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The Cribs - Women’s Needs
The Cribs - I’m a Realist
The Cribs - Things You Should Be Knowing
Cream - Pressed Rat and Warthog
Cream - Hey Now Princess
Cream - Cocaine
DJ D - Disharmonic Harmony
The Cribs - Finally Free
The Cribs - Pink Snow
Gaz Coombes - Seven Walls
Gaz Coombes - White Noise
El Cuarteto de Nos - Yendo a la casa de Damián
El Cuarteto de Nos - Ya no se que hacer conmigo
El Cuarteto de Nos - Me hace bien, me hace mal
El Cuarteto de Nos - Bipolar
El Cuarteto de Nos - Cómo pasa el tiempo
El Cuarteto de Nos - Lo malo de ser bueno
El Cuarteto de Nos - Solo estoy sobreviviendo
El Cuarteto de Nos - El niño de Guatemala
Compilerbau - Walking Outer Space
Cream - Hey Now Princess (demo)
Cream - Tales of Brave Ulysses (mono)
Cream - Sweet Wine - Live
Cream - Rollin' & Tumblin'
Cream - Swlabr (BBC ‘Top Gear’ session, January 9, 1968)
D at Sea - Stars in Your Eyes
D at Sea - Pop Flip Catch
El Cuarteto de Nos - Nadie me quiere
El Cuarteto de Nos - Que los cumpla feliz
El Cuarteto de Nos - El tío Calambres
Csík Zenekar - Fekete L'amour
Csík Zenekar - Most múlik pontosan
CoCo and the Butterfields - Hip Hop Song
CoCo and the Butterfields - Astronaut
CoCo and the Butterfields - Scarecrow
CoCo and the Butterfields - Alone
CoCo and the Butterfields - Five Bells
CoCo and the Butterfields - King of the Corner
CoCo and the Butterfields - Warriors
Crystal Fighters - Xtatic Truth
Crystal Fighters - Champion Sound
Crystal Fighters - Plage
Crystal Fighters - Follow
Crystal Fighters - Yellow Sun
Crystal Fighters - Good Girls
Crystal Fighters - In Your Arms
Crystal Fighters - Ways I Can't Tell
Crystal Fighters - Bridge of Bones
Crystal Fighters - These Nights
Crystal Fighters - Everywhere
Alberto Cortez y Facundo Cabral - Qué maravilla
Alberto Cortez y Facundo Cabral - Tiempos viejos
Debra Cowan - Salisbury Plain
Debra Cowan - The Bold Princess Royal / The Olde Favourite
Debra Cowan - Darlin' Corey
Colour Haze - Earth
Colour Haze - Fire
Colour Haze - Moon
Colour Haze - Turns
Colour Haze - Stars
Colour Haze - Peace, Brothers & Sisters!
Crayon Pop - BING BING
Crayon Pop - BAR BAR BAR
Crayon Pop - Uh-ee
Crayon Pop - Dancing All Night
Crayon Pop - FM (Japanese Ver.)
Crayon Pop - Saturday Night (Japanese Ver.)
Crayon Pop - Bar Bar Bar 2.0
Crayon Pop - Hello
D.A.R.K. - Loosen the Noose
Cuby + Blizzards - Simple Man
Crimewave - Think Big (Get Big)
Cyrine Abdel Nour - Law Bass Fe Eyne
Culture Killer - Path of Reflection
Copacabana Beat - Mel Da Sua Boca
Ian Cussick - You Won't See Me
Cuba Vista - No puedes comprar mi amor
Cuby + Blizzards - More Than I Could Ask For
Cronica - Śpiący rycerze
Rozzi Crane - Crazy Ass B*tch
Red, White & Blue - Pigeon Girl
cokiyu - Gdb
Company of Thieves - New Letters
Cry Baby Cry - Monkey's Darling
Cry Baby Cry - [untitled]
Lord Cut-Glass - Big Time Teddy
Continents - Sheep in Wolves' Clothing
Curve - Dirty High
Cristal y Acero - In the Darkness of the Night
Curve - I Speak Your Every Word
Crossbreed - Strap Down
Cult Leader - Hate Offering
Cult Leader - Mongrel
Cult Leader - Driftwood
The D Project - Hide From the Sun
Current Joys - "Desire"
Current Joys - "My motocycle"
Curve - Arms Out
Curve - Sinner
Czesław Śpiewa - Nienawidzę cię Polsko!
