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Baby K - Femmina Alfa
Jimi Hendrix - Earth Blues
Jimi Hendrix - Baby Let Me Move You
Fitz and The Tantrums - Out Of My League
Fitz and The Tantrums - Fools Gold
Fitz and The Tantrums - The Walker
Fitz and The Tantrums - 6AM
Fitz and The Tantrums - Last Raindrop
Fitz and The Tantrums - The End
Fitz and The Tantrums - Get Away
Fitz and The Tantrums - MerryGoRound
Fitz and The Tantrums - Tell Me What Ya Here For
One Arm Train - I'm Nobody
Jacques Higelin - Seul
Vacca - Il Faro E Il Mare
Vacca - Rude Bwoy
Marco Mengoni - Un'Altra Botta
Marco Mengoni - La Vita Non Ascolta
Marco Mengoni - Avessi Un Altro Modo
Marco Mengoni - 20 Sigarette
Marco Mengoni - Una Parola
Marco Mengoni - Natale Senza Regali
Raphael Gualazzi - Rainbows
Cali - Fatally Yours
Wet - Learn To Live Again
Wet - Love Heals
Wet - Still Believe In Us
Wet - Invincible
Wet - Comes Down Like Rain
Wet - One Day At The Time
Ayub Ogada - Kothbiro
Dirty Honkers - Milk'n'honey
Mechina - Internecion
Mechina - Asterion
Mechina - Interregnum
Mechina - Anathema
Mechina - Catechism
Mechina - Elephtheria
Mechina - Empyrean
Mechina - Infineon
Mechina - Terminus
Al Lewis - There With You
Al Lewis - Make A Little Room
Al Lewis - Treading Water
Al Lewis - Wondering
Al Lewis - Tangents
Al Lewis - Throw Me A Line
Al Lewis - One Way Love Affair
Al Lewis - Love Not War
Christine D'Clario - Rey
Christine D'Clario - Magnífico
Christine D'Clario - Ancla
Christine D'Clario - Levántate
Christine D'Clario - Quién Es Como El Padre
Heidi Talbot - Dearest Johnny
Heidi Talbot - Time
Heidi Talbot - Whispering Grass
Laurence Fox - Gunfight
Laurence Fox - So Be Damned
Laurence Fox - Believe
Lost Society - Braindead Metalhead
Siggno - Dime
Siggno - Mama
Siggno - Comò Te Extrano
Siggno - Para Que Me Quieres
Siggno - Mienteme
Siggno - Siempre Te Recordare
Ramon Ayala - Poco A Poco Se Le Saca El Agua A Un Coco
Ramon Ayala - Ya Te Borre De Mi Alma
Ramon Ayala - Si No Te Puedo Amar
Ramon Ayala - Es Lo Que Quiero Yo De Ti
D Rock - Dreams (Will Come Alive)
D Train - You're the One for Me
Dø (The) - Quake, Mountain, Quake
Dø (The) - The Calendar
Dø (The) - Was It a Dream?
D-Mob - C'mon and Get My Love
D-Mob - We Call It Acieed
D.H.T. - I Can't Be Your Friend
D.O.C., The - Formula
Da Capo Players - Jimmy
Da Capo Players - Rose
Da Capo Players - Stinkfist
Da Capo Players - The Outsider
Daitro - Un Fléau Pour Un Autre
DAHO - Le Grand Sommeil
Daily Planet - I Live
Dakota - Mr. Lucky
Dakota - Tonight Could Last Forever
Dakota Moon - If I Can't Love You
Dakota Moon - Sweet Lady Jane
Dakota Staton - Round Midnight
Dakota Staton - Anything Goes
Dakota Staton - Cry Me a River
Dakota Staton - Let Me Off Uptown
Dakota Staton - The Folks Who Live on the Hill
Dakota Staton - The Thrill Is Gone
Dakota Staton - Walkin' by the River
Dalto - Pessoa
Damian Marshall - That's What Love Is
Damian McGinty - Our First Christmas Together
Damien Jurado - Ghost of David (The Return)
Damien Jurado - Happy Birthday John
Damien Jurado - Let Us All In
Damien Jurado - Static To Be Sold
Damien Jurado & Gathered In Song - Castles
Damned Things (The) - Trophy Widow
Damned, The - Limit Club
Dan Baird - Heartbreak Avenue
Dan Baird - I Love You Period
Dan Baird - Let Me Be Lonely
Dan Baird - Rock and Roll Star
Dan Baird - Wish
Dan Bern - My Love is Not For Sale
Dan Reed Network - Long Way to Go
Dan Zanes - Shenandoah
Dana Falconberry - Maple Leaf Red
Dana Falconberry - Possum Song
Dana Falconberry - Singing Lullabies
Dana Gillespie - Andy Warhol
Dana International - Diva
