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The Daysleepers - Dream Within a Dreamworld
Desmond Dekker & The Aces - Sabotage
CROSS GENE - One Way Love (Japanese Ver.)
CROSS GENE - For This Love (Japanese Ver.)
CROSS GENE - My Love Song (Korean Ver.)
CROSS GENE - Page of Love (Korean Ver.)
CROSS GENE - La-Di Da-Di (Japanese ver.)
CROSS GENE - Dirty Pop
CROSS GENE - Shooting Star (Korean Ver.)
CROSS GENE - Shooting Star
CROSS GENE - Sky High (Japanese Ver.)
CROSS GENE - For This Love
CROSS GENE - Holiday
CROSS GENE - Amazing -Bad Lady-
CROSS GENE - No No No (Korean Ver.)
CROSS GENE - Keep On Dancing (English Ver.)
CROSS GENE - White Mind
De Dopegezinde Gemeente - Leidscheplein
Daddy Yankee, Lil Jon, Pitbull & N.O.R.E. - Gasolina
Defender - Defender
DecembeRadio - Table
Abou Debeing - Sorry
Dead Man Ray - Emotional Tourism
Deluxe - Family Show
Deluxe - My Game
Deluxe - Pretty Flaws
Deluxe feat. CYPH4 - Indisposed
Deluxe feat. Youthstar - Daniel
Deluxe - Extra Mile
Deluxe - Shoes
Deluxe - Tum Rakak
Deluxe - Ear
Deluxe - Seize Your Day
Deluxe - My World
Deluxe - Mr Chicken
Deluxe - Mister Chiken
Deitrick Haddon - Oh Yeah
Deitrick Haddon - Don't Wanna Let You Go
Deitrick Haddon - I Need Your Help
Deitrick Haddon - Love Him Like I Do
Deitrick Haddon - Save Somebody
Ümit Davala - Para, Para, Para
Deitrick Haddon - Don't Go
Deitrick Haddon - Don't Let Me Fall
Linda Davis - Some Kinda Woman
December Wolves - Public Aquarian Freebase
December Wolves - We Are Everywhere
December Wolves - Our Centuries Have Been Found
December Wolves - Lycanthropy: Yonder Through Ice Storms
Darkseed - My Burden
Darkseed - Striving for Fire
Darkseed - A Charm for Sound Sleeping
Darkseed - Watchful Spirit’s Care
Darkseed - Love's Heavy Burden
Albin de la Simone - Ici hier
Albin de la Simone - Tu vas rire
Albin de la Simone - Un homme
Albin de la Simone - Parle-moi
Andra Day - Only Love
Andra Day - Gold
Andra Day - Mistakes
Andra Day - Honey Or Fire
Andra Day - Gin & Juice (Let Go My Hand)
Andra Day - Rise Up
Andra Day - City Burns
Andra Day - Winter Wonderland
Delegation - One More Step to Take
Delegation - Oh Honey
Daya - Legendary
Daya - I.C.Y.M.I.
Daya - Love of My Life
Daya - Hide Away
Daya - Sit Still, Look Pretty
Daya - Words
Daya - Back to Me
Daya - Got the Feeling
Daya - We Are
Deathspell Omega - Abscission
Deathspell Omega - Apokatastasis Pantôn
Deathspell Omega - Hétoïmasia
Deathspell Omega - Si monumentum requires, circumspice
Deathspell Omega - The Repellent Scars of Abandon & Election
Deathspell Omega - Procreation Epidemic
Deathspell Omega - Diabolus absconditus
Claude Debussy - Nuit d'étoiles
Cowboy Junkies - Sun Comes Up, It's Tuesday Morning
DEAN - And You? (Outro)
DEAN - Bonnie & Clyde
DEAN - D (Half Moon)
DEAN - 21
Kris Delmhorst - Lullaby 101
Helena Deland - Baby
Cowboy Junkies - Sir Francis Bacon at the Net
Cowboy Junkies - My Fall
Vincent Delerm - La Vipère du Gabon
Vincent Delerm - Deauville sans Trintignant
Vincent Delerm feat. Irène Jacob - Désir désir
Vincent Delerm feat. Jeanne Cherhal & Albin De La Simone - Les Gens qui doutent
Vincent Delerm - Martin Parr
Vincent Delerm - Le cœur des volleyeuses bat plus fort pour les volleyeurs
Vincent Delerm - Sous les avalanches
Vincent Delerm - Je t'ai même pas dit
Vincent Delerm - Je ne veux pas mourir ce soir
Vincent Delerm - Danser sur la table
Vincent Delerm - Les chanteurs sont tous les mêmes
Vincent Delerm - À présent
Joanna Dean - Once Is Enough
Vincent Delerm - Quoi
Vincent Delerm - Marine
Vincent Delerm - Embrasse-moi
Victor Démé - Djôn'maya
The Delilahs - Delilah
Death Hawks - Dead Man
ddisselblom - Carwatch Camels
Deca - Gabriel Ratchet
Dark - Marble Halls
Dark - Fool
Dark - A Taste of Fear
Daylight Dies - A Life Less Lived
Daylight Dies - At a Loss
Daylight Dies - I Wait
Daylight Dies - Dreaming of Breathing
Daylight Dies - A Final Vestige
Daylight Dies - An Heir to Emptiness
Martin Jones - Estampes: Jardins sous la pluie
Decapitated - Day 69
Decapitated - Winds of Creation
Decapitated - The Knife
