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El Chojin - La perversión del lenguaje
El Chojin - El mundo sigue girando
El Chojin - Cara sucia
Commodores - You're the Only Woman I Need
El Chojin - Los pro
El Chojin - Me gusta
El Chojin - Ser... es difícil
El Chojin - El viaje
El Chojin - ...
El Chojin - Dejarse La Piel
El Chojin - Dejad que hablen
El Chojin - Guapa
Commodores - Shut Up and Dance
Julio Chaidez - Las cosas pasan por algo
Julio Chaidez - Cruda de cariño
Cocovan - (Someone to Love)
Cocovan - Mirage of Us
Phil Collins - Jesus He Knows Me
Collectif " Les Voix De L'Enfant " - Je reprends ma route
Comi Banga - Yeux Rouges
Phil Collins - Can't Turn Back Years
Phil Collins - I Can't Believe It's True
Phil Collins - Big Noise
Phil Collins - If Leaving Me Is Easy (demo)
Phil Collins - Mama
Phil Collins - On My Way (Brother Bear Soundtrack)
Phil Collins - Another Time (B-Side)
Phil Collins - No Way Out (Theme from Brother Bear) - Brother Bear
Phil Collins - Another Day in Paradise (2016 Remastered)
Phil Collins - In the Air Tonight (2015 Remastered)
Phil Collins - I Cannot Believe It’s True (2016 Remastered)
Phil Collins - Wish It Would Rain Down (I Wish It Would Rain Down)
Clinah - Come On Boy (C.O.B)
Common - Go!
Common feat. Bilal - The 6th Sense
Common - Gladiator
Common - I Want You
Common - Tricks Up My Sleeve
Common - Pitchin’ Pennies
Common feat. Chantay Savage - Reminding Me (Of Sef)
Common feat. Maya Angelou - The Dreamer
Common feat. Nas - Ghetto Dreams
Common - Raw (How You Like It)
Common - Celebrate
Cherryholmes - Red Satin Dress
Common - Start the Show
Common - Forever Begins
Common - Nuthin’ to Do
Common - Chapter 13 (Rich Man vs. Poor Man)
Common feat. Marsha Ambrosius & PJ - Love Star
Common feat. PJ - Unfamiliar
Common feat. Syd & Bilal - A Bigger Picture Called Free
Common feat. BJ the Chicago Kid - The Day Women Took Over
Common feat. John Legend - Rain
Common - Respiration
COMA-CHI - Sayonara
COMA-CHI - boyz!boyz!
COMA-CHI - Hey Boy, Hey Girl Feat.coma-chi & Micky Rich
Common feat. Big Sean - Diamonds
Common - Speak My Piece
Common - Invocation
Common - The Bitch in You
Common - I've Been Thinking
Common - Don't Come My Way
Common - The Bitch in Yoo (Ice Cube Dis)
Common - Time Travelin'
Common - Come Close to Me
Common - A Song for Assata
Common - Any Given Sunday
Common - Young Hearts Run Free
Common - The Neighborhood
Comedian Harmonists - Tea for two
Comedian Harmonists - Ungarischer Tanz Nr. 5
Comedian Harmonists - Ein Freund, ein guter Freund
Comedian Harmonists - Schöne Isabella aus Kastilien
Comedian Harmonists - Eins, zwei, drei, vier
Comedian Harmonists - Der Onkel Bumba aus Kalumba tanzt nur Rumba
Comedian Harmonists - Du bist nicht die Erste
Comunidade de Nilópolis - Pai nosso
Concubine - We Live In Circles
Cloakroom - Moon Funeral
Maga Bo feat. Rosãngela Macedo & Marcelo Yuka - No Balanço da Canoa
Comedian Harmonists - Ich hab für dich 'nen Blumentopf bestellt
Comedian Harmonists - Ich wollt' ich wär ein Huhn
Comedian Harmonists - Auf Wiedersehen, My Dear
Jamie N Commons - Wash Me in the Water
Jamie N Commons - Rumble and Sway
Jamie N Commons - Now Is Not The Time
Jamie N Commons - Nina
Jamie N Commons - Hold On
Jamie N Commons - Marathon
Comedian Harmonists - Natacha
Chris Salvatore - What You Do to Me
Comedian Harmonists - Kannst du pfeifen, Johanna?
