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Crowder - How He Loves
Civet - Yeah (x3)
Cueshé - Can't Let You Go
Crossfaith - Eclipse
Crossfaith - blue
Crossfaith - K
Crossfaith - Xeno
Crossfaith - Raise Your Voice
Crossfaith - Devil's Party
Crossfaith feat. Caleb Shomo from Beartooth - Ghost in the Mirror
Crossfaith - Dystopia
Crossfaith feat. Benji Webbe from Skindred - Wildfire
Crossfaith - Tears Fall
Crossfaith - Paint It Black
Crossfaith - Calm the Storm
Crossfaith - Snake Code
Crossfaith - Omen (Prodigy Cover)
Crossfaith - OMEN
Crossfaith - S.O.S.
Crossfaith - Madness
Crossfaith - Ghost in the Mirror
Crossfaith - Rx Overdrive
Crossfaith - Kill ‘Em All
Cosmograf - We Disconnect
Sting - Moon Over Bourbon Street
Cornelius - I Hate Hate
Honour Crest - Spilled Ink
Honour Crest - Allergen
Capim Cubano - Guantanamera
Crystal Kay - think of U
Crystal Kay - Candy
Crystal Kay - This Close...
Crystal Kay - What Time Is It?
Crystal Kay - flowers
Crystal Kay - We Gonna Boogie
Crystal Kay - Hero
Crystal Kay - fly to you
Crystal Kay - Never say goodbye
Crystal Kay - Memory Box
Crystal Kay - Yo Yo
Crystal Kay - REVOLUTION
Cornelius - Star Fruits Surf Rider (Mixed by Damon Albarn)
Citizen Way - Lights On
Citizen Way - Love Is A Mess
Citizen Way - Where Would I Be Without You
Citizen Way - Sing, Sing, Sing
Citizen Way - Elevated
Citizen Way - When I'M with You
Citizen Way - I Will
Citizen Way - Bigger
Citizen Way - Revival
Citizen Way - Just Hold On
Citizen Way - All My Cares
Citizen Way - Bulletproof
Taio Cruz feat. Kylie Minogue - Higher
Taio Cruz - Play
Taio Cruz - Telling the World
David Guetta feat. Taio Cruz & Ludacris - Little Bad Girl
Taio Cruz feat. Travie McCoy - Higher
Taio Cruz - I'll Never Love Again
Taio Cruz - Little Bad Girl
Taio Cruz - Fast Car
CunninLynguists - Beautiful Girl
CunninLynguists feat. Tim Means - America Loves Gangsters
CunninLynguists - Hellfire
CunninLynguists - What’ll You Do?
CunninLynguists - Ain't No Way
CunninLynguists - Missing Children
CunninLynguists - Family Ties
CunninLynguists - Stars Shine Brightest (In the Darkest of Night)
CunninLynguists - Hypnopomp (Epilogue)
CunninLynguists - Embers
CunninLynguists - Doin Alright
CunninLynguists feat. Supastition & Cashmere The PRO - Nasty Filthy
CunninLynguists feat. Cashmere The PRO - Appreciation
CunninLynguists - Seasons
CunninLynguists - Summer's Gone
CunninLynguists - Georgia
CunninLynguists feat. Murs & Grieves - Drunk Dial
CunninLynguists - Dying Breed
CunninLynguists feat. Tonedeff - Urutora Kaiju
CunninLynguists - Heart
CunninLynguists feat. E-40 & Evidence - Running Wild
CunninLynguists - Love Ain't
CunninLynguists - Will Rap for Food
CunninLynguists - Sunrise / Sunset
CunninLynguists - Still With Me (Remix) feat. Deacon The Villain
CunninLynguists - Georgia [Remix]
CunninLynguists - Everywhere
CunninLynguists - Never Come Down
CunninLynguists - The Southn!