Dana International - Woman in Love
Dane Bowers - Another Lover
Daniel Ash - Pump Up the Volume
Daniel Ash - Trouble
Daniel Johnston - Girl of My Dreams
Daniel Johnston - Scrambled Eggs
Daniel Johnston - Wicked World
Daniel Johnston - Without You
Daniel Knox - Be Afraid
Daniel Romano - Hard On You
Daniel Romano - Lost (For As Long As I Live)
Daniel Romano - Louise
Daniel Romano - Paul and Jon
Daniela Romo - A Veces
Daniela Romo - Abuso
Daniela Romo - Adelante Corazón
Daniela Romo - Amada Mas Que Nunca
Daniela Romo - Amor Mío
Daniela Romo - Amor Prohibido
Daniela Romo - Anestesia
Daniela Romo - Atame a Tu Vida
Daniela Romo - Ave Fénix
Daniela Romo - Coco Loco
Daniela Romo - Dame un Poco de Ti
Daniela Romo - De Mil Colores
Daniela Romo - Diselo
Daniela Romo - El Diablo en Mi Tejado
Daniela Romo - El Poder del Amor
Daniela Romo - En Todo Momento Solo Tuya
Daniela Romo - Enamorada de Ti
Daniela Romo - Es la Notalgia
Daniela Romo - Es Mejor Perdonar
Daniela Romo - Ese Momento
Daniela Romo - Estoy Pensando en Cambiarte
Daniela Romo - Gitana
Daniela Romo - La Batalla del Amor
Daniela Romo - La Corriente
Daniela Romo - Las Mujeres
Daniela Romo - Lejos
Daniela Romo - Mienteme
Daniela Romo - Ni Contigo Ni Sin Ti
Daniela Romo - No Sioy Ella
Daniela Romo - No Supe Vivir Sin Ti
Daniela Romo - No, No le Creas
Daniela Romo - Pensar en Ti
Daniela Romo - Que Sabes Tu
Daniela Romo - Quiero Amanecer con Alguien
Daniela Romo - Sería Fácil
Daniela Romo - Simple
Daniela Romo - Somos Solo Dos
Daniela Romo - Tampoco Fuiste Tu
Daniela Romo - Te Amare Hasta el Final
Daniela Romo - Te Comparo
Daniela Romo - Te Olvidare
Daniela Romo - Todo, Todo, Todo
Daniela Romo - Yo No Se Vivir Sin Ti
Daniela Romo - Yo No Te Pido la Luna
Danielle Ate The Sandwich - The Have Nots
Danny Gatton - Satisfied Mind
Danny Kaye - Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home
Danny Kaye - C'est Si Bon (It's So Good)
Danny Kaye - Goodnight, Sleep Tight
Danny Kaye - Hula Lou
Danny Kaye - Lullaby in Ragtime
Danny Kaye - Mad Dogs and Englishmen
Danny Kaye - Mademoiselle de Paris
Danny Kaye - Molly Malone
Danny Kaye - Oh by Jingo
Danny Kaye - The Five Pennies
Dappled Cities Fly - Real Love
Dar Williams - Are You Out There Intro
Dara MacLean - Suitcases
Daredevil Christopher Wright (The) - Church
Daredevil Christopher Wright (The) - Divorce
Daredevil Christopher Wright (The) - Pale Horse, Pale Rider
Darins (The) - Somebody Like Me
Dark Dark Dark - How It Went Down
Dark Dark Dark - Who Needs Who
Dark One Lite - All My Life
Dark One Lite - Come Clean
Dark One Lite - Down on the Farm
Dark One Lite - Einstein on the Beach (For an Eggman)
Dark One Lite - Englishman in New York
Dark One Lite - Generator
Dark One Lite - Learning to Fly
Dark One Lite - Mr. Jones
Dark Tranquility - Endless Feed
Dark Tranquility - Out of Gravity
Dark Tranquility - The Bow and the Arrow
Darkest Of The Hillside Thickets - Tarred and Feathered
Darkness, The - Everybody Have a Good Time
Darkness, The - Forbidden Love
Darkness, The - I Can't Believe It's Not Love
Darkness, The - Keep Me Hanging On
Darkness, The - Nothing's Gonna Stop Us
Darla Day - Love of My Life
Darling Thieves - Another Day
Darling Thieves - Burn Down The Wall
Darling Thieves - Final
Darling Thieves - Free Without You
Darling Thieves - Ignore The Whisper
Darling Thieves - In A Bad Way
Darling Thieves - Rewrite
Darling Thieves - Shape of Things to Come
Darling Thieves - She Remains
Darling Thieves - Temporary
Darling Thieves - Waiting
Darling Thieves - Welcome To My World
Daryl Hall - After the Dance
Daryl Hall - Can't Get Enough of Your Love
