ever You're Lonely
Mohsen Chavoshi - Amire Bi Gazand (Harmless Ruler)
Mohsen Chavoshi - Dele Man (My Heart)
Mohsen Chavoshi - Sheydaie (Fascination)
Mohsen Chavoshi - Sharmsari (Shame)
Mohsen Chavoshi - Motasel (Connected)
Mohsen Chavoshi - Ghahveye Ghajari
Mohsen Chavoshi - Joz
Mohsen Chavoshi - Yousef
Mohsen Chavoshi - Ghalat Kardam Ghalat
Mohsen Chavoshi - Shir Marda
Mohsen Chavoshi - Man Khod An Sizdaham
Mohsen Chavoshi - Zhakat
Mohsen Chavoshi - Parchame Sefid
Mohsen Chavoshi - Bekhoon Emshab
Mohsen Chavoshi - Ki Behet Khandide
Mohsen Chavoshi - Har ruz Paeize
Mohsen Chavoshi - Javabam Nakon
Mohsen Chavoshi - Haraj
Mohsen Chavoshi - Taghas
Mohsen Chavoshi - Dor E Akhar
Class Actress - All the Saints
Class Actress - Missed
Class Actress - More Than You
Class Actress - GFE
Class Actress - Love My Darkness
Class Actress - Movies
Class Actress - Let Me Take You Out
Class Actress - Journal of Ardency
Gary Chapman - Love Will Be Our Anchor
Cervello - Trittico
Citizen Cope - Pablo Picasso
Citizen Cope - Sideways
Citizen Cope - Penitentiary
Citizen Cope - Hurricane Waters
Citizen Cope - If There's Love
Citizen Cope - Let the Drummer Kick
Citizen Cope - Hands of the Saints
Citizen Cope - Holdin' On
Citizen Cope - Brother Lee
Citizen Cope - Left for Dead
Citizen Cope - Keep Askin'
Piero Ciampi - 40 soldati 40 sorelle
Piero Ciampi - Ha tutte le carte in regola
Piero Ciampi - Livorno
Piero Ciampi - Adius
Citizen Cope - One Lovely Day
Citizen Cope - DFW
Citizen Cope - For a Dollar
Citizen Cope - A Wonder
Citizen Cope - Summertime
Cidadão Instigado - Dudu vivi dada
Piero Ciampi - Viso di primavera
Claudia - Deixa eu dizer
Claudia - Com Mais De 30
Circle - Kumiluoti
Las Chicas del Can - Voy pa lla
Las Chicas del Can - Juana La Cubana
Las Chicas del Can - Amigo Travieso
Las Chicas del Can - Fuego
Chronique - Andoria
Circle of Contempt - Nothing Imminent
Circle of Contempt - Entwine the Threads
Clandestine - Dunlavy's Castle
Clandestine - The Cruel Sister
CJ - Wheels on the Bus
CJ - 5 Little Monkeys
Centurian - Blood for Satan
Centurian - Colosseum of Blood
Wakin Chau - 1234567
Chelsea Grin - Judgement
Chelsea Grin - Desolation of Eden
Chelsea Grin - False Sense of Sanity
Chelsea Grin - Cheyne Stokes
Chelsea Grin - "Behind a Veil of Lies"
Chelsea Grin - "Oblivion"
Chelsea Grin - Playing With Fire
Chelsea Grin - Pledge Allegiance
Chelsea Grin - Nightmares
Chelsea Grin - Waste Away
Chelsea Grin - Clockwork
Chelsea Grin - Undying
Chelsea Grin - Dust to Dust...
Chelsea Grin - Welcome Back
Chelsea Grin - Four Horseman
Chelsea Grin - Love Song
Chelsea Grin - Clickbait
Chelsea Grin - Skin Deep
Chelsea Grin - Scratching and Screaming
Chelsea Grin - Strung Out
Chelsea Grin - Broken Bonds
Chelsea Grin - Life Sentence
Chelsea Grin - Say Goodbye
Chelsea Grin - American Dream
Chelsea Grin - Avidus
Chelsea Grin - Lifeless
Chelsea Grin - Crewcabanger
Chelsea Grin - Don't Ask, Don't Tell
Chelsea Grin - The Second Coming
Chelsea Grin - Confession
Citizens & Saints - You Have Searched Me
Citizens & Saints - The Gospel
Citizens & Saints - Father You Are All We Need
Citizens & Saints - Faith
Citizens & Saints - My Joy Is Complete
Citizens & Saints - Nothing But the Blood
Johnny Clarke - Roots, Natty Roots, Natty Congo