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Karsu Dönmez - Çok Uzaklarda
Double Date - Email to Berlin (a cappella)
Il disordine delle cose - Non sono io, sono gli altri
DollsHead - Freedom, Love Minus 10
Double Vision - All Right
Downchild Blues Band - It's Been So Long
Double You - Drive
Double You - Wonderful World
Double You - Got to Love
Double You - What Did You Do
Double You - Going Back
Double You - Gimme All Your Love
Double You - Stay With Me
Double You - Only in a Dream
Double You - Somebody
Domine - The Aquilonia Suite
Domine - The Hurricane Master
Domine - The Ride of the Valkyries
Domenic Marte - Necesito que vuelva
Domenic Marte - Eres así
Domenic Marte - Muero por su amor
Domenic Marte - Ella Se Llevo Mi Vida
Domenic Marte - If This is Love
Stee Downes - Asunder
Stee Downes - Put a Little Love in My Soul
Stee Downes - Obviously
Donnerbalkan - Closer
Dischange - Casualties of Greed
Downlord - Smoke & Mirrors
Download - Glassblower
Download - Ego Dissolve
Download - The Guide
Download - Mother Sonne
Distant Oaks - Searching for Lambs
Download - 800 - 525
Casey Donahew Band - Let Me Love You
Casey Donahew Band - Angel
Casey Donahew Band - Let You Go
Casey Donahew Band - Give You a Ring
Casey Donahew Band - Not Ready to Say Goodnight
Casey Donahew Band - Loser
Dorval - Ne me demande rien
Divide the Day - You Say You Want Space? I'll Give You the Fucking Galaxy!
Divide the Day - Fuck Away the Pain
Divide the Day - Get Animal
Benito di Paula - Charlie Brow
Dopewalka - Fiyah!
doriko - Reminiscence
doriko - last will
Alex Diehl - Nur ein Lied
Alex Diehl - Hör auf...!
Bill Douglas - Deep Peace
Bill Douglas - Feast
Bill Douglas - The Cloud
Bill Douglas - My Love Is Like a Red Red Rose
Bill Douglas - Piping Down the Valleys Wild
Bill Douglas - O Earth, o Earth, Return
The Dovells - Bristol Stomp
The Distillers - Drain the Blood
The Distillers - Hall of Mirrors
The Distillers - Beat Your Heart Out
The Distillers - Oh Serena
The Distillers - Red Carpet and Rebellion
Stefflon Don - Real Ting
Stefflon Don - Narcos
Stefflon Don - 16 Shots
District 97 - Snow Country
Disfear - Demons, Demons, Demons
Donatan i Cleo - Introdukcja
Donatan i Cleo - Brać
Donatan i Cleo - Sztorm
Donatan i Cleo - Ten czas
Donatan i Cleo - Cicha woda
Donatan i Cleo - My Słowianie
Donatan i Cleo - B.I.T.
Donatan i Cleo - Efekt motyla
Double Dealer - The Pain
Downliners Sect - Find Out What's Happening
Devour the Day - Respect
Devour the Day - You and Not Me
Devour the Day - Move On
Devour the Day - The Bottom
Devour the Day - Lightning In The Sky
La Secte Phonétik - Bonus : Le roi de france
La Secte Phonétik - Ca va pas l'faire !
Donatan feat. VNM - Słowianin
Donatan feat. Pezet, Gural, Pih - Budź się
Donatan feat. Gural, Sheller, Kaczor, Ry23, Rafi - Słowiańska krew
Donatan feat. Tede - Noc Kupały
Donatan - Nie lubimy robić
Donatan - Z dziada pradziada
Cristina Donà - Niente di particolare (a parte il fatto che mi manchi)
Dr. Dooom - Do Not Disturb
Disiplin - The Death Song
Dodgin' Bullets - Black and Blue Ego
Dismember - Override of the Overture
Dismember - Skin Her Alive
Dismember - Sickening Art
Dismember - Deathevocation
Dissonance In Design - Between Space And Time
Dissonance In Design - Sentient
Connie Dover - Last Night by the River
Doki - Oki Doki
Doki - Hasta Mañana
Ulrike Hansen Døvigsen - Vi drar til Blåfjell
Down Royale - Revile
Devilry - Devilry Unleashed
Divitius - Lucid
Die Campbells - Vat My Vas
Die Campbells - Honderd Jaar
Die Campbells - The Gambler
Die Campbells - Green, Green Grass of Home
Die Campbells - Cotton Fields
Die Campbells - Dem Bones
Dorsal Fins - Monday Tuesday
Dimension-X - Na M' Agapas
Dorsal Atlântica - Corrupto Corruptor
Dorsal Atlântica - Recycle Yourself
Dorsal Atlântica - Império de Satã
DGM - The Rain Falls in the Desert
DGM - Feeling Forever
DGM - Winter Breeze
DGM - Reason
DGM - Numb
Dougal & Gammer - Cry for You
DGM - The Secret (Part II)
DGM - Dogma
Doucette - Down the Road
Doucette - Mama Let Him Play
Dot Hacker - Eye Opener
Dot Hacker - First in Forever
Dot Hacker - Whatever You Want
Dot Hacker - Found Lost
Dot Hacker - Beseech
Dot Hacker - Somersault
DOLL$BOXX - Doll's Box
Siobhán Donaghy - Don't Take Me Back
DOPE LEMON - Marinade
DOPE LEMON - Uptown Folks
DOPE LEMON - Honey Bones
DOPE LEMON - The Way You Do
DOPE LEMON - Won’t Let You Go
Nicole Dollanganger - True Love Cafe
Nicole Dollanganger - He Hit Me (And It Felt Like a Kiss)
Nicole Dollanganger - My Pug
Nicole Dollanganger - Observatory Mansions
Nicole Dollanganger - Rampage
Nicole Dollanganger - Sleepy Towns and Cemeteries
Nicole Dollanganger - Choking Games
Nicole Dollanganger - Angels of Porn
Nicole Dollanganger - Don't Be Scared
Nicole Dollanganger - White Trashing
Nicole Dollanganger - In the Land
Nicole Dollanganger - Angels of Porn (II)
Nicole Dollanganger - You're So Cool
Nicole Dollanganger - Blood Brothers
Nicole Dollanganger - Valley of the Dead
Nicole Dollanganger - Ghosts
Nicole Dollanganger - Farmer's Field
Nicole Dollanganger - Cries of the Elephant Man Bones
Nicole Dollanganger - Rabid
Nicole Dollanganger - Nebraska
Nicole Dollanganger - Phantom Pains
Nicole Dollanganger - Lividity
Nicole Dollanganger - Fleurs Captives
Nicole Dollanganger - Danny
Johnny Dowd - Betty
Dr. Spookenstein - I Don't Wanna Go to Hell
Dishammer - Smoke of Death
Dishammer - Asmodeus (By My Side)
Don Dokken - Give It Up
The Donkeys - I Like the Way You Walk
The Donkeys - Black Cat
Massive Attack - Man Next Door
Dollys - Lilypad
Don’t Look Down - Fade
Don’t Look Down - Visiting Hours Are Over
De Dijk - Kom blauwe regen
De Dijk - Elke dag een nieuwe hoed
De Dijk - Hou Me Vast
Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra - Have You Got Any Castles, Baby?
De Dijk - Dit zijn de dagen