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Dave Nachmanoff - Descartes in Amsterdam
Mike Diva - Kazoo Kid Trap
The Devoted Few - You Are Not Your Friends
Luca Dirisio - La ricetta del campione
Luca Dirisio - Giù amore
Luca Dirisio - O è amore o non è niente
Luca Dirisio - Calma y sangre fría
Fatoumata Diawara - Kanou
Fatoumata Diawara - Bakonoba
Fatoumata Diawara - Kèlè
Fatoumata Diawara - Makoun Oumou
Fatoumata Diawara - Clandestin
Diplo & Swick - Dat a Freak (dub)
Dirty Looks - Oh Ruby
DECO*27 - 27 -DECO*27 Vocal Mix-
Paulo Diniz - Piri Piri
Paulo Diniz - José
Paulo Diniz - Como?
Di Melo - Pernalonga
Deux - Dance With Me
Deux - Decadence
Demonaz - March of the Norse
Demonaz - Legends of Fire and Ice
DeWolff - Everything Everywhere
DeWolff - Love in C Minor
DeWolff - Pick Your Bones Out of the Water
DeWolff - The Pistol
DeWolff - Stand Up Tall
DeWolff - Don’t You Go Up The Sky
Dirty Penny - If I Were You I'd Hate Me Too
Dirty Penny - Scream & Shout
Dishwalla - Pretty Babies
Dishwalla - Coral Sky
Dishwalla - Until I Wake Up
Dishwalla - 5 Star Day
Diplo, Lny tnz, Yellow Claw feat. Waka Flocka Flame - Techno
Deep Sea Diver - Wide Awake
Digger Dance - Zu schön um wahr zu sein, Part 2
Digger Dance - Digger is a Dancer
Dimension - Synth City
denitia and sene. - how to satisfy.
denitia and sene. - Casanova
denitia and sene. - How to Satisfy
denitia and sene. - Because We Are Fools
Dinosaur Jr. - Yeah We Know
Dinosaur Jr. - Don’t
Dinosaur Jr. - Feel the Pain
Dinosaur Jr. - Tarpit
Dinosaur Jr. - Gargoyle
Dinosaur Jr. - Mind Glow
Dinosaur Jr. - Severed Lips
Dio - Shame On The Night
Dio - One Night in the City
Dio - Mystery
Dio - Egypt (The Chains Are On)
Dio - King Of Rock And Roll
Dio - Hungry For Heaven
Dio - Magica Theme
Dio - Fever Dreams
Dio - Challis
Dio - As Long as It's Not About Love
Dio - Otherworld
Dio - Magica Story
Dio - Hey Angel
Dio - Lock Up the Wolves
Dio - Why Are They Watching Me
Dio - Master of the Moon
Dio - Shivers
Dio - Living the Lie
Dio - Give Her The Gun
Orlann Divo - Tudo Jóia
Dio - God Hates Heavy Metal
Dio - Dream Evil
Dio - Stand Up and Shout (Remastered)
Dio - Walk on Water (Remastered)
Dio - Pain (Remastered)
Dio - Blood from a Stone (Remastered)
Dio - Egypt / Children of the Sea
Derby - Stop Stalling
Derby - Jet Set
Dio - Night People
Dio - Metal Will Never Die
Dio - All The Fools Sailed Away
Dio - When A Woman Cries
Dessa - Dixon’s Girl
Dessa - The Man I Knew
Dessa - Skeleton Key
Dessa - Fighting Fish
Dessa - The Lamb
Dessa - It’s Only Me
Dessa - I'm Going Down
Charles Dickens - Great Expectations - Track 16
Dio - Jesus, Mary And The Holy Ghost
Dio - The Sign of the Southern Cross
Dio - I
Dio - Stars
Disturbing tha Peace - R.P.M.
Distrito 14 - El vagabundo
Deepsky - Ghost (Joe Bermudez & Klubjumpers - radio)
Disiz - Fukushima
Alesha Dixon - Ooh Baby I Like It Like That
The Dictators - Master Race Rock
The Dictators - Who Will Save Rock and Roll
The Dictators - New York New York
Alfredo De Angelis feat. Floreal Ruiz - Bajo el cono azul
Discharger - It Seems to Be a Crime
Alfredo De Angelis - Lágrimas De Sangre
Alfredo De Angelis - Y todavía te quiero
Alfredo De Angelis - La pastora
Alfredo De Angelis - Sos Bueno Vos También
Direct Hit! - Forced to Sleep
Direct Hit! - Promised Land
Direct Hit! - Brain Surgery
Alfredo De Angelis - Angélica
Dilated Peoples & The Likwit Crew - Rework the Angels (Dilated Peoples feat. Ag Defari and Xzibit)
Disco - New York Paris London
Dion - Runaround Sue
Dion - This Little Girl
Dion & The Belmonts - It Was Never Meant to Be
DEVO - Here to Go
DEVO - Gut Feeling
DEVO - Triumph of the Will
DEVO - Pity You
DEVO - Love Without Anger
Dion & The Belmonts - Somebody Nobody Wants
DEVO - Some Things Never Change
Dillaz - Sonhar Nesta Vida
Dillaz - Mo Boy
Dillaz - Querida Já Não Dá
DEVO - Step Up
DEVO - Modern Life
DEVO - Big Dog
DEVO - Don't Shoot (I'm a Man)
DEVO - Girl You Want
Ani DiFranco - See See See See
deLillos - Tøff i pyjamas
deLillos - Nitten Åttifire
deLillos - Nå lever den av seg selv
deLillos - Finnes det en kvinne
deLillos - Ved porten der jeg bor
Ani DiFranco - Albacore
deLillos - Toddys tupé
Ani DiFranco - Ballad of Ani DiFranco
Diecast - Hourglass
Diecast - Fade Away
Distorted Penguins - Falling Rock
DJ Dero - Dero's Illusion 2006
Daniel Diges - Todo me sabe a ti
Daniel Diges - Si no miras no lo ves (A Clue About You)
Daniel Diges - ¿Porque te vas?
Daniel Diges - Gavilán o Paloma
Daniel Diges - Hoy tengo ganas de ti
Daniel Diges - Delilah
Daniel Diges - Mammy blue
Daniel Diges - Noelia
Di Leva - I morgon
Diagrams - Ghost Lit
Diagrams - Phantom Power
Diagrams - Gentle Morning Song
Des’ree - In My Dreams
Des’ree - What's Your Sign?
Des’ree - Best Days
Des’ree - I’m Kissing You
Des’ree - Indigo Daisies
Des’ree - It's Okay
Des’ree - Delicate
Des’ree - Got to Be Strong
Des’ree - Deep Inside Your Mind
Marc Déry - Depuis
Alexandre Désilets - Gloire du matin
Alexandre Désilets - Tout est perdu
Olli Dittrich - Was ist denn hier los?
Demi Portion - Artisan du bic
Demi Portion - Rêve de gosse
Demi Portion - Une vie particulière
Demi Portion - Pour une fois
Demi Portion - Avec plaisir
Demi Portion - 2 chez moi
Demi Portion - Mon dico IV
Demi Portion - Un long voyage
!distain - Confession
Diva Gash - Disco Superstar
Divokej Bill - Plakala
Divokej Bill - Sudička