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Yui Horie - HAPPY SNOW
Yui Horie - Golden Time
Yui Horie - The♡World's♡End
Yui Horie - innocent note
Home Brew - Dedicated To (intro)
Home Brew - Radio (outro)
Home Brew - Bad Bad Whiskey
Heidi - Heidi (Yodel)
Hollywood Vampires - The Last Vampire
Hollywood Vampires - Raise the Dead
Hollywood Vampires - My Generation
Hollywood Vampires - Whole Lotta Love
Hollywood Vampires - Five to One / Break On Through (to the Other Side)
Hollywood Vampires - One / Jump Into the Fire
Hollywood Vampires - Come and Get It
Hollywood Vampires - Cold Turkey
Hollywood Vampires - I’m a Boy
Hollywood Vampires - Itchycoo Park
Hollywood Vampires - School’s Out / Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2
Hollywood Vampires - Bad as I Am
Earl Hines - I Can't Get Started
Earl Hines - After You've Gone
Helix - Six Strings, Nine Lives
Helix - Dream On
Helix - Give 'em Hell
Helix - Go Hard or Go Home
Hồng Ngọc - Mơ những ngày nắng lên
Hordatoj - Vuelve (con Panthy)
Helix - Long Way to Heaven
Hey Monday - Set Off
Hey Monday - Homecoming
Hey Monday - I Don't Wanna Dance
Helix - I'm A Live Frankenstein
Helix - Here I Go Again
Helix - You're a Woman Now
Hi-Rez - Thus Far
Hi-Rez - Smiling
Hi-Rez - Growing Love
Hi-Rez - Pay Attention
Hi-Rez - I Know What It's Like
Hi-Rez - Relax (Prod. Joel Johnston)
Hi-Rez - B.N.S. Ft. Huey Mack (Prod. GM3)
Hi-Rez - Dark Thoughts (Prod. Joel Johnston)
Hi-Rez - Race With Time (Prod. Joel Johnston)
Hi-Rez - Never Enough Ft. Kinetics (Prod. Cherne)
Hi-Rez - Lost In Time (Intro) (Prod. by Instinctz Beats & Hi-Rez)
Horse Thief - Little Dust
Andreas Holm - Bin schon vergeben
Holy Dragons - Chronos
Holy Dragons - Tower of the Rainbow
Hollywood, Mon Amour - Flashdance... What a Feeling
Hollywood, Mon Amour - Together in Electric Dreams
Hollywood, Mon Amour - It's Wrong for Me to Love You
HOME - Resonance
Los Horóscopos de Durango - EL NO ERES TU
Holy Grail - My Last Attack
Holy Grail - Hollow Ground
Holy Grail - Bleeding Stone
Hoba Hoba Spirit - Ma Ajebtinich
Ronnie Hilton - A Blossom Fell
Hela - Horns of God
Heyrocco - Loser Denial
Heyrocco - Mom Jeans
Lama Gyurmé & Jean-Philippe Rykiel - Chenrezi Pure Land Prayer
Billie Holiday & Lester Young - Me, Myself And I
Hope for the Dying - Iniquitous
The Holy Guile - Cool Story
The Holy Guile - Atf
The Holy Guile - Ak-47
The Holy Guile - Stoke Stokely (ft. Kody Hale from Hail to the King)
The Holy Guile - Deathstar
The Holy Guile - Sour D
The Holy Guile - Og
The Holy Guile - Idahoe
The Holy Guile - The Celebration
The Holy Guile - Pac'alypse
Honeyroot - Nobody Loves You (The Way I Do)
Honeyroot - Where I Belong
The Honorary Title - Cats in Heat
The Honorary Title - Thin Layer
James Hill - Promenade
Hollenthon - To Fabled Lands
Hollenthon - Son of Perdition
Hollenthon - Homage - Magni Nominis Umbra
Hollenthon - Premonition - Lex Talionis
HiFi Banda - A my
HiFi Banda - Daj mi czas feat. Tede
Nisse Hellberg - Trettifyran
Hate - Malediction
Hate - Leviathan
Hate - Valley of Darkness
Hate - Crusade:Zero
Hate - Dawn of War
Hate - Erebos
Hate - Quintessence of Higher Suffering
Hate - Trinity Moons
Hate - Hero Cults
Hate - Transsubstance
Hate - Hexagony
Hate - Wrists
Hate - Timeless Kingdom
Hate - Solarflesh
Hate - Hatehammer
Hate - Demigod
Hate - Threnody
Hate - Catharsis
Hate - The Evangelistic Pain
Hate - Omega
Hot Club of Cowtown - Cabiria
Hilastherion - Jesus Rules
Hilastherion - Why (Song of Despair)
Hilastherion - Battle of the Flesh
HollySiz - Better Than Yesterday
HollySiz - OK
HollySiz - Hangover
Dave Hollister - Case Is Closed
Dave Hollister - One Woman Man
Dave Hollister - Baby Mama Drama
Honey Cocaine - T.O. Gold (Freestyle)
Honey Cocaine - Hey Boo
Honey Cocaine - No Scrubs
Honey Cocaine - Who Shot Me
