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Helmut Lotti - The First Noel
Helmut Lotti - Stille Nacht (Solo Michael Junior)
Los de Adentro - La vida es un sueño
Ludo - Rotten Town
Ludo - Safe in the Dark
Luar na Lubre - O trebón
Luar na Lubre - Memoria da noite
Luar na Lubre - Miña nai
Helmut Lotti - Comme Facette Mammeta
Helmut Lotti - Der Lindenbaum
Helmut Lotti - Tiny Hands, Tiny Feet
Helmut Lotti - Muß i denn
Helmut Lotti - Marinja
Helmut Lotti - Ik Wist Niet Waar Ik Het Had
Luniz - Pimps, Playas & Hustlas
Luniz - Killers on the Payroll
Luniz - My Baby Momma
Luniz - Sad Millionaire
Love of Lesbian - Bajo el volcán
Love of Lesbian - Cuando no me ves
Love of Lesbian - Los males pasajeros
Love of Lesbian - En busca del mago
Love of Lesbian - Psiconautas
Love of Lesbian - Canción de bruma
Love of Lesbian - Contraespionaje
Love of Lesbian - El yin y el yen
Love of Lesbian - El poeta Halley
Love of Lesbian - Allí donde solíamos gritar
Love of Lesbian - Club de fans de John Boy
Love of Lesbian - Un día en el parque
Love of Lesbian - Me amo
Luar na Lubre - Pousa
Love of Lesbian - Wio, antenas y pijamas
Luar na Lubre - Schiarazulla marazulla / A Carolina
Luar na Lubre - Quantas Sabedes
Love of Lesbian - Fantastic Shine
Love of Lesbian - Mal español
Lilitu - I Can Not Be Saved
Helmut Lotti - Het meisje van de buren
Helmut Lotti - Lippen schweigen
Luniz - My Baby Mama
Helmut Lotti - How Do You Forget
Helmut Lotti - You May Stop
Helmut Lotti - Jij
Helmut Lotti - Jikela Emaweni Hamba
Helmut Lotti - Tula Tula
Helmut Lotti - Pata Pata
Helmut Lotti - Nkosi Sikelele Africa
Helmut Lotti - Eso Beso
Helmut Lotti - The House of the Rising Sun
Helmut Lotti - Cuando Calienta El Sol
Helmut Lotti - Gloire Immortelle
Helmut Lotti - La Cucaracha
Helmut Lotti - La Adelita
Lowercase - She Takes Me
Rico Love - Ttlo
Rico Love - Ride
Rico Love - Happy Birthday
Rico Love - Go With The Flow
Rico Love - They Don't Know
Lucie - Kengi
Los Socios del Ritmo - La Compar
Luce - Dans ma maman
Luce - L’Été noir
Luce - La Symphonie d'Alzheimer
Lotus Feed - Trouble
LS Jack - Nana
LS Jack - Decisao Final
LS Jack - Voce Chegou
Lustre - Neath the Black Veil
Sheryfa Luna - Fais un pas
Sheryfa Luna - Il avait les mots
Sheryfa Luna - D'ici et d'ailleurs
Sheryfa Luna - On ne vivra
Sheryfa Luna - Tu me manques
Sheryfa Luna - Ça ne change rien
Sheryfa Luna - Si tu me vois
Sheryfa Luna - Feeling
Sheryfa Luna - Il y a des jours
Sheryfa Luna - Tout est fini
Sheryfa Luna - Une minute d'amour
Sheryfa Luna - Quelque part (version album)
Lustre - The Light of Eternity
Lustre - Nestle Within
Luna Obscura - Oronar
Peter Luts - Burning
Luis Guitarra - Canta para mí
Love Like Gravity - Gravity
Love Like Gravity - Runaway
Regina Lund - Unique
Jean Leclerc - Le malheur
Lonesound - I'm Feeling Lucky
Lunik - New Day
Lifetime - Young, Loud, and Scotty
Lunik - Everything Means Nothing
Lunik - How Could I Tell You
Lunik - I Never Said That I Was Perfect
Lunik - The Bubble I Am In
Lunik - Never Fit In
Lunik - Cat and Mouse
Lunik - Elijah
Lunik - A Different You
Lunik - I Have Loved
Little Brother - Home
Little Brother - When Everything Is New
Little Brother - Tigallo for Dolo
Little Brother - 24
Red - Red
Luzbel - Infierno privado
Arnold Lobel - Frog and Toad Are Friends