Daryl Hall - Can't Stop Dreaming
Daryl Hall - Everything Your Heart Desires
Daryl Hall - Everytime You Go Away
Daryl Hall - Help Me Find a Way to Your Heart
Daryl Hall - I Can't Go for That (No Can Do)
Daryl Hall - Jingle Bell Rock
Daryl Hall - Neither One of Us
Daryl Hall - Over the Mountain
Daryl Hall - Rock Steady
Daryl Hall - What You See Is What You Get
Daryl Hall - What's in Your World
Daryl Hall - Wrong Side of History (So Cold)
Daryl Hall - You Are Everything
Daryl Hall - You Make My Dreams
Dash Berlin - Better Half of Me (Acoustic)
Dash Berlin - End Of Silence
Dash Berlin - Til the Sky Falls Down
Datsuns, The - Brain Tonic
Datsuns, The - Gods Are Bored
Datsuns, The - Goodbye Ghosts
Dave Bartholomew - Country Boy
Duvchi - Turtleduvs
Dave Brubeck Quartet - Alice in Wonderland
Dave Brubeck Quartet - My Melancholy Baby
Dave Brubeck Quartet - River, Stay 'Way from My Door
Dave Brubeck Quartet - Shine On Harvest Moon
Dave Carter - The Mountain
Dave Catlin-Birch - Better Man
Dave Crossland - Hard to Say
Dave Davies - Flowers in the Rain
Dave Davies - Perfect Strangers
Dave Dobbyn - Beside You
Dave Koz - Careless Whisper
Dave Koz - Lucky Man
Dave Koz - Nothing But the Radio On
Dave Mason - Feelin' Alright
Dave Mason - World in Changes
Matthews, Dave - Dreamgirl
Matthews, Dave - Hunger for the Great Light
Matthews, Dave - Louisiana Bayou
Matthews, Dave - Oh, Bangladesh
Matthews, Dave - Old Dirt Hill (Bring That Beat Back)
Matthews, Dave - Smooth Rider
Matthews, Dave - Where Are You Going
Matthews, Dave - You Might Die Trying
Dave McKenna - Oh, Lady Be Good
Dave Pearce - Castles in the Sky
Dave Pearce - Just the Way You Are
Dave Van Ronk - Alabama Song
Dave Van Ronk - Fair and Tender Ladies
Dave Van Ronk - Fixin' to Die
Dave Van Ronk - Frankie and Albert
Dave Van Ronk - Gee Baby, Ain't I Good to You
Dave Van Ronk - He Was a Friend of Mine
Dave Van Ronk - I'm Just a Lucky So and So
Dave Van Ronk - Mack the Knife
David A. Stewart - Cheaper Than Free
David A. Stewart - Heart of Stone
David Allen Coe - Divers Do It Deeper
David Allen Coe - Hey Gypsy
David Allen Coe - Home on the Range
David Allen Coe - I Could Never Give You Up (For Someone Else)
David Allen Coe - I Still Sing the Old Songs
David Allen Coe - I Wanta Know I'm Goin' Home
David Allen Coe - I've Got Something to Say
David Allen Coe - If You Ever Think of Me at All
David Allen Coe - Long Haired Redneck
David Allen Coe - Looking in the Mirror
David Allen Coe - Maria Is a Mystery
David Allen Coe - Old Man Tell Me
David Allen Coe - Ride
David Allen Coe - Ring of Fire
David Allen Coe - Skip to My Lou
David Allen Coe - Someone to Give My Love To
David Allen Coe - Whiskey, Whiskey (Take My Mind)
David Allen Coe - Whole Lot of Lonesome
David Baddiel - Three Lions '98
David Cassidy - I Write the Songs
David Cassidy - Last Kiss
David Clayton-Thomas - Lucretia MacEvil
David Davidson - Control
David Davidson - Hell Song
David Davidson - Leader of Men
David Davidson - Nothing on My Back
David DeMaría - He Dejado de Creer
David Essex - A Winter's Tale
David Essex - Brave New World
David Frizzell - I Just Came Here to Dance
David Gahan - Reload
David Gates - Everything I Own
David Gates - Heart, It's All Over
David Gates - Part-Time Love
David Gates - This Could Be Forever
David Grisman - I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
David Grisman - I'll Love Nobody But You
David Grisman - I'm My Own Grandpaw
David Hasselhoff - After Mañana Mi Ciello
David Lamotte - French Kiss (Champs Elyses)
David Lee Roth - Hot Dog and a Shake
David Lee Roth - It's Showtime!
