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Lodger - Bad Place to Earn a Living
Lodger - I Love Death
Lodger - Steal & Lie
Lodger - Whatever the Weather
Lodger - Smoking for Jesus
Lil B - Rawest Rapper Alive
Lil B - What It Feel Like
Lil B - Baby Baby
Lil B - Doin' Bad
Lil B - Crabs n a Bucket
Lil B - King Cotton
Lil B - Hip Hop 101
Lil B - Green Flame
Lil B - Still Thuggin'
Lil B - Bill Bellamy
Love Inc. - Here Comes the Sunshine
Lowrider - Caravan
Lil B - I Cook
Lil B - Suck My Dick
Lil B - Texas
Lumsk - Langt nord i Trollebotten
Lumsk - Om hundrede aar er alting glemt
Lumsk - Høstnat
Lumsk - Lad spille med vaar over jorden
Lumsk - Duttens vise
Lumsk - Godnat herinde
Lumsk - Dunker
Lumsk - Trolltind
Lumsk - Nidvisa
Lovestoned - I Know Nothing
Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth - Baby, You Nasty
Fay Lovsky - George Is My Horse
Fay Lovsky - Ramon
Fay Lovsky - Don't Feed the Animals
Limbeck - Keeping Busy
Limbeck - People Don't Change
Fay Lovsky - Easy Come, Easy Go
Fay Lovsky - A Little Dab'll do Ya
Fay Lovsky - Here's Looking at You Kid
Lowkey - Bars for My Brother
Lowkey - Who Really Cares?
Lil B - My Face (intro)
Lil B - Win Loose or Struggle
Little River Band - It's a Long Way There
Little River Band - Everyday of My Life
Little River Band - Help Is on Its Way
Little River Band - We Two
Little River Band - Days on the Road
Leon of Athens - Pilot
Lil B - Hoop Life
Lil B - Living My Life
Lil B - NBA Live
Lil B - Fuck KD (Kevin Durant diss)
Lil B - Katy Perry
Little River Band - It's Cold Out Tonight
Lil B - Unchain Me
Lil B - Foolin Around
Lil B - Free My Life
Lil B - Go to Work
Lil B - Who Gangsta
Lil B - Hipster Girls
Little River Band - Hard Life
Little River Band - Country Girls
Little River Band - L.A. in the Sunshine
Lil B - Task Force
Die Lollipops - Freunde fürs Leben
Die Lollipops - L.O.P.O.
Love/Hate - Fuel to Run
Love/Hate - Miss America
Love/Hate - Tranquilizer
Love/Hate - Don't Fuck With Me
Love/Hate - Evil Twin
Die Lollipops - La - Le - Lu
Die Lollipops - Ein Mann der sich Kolumbus nannt'
Love/Hate - I'm Not Happy
Love/Hate - We Do What We Do
Die Lollipops - Wir stehn im Kreis
Love/Hate - Boom Boom Room
Love/Hate - Thousand Faces
Love/Hate - Sweet Child O' Mine
Die Lollipops - Von den blauen Bergen kommen wir
Die Lollipops - Das Glück dieser Erde
Little River Band - There's Not Another You
Lil B - No Black Person Is Ugly
Lil B - The Game On Lock
Lil B - Rep The West
Lil B - I Flex Bitches BASED FREESTYLE
Lil B - Obama BasedGod
Lil B - Bitch F*ck With Me
Lil B - Bitch Mob (Intro)
Lil B - Cant See B
Lil B - Junes Confessions
Lil B - Suck My Dick Ho
Lil B - Life
Lil B - Lurk N Twerk
Lil B - Ima Eat Her Ass (Based Freestyle)
Lil B - Licking The P
Lil B - Black Flame
Lil B - The Age of Information
Little River Band - Shadow in the Rain
Little River Band - Great Unknown
Die Lollipops - Hab 'Ne Tante in Marokko
Die Lollipops - Fashion Teens
Die Lollipops - Tanzen, Lachen, Party Machen
Die Lollipops - Wir feiern wieder Feste
Lost Frequencies feat. Axel Ehnström - All or Nothing
Lost Frequencies - What Is Love 2016
Lost Frequencies feat. Janieck Devy - Reality
Lost Frequencies - Dance with Me
Lost Frequencies - In Too Deep
