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Corn Mo - The Baloney Song
Concrete Knives - Bornholmer
Concrete Knives - Happy Mondays
Concrete Knives - Wallpaper
Christion - Bring Back Your Love
DJ Company - Hey Everybody
Gigliola Cinquetti - La rosa nera
Gigliola Cinquetti - Il treno dell'amore
Gigliola Cinquetti - Giuseppe in Pennsylvania
Gigliola Cinquetti - Grazie amore
Circus of Power - Call of the Wild
Circus of Power - Crazy
Orlando Contreras - Sin egoismo
Clipse - Young Boy
Clipse - Freedom
Clipse - Life Change
Clipse - We Got It for Cheap (intro)
Clipse - Trill
Clipse - Ma I Don't Love Her
Clipse - Prayer
Clipse - You Don't Even Know
Clipse - Zen
Gigliola Cinquetti - Frutaflor matutina
Cool Hand Luke - Rest for the Weary
Cool Hand Luke - Wonder Tour
Classics of Love - No Return
Cordova - She's Broke Not Broken
Cool Hand Luke - His Eyes
The Constellations - Love Is a Murder
The Constellations - December
The Constellations - Right Where I Belong
The Constellations - Let's Get Paid
Compact Disco - Sound of Our Hearts
Corpse Garden - Hypocrite
Coope Boyes & Simpson - Spring 1919
Coo Coo Cal - Intro
Coo Coo Cal - Still Ride Till We Die
Comatose Vigil - Narcosis
The Cooldown Café - Hey Baby (Uhh, Ahh)
Mariano Civico - Solo Deseos
Hein Cooper - The Art of Escape
Hein Cooper - Rusty
Hein Cooper - Luna Sky
Company Flow - 8 Steps to Perfection
Company Flow - Comp
Company Flow - Collude/Intrude
The Company Band - Hot Topic Woman
The Company Band - House of Capricorn
Culture Code - Make Me Move
Dillon Cooper - Kung Fu
Dillon Cooper - Knuckle Up
Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose - Treat Her Like a Lady
Cólera - Fuck The War
The City on Film - I'd Rather Be Wine Drunk
Compton Menace - Put on
CocoRosie - Sunshine
CocoRosie - Raphael
CocoRosie - Smokey Taboo
CocoRosie - Hopscotch
CocoRosie - The Moon Asked the Crow
CocoRosie - Lemonade
CocoRosie - St. Michael
CocoRosie - Forget Me Not
CocoRosie - Un beso
CocoRosie - Lost Girls
CocoRosie - The Tower of Pisa
CocoRosie - Lucky Clover
Coph Nia - Hymn to Pan
Coph Nia - The New Oath
Coph Nia - Credo V
Coph Nia - Religion
Coph Nia - Hymn to Lucifer
Coph Nia - Sanctus
CocoRosie - South 2nd
CocoRosie - Bear Hides and Buffalo
CocoRosie - Armageddon
CocoRosie - Brazilian Sun
CocoRosie - Tears for Animals
CocoRosie - Harmless Monster
CocoRosie - Far Away
CocoRosie - Villain
CocoRosie - Devil's Island
CocoRosie - God Has a Voice, She Speaks Through Me
CocoRosie - Surfer Girl
CocoRosie - Coconuts
CocoRosie - We Are on Fire
CocoRosie - Tim & Tina
Coph Nia - Black Sabbath
Edwyn Collins - In Your Eyes
Edwyn Collins - You’ll Never Know (My Love)
Peter Combe - Spaghetti Bolognaise
Peter Combe - Baghdad
Peter Combe - George Cryalot Crumble
Edwyn Collins - Low Expectations
Circle of Illusion - 13th Floor
Condom - Condom
Control - Greed
Conrado & Aleksandro - Camionete inteira
Conrado & Aleksandro - Halls preto
Collarbones - Turning
Cobretti - Trip Down Memory Lane
Cobretti - First Day Alive
The Cloud Room - Hey Now Now
The Cloud Room - Blackout!