CunninLynguists - Dreams (instrumental) - CunninLynguists
CunninLynguists - South California
Čovek bez sluha - Daleko blizu daleko
Crvena jabuka - Ima nešto od srca do srca
Crvena jabuka - Zovu nas ulice
Crvena jabuka - Volio bih da si tu
Crvena jabuka - Ti znaš
Crvena jabuka - Moje pjesme stih
Crvena jabuka - Uzmi me kad hoćeš ti
Crvena jabuka - Nekako s proljeća
Crvena jabuka - Moje najmilije
Crvena jabuka - Ne dam da ovaj osjećaj ode
Crvena jabuka - To mi radi
Crvena jabuka - Principessa
Crvena jabuka - Lud za tobom
Crvena jabuka - Učiniću sve da te zadovoljim
Curly Strings - Kauges külas
Curly Strings - Kättemaks
Jordan Critz - Every Moment
Crvena jabuka - Otrov
Crvena jabuka - Jedina
Control Machete - Sí señor
Control Machete - Así son mis días
Control Machete - Cheve
Control Machete - Bien, bien
Control Machete - Paciencia
Control Machete - Verbos
Control Machete - Unísono
Jason Cruz and Howl - Howl
Crybaby - When the Lights Go Out
Crybaby - Armies of Darkness
Crvena jabuka - Sviđa mi se ova stvar
Crvena jabuka - Šampanjski poljubac
Crvena jabuka - Rođendan
Crvena jabuka - Zlato moje, dobar dan
Custom - Daddy
Custom - One Day
Crvena jabuka - Sa tvojih usana
Concepts - Mirrors
Concepts - Vultures
Citadel - Mid-Winter's Morning Chant
Luke Combs - This One's for You
Luke Combs - Hurricane
Luke Combs - Used to You
Cor veleno - Dillo un'altra volta
Cor veleno - L'odore del mare
King Curtis - Memphis Soul Stew
Bruno Coulais - Vois sur ton chemin
Bruno Coulais - Caresse sur l'océan
Bruno Coulais - Lueur d'été
Bruno Coulais - Cerf-volant
Bruno Coulais - Compère Guilleri
Michelle Cross - Sushi Queen
Crashcarburn - Twisted
Criolo - Lion man
Criolo - Linha de frente
Criolo - Convoque Seu Buda
Criolo - Fio de prumo (Padê Onã)
Crazy Lixx - Hell Raising Women
Crazy Lixx - Outlaw
Crazy Lixx - I Missed the Mark
Crazy Lixx - All Looks, No Hooks
Crazy Lixx - Call to Action
Crazy Lixx - Heroes Are Forever
Crazy Lixx - Wrecking Ball Crew
Crazy Lixx - Dr. Hollywood
Crazy Lixx - Love on the Run
Crazy Lixx - Make Ends Meet
Crazy Lixx - Girls of the 80's
Bruno Coulais feat. Jean Dujardin - Le Casse de Brice
Celia Cruz & India - Hay que emperar otra vez
Cryptic Wintermoon - Hate Revealed
Cryptic Wintermoon - Into Ashes
Cryptic Wintermoon - Where the Oceans Meet Eternity
Cryptic Wintermoon - Down Below
Cryptic Wintermoon - The End
Crazy Loop - Johanna (Shut Up!)
Crazy Loop - Uh-Ahh-Yeah
Crazy Loop - Crazy Loop (Mm-Ma-Ma)
Creatif Mindz - The Man With The Gun
Bruno Coulais - Norbu & Karma
Curious - Resurrection
Chris Crocker - Second to None
Sean Paul - Deport Them
Sasha - Dat Sexy Body
Sister Nancy - Bam Bam
Singing Sweet - When I See You Smile
113 feat. Thomas Bangalter - Fout la merde
Wu‐Tang Clan - Protect Ya Neck (The Jump Off)
Cut Killer - La Haine
Cut and Paste - Forget It
Frankie Cutlass - Feel the Vibe
The Constructor - Freedom
Cutline feat. Belle Humble - Runnin'
Bruno Coulais - Aisling Song
Brian Culbertson - Someone
SWV - Anything
Jodeci - Get on Up
House of Pain - Fed Up
Lost Boyz - Jeeps, Lex Coups, Bimaz & Benz
They Might Be Giants - Other Father Song
Bruno Coulais - Sirens of the Sea
Bruno Coulais - Mechanical Lullaby
The Notorious B.I.G. - Warning
Lords of the Underground - Tic Toc
The Notorious B.I.G. - Machine Gun Funk
Frankie Cutlass - Boriquas On Da St
Group Home - Supa Star
Da Bush Babees - Remember We
Jemini the Gifted One - Funk Soul Sensation
Channel Live feat. KRS‐One - Mad Izm
Nas - Life’s a Bitch
Brian Culbertson - The Secret Garden (instrumental)
Usher - Want Me Back
Bruno Coulais - To Be By Your Side (Nick Cave)
Bruno Coulais - Masters Of The Field (Robert Wyatt)
Common - Reminding Me
Bruno Coulais - Carresse sur l'océan
The Crimea - Out of Africa
The Crimea - Loop a Loop
Curses - Goosebumps
Curses - Back to Your Love
Curses - Until My Heart Stops
Panjabi MC - Mundian To Bach Ke
Amelia Curran - Devils
Corrosive Carcass - The Ghoul
Crystal Eyes - The Fire of Hades
Crystal Eyes - Waves of War
Crystal Eyes - The Rising
Crystal Eyes - Mr. Failure
Curtis Eller's American Circus - Sugar in My Coffin
Curtis Eller's American Circus - Two of Us
Curtis Eller's American Circus - Amelia Earhart
Curtis Eller's American Circus - Sinner You Better Get Ready
Cyanna - Shine
José Cura - Se quel guerrier io fossi . . . Celeste Aida (Aida)
Cross Record - Steady Waves
Customs - Talk More Nonsense
Customs - There's Always Room for One More Poledance
Cult of Luna - Waiting for You
Jim Croce - I Got a Name
Jim Croce - A Long Time Ago
Cult of Luna - The Watchtower
Cult of Luna - Hollow
Cult of Luna - Beyond Fate
Cult of Luna - The Sacrifice
Cult of Luna - The Flow Reversed
Crooked Fingers - Broken Man
Crooked Fingers - Angelina
Crooked Fingers - Bad Blood