Lost Frequencies feat. Joakim Wilow - Dying Bird
Lost Frequencies - Send Her My Love
Lost Frequencies feat. Nick Schilder - Lift Me Up
Lost Frequencies - St. Peter
Lost Frequencies - Footsteps in the Night
Lost Frequencies - Reality
Lost Frequencies - Dying Bird
Lost Frequencies - Sky Is the Limit
Lowell - Cloud 69
Lowell - Summertime
Lowell - The Bells
Lowell - Palm Trees
Lowell - I Love You Money
Lowell - Lgbt
Tony Lucca - Beautiful Day
Tony Lucca - How You Like Me Now
Los - OG Bobby Johnson Freestyle
Lucky Chops - Problem
Loreen - Everytime
Loreen - Euphoria
Loreen - See You Again
Loreen - In My Head (Promise Land extended)
Loreen - We Got the Power
Loreen - Paper Light (Higher)
Lu - Despierta Soledad
The LOX - Recognize
The LOX - Ryde or Die, Bitch
The LOX - Can't Stop, Won't Stop
Loveninjas - Keep Your Love
Lemonade - Dancer On The Shore
Lovely Luna - Yo ya te conozco
Luna - Indian Summer
Luna - Sweet Child o’ Mine
Luna - Dream Baby Dream
Loquillo - Balmoral
LP - Lost on You
LP - Muddy Waters
LP - No Witness
LP - Up Against Me
LP - Tightrope
LP - Other People
LP - Strange
LP - Death Valley
LP - You Want It All
LP - Levitator
LP - Wasted Love
LP - Nowhere
LP - Heavenly Light
LP - Your Town
LP - Free to Love
LP - Savannah
LP - Perfect
LP - Love Somebody
LP - Coming Home
LP - Kiss It All Goodbye
LP - When I'm Not With You
LP - Greenbriar
Luna - The Rustler
Luna - Fuzzy Wuzzy (demo)
Lucky Jim - My Soul Is On Fire
Loquillo - Central Park
Loquillo - Carne para Linda
Loquillo - El año que mataron a Salvador
Loquillo - Estrella errante
Loquillo - Vientos del pueblo
Low - Walk You Out
Low - I Remember
Low - Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
Low - Take Your Time
Low - Fear
Low - Slide
Low - Lazy
Low - Rope
Low - Alone
Low - Coattails
Loko - Loko
LTJ X-Perience - And I Love Him
LTJ X-Perience - Keep on Groovin'
Low - La La La Song
Low - No Comprende
Low - Into You
Low - The Innocents
Low - Kid in the Corner
Low - Plastic Cup
Low - Amethyst
Low - So Blue
Low - To Our Knees
Lupercalia - Tribe
Robert Lopez & Jeff Marx - What Do You Do With a B.A. in English? / It Sucks to Be Me
Lunetia - Dne Eht
Corb Lund - Run This Town
Corb Lund - Five Dollar Bill
Corb Lund - (Gonna) Shine Up My Boots
LGT - Gyere, gyere ki a hegyoldalba
LGT - Szabadíts meg
LGT - Miénk itt a tér
LGT - Primadonna
LGT - Mindenki másképp csinálja
G. Love - Ain't That Right
G. Love - 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover
G. Love - Just Fine
Lucette - Bobby Reid
Lucette - Dream With Me Dream
Lucette - Fields of Plenty
LGT - Ezüst nyár
LGT - Neked írom a dalt
LGT - Egy elfelejtett szó
LGT - Érints meg
LGT - Annyi mindent nem szerettem még
LGT - Ő még csak 14
Luna - Alone In Kyoto
Ludovico Technique - Deeper Into You
Ludovico Technique - Shutting Down
Ludovico Technique - Beyond Therapy
Ludovico Technique - Wasting
Ludovico Technique - Wired for Destruction (God Module)
Lujuria - Zoofilia
Lujuria - Tu frialdad
Lujuria - Beso negro
Lujuria - El morado comunero
Helmut Lotti - From Russia With Love
Helmut Lotti - True Love
Helmut Lotti - Blue Moon
Helmut Lotti - There's a Sparkle in Your Eyes
Louisiana's LeRoux - I Can't Do One More Two-Step
Helmut Lotti - Quien será