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Nat King Cole - Guadalajara
Bruce Cockburn - The Whole Night Sky
Bruce Cockburn - Live on My Mind
Bruce Cockburn - If I Had a Rocket Launcher
Bruce Cockburn - Shepherds
Bruce Cockburn - Creation Dream
Concorde - To Know
Concorde - Lie Down
Concorde - Like to Say
Concorde - Candy Boy
Concorde - Makes Me Wonder
Concorde - Be Cold
Concorde - Summer House Concorde
Concorde - Made for Love Concorde
Clouseau - Piece of Candy
Nat King Cole - I'd Rather Have the Blues (a.k.a. Blues From Kiss Me Deadly)
Nat King Cole - Solamente Una Ves
Nat King Cole - Las Chiapanecas
Condemned 84 - We Will Never Let You Down
Bruce Cockburn - The Strong One
Bruce Cockburn - Starwheel
Bruce Cockburn - See How I Miss You
Cloudeater - Hollow
Cloudeater - Hardly Wait
Kurt Cobain - The Yodel Song
Kurt Cobain - What More Can I Say
Kurt Cobain - Montage of Kurt
Kurt Cobain - Beans
Kurt Cobain - Burn the Rain
Kurt Cobain - Montage of Kurt II
Kurt Cobain - Rehash
Kurt Cobain - You Can’t Change Me / Burn My Britches / Something in the Way (early demo)
Kurt Cobain - Scoff (early demo)
Kurt Cobain - Aberdeen
Kurt Cobain - Bright Smile
Kurt Cobain - Underground Celebritism
Kurt Cobain - Desire
Kurt Cobain - And I Love Her
Kurt Cobain - Sea Monkeys
Kurt Cobain - Sappy (early demo)
Kurt Cobain - Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle (demo)
Kurt Cobain - She Only Lies
Kurt Cobain - Poison’s Gone
Kurt Cobain - Rhesus Monkey
Kurt Cobain - Do Re Mi (medley)
Kurt Cobain - [Kurt Cobain speaks about early Nirvana, and revolving drummers]
Kurt Cobain - Come as You Are
Kurt Cobain - Pennyroyal Tea
Kurt Cobain - Lithium
Kurt Cobain - Smells Like Teen Spirit
Kurt Cobain - In Bloom
Kurt Cobain - About a Girl
Kurt Cobain - Rape Me
Kurt Cobain - All Apologies
Condemned 84 - Oi! Aint Dead
Bruce Cockburn - I'm Gonna Fly Some Day
Leonard Cohen - Master Song
Leonard Cohen - So Long, Marianne
Leonard Cohen - Bird on the Wire
Leonard Cohen - Famous Blue Raincoat
Leonard Cohen - Waiting for the Miracle
Leonard Cohen - Closing Time
Leonard Cohen - Anthem
Leonard Cohen - Anyhow
Leonard Cohen - Come Healing
Leonard Cohen - That Don't Make It Junk
Leonard Cohen - Here It Is
Leonard Cohen - Boogie Street
Cinema Bizarre - Lovesongs (They Kill Me)
Cinema Bizarre - Silent Scream
Cinema Bizarre - Touching and Kissing
Cinema Bizarre - Deeper and Deeper
Cinema Bizarre - Toyz
Club 8 - When I Come Around
Club 8 - Sometimes
Club 8 - Stop Taking My Time
Club 8 - Less Than Love
Club 8 - Me Too
Nat King Cole - Te Quiero Dijiste
Leonard Cohen - Recitation w/ N.L.
Leonard Cohen - Chelsea Hotel No 2
Leonard Cohen - The Captain
Leonard Cohen - Humbled in Love
Leonard Cohen - Came So Far for Beauty
Leonard Cohen - Ain’t No Cure for Love
Leonard Cohen - There Is a War
Leonard Cohen - Iodine
Leonard Cohen - Memories
Leonard Cohen - Lover Lover Lover
Leonard Cohen - Tonight Will Be Fine
Leonard Cohen - Joan of Arc
Collage - S.O.S.