Curve - Nothing Without Me
Curve - Coming Up Roses (Moulder)
Sharon Cuneta - So Much In Love
Crest of Darkness - Living Death
Crest of Darkness - Revenge Complete
Crest of Darkness - Cosmic Terror
Albert Cummings - Follow Your Soul
Albert Cummings - Your Own Way
Sharon Cuneta - Ocean Deep
Sharon Cuneta - Miss Kita Kung Christmas
Albert Cummings - I Found You
Cryfemal - Segunda muerte
Cryfemal - Hail Satan
The Cues - Why
Crush - Could This Be Real
Curved Air - Elfin Boy
Curved Air - Touch of Tequila
Curved Air - Stay Human
Curved Air - Spirits in the Material World
Cursed - Polygraph
Cursed - God and Country (Some Folks Inherit Star-Spangled Eyes)
Cursed - Unnecessary Person
Rachel D'arcy - Dance for You
Annie Cordy - Cho ka ka o
Annie Cordy - Jane la tarzane
Annie Cordy - Qui qu'en veut
Annie Cordy - La Bébête
Annie Cordy - Si j'étais le soleil
Annie Cordy - Ça ira mieux demain
Annie Cordy - La madam
Annie Cordy - Le Chou-chou de mon cœur
Annie Cordy - Bonheur santé et pépite
Natalia Clavier - El árbol
Natalia Clavier - Dormida
Natalia Clavier - Azul
Natalia Clavier - Simple
Natalia Clavier - Néctar
Annie Cordy - Tu t'laisses aller
Annie Cordy - C'est de la faute à Napoléon
Culture - Jah Pretty Face
Culture - I'm Not Ashamed
Culture - The Land We Belong
Culture - Tell Me Where You Get It
Annie Cordy - La Petite Marie
Annie Cordy - Bonbons caramels
Mel Croucher - Danger
Culture - Why Am I a Rastaman?
Culture - Marriage in Canaan
Culture - Wings of a Dove
Creed - One Last Breath
Creed - Higher
Creed - My Sacrifice
Creed - On My Sleeve
Creed - Are You Ready
Creed - Freedom Fighter
Creed - Pity for a Dirne
The D.O.C. - Secret Plan
The D.O.C. - Brand New Formula
The D.O.C. - Let the Bass Go
The D.O.C. - No One Can Do It Better
The D.O.C. - Portrait of a Master Piece
Culture - Peace and Love
Culture - The Boss
Mike Cross - The Scotsman
Mike Cross - Write Me a Love Song
Mirek Czyzykiewicz - Itaka
Culture - Walk In Jah Light
Culture - Trod On
Ferry Corsten - Feel You
Celia Cruz - La vida es un carnaval
Culture - Money Girl
Culture - Jah Rastafara
Clara C - Hum
Clara C - Fool's Gold
Clara C - Dear Daphne
Clara C - You've Got It All
Clara C - Quesadilla
The Crabb Family - Brothers Forever
The Crabb Family - The Lamb the Lion an the King
Celia Cruz - Rie y llora
Myon & Shane 54 - Under Your Cloud
Cumbia Latin Band - Inténtalo
Culture - Peace, Love & Harmony
Culture - Crack In New York
Gouryella - Ligaya
Barthezz - On the Move
Culture - Peace, Love And Harmony
Celia Cruz - La candela
Celia Cruz - Tuya y mas que tuya
Johnny Cymbal - Walk Right In
Johnny Cymbal - Little Miss Lonely
Future Breeze - Temple of Dreams
D - Akaki hitsuji ni yoru bansankai
D - Der König der Dunkelheit
D - Silver acorn bullet
D - Phantom pain
D - Fanfare
D - Calling me
D - Card
D - Dearest you
D - Independent Queen
D - Day by Day
D - 7th Rose
D - Lost breath
D - Mad Tea Party
D - Solid heart
D - God bless you
D - Canis lupus
D - Rosenstrauss
D - Nightly Knights
D - Blood Moon
D - Mother Doll
Conscious - Basketball Jones
Francesco Rossi - Paper Aeroplane
Ferry Corsten - Kyoto
Ferry Corsten feat. Ben Hague - Ain’t No Stoppin’
Ferry Corsten feat. Aruna - Live Forever
Ferry Corsten feat. Haris - Back to Paradise
Celia Cruz feat. Oscar D'León - El son de Celia y Oscar
D.R.A.M. - WiFi
D.R.A.M. - Broccoli
D.R.A.M. - Signals (Throw It Around)
D.R.A.M. - $
D.R.A.M. - I'll Be Back Again
D.R.A.M. - Goldens (ft. Mass)