Decapitated - The Blasphemous Psalm to the Dummy God Creation
Decapitated - Veins
Decapitated - Nest
Decapitated - Instinct
Decapitated - Blindness
Deerhunter - Earthquake
Deerhunter - Helicopter
Deerhunter - The Missing
Deerhunter - Punk (La vie antérieure)
Deerhunter - All the Same
Deerhunter - Living My Life
Deerhunter - Breaker
Deerhunter - Duplex Planet
Deerhunter - Take Care
Deerhunter - Snakeskin
Deerhunter - Ad astra
Deerhunter - Carrion
Deerhunter - Dr Glass
Taylor Davis - Bioshock Infinite: Elizabeth's Theme & Will the Circle Be Unbroken
Del Castillo - Quiereme
Dellé - Be My Girl
Dellé - You're Why I Wake Up in the Morning
Dellé - Take Your Medicine
Death Angel - The Noose
Death Angel - When Worlds Collide
Death Angel - 5 Steps of Freedom
Death Angel - A Room With a View
Death Angel - Opponents at Sides
Death Angel - Why You Do This
Death Angel - The Dream Calls for Blood
Death Angel - The Moth
Death Angel - Lost
Death Angel - Father of Lies
Death Angel - Hell to Pay
Death Angel - Breakaway
Death Angel - Let the Pieces Fall
Death Angel - Kill as One
Death Angel - Devil's Metal
Dee-1 - One Man Army
Dee-1 - Love Me Some You
Dee-1 - The Vibe
Dee-1 - You Stupid Fool
Dee-1 - 3's Up
Dee-1 - The Very Best
Dee-1 - Win Today
Dee-1 - Against Us
Déanta - The Maid That Sold Her Barley
Déanta - Willie and Mary
Déanta - Lone Shanakyle
Déanta - Where Are You
Déanta - Willie Taylor
Déanta - Dark Iniseoghain
De Romeo's - We Gaan Weer Feesten (Sha La La La)
Delphic - Of the Young
Delphic - The Sun Also Rises
Dawn of Disease - On Trails of Death
Dawn of Disease - Through Nameless Ages
Dawn of Disease - Enwrapped in Guts
Demona - Poisoned
Datune - Policeman
Datune - Hasta la victoria
Datune - Cette fois
Daisy Dee - Open Sesame
Daisy Dee - Just Jump
Da Rick - Rumble (a cappella)
Dark Castle - Sands Hold the Time
Delaney & Bonnie - Never Ending Song of Love
Dalis Car - Moonlife
Dalis Car - Sound Cloud
Dalis Car - King Cloud
Deepest Blue - Give It Away
The Courtneys - 90210
Isabel de Sebastián - Te mataría
Lars Demian - Alkohol
Lars Demian - H&M
The Dead South - Long Gone
The Dead South - The Recap
The Dead South - In Hell I'll Be in Good Company
The Dead South - Travellin' Man
The Dead South - Honey You
The Dead South - Ballad for Janowski
The Dead South - The Dead South
The Dead South - That Bastard Son
The Dead South - Deep When the River's High
The Dead South - Boots
The Dead South - Every Man Needs A Chew
The Dead South - The Good Lord
The Dead South - Fruit and Salad
The Dead South - Banjo Odyssey
The Dead South - The Dirty Juice
The Dead South - Wishing Well
Lars Demian - Guldkant på ditt liv
Dark Funeral - Declaration of Hate
Dark Funeral - An Apprentice of Satan 2000
Dark Funeral - The Trial
Dark Funeral - Godhate
Dark Funeral - Atrum Regina
Dark Funeral - Open the Gates
Dark Funeral - Beast Above Man
Dark Funeral - As I Ascend
Dark Funeral - Temple of Ahriman
Dark Funeral - Nail Them to the Cross
Dark Funeral - As One We Shall Conquer -
Dark Funeral - To Carve Another Wound -
Dark Funeral - Unchain My Soul -
Dark Funeral - Where Shadows Forever Reign -
Dark Funeral - The Eternal Eclipse -
Demarco - Show It
Degradead - Wake the Storm
Degradead - Achieve the Sky
Degradead - VXR
Degradead - Burned
Degradead - Cold Blood
Degradead - One Against All
Degradead - We'll Meet Again
Degradead - Scars of Misery
Degradead - Afterlife
Degradead - A New Dawn
Dorothy Dandridge - Smooth Operator
Delahoja - Melancolía
Delahoja - Con un par
Decoryah - Gloria Absurdiah
Lucio Demare - No te apures Cara Blanca
Decollation - The Godborn
Lucio Demare - Oigo tu voz
Delta Moon - Lap Dog
Delta Moon - Blues In A Bottle
Debase - Inordinate Desire
Delta Sleep - So Say We All
Deep Blue Something - Cherry Lime Rickey
Deep Blue Something - Byzantium
Deep Blue Something - Dr. Crippen
Deep Blue Something - Becoming Light
Denis Graça - Let Me Go
Delfinai - Mergaite, atleisk
Delfinai - Viskas bus gerai
Deluka - Cascade
Deluka - Nevada
Deluka - Sleep Is Impossible
Tom DeLonge - An Endless Summer
Tom DeLonge - Circle-Jerk-Pit