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La Compagnie Créole - A.I.E. (A Moun'la)
La Compagnie Créole - Shala shala
Perry Como & The Fontane Sisters - If Wishes Were Kisses
La Compagnie Créole - Santa Maria de Guadeloupe
Compact - Mi-e tare dor de tine
Compact - Inimă rece
La Compagnie Créole - Belle Ile en mer
La Compagnie Créole - 'est aux vacances que va ma préférence (Bonus)
COALTAR OF THE DEEPERS - DEAR FUTURE (remix by kensuke ushio)
Edson Cordeiro - Alle-Psalite Cum-Luya
Edson Cordeiro - I Love to Love
Colonel Reyel - Comme les autres
Colonel Reyel - Mon rêve
Cinematic Sunrise - Umbrellas and Elephants
Cinematic Sunrise - You Told Me You Loved Me
Cinematic Sunrise - Pulling a Piano From a Pond
Giles Corey - The Haunting Presence
Giles Corey - Blackest Bile
Giles Corey - Empty Churches
Giles Corey - No One Is Ever Going to Want Me
Giles Corey - Sleeping Heart
Giles Corey - Buried Above Ground
Giles Corey - Guilt Is My Boyfriend
El Club de los Poetas Violentos - El vertedero de palabras
Cole Taylor - Boom
The Colourist - Fair Weather Friends
Columbus - Home Remedy
Comunidade Nin-Jitsu - Sem Vacilar
Count Basic - See You Again
Count Basic - Supa Dupa
Count Basic - Sun Shines on You
Count Basic - I'm Loving You
Cockney Rejects - Hate of the City
Cockney Rejects - Oi! Oi! Oi!
Cockney Rejects - We Can Do Anything
Danielia Cotton - Let It Ride
Cold Mailman - Pull Yourself Together and Fall in Love With Me
Cold Mailman - Time Is of the Essence
Cold Mailman - My Recurring Dream
Cory Asbury - Let Me See Your Face
Cory Asbury - Mercy
Alberto Cortez - Gracias a la vida
Alberto Cortez - Cuando un amigo se va
Alberto Cortez - Yo voy soñando caminos
clover & sealife - a little voice
Cockney Rejects - Sitting in a Cell (with You)
Cockney Rejects - Power and the Glory
Alberto Cortez - Como el ave solitaria
Alberto Cortez - Carta a mi viejo
Chainsäw Hookers - Never Sleep Again
Cosmosis - Afterglow
Cosmosis - No Such Thing
Cosmosis - Creature From Outer Space
Cosmosis - Stormy Monday
Antoine Corriveau - Printemps, printemps
Comedy of Errors - Something She Said
Comedy of Errors - My Grief Lies All Within
Comedy of Errors - Infinite Wisdom?
Victoria Cortez - Stride La Vampa (Verdi)
Cocosuma - The Servant
Cocosuma - (Tapping) The Source
Paola Cortellesi & The Wooden Chicks - Non mi chidermi
The Contact - Major Tom (Coming Home)
Chris Connor - I Got Rhythm
The Corries - The Skye Boat Song
The Corries - The Haughs o' Cromdale
The Corries - Shoals o' Herring
Chris Connor - Ten Cents a Dance
The Corries - The Isle of Skye
The Courteeners - Bide Your Time
The Courteeners - Lucifer’s Dreams
The Courteeners - Modern Love
Command6 - Jesus Cry
Command6 - You Wanted, You've Got It
The Courteeners - Forget the Weight of the World
The Courteeners - Sunflower
The Corries - The Bonnie Ship the Diamond
Cool-T - Kamasutra
Mihai Constantinescu - Un zîmbet, o floare
Mihai Constantinescu - O lume minunată
Mihai Constantinescu - Plec în lume
The Corries - Hush Hush
Jesse Cook - Café Mocha
Kewin Cosmos - Dile
The Coup - Get That Monkey Off Your Back
The Coup - Pork and Beef
The Coup - Interrogation
The Coup - Cars & Shoes
The Coup - Piss on Your Grave
The Coup - I Know You
The Coup - Fo da Money
The Coup - My Favorite Mutiny
Cometz - Scooby Dooby Boy
Country Joe and the Fish - Magoo
Country Joe and the Fish - For No Reason
Country Joe and the Fish - Grace
Country Joe and the Fish - Death Sound Blues
Country Joe and the Fish - The “Fish” Cheer/I-Feel-Like-I’m-Fixin’-To-Die Rag
Cousin Kevin - Give Me More
Costumbre - Se Repite La Historia
Chip - Can't Run Out of Bars
Country Joe and the Fish - Sad and Lonely Times
Country Joe and the Fish - She's A Bird
Country Joe and the Fish - Mara
Country Joe and the Fish - Hang On
Chip - Hear Dis
Chip - Sonic Boom
Chip - Look Like You
Chip - Bookey
Chip - 96 Bars of Revenge
City of Fire - Rising
City of Fire - Hollow Land
Corrigan Fest - Je suis fils
Country Joe and the Fish - I Feel Like I'm Fixin' to Die Rag
Country Joe and the Fish - (Thing Called) Love
Corrosion of Conformity - Seven Days
Corrosion of Conformity - Diablo Blvd.