Colours of Bubbles - Home
Colours of Bubbles - Rusty Trombone
Colours of Bubbles - Wall of Death
Colours of Bubbles - Storm
Colours of Bubbles - Signs
Lucas Coly - I Just Wanna
Lucas Coly - Remember Me
Richard Clayderman - Vaya con dios
color-code - I LIKE DAT
Nat King Cole - Pretend
Nat King Cole - The Christmas Song
Nat King Cole - It’s Only a Paper Moon
Nat King Cole - Orange Colored Sky
Nat King Cole - Send for Me
Nat King Cole - Quizas, Quizas, Quizas (Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps)
Nat King Cole - Almost like being in Love
Nat King Cole - Deck the Hall
KOM-teatteri - Kalliolle kukkulalle
Kristiina Halkola - Jos rakastat
Kalle Holmberg - Marski-marssi
Comedian Harmonists - Hallo, was machst Du heut', Daisy? (You're Driving Me Crazy)
Clawfinger - Two Sides
Clawfinger - Biggest & The Best
Clawfinger - Don’t Wake Me Up
Clawfinger - I Guess I’ll Never Know
Clawfinger - Nigger
Clawfinger - Rosegrove
Clawfinger - Life Will Kill You
Clawfinger - Prisoners
Clawfinger - None the Wiser
Clawfinger - The Cure & The Poison
Clawfinger - Sick of Myself
Nat King Cole - Don’t Get Around Much Anymore
Nat King Cole - Who's Sorry Now
Nat King Cole - Dream A Little Dream Of Me
Code 5 - What's Ur Name Girl
Compny - Lovers
Clawfinger - Zeros & Heroes
Clawfinger - When Everything Crumbles
Clawfinger - Money Power Glory
Clawfinger - Wipe My Ass
Clawfinger - Easy Way Out
Clawfinger - Tomorrow
Clawfinger - Out to Get Me
Clawfinger - Nothing Going On
Clawfinger - Don't Look at Me
Clawfinger - Fake a Friend
Clawfinger - Don't Get Me Wrong
Clawfinger - Runnerboy
Clawfinger - The truth(live version)
Nat King Cole - Just You, Just Me
Nat King Cole - Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
Comedian Harmonists - G'schichten aus dem Wienerwald
Comedian Harmonists - Au revoir, bon voyage
Comedian Harmonists - Guitare d'amour
Nat King Cole - Body and Soul
Clueso - Augen zu
Clueso - Niemand an dich denkt
Clueso - Gewinner
Clueso - Schwer
Clueso - Straßen sind leer
Clueso - Baumkrone
Clueso - Unter Strom
Clueso - Okay
Clueso - Nebenbei
Clueso - Neuanfang
Clueso - Achterbahn
Clueso - Neue Luft
Clueso - Erinnerungen
Clueso feat. Kat Frankie - Wenn du liebst
Clueso - Lass sie reden
Clueso - Gordo
Clueso - Jeder lebt für sich allein
Clueso - Sorgenfrei
Richard Clayderman - Nothing's Gonna Change My Love for You
Chaostar - Day of Anger
Chaostar - Underworld Act II
Chaostar - Un pensiero per il destino
Chaostar - Truth Will Prevail
Chaostar - Medea
Comedian Harmonists - La Paloma
Clueso - Sein Song
Clueso - Anderssein (feat. Sara Hartman) [Akustik Version]
Richard Clayderman - Give a Little Time to Your Love
Nat King Cole - My Mother Told Me
Nat King Cole - Fly me to the Moon
Comedian Harmonists - Il pleut sur la route
Nat King Cole - Cachito
Nat King Cole - Quizás, Quizás, Quizás
Nat King Cole - Aquellos ojos verdes
Nat King Cole - Adiós Mariquita linda
Coma - Leszek Zukowski
Complete Control - Substance Control
Complete Control - Keep Me Out
Cliver - Zaufaj mi
Nat King Cole - Let True Love Begin
Nat King Cole - Love Is Here to Stay
Nat King Cole - There Will Never Be Another You
Nat King Cole - Farewell to Arms
Nat King Cole - Gee Baby, Ain’t I Good to You
Nat King Cole - (I Would Do) Anything For You
Concrete Blonde - Joey
Concrete Blonde - Les Cœurs Jumeaux
Concrete Blonde - Bloodletting
Eddie Condon - Jam Session Blues
Celestial Crown - Under the Black Sun
La Coka Nostra - Bloody Sunday
La Coka Nostra - Get You By
La Coka Nostra - The Stain
La Coka Nostra - Once Upon a Time
La Coka Nostra - Cousin of Death
La Coka Nostra feat. Bun B - Choose Your Side
La Coka Nostra feat. Sick Jacken - Soldier's Story
La Coka Nostra - Gun in Your Mouth
La Coka Nostra - Nuclear Medicinemen
La Coka Nostra - That's Coke
La Coka Nostra - Fuck Tony Montana
Slaine - Mistaken Identity
La Coka Nostra - La Coka Nostra
La Coka Nostra - NC Anthem
La Coka Nostra - Malverde Market
La Coka Nostra - Masters of the Dark Arts
La Coka Nostra - Murder World
La Coka Nostra - Creed of the Greeder
La Coka Nostra - The Story Goes On
La Coka Nostra - Get Out of My Way
Cold Chisel - Way Down
Clika One - Gangsta Pimpin
Cold Chisel - Twentieth Century
Cold Chisel - Alone for You
Chronic Crew - Let It In
Clones of Clones - I Don't Need Your Love
Clones of Clones - Heavy Soul
Nat King Cole - Making Whoopee
Nat King Cole - Perfida
Nat King Cole - It is Better to Have Loved and Lost
The Common Linnets - That Part
The Common Linnets - Hearts on Fire
The Common Linnets - Runaway Man
Clouseau - Take Me Down