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The Ducky Boys - The Middle Children of History
The Ducky Boys - Scars
The Ducky Boys - Out of the Rut
The Ducky Boys - Do You Wrong
Guillaume Dufay - Nuper Rosarum Flores
João Donato - Amazonas
João Donato - Cadê Jodel
Duo bucolico - Arbusto di crauti (Non è bucolico)
Duo bucolico - Tempi d'oro
Duo bucolico - Il salmone
DTCV - Sundial
DTCV - Mouchette
Duncan Dhu - Llora guitarra (Plora guitarra)
Christian Durstewitz - Let Me Sing
Duncan Dhu - Slowly (tributo a Luis Eduardo Aute)
DSL - Find Me in the World
Lincoln Durham - Suffer My Name
Victoria Duffield - They Don't Know About Us
Duck Duck Goose - Brother John's Revenge
Duck Duck Goose - Hellevator
Dozer - Fire for Crows
Dozer - Rising
Dr. Sapo - Taka Taka
Dr. Sapo - Bajo el Sol
Dr. Sapo - Uno y Dos Son Tres
Dozer - Born a Legend
Dozer - Overheated
Dozer - The Blood Is Cold
Du Tonc - Surging Memories
Tommy Dorsey - Yes Indeed!
Dumptruck - Barking Up the Wrong Tree
Dreamlike Horror - A Solitary Moment
Dreamlike Horror - La Vendetta
Dubmatique - La vie est si fragile
Dumé - Conquistador
Dumé - Je ne sais rien faire
The Dream Academy - Bound to Be
Deanna Durbin - Home Sweet Home
Frans Duijts - Wat een ander ook zegt
Frans Duijts - Kom terug
Dubioza kolektiv - Oni dolaze
Dubioza kolektiv - Vidi, vidi, vidi
Dubioza kolektiv - Njihovi i naši
Dubioza kolektiv - Tranzicija
Dubioza kolektiv - Prvi maj
Dubioza kolektiv - Kažu
Dubioza kolektiv - Volio BiH
Dubioza kolektiv - Kupi
Dubioza kolektiv - Krivo je more 2
Dubioza kolektiv - Brijuni
Dubioza kolektiv feat. La Plebe - 99%
Dubioza kolektiv - K.P. dom
Dubioza kolektiv - Euro Song
Dubioza kolektiv - Whistleblower
Dubioza kolektiv - Balkan funk
Dubioza kolektiv - 90's Surprise
Dubioza kolektiv - No Escape (from Balkan)
Dubioza kolektiv - (The Pirate Bay Song)
Dubioza kolektiv - One More Time
Dubioza kolektiv feat. Džambo Agušev - Boom!
Dubioza kolektiv feat. Benji Webbe - Riot Fire
Dubioza kolektiv feat. La Pegatina - Hay Libertad
Dubioza kolektiv feat. Roy Paci - 24,000 Baci
Dubioza kolektiv - 99%
Dubioza kolektiv - Boom!
The Duckworth Lewis Method - The Age of Revolution
The Duckworth Lewis Method - Flatten the Hay
The Duckworth Lewis Method - 5. Third Man
Lila Downs, Niña Pastori, Soledad - La raíz de mi tierra
Lila Downs, Niña Pastori, Soledad - Que nadie sepa mi sufrir
Dowsing - Midwest Living
Dowsing - Where're Here to Basketball
Dowsing - Still Don't Care
Dowsing - Driving
Dowsing - Maxwell
Dowsing - Amateur Cartography
Duke - So in Love With You (Pizzaman House vocal)
Dregen - Divisions of Me
Dregen - Flat Tyre on a Muddy Road
Dregen - Mojo's Gone
Antje Duvekot - The Perfect Date
Lee Dorsey - A Lover Was Born
Lee Dorsey - The Kitty Cat Song
Thomas Dutronc - Jeune, je ne savais rien
D.veloped - Bring Em Home (outro)
Lee Dorsey - Can You Hear Me?
Dúné - John Wayne vs. Mary Chain
Dúné - Let Go Of Your Love
Dúné - Renegade
Dúné - 1. All That I Have
Dúné - Let's Spend the Night Together
Dúné - HELL NO!
Doomsday Refreshment Committee - Shallow
DVBBS & Borgeous feat. Tinie Tempah - Tsunami (Jump)
DRÆMINGS - Battle Mountain
Domarringen - Det var länge sen vi pratade
Divinyls - I Touch Myself
Divinyls - Only Lonely
Divinyls - Dirty Love
Dust Bolt - Living Hell
Dust Bolt - You Lost Sight
Dust Bolt - Living a Lie
Dust Bolt - Drowned in Blind Faith
Dust Bolt - Violent Abolition
Dominguinhos - Lamento sertanejo (Forró de Dominguinhos)
Dominguinhos - No dia em que eu vim me embora
Divinyls - Heart Telegraph
Düş Sokağı Sakinleri - Hoşcakal
Düş Sokağı Sakinleri - Hüzün Kovan Kuşu
Düş Sokağı Sakinleri - Gayret Et Güzelim
Düş Sokağı Sakinleri - Cehennemden Cennete
The Disco Biscuits - Little Betty Boop
Drew - Let Me Drown
Drew - Baby
The Disco Biscuits - Little Lai
The Disco Biscuits - On Time (extended club remix by Twisted Dee)
Dispatched - Templar
Dispatched - I Am Thy Lord
Dispatched - Restless Mind
Anneli Drecker - Alone
Francis Dunnery - Fade Away
Francis Dunnery - I Believe I Can Change the World
Donald - Crazy but Amazing
The Doobie Brothers - Rockin’ Down the Highway
Dumbo Gets Mad - Indian Food
The Doobie Brothers - Another Park, Another Sunday
Anjan Dutt - Sharata Din Manush Dekhi
Dr. John - So Long
Anjan Dutt - Brishti
The Doobie Brothers - I Can Read Your Mind
The Doobie Brothers - Too High a Price
Vikter Duplaix - Temple of Thoughts
Vikter Duplaix - Sensuality (DJ Kicks)
Shawn Lee - Happiness
DWV - Boy is a Bottom
Dr. John - Witchy Red
Dr. John - (Everybody Wanna Get Rich) Rite Away
Angharad Drake - Sword
The Doobie Brothers - Take Me in Your Arms
The Doobie Brothers - Blackwater
The Duhks - Sleepin' Is All I Wanna Do (Stars on a Sunny Day)
The Duhks - Beyond the Blue
Dousk - Blender
Dora the Explorer - Hokey Pokey
Don Johnson Big Band - Check the Record