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The Cat Empire - Blasting Away
The Cat Empire - You Are My Song
The Cat Empire - Eagle
The Cat Empire - Qué será ahora
The Cat Empire - No Mountain
The Cat Empire - Rhyme & Reason
The Cat Empire - On My Way
The Cat Empire - Motion
Les Charlots - Sur la route de Penzac
The Cat Empire - Wanted to Write a Love Song
Les Charlots - Sur la route de Pen'zac
Les Charlots - J'irai revoir la Normandie
Les Charlots - Le Cinématographe
Les Charlots - Si tu ne veux pas payer d'impots (Cache ton piano)
Claudia & Asu - Zalele 2013 New Version
Brandy Clark - Girl Next Door
Brandy Clark - Love Can Go to Hell
Brandy Clark - Big Day in a Small Town
Linda Clifford - Bridge Over Troubled Water
Chaozz - Vodopády
Chili Hi Fly - Is It Love?
Chief Kamachi - Show Me Proof
City and Colour - Little Hell
City and Colour - Coming Home
City and Colour - Forgive Me
City and Colour - Hope for Now
Clogs - We Were Here
City and Colour - Harder Than Stone
City and Colour - Paradise
City and Colour - Woman
City and Colour - Northern Blues
City and Colour - Killing Time
City and Colour - Wasted Love
City and Colour - Lover Come Back
City and Colour - Map of the World
City and Colour - Friends
City and Colour - Blood
City and Colour - How Come Your Arms Are Not Around Me
Cibelle - Train Station
Cibelle - Lightworks
Johnny Clegg feat. Soweto Gospel Choir - Asimbonanga (Mandela)
The Les Claypool Frog Brigade - Ding Dang
John Cooper Clarke - Thirty Six Hours
John Cooper Clarke - The It Man
John Cooper Clarke - (I Married a) Monster From Outer Space
John Cooper Clarke - Night People
John Cooper Clarke - Strange Bedfellows
Clubz - Épocas
John Cooper Clarke - (I've Got a Brand New) Tracksuit
Cleo - Bastet
Cleo - Astrofizyka
Cleo - Mi-Sie
Cleo - Na pół
Cleo - N-O-C
Cleo - Wolę być
Cleo - Zabiorę nas
Cleo - Przepis idealny
Cleo - Echo
Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons - Never Meant to Love You
David Civera - Te voy a dar
David Civera - Un beso de amor
David Civera - Dime como se baila
David Civera - Dicen por ahi
David Civera - Verdadero
CKY - Foolin
CKY - Barbara Jeans Ass
CKY - Nooo!
CKY - Chinese Freestyle
CKY - Dropped
Citizen King - Better Days (And the Bottom Drops Out)
City Rain - Join the Human Race
City Rain - Hearts
City Rain - The Dreamer
Cirrus - Back on a Mission
Clint Brown - I Love to Worship You
Gabriella Cilmi - Awkward Game
Arno Carstens - Boy
Arno Carstens - Anderkant
Anthony Rother - When the Sun Goes Down
Silicon Soul - Who Needs Sleep Tonight
Coasta - Michael Traction
Coasta - Young Blood
Christopher Just - I'm a Disco Dancer (And a Sweet Romancer)
Cleopatra - You Can't Be in My Life
Eric Clapton & Stan Webb's Chicken Shack - I'd Rather Go Blind
COASTS - Modern Love
COASTS - A Rush of Blood
COASTS - Your Soul
COASTS - Golden City
COASTS - As Long as I Need You
Philippe Clay - Place Blanche
Philippe Clay - Vous et tu
Philippe Clay - Un fil sous les pattes
Cloud 9 - Do You Want Me Baby
The Clik Clik - My Dunks
The Clik Clik - I Can't Take You Anywhere
The Clockwork Dolls - Blades In Autumn
The Clockwork Dolls - Flyboy
The Clockwork Dolls - A Forest of Crumbs
Clouds - You Went So Silent