David Lee Roth - Medley: Just a Gigolo/I Ain't Got Nobody
David Lee Roth - Shy Boy
David M. Bailey - I Love You
Alesso - Years
David Moore - Heaven Bound
David Osborne - Ships
David Pack - Just Be You
David Ramirez - Bloom
David Ramirez - Shoeboxes
David Readman - Dont Let It Slip Away
David Ruffin - My Whole World Ended
David Ruffin - What You Gave Me
David Sanborn - Day Dreaming
David Sanborn - I Believe to My Soul
David Soul - Let's Have a Quiet Night In
Ghost Loft - Seconds
Ghost Loft - So High
David Tanny - Frasier
David Tanny - Nothingman
David Wilcox - Apple a Day
David Wilcox - Ask for More
David Wilcox - Cabin Fever
David Wilcox - City of Dreams
David Wilcox - Golden Key
David Wilcox - Hold It up to the Light
David Wilcox - Human Cannonball
David Wilcox - Out of the Question
David Wilcox - Right Now
David Wilcox - Start with the Ending
David Wilcox - That's Why I'm Laughing
Dawn Landes - Love
Dawn Under Eclipse - Christian MeatnChips
Day Without Dawn - Seducing the Dead
De/Vision - A New Dawn
Deacon Blue - Brighter Star Than You Will Shine
Deacon Blue - Very Thing
Dead Meadow - Down Here
Dead Milkmen (The) - Two Feet off the Ground
Dead Or Alive - Come Home (With Me Baby)
Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me 'Round (Like a Record)
Deadboy & the Elephantmen - Blood Music
Deadboy & the Elephantmen - Break It Off
Deadman - Blue River
Deadman - Ghost Story
Deadman - Lonely Times
Deadman - Rosa Marie
Deadman - Sun Go Down
Deadman - The Water Is Washing Over Me
Deadman - Three Murders
Deaf Havana - Times Change, Friends Leave and Life Doesn't Stop
Dean Fields - Half Hearted Apology
Dean Torrence - Dead Man's Curve
Dean Torrence - Honolulu Lulu
Deanna Durbin - Always
Deanna Durbin - Seal It With a Kiss
Death In June - Murder Made History
AraabMuzik - This For The Ones Who Care
AraabMuzik - Getting 2 The Point
Debarge - A Dream
Debarge - Queen of My Heart
Debarge - Rhythm of the Night
Debarge - Save the Best for Me (Best of Your Lovin')
Debarge - Talk to Me
Debarge - The Secret Garden
Debarge - Who's Holding Donna Now?
Debarge - Who's Johnny
Debbie Neigher - Brass
Debbie Reynolds - Love Is The Tender Trap End Title
Deborah Allen - Break These Chains
Deborah Allen - Delta Dreamland
Deborah Allen - I Hurt for You
Deborah Allen - Talkin' to My Heart
Deborah Anderson - Close
Deborah Gibson - Knock Three Times
Deborah Gibson - Moonchild
SoMo - I'll Make Love To You
Declan De Barra - Beautiful one
Declan De Barra - Breadcrumb trail
Declan De Barra - Deep in the ferns
Declan De Barra - Sunrise
Daniel Debourg - All In My Head
Dee Dee Warwick - You're No Good
Dee Snider - Call My Name
Dee Snider - Inconclusion
Deep Blue Something - Breakfast at Tiffanys
Deer Leap - Here
Deer Leap - Home
Deer Tick - She's Not Spanish
Degrees of Motion - Do You Want It Right Now
Del McCoury - High on a Mountain
Del McCoury - I Still Carry You Around
Del McCoury - Lonesome Road Blues
Del McCoury - Will the Circle Be Unbroken
Del Shannon - Do You Want to Dance?
