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Danny! - Fullaschidt
Danny! - D.A.N.N.Y.
Dave B - Right Here
Don Covay - See-Saw
Don Covay - Please Do Something
Don Covay - Come See About Me
Miles Davis & John Coltrane - Bye, Bye Black Bird
Glenn Danzig - Who Killed Marilyn?
Dantalion - Everything Ends
Dead to Fall - Tu Se Morta
Dan Deacon - When I Was Done Dying
Dan Deacon - Big Big Big Big Big
Dan Deacon - Change Your Life (You Can Do It)
Dash Berlin with ATB vs. Niki and the Dove - DJ Ease My Apollo Road
Julia Darling - Let's Do It Again
D'Cinnamons - Mayday, Im In Love
D'Cinnamons - My Lovely Friend
deadboy & the Elephantmen - Stop, I’m Already Dead
deadboy & the Elephantmen - Walking Stick
deadboy & the Elephantmen - Kissed by Lightning
Darshan Ambient - It's You
DEAD! - Beautiful Broken Bones
DEAD! - Phantom
DEAD! - Alaska
The Datsuns - Too Little Fire
The Dayton Family - Whats on My Mind II
The Dayton Family - Stick and Move
The Dayton Family - Blood on My Knife
The Dayton Family - Smoke for Free
The Dayton Family - Weed Song
The Dayton Family - Do You Remember?
The Dayton Family - Dope Dayton Ave
John Davis and the Monster Orchestra - Love Magic
The Benjy Davis Project - You Just Know
The Benjy Davis Project - Glory Glory
Curren$y - Michael Knight
Curren$y - Flight Briefing
Curren$y feat. Young Roddy & Trademark da Skydiver - Armoire
Curren$y - Showroom
Curren$y - Chandelier
Curren$y feat. Wiz Khalifa - Winning
Curren$y - Cruzin...
Danju - Nur Bekannte
Danju - X
Danju - Dollar $$$
Danju - Tag & Nacht
Dawin - Dessert
Dawin - Life of the Party
Dawin - Just Girly Things
Curren$y - Breakfast
Curren$y feat. Big K.R.I.T. & Smoke DZA - Skybourne
Curren$y - Run Dat Shit
Curren$y - My Life Is a Movie
Curren$y - Three 60
Curren$y - Mary
Curren$y - Moe Chettah
Curren$y - Real Family
Curren$y - Mo Money
Curren$y - Title Track
Ronnie Dawson - Action Packed
Dead Moon - Dead in the Saddle
Dead Moon - Too Far Gone
Dead Moon - It's O.K.
Dead Moon - Back to Back
Curren$y - She on My Mind
Darkwoods My Betrothed - Yggdrasil's Children Fall
Curren$y - Lemonade Mimosas
Curren$y - 10 G's
Curren$y - Stolen
Dead Moon - A Fix on You
Dappy feat. Brian May - Rockstar
Dappy - Come With Me
Dappy - Yin Yang
Dappy - Bring It All Home
Dappy - I.O.U.
