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The Coffinshakers - From Here to Hell
The Coffinshakers - No Rest For the Wicked
Frankie Cosmos - What Should Be
Científicos del Palo - El maravilloso mundo animal
Científicos del Palo - Camino
Frankie Cosmos - Havin' a House
Cashmere Cat - Mirror Maru
Frankie Cosmos - Young
Frankie Cosmos - Sand
Noël Coward - Mad Dogs and Englishmen
Noël Coward - Alice Is at It Again
César Costa - Baila muchachita
César Costa - Cenicienta
César Costa - Historia de mi amor
Construction - What Is In Love
Noël Coward - London Pride
Mattia Coletti - Submarine
Lenny Cooper - What You Think of Me
Noël Coward - Nina
Lindell Cooley - I Give My Heart To You
Covenhoven - Young at Heart
Covenhoven - Hatchet
Covenhoven - See You in the Spring
Covenant - 2D
Covenant - We Stand Alone
Covenant - Happy Man
Covenant - Dead Stars
Covenant - Leaving Babylon
Covenant - Prime Movers
Covenant - For Our Time
Covenant - Thy Kingdom Come
Covenant - I Walk Slow
Covenant - Ignorance & Bliss
Covenant - Last Dance
Covenant - Auto (Circulation)
Covenant - Not to Be Here
Noël Coward - Some Day I'll Find You
Covenant - Modern Ruin
Covenant - Worlds Collide
Covenant - Wir sind die Nacht
Covenant - Rising Sun
Covenant - Brave New World
Garðar Thór Cortes - Where the Lost Ones Go
Connie Converse - We Lived Alone
Connie Converse - One by One
Connie Converse - There Is a Vine
Connie Converse - How Sad, How Lovely
Connie Converse - Trouble
Covenant - One World One Sky
Covenant - Dies Irae
Covenant - Like Tears in Rain
Covenant - Humility
Covenant - Invisible And Silent
Common Market - Succor MC's
Common Market - Red Leaves
Noël Coward - I Wonder What Happened to Him
COSMO - Midnight
COSMO - Swarm
COOLON - Cookie Jam
COOLON - Canvas
Le Couleur - Femme
Le Couleur - Vacances de 87
Coolzey - Lap It Up, Labrador
Amanda Cook - Highest Praise
Amanda Cook - Brave New World
Amanda Cook - Closer
Amanda Cook - Never See The End
Amanda Cook - Heroes
Amanda Cook - Pieces
Amanda Cook - The Voyage
Amanda Cook - City Of Hope
Graham Colton - Jessica
Graham Colton - Mixed Up
Graham Colton - Let It Go
Graham Colton - Pacific Coast Eyes
Graham Colton - 1981
Graham Colton - Our Story
Graham Colton - Start Somewhere
Graham Colton - Hold on to My Heart
Elvis Costello - Pump It Up
Elvis Costello - Hand in Hand
Cordel do Fogo Encantado - Sobre as folhas (ou O barão das árvores)
Corynne Charby - Ma génération
Cows - Walks Alone
Cows - Contamination
Cows - Eureka! Funday!
Compton’s Most Wanted - Def Wish II
Compton’s Most Wanted - Late Night Hype 3
Compton’s Most Wanted - Late Night Hype
Cows - Shaking
Cows - Sexy Pee Story
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - I Can’t Stand Up for Falling Down
Compton’s Most Wanted - This Is Compton
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Pump It Up
Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Radio Radio
Colours - Alone
Colours - Gold Bones
Colours - Mind Games
Colours - Lawless
Colours - Remember
Colours - Monster
Carlos Chaouen - Carita De Pena
Carlos Chaouen - Pena mora (versión II) (Semilla en la tierra)
Earl Thomas Conley - What She Is (Is a Woman in Love)
Earl Thomas Conley - Love Out Loud
Earl Thomas Conley - Don't Make It Easy for Me
Jonny Craig - I Still Feel Her, Part III
Jonny Craig - I've Been Hearing That You're Freaky
Jonny Craig - No Matter How Hard I Dig They Always See Right Through Me
Jonny Craig - I'm Jonny Craig Bitch and I Drive in Reverse!
