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Lalah Hathaway - More
Lalah Hathaway - Angel
Lalah Hathaway - Mirror
Bruce Hornsby - Walk in the Sun
Bruce Hornsby - The Way It Is
Hexvessel - Cosmic Truth
Hexvessel - Hunter's Prayer
Hexvessel - I Am the Ritual
Hexvessel - Woods to Conjure
Hexvessel - Are You Coniferous
Hexvessel - Don't Break the Curse
Bruce Hornsby - The Tango King
Bruce Hornsby - Big Rumble
Home Free - Any Way the Wind Blows
Home Free - Your Man
Home Free - Everything Will Be Okay
Home Free - Ring of Fire
Home Free - A Little Bit of Everything
Home Free - Good Ol' Country Harmony
Home Free - 9 To 5
Home Free feat. The Oak Ridge Boys - Elvira
Home Free - Don't It Feel Good
Home Free - Honey, I'm Good
Home Free - Friends in Low Places
Home Free feat. Charlie Daniels & Taylor Davis - The Devil Went Down To Georgia
Home Free - House Party
Home Free - California Country
Home Free - O' Holy Night
Home Free - Champagne Taste (On a Beer Budget) 11. Crazy Life
Hjaltalín - 7 Years
Hjaltalín - Lucifer/He Felt Like a Woman
Hjaltalín - I Feel You
Hjaltalín - Engill Alheimsins
Myriam Hernández - He vuelto por ti
Myriam Hernández - No es preciso
Hot Karl - I've Heard
Horseshoe Gang - Take It Off
Horseshoe Gang - Ride or Die Chick
Horseshoe Gang - She Said
Holy White Hounds - Switchblade
Holy White Hounds - Blind
Hexenhaus - Necronomicon Ex Mortis
Hexenhaus - Sea of Blood
Hexenhaus - Toxic Threat
Hexenhaus - Nocturnal Rites
Horse - Sweet Thing
HOOPS - Cool 2
HOOPS - Give It Time
HOOPS - La La La
Heavy Metal Kids - It's the Same
Heavy Metal Kids - Always Plenty of Woman
Heavy Metal Kids - Girl Of My Dreams
Heavy Metal Kids - Delirious
Robyn Hitchcock - Queen Elvis II
Hồ Quỳnh Hương - Tuyet Vong
Hồ Quỳnh Hương - Vu Dieu Hoang Da
Horytnica - Sen Powstańca
Horytnica - Orlęta Warszawy
Horytnica - ORP Sokół
Horytnica - Cedynia 972
Horytnica - Obrońca Poczty w Gdańsku
Horytnica - Polska krew
Horytnica - List do Ciebie
Horytnica - Karczma Pod Starym Dębem
Horytnica - Kochana Ma Polska
Horytnica - Śląski Rycerz
Horytnica - Mój Hymn
Horytnica - Kraj Zdradzony
Horytnica - Katyńskie Łzy
Horytnica - Już Nie Musimy Umierać
Horytnica - Stary Wiarus
Horytnica - Lisowczycy / The Lisowczycy
Hot Boogie Chillun - You'll Never Know
Hot Boogie Chillun - Wanna Hear You Scream
Hot Boogie Chillun - Try Me
Hot Boogie Chillun - Chillun Walk
Hot Boogie Chillun - Send Me Your Love
House Rockerz - Herzrasen
Hole - Olympia
Hoola Bandoola Band - Man måste veta vad man önskar sej
Hole - Someone Else’s Bed
Hole - Hungry Like a Wolf
Hole - I'm So High
Hole - Be a Man
Hole - She Walks Over Me
The Honeycombs - Something I Got to Tell You
The Honeycombs - Can't Get Through to You
Hoola Bandoola Band - Sun and Summerlight
Heroes for Hire - Secrets, Lies and Sins
Heroes for Hire - The World for You
Heroes for Hire - Keep Me Safe
Heroes for Hire - We're Just the Footnote in Someone Else's Love Story
Hot Banditoz - Shake Your Balla (1, 2, 3 Alarma)
Hot Banditoz - Veo Veo
Hot Banditoz - Chucu Chucu (El Tren)
Jake Houlsby - Carousel
The Hit Parade - In Gunnersbury Park
House of Pain vs. Micky Slim - Jump Around (Deadmau5 Dub)
Green Carnation - The Boy in the Attic
Hord - The Grand Expedition
Dave Hole - Yours for a Song
The Honeymoon - Passive Aggressive
Hope - Bring Me Flowers
Hope - Who Am I to Say
Hope - Poetry
Houston - Ain’t Nothing Wrong
James House - I Wanna Be the One
Malcolm Holcombe - One Leg at a Time
Malcolm Holcombe - Where I Don't Belong
Malcolm Holcombe - To Drink The Rain
Malcolm Holcombe - Another Black Hole
Horisont - Break the Limit
Horisont - Nightrider
Homo Twist - Twist Again
The Heptones - I've Been Trying
HKT48 - Suki! Suki! Skip!