Don Covay & The Goodtimers - Come See About Me
Don Covay & The Goodtimers - Seesaw
Cosmic Gate & J'Something - Over the Rainbow
Corrosion of Conformity - It Is That Way
Ramón Cordero - Manantial De Amor
Corrosion of Conformity - Trucker
Corrosion of Conformity - Coexist
Corrosion of Conformity - Jim Beam and the Coon Ass
Ignacio Copani - Gaby
Paul Cook & The Chronicles - Candlelight
Paul Cook & The Chronicles - Bullet Holes
Paul Cook & The Chronicles - Night Fires
Count Five - She's Fine
Count Five - Double Decker Bus
Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment - Sunday Candy
Skrillex feat. Chance the Rapper & The Social Experiment - Coast Is Clear
Corcobado - Parole parole
Coritha - Lolo Jose
Chrome Sparks - Marijuana
Chrome Sparks - Send the Pain On
Gustavo Cordera - India negra cumbia
Chico César - Tambores
Chico César - Benazir
Chico César - Clandestino
Chico César - Nato
Chico César - Filá
Chico César - sirimbó
Barns Courtney - Glitter & Gold
Barns Courtney - Hands
Barns Courtney - Fire
Kevin Costner & Modern West - I Know These Hills
Kevin Costner & Modern West - I Will Lay You Down
Kevin Costner & Modern West - Famous for Killing Each Other
Kevin Costner & Modern West - Peace in the Valley
Kevin Costner & Modern West - Indian Summer
Kevin Costner & Modern West - Hurricane Rain
Kevin Costner & Modern West - The Hero
Kevin Costner & Modern West - Top Down
Kevin Costner & Modern West - Let Me Be the One
Kevin Costner & Modern West - The Angels Came Down
Kevin Costner & Modern West - Red River
Chico César - paraíba, meu amor
Chico César - Zabé
Chico César - Pelado
Corvus Corax - In Taberna
Cold War Kids - Cold Toes on the Cold Floor
Corvus Corax - Cheiron
Cold War Kids - Lost That Easy
Cold War Kids - Dear Miss Lonelyhearts
Cold War Kids - Bitter Poem
Cold War Kids - All This Could Be Yours
Cold War Kids - First
Cold War Kids - Go Quietly
Cold War Kids - Romance Languages #2
Cold War Kids - Stop / Rewind
Cold War Kids - Thunderhearts
Counterpunch - I Will Knock You Off the Face of Hardcore
Counterpunch - Guardrails
Counterpunch - Peace Through Superior Firepower
Corvus Corax - Sverker (2016)
Catman Cohen - What Really Matters
Catman Cohen - There Was a Boy
Undead Corporation - Revived
Undead Corporation - The core
Contradiction - Hate Patrol
Corvus Corax - Venus
Contradiction - Thrash Metal
Contradiction - What Am I
Cécile Corbel - Suil a ruin
Cécile Corbel - Dellum down
Cécile Corbel - En la Mar
Cécile Corbel - Les capitaines
Cécile Corbel - Garden district
Cécile Corbel - Le long de l'eau
Cécile Corbel - A suivre
Cécile Corbel - The riddle
Cécile Corbel - La ballade de rose
Karine Costa - Just Like a Star
Cécile Corbel - Neige
Cécile Corbel - La Fille du miroir
Cécile Corbel - La Fiancée
Cécile Corbel - Breathing You
Cécile Corbel - Les Passagers du vent
Cécile Corbel - Shir al Etz
Cécile Corbel - The Shore
Cécile Corbel - Land of the Bears
Corvus Corax - Feralis Saltare
Corvus Corax - Gjallarhorni
Corvus Corax - Fiach Dubh
Corvus Corax - Havfrue
Corvus Corax - Ragnarök
Corvus Corax - Na Lámasa
Corvus Corax - Hymnus cantica
Connoisseur - No dice
Corvus Corax - Pacel Aqua
Corvus Corax - Crenaid brain
Frankie Cosmos - Art School
Frankie Cosmos - Fireman
Frankie Cosmos - Owen
Frankie Cosmos - Buses Splash With Rain
Frankie Cosmos - Leonie
Frankie Cosmos - I Do Too
Frankie Cosmos - Dancing in the Public Eye
Frankie Cosmos - My I Love You
Frankie Cosmos - Sad 2
Frankie Cosmos - Floated In
Frankie Cosmos - If I Had a Dog
Frankie Cosmos - Fool
Frankie Cosmos - Embody
Frankie Cosmos - Too Dark
Frankie Cosmos - Interlude
Frankie Cosmos - I'm 20
Frankie Cosmos - Sinister
Frankie Cosmos - Is It Possible / Sleep Song
Frankie Cosmos - Sappho
Frankie Cosmos - What If
Frankie Cosmos - Schmuck in the Room
Frankie Cosmos - Pure Poison