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Debeli precjednik - Subotom Kićo, nedjeljom Slabinac
Def Con Dos - Veraneo en Puerto Hurraco (versión 99)
Def Con Dos - Apocalipsis ahora (versión 99)
Def Con Dos - Sigo siendo heterosexual
Charlie Dée - Rosie
Def Con Dos - Los reyes son los padres
Def Con Dos - Dolor ajeno
Def Con Dos - Contra todos
Dawn of Tears - Present of Guilt
Dawn of Tears - Blaspheme Natured Messiah
Dawn of Tears - Since They're Gone
Christian Delagrange - Sans toi je suis seul
Christian Delagrange - Tu m'appartiens et je t'aime
Christian Delagrange - C'est une femme du Sud
Christian Delagrange - Mon véritable amour
Christian Delagrange - Vivre sans amour
Christian Delagrange - Je t'aimerai mon amour
The Charlie Daniels Band - Blind Man
DCS feat. Juan Magan - Angelito Sin Alas
dBA - Little Old Me
dBA - When the Light Has Gone
The Defiled - Unspoken
The Defiled - Five Minutes (2014)
Decoded Feedback - Do You See
DWB feat. fade - From the Heart
Decoded Feedback - Atlantis
Death of the Neighbourhood - Death of the Neighbourhood
Decoded Feedback - God's Sin
D‐Flame - Intro
D‐Flame - Sorry
D‐Flame - Heimatlos
D‐Flame - Wo ein Wille ist, ist auch ein Weg
D‐Flame - Backflash
The Charlie Daniels Band - Turned My Head Around
Dave Davies - Love Gets You
The Kinks - I'm Not Like Everybody Else
Def Räädu - Kaubamaja kärumees
The Charlie Daniels Band - Standing in the Rain
The Charlie Daniels Band - Sweetwater Texas
Darshan & Sanjeev - Aashiq Mujhe Aashiq
Deacon Blue - When Will You (Make My Telephone Ring)
Deacon Blue - Sad Loved Girl
The Charlie Daniels Band - Long Haired Country Boy (with Brooks & Dunn)
Deep Puddle Dynamics - Rainmen
Deacon Blue - Win
Deacon Blue - Cut Lip
The Decline - You Call This A Holiday?
The Decline - Showertime in the Slammer
The Decline - 66B
Léa Deleau - Les Accidents d'amour
Joris Delacroix - Take your time
Deap Vally - Baby I Call Hell
Deap Vally - Your Love
Deap Vally - Woman of Intention
Deap Vally - Six Feet Under
Deap Vally - Procreate
Decibully - Beyond Hope
Deacon Blue - Every Time You Sleep
La Década Prodigiosa - Orion
Death Dies - Destroyer
Gavin DeGraw - (Nice to Meet You) Anyway
Gavin DeGraw - Belief
Gavin DeGraw - Meaning
Gavin DeGraw - Untamed
Gavin DeGraw - Let It Go
Gavin DeGraw - Fire
The Deadly Snakes - I Want to Die
The Deadly Snakes - Gore Veil
De Mens - Nog een dag
De Mens - We komen goed
Dead Skeletons - Dead Mantra
Cyril Hahn - Slow
Cyril Hahn - Breaking
Cyril Hahn - Grace
Gavin DeGraw - I'm Gonna Try
Gavin DeGraw - You Make My Heart Sing Louder
Gavin DeGraw - Kite Like Girl
Gavin DeGraw - Harder to Believe
Gavin DeGraw - Annalee
De Mens - Nederland
De Mens - Einde van de eeuw
De Mens - Supermodel
Gavin DeGraw - A Song for You
DJ Deeon - Freak Like Me
Defeater - Everything Went Quiet
Defeater - Bastards
Defeater - No Shame
Defeater - Hopeless Again
Defeater - Blood in My Veins
Defeater - No Savior
Defeater - Rabbit Foot
Defeater - Bled Out
Defeater - Spared in Hell
Defeater - Remorse
Defeater - Atonement
Defeater - Let Me Down
Michal David - Je to blízko
Michal David - Máma
Michal David - Nejvetsi z nalezu a ztrat
Michal David - Treti galaxie
Michal David - Ruská Máša
De Mens - Hallelujah
Michal David - Pláč
Michal David - Zárucní list na lásku
Michal David - To snad nikdo nespocítá
Dead Heart Bloom - New Messiah
Dead Heart Bloom - Nothing Will Break Me Now
Daylight Torn - Falling Christ
Daylight Torn - Never Really
Daylight Torn - Sebastian
D☆DATE - Love Heaven
Defecto - Excluded
Defecto - Drifting Into Blackness
Defecto - The Sands of Time
Danielle Darrieux - Le Petit Moulin tout vermoulu
Danielle Darrieux - Je n'donnerais pas ma place
Dada Life - So Young So High
Dada Life - Happy Violence
Dada Life - One Smile
Dada Life - Born to Rage
Dada Life - Freaks Have More Fun
Dada Life - Tonight We’re Kids Again
Junior Delgado - Sons of Slaves
Decibelios - Oi! Oi! Oi!