Clouds - If These Walls Could Speak
Clouds - Heaven Was Blind to My Grief
Clouds - A Glimpse of Sorrow
Clouds - The Deep Vast Emptiness
Cobra Skulls - Solastalgia
Cobra Skulls - Ice in the Night
Cliteater - Eat Clit or Die
Club 69 - Drama
Club 69 - Always Unique
Club 69 - Diva
Club 69 - Let Me Be Your Underwear
Tracy Chapman - At This Point in My Life
Tracy Chapman - Give Me One Reason
Tracy Chapman - Born To Fight
Tracy Chapman - Broken
Tracy Chapman - Happy
Chico Trujillo - Gran pecador
Chico Trujillo - Calientame la sopa con un hueso
Chico Trujillo - La Cosecha de Mujeres
Chico Trujillo - Sin excusas
Chico Trujillo - Conductor
Chico Trujillo - Calentones
Chico Trujillo - Sombrero
Chico Trujillo - Y si no fuera
Chico Trujillo - El tren
Tracy Chapman - Speak the Word
Tracy Chapman - Never Yours
Tracy Chapman - Be and Be Not Afraid
Tracy Chapman - Woman's Work
Tracy Chapman - Mountains O'Things
Tracy Chapman - Stand by Me
Tracy Chapman - Talkin Bout A Revolution
Change - Angel In My Pocket
Change - The Glow Of Love
Change - Hard Times (It's Gonna Be Alright)
Change - Mutual Attraction
Change - Say You Love Me Again
Cisza Jak Ta - Jeśli zechcesz
Cisza Jak Ta - Bo tak Cię Kocham
Click Click - Ducks in the Kiddie Pool
Capture the Crown - Reign of Terror
Capture the Crown - To Whom It May Concern
Capture the Crown - I Hate You
Capture the Crown - Oxy Sunrise
Capture the Crown - Firestarter
Capture the Crown - Make War, Not Love
Capture the Crown - Bloodsuckers
Capture the Crown - When I Get Home
Capture the Crown - #OIMATEWTF
Capture the Crown - Welcome to My Worlds
Circles - Erased
Circles - Another Me
Circles - Act III
Chiclete com Banana - Nana ê
Chiclete com Banana - Que Gata é Essa!
Chiclete com Banana - Vigiando Você
Chiclete com Banana - Quero rimar Chiclete com banana
Cindergarden - Stranger
Cindergarden - Bad Dreams
Cindergarden - The Big Reveal
Chiclete com Banana - Eu sou um rato
Ceredwen - Porth Annwn (The Gates of Annwn)
Chefdenker - Meine Heimat die Erde
Chefdenker - Ich weiss es besser
Chefdenker - In deiner Hand
Chiclete com Banana - Na fissura do cheiro
Chocolate - Everybody Salsa!
Cock Sparrer - Out on an Island
Cock Sparrer - A.U.
Chica Vampiro - Daisy et Max - Chica Vampiro
Chica Vampiro - Daisy - Quiero Todo
Leslie Clio - Sister Sun Brother Moon
Leslie Clio - God No More
Leslie Clio - Eureka
Leslie Clio - All the Other Fools
Leslie Clio - Damage Done
Leslie Clio - Fuck What They Told Ya
Leslie Clio - Changes
Leslie Clio - Falling to Pieces
Leslie Clio - Bad Eyes
City Calm Down - Your Fix
The Coalminers' Beat - Yesterday
Clutchy Hopkins Meets Lord Kenjamin - Tune Traveler
Cock Sparrer - Roads to Freedom
Cock Sparrer - Where Are They Now?
Cirith Gorgor - Unveiling the Essence
CHiYO - smile girl
Clementino - O' vient
Clementino feat. Fabri Fibra - Questa volta
Clementino feat. Rocco Hunt - Giungla
Clementino - Cos cos cos
Clementino - Fumo
Clementino - Luna
Clementino - Spari di parole
Clementino - Profumo di strada
Clementino - Hannibal Rapper
Clementino - La vita del palo
Clementino - )oracolo. del sud
Clementino - )notte.
Clint Eastwood & General Saint - Stop That Train
The Clubs - She Speaks So