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Destined to Be - What Cha Doin' to Me
Destined to Be - What You Want
Deadline - Last Night
Deadline - This Girl
Deadline - In My Eyes
The Defranco Family - I Wanted to Tell You
The Defranco Family - Sweet, Sweet Loretta
The Defranco Family - I Love Everything You Do
The Defranco Family - Because We Both Are Young
Dick4Dick - Another Dick
Gabrielle Destroismaisons - Je suis là pour toi
Devin the Dude - Go Somewhere
Devin the Dude - Doobie Ashtray
Devin the Dude - Can’t Make It Home
Devin the Dude - Thinkin’ Boutchu
Devin the Dude - Let Me Know It’s Real
Casey Desmond - Save Me Now
Dial M for Murder! - Do You Think So? I Don't
Devin the Dude - Mo fa Me
Devin the Dude - Show 'Em
Devin the Dude - You'll Be Satisfied
Diamond Rio - Beautiful Mess
Diamond Rio - One More Day
Diamond Rio - I Could Do It With My Eyes Closed
Diamond Rio - (I Will) Start All Over Again
Decyfer Down - Burn Back the Sun
Decyfer Down - Walking Dead
Decyfer Down - Fading
Decyfer Down - Wasting Away
Decyfer Down - Bleeding Lies
Decyfer Down - Dead Skin
Decyfer Down - Believe in Me
Decyfer Down - Lifetime
Diamond Rio - In God We Still Trust
Diamond Rio - This Is My Life
Mauro di Maggio - Sempre con Te
Kevin Devine - You're Trailing Yourself
Kevin Devine - Breathe, Breathe Deep (Hand of God remix by Plosive)
Jacque DeShetler - Can't Stop Talking
Jacque DeShetler - Step By Step (O God You Are My God)
Barbara Dickson - In the Night
Barbara Dickson - From The Heart
Denis & Denis - Soba 23
Cathy Davey - Yak Yak
Cathy Davey - The Nameless
Cathy Davey - Army of Tears
Cathy Davey - In He Comes
Cathy Davey - Bad Weather
Cathy Davey - The Touch
Cathy Davey - Wild Rum
Derek Luh - Confidence
Derek Luh - It Ain't Shit
Barbara Dickson - It Makes Me Feel Good
Barbara Dickson - Don't Think Twice... (It's Alright)
Barbara Dickson - You Don't Know What You Want
Destrage - Purania
Destrage - Where The Things Have No Colour
Destrage - Double Yeah
Destrage - Twice the Price
Destrage - Smell You Later Fishy Bitch
Destrage - Panda vs. Koala
Destrage - Abandon to Random
Los Diablos - Un rayo de sol
Stephen R. Covey - The 7 Habits
Dempagumi.inc - Dem Dem X'mas
Desert - Lament for Soldier's Glory (Order 227)
Desert - Assasin's Fate
Desert - Son of a Star
Desert - The Wolf's Attack
Desert - Never Regret
Desert - The Road to You
Desert - 1812
Desert - Final Journey
Desert - Imperial Eagle
Iris DeMent - Makin' My Way Back Home
Iris DeMent - There's a Whole Lotta Heaven
Iris DeMent - Leaning On The Everlasting Arms
Iris DeMent - Let the Mystery Be
Deviser - I Am in Awe
Elske DeWall - Stains on My Heart
Demented Scumcats - Hills on Fire
Daye Jack - Save My Soul
Dicidens - De larmes et de sang
Carlos Di Sarli feat. Alberto Podestá - Tú el cielo y tú
Diana Garnett - My Revolution
Diana Garnett - Spinning World
Diddy - Dirty Money feat. The Notorious B.I.G. & Rick Ross - Angels
Diddy - Dirty Money feat. Chris Brown - Yesterday
Diddy - Dirty Money - Hello Good Morning
Diddy - Dirty Money - Looking for Love
Diddy - Dirty Money - Your Love
Diddy - Dirty Money - Angels
Diddy - Dirty Money - I Know
Devil In Me - The End
Madi Diaz - Johnny
Madi Diaz - To Be Alone
Madi Diaz - The Other Side
Madi Diaz - Ashes
Madi Diaz - Gone Away
Diamond D - I Wanna Leave
Deathbound - Betrayal Wears Your Face
Deathbound - A Need to Survive
Debustrol - To maso
Dead When I Found Her - Stitches
Déluge - Avalanche.