Decibelios - Barna 92
Day Eleven - Untitled
Day Eleven - Blood Runs Thick
Kiki Dee - I've Got the Music in Me
Kiki Dee - The Day Will Come Between Sunday and Monday
Grace Deeb - Ana Habbayt
Grace Deeb - Comme toi
Danny - Vain lunta kaikkialla
Deep Dish - Stranded
Dead Stop - Dead End Path
Dead Stop - Drag Me Down
The Defaced - October Ruins
Skeeter Davis - What Am I Gonna do With You
Skeeter Davis - (I Can't Help) I'm Falling Too
Skeeter Davis - Give Me Death
Skeeter Davis - He Says the Same Things to Me
Dead Can Dance - Yulunga (Spirit Dance)
Dead Can Dance - Emmeleia
Dead Can Dance - Severance
Def Squad - Countdown
Def Squad - You Do, I Do
Dead Can Dance - Song to the Siren
Dead Can Dance - Song of the Stars
Dead Can Dance - Frontier (demo)
Delirious? - History Maker
Delirious? - Thank You for Saving Me
Delirious? - I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever
Delirious? - Oh Lead Me
Delirious? - Obsession
De Dannan - Paddy's Lamentation
Dead Can Dance - De profundis (Out of the Depths of Sorrow)
Delirious? - Rain Down
Delirious? - Miracle Maker
Delirious? - Fires Burn
Delirious? - Take Off My Shoes
Desmond Dekker & The Specials - Sammy Dead
Delirious? - Majesty (Here I Am)
Trent Dabbs - Keep Me Young
Trent Dabbs - Catch Me Up to Speed
Trent Dabbs - Follow Suit
Trent Dabbs - Me & God
Trent Dabbs - Dear Jane
Trent Dabbs - Rain or Shine
Trent Dabbs - Inside These Lines
Trent Dabbs - One Last Look
Trent Dabbs - I'm Not OK
Trent Dabbs - Read 'Em and Weep
Trent Dabbs - Wrap My Mind Around You
Trent Dabbs - Better Off Now
Trent Dabbs - Don't Believe in Stars
Trent Dabbs - Mountain Song
Robert DeLong - Survival of the Fittest
Robert DeLong - Don't Wait Up
DAT Politics - What's DAT?
Delirious? - American President
Delph’ sans les pattes - L’Amanite
Dance Hall Crashers - Mr. Blue
Degreed - What If
Dead Meat - Fasciitis Necrotizing
Jonathan Davis and the SFA - Not Meant for Me
Dead Can Dance - Song of the Sybil
Delik - Sám sebou
Delik - Svet patrí nám
Delik - Hudba
Delik - Krídla
Delik feat. Idea & Boy Wonder - V oceáne
Lex de Azevedo - Abide With Me
Los del Fuego - Jurabas tú
The Daysleepers - The Secret Place
The Daysleepers - Moonfrost
The Daysleepers - Lightforms
The Daysleepers - Dream Within a Dreamworld