Dappy - Rockstar
Dappy - Spaceship
Curren$y - Power Button
Curren$y - Froze
Curren$y - BBS
Curren$y - Where Da Cash At
Curren$y - Frost
Curren$y - Reset
Curren$y - Pay Attention
Curren$y - Galaxy
Curren$y - Get It Ya Self
Curren$y - Callin
Curren$y - Cars
Curren$y - 100 Spokes
Curren$y - Bottom of the Bottle
Darkness Dynamite - By My Own
Darkness Dynamite - Evil Dead
Dead Moon - Dirty Noise
Dead Boys - 3rd Generation Nation
Daybreak Embrace - Suffocate
Daybreak Embrace - Mercury
Daybreak Embrace - Faded
Daybreak Embrace - Thirty Six
Daybreak Embrace - Tomorrow Awaits
Daybreak Embrace - Sanctuary
Deadeye Dick - Perfect Family
Bootsy’s Rubber Band - Love Vibes
Bootsy’s Rubber Band - Roto-Rooter
Dead Players - Infinite Limousine Pile Up
Deafheaven - Vertigo
Deafheaven - Come Back
Dead End Kids - Have I the Right
Dávila 666 - Yo sería otro
Dávila 666 - Basura
Dávila 666 - Callejón
Bobby Darin - Splish Splash
Bobby Darin - Clementine
Bobby Darin - More
Bobby Darin - I Got Rhythm
Bobby Darin - (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher
Bobby Darin - Lover, Come Back to Me
Dara - Kiss
Bobby Darin - Up A Lazy River
Bobby Darin - Talk to Me Something
Dawn of Ashes - Flat-Line
Dawn of Ashes - Nightmare
Dawn of Ashes - The Ancient Draining Room
Dawn of Ashes - Epilogue-Beginning of the End
Dawn of Ashes - Scars on Scars
Dawn of Ashes - Tribe of Chemosh
Bobby Darin - Minnie the Moocher
Bobby Darin - Sally Was a Good Old Girl
Dawn of Ashes - A Blade in the Dark
Dawn of Ashes - Torture Device
Dawn of Ashes - Still Born Defect (preview from The Crypt Injection)
Dawn of Ashes - Grendel - Soilbleed
Dawn of Ashes - Sacred (unreleased track)
Dead Man Winter - This House Is on Fire
De La Soul feat. Usher - Greyhounds
Bobby Darin - When I Look in Your Eyes
Bobby Darin - Hush, Somebody's Calling My Name
Kimya Dawson & Aesop Rock - Delicate Cycle
Sarah Darling - Halley’s Comet
DEAN - Pour Up
DEAN - bonnie & clyde
DEAN - What 2 Do
DEAN - i love it
DEAN - 21
DEAN - D (half moon)
DEAN - Put My Hands on You
Bobby Darin - I Found a Million Dollar Baby
Dark Matters - I Don't Believe in Miracles
Dead Confederate - Sugar
Dead Infection - Let Me Vomit
Dead Infection - Fire in the Forest
Dead Infection - The Merry-Go-Round
Darkest Hour - District Divided
Darkest Hour - The Tides
Darkest Hour - By the Starlight
Darkest Hour - Lunar Divide
Darkest Hour - Hypatia Rising
Darkest Hour - Departure
Darkest Hour - The Mark of the Judas
Darkest Hour - The Great Opresser
Dear Sherlock - Bach Archive
Dear Sherlock - The Tale
Dear Sherlock - Bunny
Dear Sherlock - Paranoia
Dawn Golden - Discoloration
Dawn Golden - All I Want
Dawn Golden - Swing
Dawn Golden - The Beekeeper
Dawn Golden - Still Life
Dawn Golden - Last Train
Dawn Golden - Brief Encounter
Tyrone Davis - Turn Back the Hands of Time
Danger - 11H30
Tyrone Davis - Ain't Nothing I Can Do
Jimmy Dean - I. O. U.
Pino Daniele - Sara non piangere
Pino Daniele - Napule è
Pino Daniele - Quanno chiove
Pino Daniele - A testa in giù
Pino Daniele - Anna verrà
Pino Daniele - Resta… resta cu' mme
Pino Daniele - Alleria
Pino Daniele - Terra mia
Pino Daniele - Pigro
Pino Daniele - The Desert in My Head
Pino Daniele - Sotto o' sole
De eneste to - Det var det der slog dig da du faldt
De eneste to - Skrig det til træerne
Pino Daniele - It's a Beautiful Day
Fabolous - Ball Til You Fall
Pino Daniele - Stare bene a metà
Pino Daniele - Gesù Gesù
Pino Daniele - 'O cammello 'nnammurato
Pino Daniele - O ssaje comme fa 'o core
Pino Daniele feat. Giorgia - Vento di passione
Bobby Darin - Moritat (Mack the Knife)
DC Breaks - Faithless
Bobby Darin - Me and Mr Hohner
Francesco De Gregori - Adelante! Adelante!
Francesco De Gregori - Il bandito e il campione
Francesco De Gregori - Buonanotte fiorellino
Francesco De Gregori - Stella della strada
Pino Daniele - La mia emozione più forte
Francesco De Gregori - Belli capelli
Francesco De Gregori - Canzone per l'estate