Leonard Cohen - Be for Real
Leonard Cohen - Story of Isaac
Leonard Cohen - The Butcher
Leonard Cohen - Old Revolution
Lauren Christy - Rain
Lauren Christy - The Colour of the Night
Confession - I Am the Nightrider
Confession - Piece by Piece
Confession - The Long Way Home
Confession - Holy War
Confession - 51-73
Leonard Cohen - Nevermind
Leonard Cohen - Treaty
Leonard Cohen - On the Level
Leonard Cohen - If I Didn’t Have Your Love
Leonard Cohen - Traveling Light
Leonard Cohen - Stages
Coda - Tocame
Cold Fronts - Permanent Record
Leonard Cohen - Please Don't Pass Me By (A Disgrace)
Nat King Cole - I Need a Plan
Leonard Cohen - [recitation]
Leonard Cohen - Nothing to One (You Know Who I Am)
Leonard Cohen - A Thousand Kises Deep
Leonard Cohen - A Thousand Kisses Deep (recitation)
Cloudboy - Red Rubicon
Jamie Christopherson - Return to Ashes
Jamie Christopherson - A Soul Can't Be Cut
Jamie Christopherson - Rules of Nature
Jamie Christopherson - A Stranger I Remain
Jamie Christopherson - The Stains of Time
Jamie Christopherson - Red Sun
Jamie Christopherson - Collective Consciousness
Jamie Christopherson - The War Still Rages Within
Jamie Christopherson - The Only Thing I Know For Real (Maniac Agenda Mix - Instrumental)
Jamie Christopherson - Return to Ashes (Platinum Mix - Instrumental)
Jamie Christopherson - The Stains of Time (Maniac Agenda Mix - Instrumental)
Computer Magic - When You See Me
Computer Magic - Give Me Just a Minute
Computer Magic - Hudson
Computer Magic - Mindstate
Computer Magic - Running
Computer Magic - I'm the Pro
Computer Magic - About You
Computer Magic - The End of Time
Computer Magic - Electronic Fences
Computer Magic - Help Me
Computer Magic - Dimensions
Bootsy’s Rubber Band - I’d Rather Be With You
Bootsy Collins - The Bomb
Bootsy Collins - Music to Smile By
Bootsy Collins - Take a Lickin' and Keep on Kickin'
Collapsis - October
Bootsy Collins - Leakin'
Bootsy Collins - Spreading Hope Like Dope (intro)
Bootsy Collins - Hip Hop @ Funk U
Bootsy Collins - Don't Take My Funk
Chester See - Keep Waiting
Chester See - Tonight I Know
Nat King Cole - An Affair to Remember (Our Love Affair)
Clepsydra - The Missing Spark
Sarah Connor feat. TQ - Let’s Get Back to Bed – Boy!
Compulsion - Basketcase
Chic Gamine - Don't Think That I Can Stay
Claudine Lebègue - Un souvenir
Gang Colours - To Repel Ghosts
Billy Cobham - Crosswind
Nat King Cole - On the Sidewalks of New York
Nat King Cole - In the Good Old Summertime
The Circles - Circles
Billy Collins - Marginalia
Billy Cobham - Shadow
Shirley Clamp - Burning Alive
Nat King Cole - Mmy Kinda Love
Nat King Cole - Adios Mariquita Linda (Adios and Farewell, My Lover)
Billy Cobham - To the Women in My Life / Le Lis
Cocoon - Cocoon
Gerald Clayton - Dusk Baby
Grupo Conspiración - El, Tú y Yo
Coco and the Bean - Versus the 90's
Agatha Christie - 9
Agatha Christie - 6
Agatha Christie - 1
CONNECT - Key of soul
The Coats - Sunglasses at Night
Color Tango - Los mareados
Color Humano - Mañana por la noche
Color Humano - Comete la vida
Consummatum Est - Consummatum Est
Thunder - Sign
Conquest - Frozen Sky
Stranger Cole - Red Green & Gold
Chaos UK - Victimized
Chaos UK - Happy Spastic
Communist Daughter - Not the Kid
Communist Daughter - Speed of Sound
Communist Daughter - Soundtrack to the End
Conquering Lion - Confidence
Jack Conte - Make the Grade
Jack Conte - Long Long Time Ago
Jack Conte - Only Dreaming
Jack Conte - Mister Money Bags
Jack Conte - Yeah Yeah Yeah
Jack Conte - Bloody Nose
Jack Conte - Get Happy
Jack Conte - Yeah Yeah Yeah (V2)
Jack Conte - Pedals
The Contrast - I Am an Alien
Clothilde - Saperlipopette
Common Kings - No Other Love
Common Kings - Wade in Your Water
Common Kings - 24/7
Common Kings - Ain't No Stopping
Common Kings - Alcoholic
Common Kings - Good in Goodbye
Sarah Connor feat. TQ - Let's Get Back to Bed – Boy!
Continental Drifters - Na Na
Comet Gain - Love Without Lies
Comet Gain - The Story of the Vivian Girls
Comet Gain - An Arcade From the Warm Rain That Falls
Coluche - C'est l'histoire d'un mec… sur le pont de l'Alma
Circa Survive - Holding Someone’s Hair Back
Circa Survive - Get Out
Civilization One - Legends of the Past (Carry on)
Circa Survive - Schema
Circa Survive - House of Leaves
Circa Survive - Stop the Fucking Car
Control Denied - Believe
The Clovers - Love, Love, Love
The Clovers - Blue Velvet
The Clovers - Fool, Fool, Fool
The Clovers - Love Potion No. 9
Billy Connolly - Oh, Dear
The Clovers - Your Cash Ain't Nothing but Trash
The Clovers - Fool Fool Fool
Coko - Please Don't Forget
Coko - Please Dont Forget
Coko - Sunshine
Coko - Everytime
COM.A - Welcome COM.A
Billy Connolly - D.I.V.O.R.C.E.
Common Rider - Carry On