Del Shannon - Hey! Little Girl
Del Shannon - Keep Searchin' (We'll Follow the Sun)
Del Shannon - Misery
Del Shannon - Sea Cruise
Del Shannon - Sugar Shack
Delaney & Bonnie - Give Peace a Chance
Delaney & Bonnie - Hard To Say Goodbye
Delay Trees - 4:45 AM
Delay Trees - About Brothers
Delay Trees - Gold
Delay Trees - HML
Delay Trees - Tarantula/Holding On
Delfonics (The) - Alfie
Delfonics (The) - Didn't I (Blow Your Mind This Time)
Delfonics (The) - La-La Means I Love You
Dells (The) - Oh What a Day
Dells (The) - Oh, What a Night
Delta Spirit - Flood
Deluxe Blues Band - Alimony Blues
Den Harrow - Charleston
Deni Hines - It's Not Over
Denigrate - Dreaming
Denigrate - Everything Counts
Denise LaSalle - My Tu-Tu
Denison Witmer - Light On My Face
Dennis Brown - Land Of Promise
Dennis Brown - Night Nurse
Dennis Day - Dear Hearts and Gentle People
Denny Laine - Children Children
Denny Laine - Go Now
Deon Jackson - Love Makes the World Go 'Round
Der W - Autonomie des ICHs
Derek & the Diamonds - Back in My Arms Again
Derek & the Dominos - Bell Bottom Blues
Derek & the Dominos - Got to Get Better in a Little While
Derek & the Dominos - Layla
Derek Miller - Let's Have a Party
Deryl Dodd - A Bitter End
Deryl Dodd - Good Idea Tomorrow
Deryl Dodd - It's Only 'Cause You're Lonely
Desert sessions - It
Dessa - 551
Dessa - The Beekeeper
Destrukcija Stvarnosti - ispod vanjtine
Destrukcija Stvarnosti - novi početak za vraćanje prolosti
Detonautas Roque Clube - Olhos Certos
Detroit Cobras (The) - Baby Let Me Hold Your Hand
Detroit Cobras (The) - Heartbeat
Devil Doll - Bourbon in your eyes
Devil Doll - Man In Black
Devil Doll - Sweet Lorraine
Devil Doll - The Curse
Devil Doll - The One Who Got Away
Devlins (The) - Don't Let It Break Your Heart
Devlins (The) - Everytime You Go
Devoted Few (The) - Desolation Angels
Dexys Midnight Runners - Celtic Soul Brothers
Dexys Midnight Runners - Come on Eileen
Dexys Midnight Runners - Geno
Dexys Midnight Runners - I Couldn't Help It If I Tried
Dexys Midnight Runners - I'm Just Looking
Dexys Midnight Runners - There, There, My Dear
Diablo Swing Orchestra - Aurora
Diablo Swing Orchestra - Black Box Messiah
Diablo Swing Orchestra - Exit Strategy of a Wrecking Ball
Diablo Swing Orchestra - Guerilla Laments
Diablo Swing Orchestra - Honey Trap Aftermath
Diablo Swing Orchestra - Kevlar Sweethearts
Diablo Swing Orchestra - Mass Rapture
Diablo Swing Orchestra - Of Kali Ma Calibre
Diablo Swing Orchestra - Voodoo Mon Amour
Diahann Carroll - Goin' Out of My Head
Diahann Carroll - St. Louis Blues
Diamonds (The) - Church Bells May Ring
Diamonds (The) - She Say (Oom Dooby Doom)
Diamonds (The) - Stroll
Dianne Reeves - Ain't Nobody's Business (If I Do)
Dianne Reeves - I Remember
Dianne Reeves - Jingle Bells
Dianne Reeves - Just My Imagination (Running Away with Me)
Dianne Reeves - Lovin' You
Dianne Reeves - Never Too Far
Dianne Reeves - Social Call
Dianne Reeves - The House I Live In
Dianne Reeves - This Time of the Year
Dickey Lee - 9 999 999 Tears
Dickey Lee - I Saw Linda Yesterday
Dickie Valentine - The Christmas Alphabet
Dictators (The) - I Got You Babe
Dictators (The) - Loyola
Dictators (The) - Next Big Thing
Dictators (The) - What's Up with That?
Didjits - Mama Had A Skull Baby
Didjits - Monkey Suit
Die Flippers - Lago Maggiore
Die Form - Féerie
Die Roten Rosen - Still, Still, Still
Die á„rzte - Du Willst Mich Kssen
Die á„rzte - Zu Spt
Diesel - Cry In Shame
Dieter Meier - A New Culture Is Born
Dieter Meier - Houdini
Digital Leather - Blackness
Dilba - What Kind of Love Is This
Dillards (The) - Dooley
Dillards (The) - Ebo Walker
Dillards (The) - Polly Vaughn
Dils - It's Not Worth It
Dils - Sound of the Rain
Dinah Shore - A Dreamer's Holiday
Dinah Shore - A Penny a Kiss
Dinah Shore - A Rainy Night in Rio
Dinah Shore - Aren't You Glad You're You
Dinah Shore - Bluebird of Happiness