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Lordi - House of Ghosts
Lordi - Cadaver Lover
Lordi - Nailed by the Hammer of Frankenstein
Lordi - She’s a Demon
Linkoban - Like This
Linkoban - Ox
Levellers - Too Many Years
Love, Robot - Resurrection
Love, Robot - Lose Me
Love, Robot - Cuts
Love, Robot - Fire Escape
Love, Robot - Machine
Love, Robot - Last Fall
Le Trio Joubran - L'Art d'aimer - Shajan
Lordi - Who's Your Daddy?
Lordi - Scg8: One Message Waiting
Lordi - Hug You Hardcore
Lordi - Down With the Devil
Lordi - Mary Is Dead
Lordi - Sick Flick
Lordi - Almost Human
Lordi - Paint in Blood
Lordi - Hulking Dynamo
Lordi - Dynamite Tonight
Lordi - To Hell With Pop
Lordi - The Devil Is a Loser
Lordi - Give Your Life for Rock and Roll
Lordi - Hard Rock Hallelujah (Euroviscious Radio Edit )
Lordi - I'm So Excited
Lonely Drifter Karen - Comet
Lonely Drifter Karen - Brand New World
Lonely Drifter Karen - La chouette (the owl)
LL Cool J feat. Dru Hill - Mirror Mirror
Lost Sounds - There's Nothing
Lost Sounds - And You Dance?
Aretuza Lovi - Amor amigo
Longview - Falling Without You
LMK - Cry Me a River
Lovers Electric - Whenever
Lovers Electric - Whatever You Want
Lene Lovich - Never Never Land
Lene Lovich - Blue Hotel
Low vs. Diamond - Heart Attack
Low vs. Diamond - Song We Sang Away
Los - Sky is the Limit
Los - Hard Life
Los - Dope
Los - Love You Down
Los - Why You Mad
Los - Gucci Gucci
Los - Hustle Hard
Los - Tha Life (Def n Merk feat. Los)
Love Unlimited - Love's Theme
LOVE PSYCHEDELICO - all over love
Love Unlimited - Oh Love, Well We Finally Made It
Los Kung-Fu Monkeys - Common Chord
Losers - No Man Is an Island (Losers Theme)
Losers - This Is A War
Lost Soul - The Birth of Babalon
Lost in Line - Lost in Line
The Lost Children of Babylon - The Great Depression
The Louis Lester Band - Dead Of Night Express
The Louis Lester Band - Lovelorn Blues
The Louis Lester Band - On Top Of The World
The Louis Lester Band - Here To Stay
Lover Under Cover - Crushing Stones
Lydia Loveless - They Don't Know
Lydia Loveless - All I Know
Lydia Loveless - Alison
Tomek Lipiński - Nie pytaj mnie
Love in October - Method to Madness
Lost Inside - I Hate Myself
Lost Inside - Never Again
Lorca - Sólo mía
Lolita - Blaue Nacht am Hafen
Lolita - Wo die Nordseewellen
Leviticus - I Shall Conquer
Leviticus - Let Me Fight
Lilly Hates Roses - All I ever
Lilly Hates Roses - Like a boat, like a plane
Low Deep T - Casablanca
Udo Lindenberg & Das Panikorchester - Ganz anders
Lotus Plaza - Strangers
Lotus Plaza - Jet Out of the Tundra
Lotus Plaza - Remember Our Days
Lords of Black - Lords of Black
Lords of Black - Nothing Left to Fear
Lords of Black - The World That Came After
Lords of Black - Forgive or Forget
Lords of Black - The Art of Illusions, Part 1: Smoke and Mirrors
Lords of Black - Merciless
Lords of Black - Everything You’re Not
Lords of Black - Cry No More
Lords of Black - Tears I Will Be
Lords of Black - Insane
Lords of Black - Ghost of You
Lords of Black - Shadows of War
Lords of Black - The Art of Illusions, Pt. 1: Smoke and Mirrors
Little Jackie - Take Back the World
Little Jackie - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Little Jackie - Fairy Tale Ending
Little Jackie - Lose It
Omar LinX - Jackie Boy
Omar LinX - Little Moment
Omar LinX feat. JR Mint - Party On
Omar LinX - Take You Home
Omar LinX - The Wild
Omar LinX - Black Rose
Omar LinX - Can't Forget
Omar LinX - Who Are You to Judge
Lingouf - Plaisirs d'amour
Kimberley Locke - Coulda Been
Lonah - Catin d'harmonie
Lina - I'm Not the Enemy
Lina - Smooth
Lowly - Deer Eyes
Nei Lopes - Lá Na Roça
Lina - It Ain't Me (SOS)
Lina - God Loves Me
Lina - Watch Your Mouth (Baby Blue)
Love Amongst Ruin - Lose Your Way
Love Amongst Ruin - Watch Myself
Love Amongst Ruin - Swan Killer
Love Amongst Ruin - So Close
LoveHateHero - Amity
The Lost Fingers - Où aller ?