Little Brother feat. Skillz & Carlitta Durand - Life of the Party
Little Brother - Boondock Saints
Little Brother - Not Enough
Little Brother - Shake It
Little Brother - Lovin It
Little Brother - Breakin' My Heart
Lolita - Por amor
Luciano - Lord Give Me Strength
Lucy & The Cloud Parade - Feel Lucky
Lucy & The Cloud Parade - It's Magic
Lura - M'bem di fora
Lura - Festa di nha kumpadri
Lura - Na Ri Na
Lura - Padoce de céu azul
Lura - Tabanka Assigo
Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - Party
Lunatic Wolf - The Tallest Tree
Lunatic Wolf - So Much More
Luka - Love Is Free
Lura - The way you move
Luka - Ao Vento
Lura - Play my mind
Highlander - Hold Me Now (I'm Sorry)
Letting Up Despite Great Faults - Wrapped
Bobby Lounge - Somethin's Wrong
Luciano - Amen
Nicholis Louw - Tussen Die Lakens Dans
Nicholis Louw - Welkom by My Party
Nicholis Louw - I Go Crazy Over You
Nicholis Louw - Sê Net as Jy Dit Wil Doen
Nicholis Louw - Do You Remember Me
Nicholis Louw - Net Vir My
The Living Tombstone - Nightmare Night
The Living Tombstone - Rainbow Factory
The Living Tombstone - Winter
The Living Tombstone - Squid Melody
The Living Tombstone - I Got No Time
The Living Tombstone - Die In a Fire
Nicholis Louw - Purple Rain
Nicholis Louw - Baby Jy's Myne
Nicholis Louw - Dis Net Ek En Jy
Nicholis Louw - Is Dit Nog Baie Seer
Lugo - Buscame
Love Is Red - Close My Eyes
Love Is Red - I Know
Lunasicc - A Million Words, A Million Dollars
Lunasicc - Pay Style Flows
Lützenkirchen - Drei Tage wach (original)
Emmy Lou and The Rhythm Boys - Knock Out Girl
Emmy Lou and The Rhythm Boys - Coconut Rock
Lyn - Song For Love (Kor Ver)
Lyn - New Day
Lyn - Fly High
Lyn - Song For Love (Eng Ver) [Remix]
Lucille Crew - Back to the Regular
Love & The Outcome - When We Love
Lost in Tears - On the Way
Adrian Lux feat. Dante - Burning
Lucky J - Can You Hear Me
Lucky J - No Love
Little Big - Life in da Trash
Little Big - Public Enemy
Little Big - My Way
Little Big - Stoned Monkey
Little Big - Russian Huligans
Little Big - What A Fucking Day
Little Big - We Will Push a Button
Little Big - Freedom
Little Big - Life in da Trash (Rmx by Dimm)
Little Big - To Party
Little Big feat. Tommy Cash - Give Me Your Money
Little Big - The Sign
Little Big - Big Dick
Little Big - Kind Inside Hard Outside
Little Big - Dead Unicorn
Little Big - Hateful Love
Little Big - Funeral Rave
Little Big - Polyushko Polye
Little Big - Russian Hooligans
Lynched - Salonika
Lostprophets - Rooftops (a Liberation broadcast)
Lostprophets - Broken Hearts, Torn Up Letters and the Story of a Lonely Girl
Lostprophets - Always All Ways (Apologies, Glances and Messed Up Chances)
Lostprophets - ... And She Told Me to Leave
Lostprophets - Where We Belong
Lostprophets - Somedays
Lostprophets - Undefeated
Lostprophets - Young Pretenders
Lostprophets - Like a Fire (demo)
Lostprophets - Miles Away From Nowhere
Lostprophets - Dstryr / Dstryr
Lostprophets - The Dead (Garage sessions)
Lylloo - Bye Bye
Lylloo - Mon papa à moi
Luso Baião - Cheira Bem
Lunatica feat. John Payne - Song for You
Loretta Lynn - One's on the Way
LUV and SOUL - Can't Stop Luvin' U
Locksmith - For Now
Locksmith - Open Doors
Luminous Orange - Half A Boy
Oleksa Lozowchuk - Terror is Reality
Oleksa Lozowchuk - Kill The Sound (DR2 End Credits Theme Song 1)