The Cloud Room - Beautiful Mess
Coro Popular Jabalon - Os Pinos (O Breogan)
Coro Popular Jabalon - Himno de Riego
CHVRCHES - The Mother We Share
CHVRCHES - Recover
CHVRCHES - By the Throat
CHVRCHES - Never Ending Circles
CHVRCHES - Clearest Blue
CHVRCHES - Down Side of Me
CHVRCHES - Playing Dead
CHVRCHES - Strong Hand
CHVRCHES - It's Not Right but It's Okay
CHVRCHES - Tightrope
CHVRCHES - Tightrope (Alucard Session)
Cornerstone - Singing Alone
Cornerstone - House of Nevermore
Cornerstone - Some Have Dreams
Corey Gray - I'm Yours (Tribute to Jason Mraz)
Corey Gray - Somebody That I Used to Know
Corey Gray feat. Jake Coco - If You Could Only See
Corey Gray - Apologize
Corey Gray - As Long As You Love Me
Corey Gray - Lights
Corey Gray - Clarity
Corey Gray - Summertime Sadness
Corey Gray - Skyfall
John Coltrane - My Favorite Things
Corey Gray - Don't You Worry Child
Corey Gray - She's Kinda Hot
Corey Gray - Save My Soul
Corey Gray - Slow Down
Connect - Brige ugasim pjesmom
Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen - Seeds and Stems (Again)
Consumed - Wake Up With a Smile
Cool for August - Hope I'm Wrong
Cloud Control - Meditation Song #2 (Why, Oh Why)
Cloud Control - There's Nothing in the Water We Can't Fight
Cloud Control - Gold Canary
Cloud Control - My Fear #1
Cloud Control - Promises
Cloud Control - Happy Birthday
Colo de Deus - Filho de Deus
Carmen Consoli - In bianco e nero
Carmen Consoli - Maria Catena
Carmen Consoli - Il pendio dell'abbandono
Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen - House of Blue Lights
Ida Corr vs Fedde Le Grand - Let Me Think About It
Climax Blues Band - So Good After Midnight
Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen - I Took Three Bennies And My Semi Truck Won't Start
Carmen Consoli - Senza farsi male (strumentale)
Carmen Consoli - Narcisse
Climax Blues Band - Fallen in Love (For the Very Last Time)
Colonial Cousins - Sa Ni Dha Pa (Never Know the Reason)
Colonial Cousins - Teri Meri Aankhon Mein
Benjamin Clementine - Winston Churchill’s Boy
Benjamin Clementine - Quiver a Little
Benjamin Clementine - Mathematics
Come With Reverse - Sullen Look
Come With Reverse - Waiting for the Sunsets
Communic - History Reversed
Communic - The Bottom Deep
Chinchilla - Queen of the Rain
Chinchilla - Broken Heart
Chinchilla - Madness
Chinchilla - Living on My Own
Chinchilla - Tears
Chinchilla - The Almighty Power
Chinchilla - Death Is a Grand Leveller
Chinchilla - Rich Hounds
Chinchilla - Who Is Who
Chinchilla - She's So Evil
Julian Cope - Sunspots
John Coltrane - Say It (Over and Over Again)
Consortium - It's Not Easy
The Correspondents - Fear & Delight
The Correspondents - Give You Better
The Correspondents - Devil's Lighthouse
The Correspondents - Well Measured Vice
The Correspondents - Puppet Loosely Strung
The Correspondents - Alarm Call
The Correspondents - Washington Square
The Correspondents - What's Happened to SOHO?
The Correspondents - Rose And Jane
Coma - Keep the Peace
Coma - Furious Fate
Coma - Don't Set Your Dogs on Me
Coma - Poisonous Plants
Coma - T.B.T.R.
Coma - Silence and Fire
Coma - F.T.M.O.
Coma - After party
Coma - Zaprzepaszczone siły wielkiej armii świętych znaków
Conflict - Conflict
Conflict - Whichever Way You Want It
Conflict - The Positive Junk
Conflict - This Is Not Enough
Conflict - Punk Innit
Coma - Angela
Shawn Chrystopher - OK With Me
Conveyor - Mom Talk
Conflict - The Day Before
Coma - Tonacja (Sygnał z piekła)
Coma - Turn Back the River
Barbara Cook - Errol Flynn
Barbara Cook - Lavender Blue
Conflict - Law and Order
Como - Suitcase
Collage - In Your Eyes
Collage - Living in the Moonlight
Collage - Wings in the Night
Collage - War Is Over
Collage - Made Again
Contact med Skäggmanslaget - Hon kom över mon
Contact - Samma vindar, samma dofter
Children of Bodom - Roadkill Morning
Children of Bodom - Somebody Put Something in My Drink
Children of Bodom - Halo of Blood
Children of Bodom - Dead Man’s Hand on You
Children of Bodom - All Twisted
Children of Bodom - I Hurt
Children of Bodom - Prayer for the Afflicted
Children of Bodom - Widdershins
Children of Bodom - Mistress of Taboo
Children of Bodom - Black Winter Day
Children of Bodom - Oops!… I Did It Again
Corbin-Hanner Band - Hopeless Romantic
Children of Bodom - Needled 24/7
Children of Bodom - Roundtrip to Hell and Back
Children of Bodom - Relentless Reckless Forever
Children of Bodom - Ugly
Children of Bodom - Cry of the Nihilist
Children of Bodom - Was It Worth It?
Children of Bodom - Lookin' Out My Backdoor
Children of Bodom - Damage Beyond Repair
Corona - Don't Go Breaking My Heart
Corona - The Power of Love
Collective Soul - Generate
Collective Soul - Under Heaven’s Skies
John Coltrane - Autum Leaves