The Lost Fingers - Lady Marmalade
The Lost Fingers - Black Betty
The Lost Fingers - Alors On Danse
The Lost Fingers - 1990
The Lost Fingers - Voyage, voyage
Love Arcade - Tease Me
Pixie Lott - Lay Me Down
Pixie Lott - All About Tonight
Pixie Lott - Birthday
Pixie Lott - What Do You Take Me For?
The Lost Fingers - Coeur de loup (avec Philippe Lafontaine)
Lothorian - Doomsday Calling
Love Like Blood - Life
Love Like Blood - Pale Sky
Love Like Blood - Ylene
Love Like Blood - Tears of Liberation
Love Like Blood - Johannesburg
Love Like Blood - Night is Young
Love Like Blood - Love Kills
Love Like Blood - Slow Motion
Love Like Blood - The Silver Shot
Lost Legacy - Lament of the Lost
Lost Legacy - Lost Legacy
Darlene Love - (Today I Met) The Boy I’m Gonna Marry
Darlene Love - Chapel of Love
Dr. Love - Don't Stand So Close
Lovestern Galaktika Project - Superstar
Loveholics - Butterfly
Los de Marras - Diosa de la noche
Los de Marras - Estoy contigo
Los Vandalos - Portate mal, pasala bien
Claude Lombard - Lydie Et La Clé Magique
Claude Lombard - Le Monde Enchanté De Lalabel
Love to Sing - We Three Kings
Limbonic Art - The Yawning Abyss of Madness
Limbonic Art - A Cosmic Funeral of Memories
Limbonic Art - Beneath the Burial Surface
Limbonic Art - Darkzone Martyrium
Limbonic Art - Dark Winds
Limbonic Art - A Black Sphere of Serenity
Limbonic Art - A Demonoid Virtue
Limbonic Art - Prologue/ Phantasmagoria
DJ Logic - Spider Dance
Eric Lindell - Lazy Days
Logh - Death to My Hometown
Logh - Forest Eyes
Logh - A Sunset Knife Right
Los Alfa 8 - No quiero tu amor
Lower Dens - Sucker's Shangri-La
Lowlife - Neverending Shroud
Lowlife - Wild Swan
Lowlife - Hail Ye
Lowlife - From Side to Side
Lowlife - Hollow Gut
Lowlife - Swing
Lowlife - Colours Blue
Lovelorn Dolls - Save Me From Myself
Lovelorn Dolls - Frozen Inside
Lovelorn Dolls - No-Life
Lovelorn Dolls - Feel Myself With You
Lovelorn Dolls - Blood Moon
Lovelorn Dolls - Jasmina
Suzanna Lubrano - Festa mascarado
Lowlife - Ramafied
Lowlife - Kiss Me Kick
Love Inks - Leather Glove
Love Inks - Skeleton Key
Love Inks - Too Wild
Love Inks - In My Dreams
The Low Life - Bag of Money
The Low Life - Work You Did
Love History - Lost
Aynsley Lister - As The Crow Flies
Aynsley Lister - Early Morning
Aynsley Lister - What's It All About
Lotus Juice - Light in Starless Sky
The Lower Lights - Israel, Israel God is Calling
The Lower Lights - Battle Hymn of the Republic
Aynsley Lister - Got It Bad
Lt. Stitchie - Real Life Story
Little Miss Higgins - Hope You Don't Feel Blue
Lucia - So Clever
Lucia - I Don't Care
Lucia - Northern Star
Lucia - Feels Like Summer
Luba - On My Way
Luba - What You Believe
Luba - Private Wars
Kyle Lucas - Queen of Apologies (prod. Patrick Stump & Simon Illa)
Kyle Lucas - Careful
Kyle Lucas - Alone
Kyle Lucas - Worst Enemy ft. Marc Goone
Kyle Lucas - Percocet Ten$ (Stay High)
Lilith - The Night and the Dark River
Lilith - The Conquering of the Eternal Wisdom, Part 2
Ewelina Lisowska - Jutra Nie Będzie
Ewelina Lisowska - Ostatni Raz
Ewelina Lisowska - W Stronę Słońca
Ewelina Lisowska - Aero-Plan II
Ewelina Lisowska - Nieodporny Rozum
Ewelina Lisowska - Znasz Mnie
Ewelina Lisowska - Na Obcy Ląd
Ewelina Lisowska - We Mgle
Ewelina Lisowska - Szkło
Ewelina Lisowska - Kameleon
Ewelina Lisowska - Zatrzymaj Sie
Jheena Lodwick - Perhaps Love
Jheena Lodwick - Close To You
Lotfi - Klash