Hopes Die Last - Call Me Sick Boy
Hopes Die Last - Stuck Inside My Head
Hopes Die Last - Six Years Home
Hopes Die Last - Never Trust the Hazel Eyed
Hopes Die Last - The Wolfpack
Hopes Die Last - Blackhearted
Hopes Die Last - Promises
Hopes Die Last - Cheaters Must Die
Anika Horvat - Lahko noč, Piran
Ray Horton - Because I love you
Hit-Boy - Fan
Hit-Boy - East vs. West
Hit-Boy - Busta Ass Niggas
Hellsaw - The Devil Is Calling My Name
Hellsaw - Doom Pervades My Nightmares
Bob Hope - Thanks for the Memory
John Lee Hooker, Jr. - Boom Boom
John Lee Hooker, Jr. - 4 Hours Straight / Blues Man
Greg Holden - Hold on Tight
Greg Holden - Boys in the Street
Greg Holden - Go Chase the Sun
Greg Holden - The Next Life
Hotwire - Say What You Want
Hotwire - Neuro Girl
HORSE the band - Manateen
HORSE the band - In the Wake of the Bunt
HORSE the band feat. K‐SLAX - HORSE the song
HORSE the band - Pizza Nif
HORSE the band - Golden Mummy Golden Bird vs. Skrillex
Hősök - Se ki se be
Hősök - mindorokke
Hősök - Kell
Hősök - Aki Velünk
Michael Holm - Du weinst um mich
Michael Holm - Tränen lügen nicht
Michael Holm - El Lute
Michael Holm - Halte fest, den der Dich liebt
Michael Holm - Wart' auf mich (Du, wenn ich Dich verlier')
Hot Snakes - Bye Nancy Boy
Hotel Saint George - Lost in You
Merle Haggard - In the Arms of Love
Michael Holm - When a Child Is Born (Tränen lügen nicht)
Henrique & Diego - Festa boa
Henrique & Diego - Paty melhorada
Henrique & Diego - Bate, Bate
A Hope for Home - First Light of Dawn
A Hope for Home - Tides
A Hope for Home - Weaved
Merle Haggard and The Strangers - Sam Hill
Hixxy - Just Accept It
Hixxy - Take Me to Heaven
Holopaw - Hula-la
Holopaw - Oh, Glory
Hel - Eldsjäl
Hel - Hels rike
Hel - Bortglömda tid
The Hollies - Sorry Suzanne
The Hollies - Stop Stop Stop
The Hollies - (I'll Be True to You) Yes I Will
The Hollies - Cos You Like to Love Me
JT Hodges - Right About Now
Hip Hop for the World - #HIPHOPISHIPHOP
House of Krazees - Murder Murder Murder
House of Krazees - Home Sweet Home
House of Krazees - Adrenaline
The Hollies - Blowing In The Wind
The Hollies - Harlequin
The Hollies - She Said Yeah
Hot Apple Pie - Annabelle (Arkansas Is Callin' You)
Hot Apple Pie - Everybody Wants To Dance With My Baby
Hippocampe Fou - Qui aime bien, châtie bien
Hippocampe Fou - Si J'étais
Hippocampe Fou - Chasse Aux Sorcières
Hippocampe Fou - Soirée de ouf
Paul Hörbiger - Fiakerlied
The Hollies - Non Prego Per Me
The Hollies - Would You Believe
The Hollies - Shine Silently
The Hollies - Thanks for the Memories
The Hollies - Frightened lady
Hop Along - Young and Happy!