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Champion Jack Dupree - T.B. Blues
Champion Jack Dupree - Can't Kick the Habit
Champion Jack Dupree - Evil Woman
Champion Jack Dupree - Bad Blood
Giuseppe Di Stefano - I Pagliacci: Recitar! Vesti La Giubba
Ernesto de Curtis - Torna a Surriento
Dresses - Blew My Mind
Dresses - Sun Shy
Dresses - Painting Roses
Dresses - Tell a Lie
Dresses - Please Don't Go (Cheat Codes Edit) [feat. Cheat Codes]
Dresses - Duet Song
Dresses - Lonely One
Driver Side Impact - Elysium
Driver Side Impact - All for Nothing
Driver Side Impact - We Are Your Own
Champion Jack Dupree - Death of Luther King
The Drowning - Nothing Feels Like Nothing
Champion Jack Dupree - Death of Martin Luther King
Huey Dunbar - Amarte
Huey Dunbar - Te amaré
Huey Dunbar - Yo sí me enamoré
Huey Dunbar - Lo siento
The Dust of Basement - Your Light
The Dust of Basement - The Final Steps
The Dust of Basement - Behind My Eyes
The Dust of Basement - New Life
The Dust of Basement - Bootjack
Minnie Driver - King Without a Queen
Minnie Driver - Coming Back to Life
Minnie Driver - Tell Me Why
Dub FX - Road to Babylon
Dub FX - Heat Wave
Dub FX - Where I Belong
Dub FX - So Are You
Dub FX - Beaming Light
Dub FX - Fake Paradise
Dub FX - Searching
Dub FX - That's the Game
Dub FX - Intro
Dub FX - Bass Line
Dub FX - In My Head
Dub FX - Please
Dub FX - Prove Me Wrong
Dub FX - Run
Dub FX - Back To Basics
Dub FX - Senorita
Dub FX - Concord
Dub FX - The Sky
Dub FX - Listen Here (Exclusive Bonus Track)
Dub FX - Flow
Dub FX - Don't Give Up
Durand - Solo pienso en ti
Drowning - Arson
Domina Noctis - Electric Dragonfly
Domina Noctis - Lamia
Domina Noctis - Lilith (The Black Moon)
Duologue - Machine Stop
Duologue - Push It
Duologue - Underworld
Duologue - Endless Imitation
Duologue - Snap Out of It
Duologue - Memex
Duologue - Forests
Duologue - This Is Happening
Duologue - Drag and Drop
Duologue - Departures
Duologue - Operator
Duologue - Bodylog
Dragonfly - No lo verán caer
Dragonfly - Delirio eterno
Dragonfly - Regresa a mí
Duo Salteño - La arenosa
Duo Salteño - Pastor de nubes
Duskmourn - To The Land Beyond
Dust Junkys - Fever
George Duke - Give Me Your Love
DyNAbyte - The Mummy
George Duke - Someday
Juanita du Plessis - Dis nou te laat
Mike Doughty - Na Na Nothing
Mike Doughty - (He's Got the) Whole World (in His Hands)
George Duke - Everyday Hero
George Duke - I Tried to Tell You
George Duke - Love Can Be So Cold
Nicolai Dunger - If I Were a Little Star
Nicolai Dunger - All I Know
George Duke - Shane
Mike Doughty - Madeleine and Nine
Mike Doughty - Lisa Ling and Lucy Liu
Dzeek - Somewhere, Somewhere
Drama - Smoke
Otto Dix - White Dust
Otto Dix - Virtual Love
Otto Dix - Ancient
Otto Dix - Birds
Mike Doughty - When You Come Home
Donnie - Do You Know? (original)
The Doppelgangaz - Get Em
The Doppelgangaz - At Night
The Doppelgangaz - Sun Shine
The Doppelgangaz - Smoke Mics
The Doppelgangaz - Holla x2
The Doppelgangaz - Knowntchootahlie
The Doppelgangaz - What's Your 20
The Doppelgangaz - Fall Thru
DJ SpinKing - League Of Your Own
The Doppelgangaz - Cover Blown
Lenka Dusilová - Nepovídej nám
Double Trouble - Groundhog Day
Dwarves - Astro Boy
Dwarves - The Dwarves Must Die
Dwarves - Nobody Likes Me
DNA - Far Away
DNA - Demons in My Head
Slim Dusty - The Biggest Disappointment
Slim Dusty - Three Rivers Hotel
Slim Dusty - Ringer From the Top End
Slim Dusty - A Bad Day's Fishing
Slim Dusty - Cattlemen From the High Plains