Honey Cocaine - Heisman (Part 2)
Honey Cocaine - All My Bitches
Honey Cocaine - In the Cut
Honey Cocaine - Can’t Sit With Us
Honey Cocaine - Hella Illy
Honey Cocaine - Shady Wit Me
Honey Cocaine - Jumpman
Honey Cocaine - Gwola
Honey Cocaine - BTCHSM
Honey Cocaine - Brooklyn to Compton
Honey Cocaine - Chichi Get the Yayo
Honey Cocaine - Really Really
Honey Cocaine - Hold Some Nuts
Honey Cocaine - Honeydick
Honey Cocaine - Sundae
Anne Heaton - Hey New York
Linda Hesse - Ich bin ja kein Mann
Linda Hesse - Lass es sein
Linda Hesse - Noch immer so wie immer
Linda Hesse - Nein
Linda Hesse - Nach dem Regen
Linda Hesse - Kleine Seen
The Hit Crew - Crazy
Hibou - Dissolve
Hibou - Valium
Hibou - Above Us
Hibou - Sunder
Heathen Beast - Ayodhya Burns
Heathen Beast - Drowning of the Elephant God
Heathen Beast - Bakras to the Slaughter
The Hit Crew - My next Thirty Years
Head East - If You Knew Me Better
Heretoir - To Follow the Sun
Heretoir - Nihil
Hansi Hinterseer - Du bist meine große Liebe
Hansi Hinterseer - Wenn die Berge mich rufen
Hansi Hinterseer - Muss I denn, muss I denn zum Städtele hinaus
Hansi Hinterseer - Dann macht es Bumm
Hansi Hinterseer - Das gibt's nur einmal
Hansi Hinterseer - Viele Grüße aus Tirol
Hansi Hinterseer - Komm näher
Hansi Hinterseer - Die Tiroler Polonaise
Hansi Hinterseer - Das Lied von den Bergen der Heimat
Hansi Hinterseer - Fesche Dirndl'n
Hansi Hinterseer - Kling, Glöckchen, klingelingeling
Hansi Hinterseer - Grüß Euch Gott
The Hit Crew - Monster Mash
The Hit Crew - Bad Boys (From Cops)
Hansi Hinterseer - Wenn i von der Alm obageh
Hansi Hinterseer - Allweil lustig
Hansi Hinterseer - In meinem Herzen brennt ein Licht
Hansi Hinterseer - Ich hör' so gerne Radio
Hansi Hinterseer - Du bist mein Ein und Alles
Hansi Hinterseer - Ich warte auf Dich
John Hiatt - I Love That Girl
John Hiatt - Don't Wanna Leave You Now
John Hiatt - Detroit Made
John Hiatt - Down Around My Place
John Hiatt - Love You Again
John Hiatt - Give It Up
Ray Parker Jr. - Ghostbusters
The Trammps - Disco Inferno
Hansi Hinterseer - Tiroler Berge
Hansi Hinterseer - Dass wir uns lieben
Hansi Hinterseer - Du hast mich heut noch nicht geküsst
John Hiatt - Cry Love
Hansi Hinterseer - Dieses Herz schenk ich Dir
Hansi Hinterseer - Fiesta de la Luna
Hansi Hinterseer - Die Ballade von der Liebe
Hansi Hinterseer - 24 Stunden
Askil Holm - How Long Will I Love You?
Hansi Hinterseer - A bärige Weihnacht
Hansi Hinterseer - Eine Nacht in Monte Carlo
Hansi Hinterseer - Es ist alles nur geliehen
Hansi Hinterseer - Ich hab Dich zum Küssen gern
Hansi Hinterseer - Ich will nur Dich
John Hiatt - Old People
Hansi Hinterseer - Backe, backe Kuchen
Hansi Hinterseer - La Le Lu
Hansi Hinterseer - So ein schöner Tag
Hansi Hinterseer - Hast Du mich immer noch lieb?
Hansi Hinterseer - Du bist die Frau für immer
Hansi Hinterseer - Wenn Du nur immer bei mir bleibst
Hansi Hinterseer - Ich Hab ein Herz für die Berge
Hansi Hinterseer - Ein Kind der Berge
Hansi Hinterseer - Bei uns zu Hause in den Bergen
Hansi Hinterseer - Beim Alpenglühn und Edelweis
The Hit Crew - The Hallelujah Chorus from The Messiah
The Hit Crew - Good Times
Richard “Groove” Holmes - Groovin' for Mr. G
Emma Hewitt - Crucify
Emma Hewitt - Adeline
Emma Hewitt - Carry Me Away
Emma Hewitt - It All Began With You
Homeboy Sandman - Couple Bars (Honey, Sugar, Darling, Sweetie, Baby, Boo)
Homeboy Sandman - Problems
Homeboy Sandman - Wise Up
Barbro Hörberg - Gamla älskade barn
Barbro Hörberg - Med ögon känsliga för grönt
Homeboy Sandman - Mean Mug
Homeboy Sandman - The Carpenter
Chiemi Hori - Deadend Street GIRL
Holocaust - Hell on Earth
Hollydays - Les insatisfaits
Houndmouth - Gasoline
Houndmouth - Darlin'
Houndmouth - Houston Train
Lalah Hathaway - Breathe
Lalah Hathaway - On Your Own
Lalah Hathaway - What Goes Around