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Phosphorescent - Ride On / Right On
Amaury Pérez Vidal - Tardío - amor
Phosphorescent - Pretty, Part 1
Tino El Pingüino - Porcino
Painted Black - The End of Tides
Pezz - Free at Last
Phish - Stash
Phish - Glide
Phish - A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing
Phish - Tomorrow’s Song
Phish - Fluffhead
Phish - Walls of the Cave
Britta Persson - Walk My Bike
Pizzera & Jaus - Jedermann
Pizzera & Jaus - Absätze > Hauptsätze
Pizzera & Jaus - Eine ins Leben
Phish - Gettin' Jiggy Wit' It
Pleasure P - Let Me
Pleasure P - Dream in the Air
Phish - The Squirming Coil
Phish - Back on the Train
Player - Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid
Phish - Horn >
Phish - A Day in the Life
Planet Hemp - Teste drive de freio de camburão
Plastic Tears - Everybody's Bitch But Mine
Plastic Tears - Love is For Losers
Billie Piper - Ring My Bell
The Paper Chase - The Kids Will Grow Up to Be Assholes
The Paper Chase - You Will Never Take Me Alive
Peyk - Dol Gözüm Dol
Peyk - Don Kafa
Peyk - Yol
Peyk - Karnım Aç
Peyk - Yürüyor Sokak (Sobe II)
Plump DJs - Soul Vibrates
Pazuzu - Invocation of the Ninib Gate
Pazuzu - Epilogue
Pazuzu - Schalen des Zorns
Pitbull feat. Pharrell - Blanco
Plumtree - Scott Pilgrim
The Plot in You - Bible Butcher
The Plot in You - Hole in the Wall
The Plot in You - Dear Old Friend
The Plot in You - Take Me Away
The Plot in You - Runaway
The Plot in You - Better Vibes
The Plot in You - My Old Ways
The Plot in You - Die Like Your Brothers
The Plot in You - Mind Controlled
The Plot in You - Time Changes Everything
The Plot in You - Living Your Dream
The Plot in You - A Song About Myself
The Plot in You - Forgive Me
The Plot in You - Washed Up
The Plot in You - Happiness in Self Destruction
Billy Paul - Brown Baby
Billy Paul - July, July, July, July
Billy Paul - I Think I'll Stay Home Today
PH Factor - Created By Love
Billy Paul - War of the Gods
Billy Paul - Sooner or Later
Robert Pierre - Jesus
Robert Pierre - I'll Be There
Robert Pierre - Be Praised
Julie Piétri - Changer tout
Julie Piétri - Évidemment
Phish - Alaska
Picture - One Way Street
Piperrak - Akatu
Pigeons Playing Ping Pong - Zydeko
plenty - Ningen Sokkuri
plenty - Hito to no Kyori no Hakari Kata
plenty - Saikin Dounano?
plenty - DRIP
Teddy Pendergrass - It Don't Hurt Now
Teddy Pendergrass - So Sad The Song
Teddy Pendergrass - Hold Me (Duet With Whitney Houston)
Teddy Pendergrass - I Can't Live Without Your Love
Plastic Tree - lilac
petit milady - YAYAKOSHI GIRL
Plastic Tree - Nemureru mori
Plastic Tree - Spica
Plastic Tree - Andro metamorphose
Teddy Pendergrass - Glad To Be Alive
Concha Piquer - Romance de valentía
Concha Piquer - La maredueta
Plan B - Stay Too Long
Plan B - Plans for Tomorrow
Perfect World - Here With Me
Plume - Plume in Wonderland
Phil Phillips - Sea of Love
Phil Phillips - No One Else But You
Phoenix - I’m an Actor
Phoenix - If It’s Not With You
Phoenix - Too Young
Phoenix - (You Can't Blame It On) Anybody
Phoenix - On Fire
Phoenix - Lasso
Phoenix - Rome
Plastic - Visions
Plastic - Home
Plastic - Closed Eyes
Playback - Playback
Dudley Perkins - Sally
Petra - He Came, He Saw, He Conquered
Petra - All Fired Up
Petra - Dance
Petra - Enter In
Petra - How Long
Petra - No Weapon Formed Against Us
Petra - Just Reach Out
Petra - Lord, I Lift Your Name on High
Petra - I Will Sing Praise
Petra - Medley: Only by Grace / To Him Who Sits on the Throne / You Are Holy
Petra - Walkin' in the Light
Petra - Mine Field
Petra - Prayer
Georgette Plana - La Femme Aux Bijoux
Georgette Plana - La Java Bleue
Georgette Plana - La Valse Brune
Georgette Plana - Le Tango de Nanon
Petra - St. Augustine's Pears
Petra - Counsel of the Holy
Petra - Stand in the Gap
Petra - Homeless Few
Plants and Animals - H.C.
Shawn Phillips - Ninety Two Years
Shawn Phillips - Money Dance
Platero y Tú - Si Miro a las Nubes
Mike Pinto - Tricky Nicky
Mike Pinto - Shades of Brown
Mike Pinto - Darlin'
Isabelle Pierre - Le temps est bon
Isabelle Pierre - Depuis que tu es arrivé dans ma vie
Platero y Tú - Salvaje
Platero y Tú - Humo de mis pies
Petty Booka - Bla Bla Bla Cha Cha Cha
Jan Plestenjak - Ona sanja o Ljubljani
Planta & Raiz - Jovens (Sou negrão / Rap du bom - incidental)
Plastilina Mosh - Alo
Plastilina Mosh - Monster Truck
Plastilina Mosh - Savage Sucker Boy
Pin Me Down - Time Crisis
Planetshakers - Come Holy Spirit
Planetshakers - Let Praise Awaken
Planetshakers - Put Your Hands Up
Planetshakers - Limitless
Planetshakers - Great Is Your Love
Planetshakers - This Is the Day
Planetshakers - Rise Up
Pet Shop Boys - It’s a Sin
Pet Shop Boys - Rent
Pet Shop Boys - Domino Dancing
Pet Shop Boys - I Want a Lover
Pet Shop Boys - Paninaro
Pet Shop Boys - Can You Forgive Her?
Pet Shop Boys - One and One Make Five
Planetshakers - It's You
Planetshakers - Stand In Awe
Planetshakers - Like a Fire
Planetshakers - Spirit of God
Planetshakers - Covered
Planetshakers - This Is Our Time
Planetshakers - Joy
Planetshakers - Here I Am
Planetshakers - The Victory
Planetshakers - You Are Good
Planetshakers - Jesus Reigns
Pet Shop Boys - This Must Be the Place I Waited Years to Leave
Pet Shop Boys - Only the Wind