Dusky (2) feat. Janai - It's Not Enough
Dwarves - Eat My Dinner
Dwarves - Working Class Hole
Slim Dusty - Along the Road of Song
Slim Dusty - The Battle With the Roan
Dordeduh - Pândarul
Dordeduh - Dojană
Slim Dusty - The Mad Cook
Slim Dusty - St. Peter
Dwarves - Down By The River (Demo)
Jason Eady - Whiskey & You
Dusted - Property Lines
Drezus - Warpath
Decades - Tonight Again
Decades - Can You Love Me Now
Dodge & Fuski - Substance Abuse
DyE - Steel Life
Los Dynamite - Smile
Slim Dusty - Boomerang
Slim Dusty - I Knew Your Father Real Well
Dune & The London Session Orchestra - Who Wants to Live Forever
Dune & The London Session Orchestra - The Power of Love
Dune & The London Session Orchestra - A Question of Lust
Dune & The London Session Orchestra - Here Comes the Flood
James Durbin - May
James Durbin - Everything Burns
James Durbin - Fool for You
James Durbin - Forget It
James Durbin - Riot on Sunset
Dynamic Duo - Solo
Dynamic Duo - Ring My Bell
DOUBLE - Circle of Life
Slim Dusty - The Pub With No Beer (Featured in the Slim Dusty Movie)
Denmark + Winter - Wild World
Denmark + Winter - Don't Stand So Close to Me
Denmark + Winter - Shout
Denmark + Winter - Crazy
Denmark + Winter - Every Breath You Take
Slim Dusty - G'day G'day
Dubblestandart feat. Marcia Griffiths - Holding You Close
Nükhet Duru - Yine Çıktım Yollara
Nükhet Duru - Beni Benimle Bırak
Nükhet Duru - Ben Sana Vurgunum
Nükhet Duru - İyi Oldu Gelmediğin
E.U. - Taste of Your Love
Dynamite Hack - Marie
Dynamite Hack - Today Was a Good Day
Dynamite Hack - Boyz N the Hood
Downtown Brown - Orange Bitch
Drug Restaurant - Sunset
Drug Restaurant - Office
Drug Restaurant - Omg
Drug Restaurant - Mistake
Drug Restaurant - Sexy Bomb
Patrick Doyle - Mrs. Brown’s Lullaby
Drowning Pool - All Over Me
Drowning Pool - Pity
Drowning Pool - Step Up
Drowning Pool - Reborn
Drowning Pool - Paralyzed
Drowning Pool - Rebel Yell
Drowning Pool - Care Not
Drowning Pool - Drama
Drowning Pool - One Finger and a Fist
Drowning Pool - Low Crawl
Drowning Pool - Understand
Drowning Pool - Bleed With You
Drowning Pool - Skip to the End
Drowning Pool - By the Blood
Drowning Pool - Break You
Drowning Pool - Walls
Drowning Pool - Sermon (demo)
downset. - Eyes Shut Tight
downset. - Sangre de mis manos
downset. - Permanent Days Unmoving
downset. - Fallen Off
downset. - Which Way
downset. - Test of My Heart
downset. - Forever
downset. - Jumpin Off
The Dynamics - Seven Nation Army (Vocal)
E.via - Hey!
Patrick Doyle - Strong
E-Rule - Listen Up
E-Rotic - Don't Talk Dirty to Me
E-Rotic - Dr. Love
E-Rotic - Wish You Were Here
E-Rotic - Fred Come to Bed
E-Rotic - Sexual Healing
E-Rotic - Turn Me On
E-Rotic - Queen of Light
E-Rotic - In the Heat of the Night
E-Rotic - Waterloo
E-Rotic - I Want You
E-Rotic - Shenandoah
E-Rotic - Mambo No. Sex
E-Rotic - Tempt Me on the Line
Rocío Dúrcal - Hoy lo vi pasar
Rocío Dúrcal - Vestida de blanco
Rocío Dúrcal - Yo no te perdono
E-Rotic - Rave Me Dave
E-Rotic - Gimme Your Jimmy
E-Rotic - King Kong
E-Rotic - Mi Amante
E-Rotic - Rock Me Baby
E-Rotic - Sex Machine
E-Rotic - Skin to Skin
E-Rotic - Sex on the Phone
E-Rotic - Baby Please Me
E-Rotic - Ooh Lalala
E-Rotic - Test My Breast
E-Rotic - Voulez vous coucher avec moi
E-Rotic - Willy Use a Billy... Boy (Safe the Sex Re-Max)
E-Rotic - Willy Use A Billy ... Boy
Rocío Dúrcal - Teren, ten, ten
Rocío Dúrcal - El rey que rabió
Rocío Dúrcal - Los nardos
Rocío Dúrcal - Sola (Then)