Dead When I Found Her - New Drugs
Michel Delpech - Fan de toi
Michel Delpech - Quand la pluie tombe en été
Joseph DiDonato - Morning Sun
Joseph DiDonato - Just This
Day Wave - Drag
Day Wave - Hard to Read
Day Wave - Wasting Time
Day Wave - Ceremony
Day Wave - You Are Who You Are
Curse - Alles wird besser
Curse - Nimm's leicht
Curse - Heilung
Curse feat. Xavier Naidoo - Soulmusic
Curse - Warum nicht?
Curse - Wenn ich die Welt aus dir erschaffen könnte
Curse - Fantastisch
Curse - Zehn Rap Gesetze
Curse - Hassliebe
Curse - Tatooine
Curse - Wir brauchen nur uns
Curse - Struggle
Curse - Ich kann nicht mehr
Anti-Depressive Delivery - Voyage of No Brain Discovery
Diabolical Masquerade - Ravendusk in My Heart
Diabolical Masquerade - 1st Movement
Kam Dhillon - Kala Chasma
Diarrhea Planet - Separations
Detonation - Reflection of a Torn Spirit
Jim Diamond - I Won't Let You Down
Jim Diamond - I Should Have Known Better
Destine - Where Are You Now
Destine - Four Leaf Clover
Destine - Wait Forever
Destine - Night Skies
Destine - Illuminate
Destine - Down and Out
Destine - Demons
Destine - Anywhere You Wanna Go
Destine - Rock Paper Scissors
Destine - Stuck in the Middle
Destine - More
The Dad Horse Experience - Ganz War Ich Nie
Sidiki Diabaté - Joyeux anniversaire
Sidiki Diabaté - Fais moi confiance
Sidiki Diabaté - Douaou Djabira
Sidiki Diabaté - J'ai pas ton temps
Zach Deputy - Happy Graduation
D.Holic - Without You
Dibbukim - Rozhinkes mit mandlen
Dibbukim - A mol iz geven a mayse
Al Di Meola - I Can Tell
Mary J. Blige feat. P. Diddy - No More Drama
P. Diddy & The Bad Boy Family - That's Crazy
P. Diddy, Black Rob & Mark Curry - Bad Boy for Life
P. Diddy & The Bad Boy Family - Let's Get It
P. Diddy & The Bad Boy Family - Diddy
P. Diddy & The Bad Boy Family - Smoke (interlude)
P. Diddy & The Bad Boy Family - Thank You
Deceptic - Ocean
Deceptic - Lead Astray
Matthew Dear - Honey
Matthew Dear - Slowdance
Diamond Eyes - Rivers
Matthew Dear - Earthforms
Matthew Dear - Ahead of Myself
DevilDriver - Not All Who Wander Are Lost
DevilDriver - Horn of Betrayal
DevilDriver - When Summoned
DevilDriver - Back With a Vengeance
DevilDriver - Shitlist
DevilDriver - Black Soul Choir
DevilDriver - Oath of the Abyss
DevilDriver - Desperate Times
DevilDriver - The Appetite
DevilDriver - Caring's Overkill
DevilDriver - Sail
DevilDriver - Back Down to the Grave
DevilDriver - The Mountain
DevilDriver - Testimony of Truth
DevilDriver - Bad Deeds
DevilDriver - My Night Sky
DevilDriver - Daybreak
DevilDriver - Trust No One
DevilDriver - Evil on Swift Wings
DevilDriver - Hold Back the Day
DevilDriver - Sin & Sacrifice
DevilDriver - Just Run
DevilDriver - Before the Hangman's Noose
DevilDriver - The Fury of Our Maker's Hand
DevilDriver - Dust Be the Destiny
Bill Deraime - Laisse faire
Derin Falana - Bet
De Deurzakkers - Drink Schrobbelèr
Tom Waits - In The Neighbourhood
Diabulus in Musica - St. Michael's Nightmare
Diabulus in Musica - Furia de Libertad
Diabulus in Musica - Earthly Illusions
Diabulus in Musica - Marble Embrace
Diabulus in Musica - Ring Around Dark Fairies' Carousel
Diabulus in Musica - A Speck in the Universe
Diabulus in Musica - Hiding From You
Diabulus in Musica - The Voice of Your Dreams
Diabulus in Musica - Bane
Diabulus in Musica - Sceneries of Hope
Diabulus in Musica - Allegory of Faith, Innocence and Future
Devil Doll - [untitled]
Rajiv Dhall - Tempo