Jonny Craig - Swallow You Whole, While I Fade To Black
Jonny Craig - Jesus Died for You.. Not Me
Jonny Craig - The Lives We Live
Jonny Craig - Ground Pound Sex Slave (From the Future)
The Countdown Kids - Hot Cross Buns
The Countdown Kids - Eensy-Weensy Spider
The Countdown Kids - This Little Pig
The Countdown Kids - Ride a Cock-Horse to Banbury Cross
The Countdown Kids - This Old Man
Clémentine - Les Champs Elysées
Clémentine - Itsi Bitsi Petit Bikini
Clémentine - L'Amour est Bleu
Clémentine - Season in the Sun
Clémentine - Un Homme et Une Femme (A Man and a Woman)
The Countdown Kids - She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain
The Countdown Kids - Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush
The Countdown Kids - Pat-A-Cake Pat-A-Cake
Neal Coty - The Worst Way
The Countdown Kids - Incy-Wincy Spider
Imani Coppola - Karma and the Blizzard
Imani Coppola - Say Hello
Harry Connick, Jr. - (I Like It When You) Smile
Harry Connick, Jr. - (I Do) Like We Do
Harry Connick, Jr. - You Have No Idea
Peter Cox - One More Kiss
Peter Cox - No Ordinary Day
John Cowan - All I Wanna Feel
Harry Connick, Jr. - (I Could Only) Whisper Your Name
Harry Connick, Jr. - Jill
Harry Connick, Jr. - Sonny Cried
Harry Connick, Jr. - A Wink and a Smile
The Countdown Kids - Go Tell It on the Mountain
Si Cranstoun - Dynamo
Clit 45 - Over My Head
Clit 45 - Caught in a Crack
Clit 45 - Used to Have a Life
Dave “Baby” Cortez - The Happy Organ
La Covacha - Carnavalito
La Covacha - La ironía más buscada
La Covacha - Cuendo tú no estás
Copperlily - Color in You
Graham Coxon - Freakin' Out
Graham Coxon - Feel Alright
Graham Coxon - I Wish
Graham Coxon - Who the Fuck?
Graham Coxon - The Fear
Graham Coxon - My Idea of Hell
Graham Coxon - All Has Gone
Graham Coxon - Burn It Down
Graham Coxon - Hurt Prone
Graham Coxon - Thank God for the Rain
El Consorcio - El chacachá del tren
Graham Coxon - Light Up Your Candles
El Consorcio - Son al son
Vincent Courtois - La Chanson d'Ernest et Célestine
Vincent Courtois - La Chanson d'Ernest et Célestine (version longue)
El Consorcio - Camino verde
Consumed By Fire - He Waits for Me
Consumed By Fire - Walk Through the Fire
Coverdale/Page - Absolution Blues
Cock and Ball Torture - Anna'n'Ass
Cock and Ball Torture - Koala Cunt
Count to Four - Lavender Town
Count to Four - Tear It Apart
Araci Côrtes - Jura
Coyote Grace - Ugly Mother
Coyote Grace - Only Road
Coyote Grace - Laramie
Zdravko Čolić - Hajdemo negde nasamo
Zdravko Čolić - Zavicaj
Zdravko Čolić - Svadbarskim sokakom
Zdravko Čolić - Andjela
Zdravko Čolić - Ajde, ajde Jasmina
Zdravko Čolić - Maslinasto zelena
Zdravko Čolić - Pisacu joj pisma duga
Zdravko Čolić - Zvao sam je Emili
Zdravko Čolić - Ti si mi u krvi
Zdravko Čolić - E draga, draga
Zdravko Čolić - Okano
Zdravko Čolić - Hotel balkan
Zdravko Čolić - Noc mi te duguje
Zdravko Čolić - Krasiva
Zdravko Čolić - Rijeka suza i na njoj ladja
Zdravko Čolić - Mastilo i voda
Zdravko Čolić - Negde na dnu srca
Zdravko Čolić - Ao nono bijela
Zdravko Čolić - Na ovaj dan
Zdravko Čolić - Kad bi moja bila
Zdravko Čolić - Samo kad mi kažeš ljubav
Zdravko Čolić - Ti možeš sve, al' jedno ne
Zdravko Čolić - Južnjaci
Zdravko Čolić - April u Beogradu
Zdravko Čolić - Malo pojacaj radio
Zdravko Čolić - Madjarica
Zdravko Čolić - Rođendanska pjesma
Zdravko Čolić - Oktobar je, pocinje sezona kisa
Zdravko Čolić - Ostanimo prijatelji
Zdravko Čolić - Vagabund
Zdravko Čolić - Ljubav je ljubav
Zdravko Čolić - Život je lijep Helen-Marie
Zdravko Čolić - Ljubav je samo reč
Zdravko Čolić - Živiš u oblacima mala
Zdravko Čolić - Ljubav ima lažni sjaj
Zdravko Čolić - Julija
Zdravko Čolić - Sonata
Zdravko Čolić - Ne mogu biti tvoj
Zdravko Čolić - Cherie, cherie
Zdravko Čolić - Ljubav je samo rijec
Corey - If I Was Older
Corey - Soldier
Born Crain - Tell the World
Colle der fomento - Punti di domanda
Colle der fomento - Fratello dove sei?
Colle der fomento - Strappali e scuotili
Colle der fomento - Sopra Il Colle (bonus track)
Crash The System - All Because Of You
cosby - Boon and Bane
cosby - Step by Step
Jacob Collier - Woke Up Today
Jacob Collier - Hideaway
Jacob Collier - Flintstones
Jacob Collier - In The Real Early Morning
Country Teasers - Golden Apples
Country Teasers - Points of View
Pilita Corrales - Rosas Pandan